The Devil is our own Ego

 Our ego will criticise us, seduce us into feeling good (better than others), and convince us to put practice aside.

Why? Because when we are empty, aware and relaxed (uncontaminated intelligence), ego loses employment…loses existence.

 The ego will always try to make things comfortable for us. Remember; we are not essentially human, but merely take on a human form for a very short while. In our present state of evolution, ego-clinging (which is our consciousness clinging to concepts about its human existence) cannot be totally extinguished. It will always try to lure and distract us away from our true nature…suffocate us! It’s the ego that makes us succumb to negative emotions (and positive emotions about ourselves) – that is the devil within us! The ego is our self-created devil.

 It is for this reason that we have to be mindful and aware. This is why we train the mind. We may achieve a temporary suspension of ego activity, but the little devil lurks in our selfish dark corners, subtly changing our motivation toward self-centred activity.

 That is why compassion is the golden secret.

 To be honest, the devil’s clinging activity is actually our teacher. It keeps us on our toes. When we know the nature of our true being, which is empty essence – cognisant nature and unconfined compassion – then ego activity may be transformed into wisdom. Noticing this is remarkable.

 Ego-fixated people will gravitate towards other ego-fixated people, as they can argue together and never come to a point. Take an ego-fixated person out of their comfort zone and they will want to fill the resulting vacuum – with themselves. This is noticeable in practically every conversation…


We need to be carefree and simple,
but not stupid.
Then the mud just falls away,
and are we no longer bound in it.

 Ego fixation is self-perpetuation.
Self-perpetuation is ego fixation.

 The devil ego
has no true existence.
It’s all in the mind!





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  1. Michael Brown says:

    Truth. Absolute truth.

  2. prismaticmatrix says:

    Truth. Absolute truth.

  3. Art Robidoux says:

    I just came to this conclusion, working with the Coarse of Miracles. We try to blame others for our errors and or the devil but it’s our ego. We can help destroy the ego with our oneness with God . Yes Truth is the way. I like what was said , we take on our human form for a short while. This is not who we are, it’s part of our journey. Atonement being the oneness with God and salvation is its effect. Wouldn’t the path be a lot easier if we didn’t forget this when we became a human.

    • tony says:

      Hello Art,

      It’s nice to meet you.

      Too true. Perhaps if we remembered what we are before birth, then we wouldn’t have needed to take a human form.

      I agree with you, that we are here to atone for our misunderstanding, to undo our obscuration that cloud our pure view, repaying the debt of ignorance. In Buddhism that would be called our karmic debt.

      I can accept that we might see things slightly differently, but in the end isn’t it oneness in perfect ultimate reality?

      From a Theistic view point that would be God, from a Buddhists perspective that would be perfect pure reality.

      There are many roads to the summit of a mountain, but at the top it is the same view. Unconditional love.


  4. Art Robidoux says:

    Very well said. Yes there are many paths to the Truth , but the Truth will always be the same . That was hard for me to understand until I realized that Unconditional Love has set me free. My ego was always blocking my path to the Truth , the ego wanted to survive even if it was destroying it self. I have just started to see why I am here and for the first time in 62 years I feel alive . To give is to receive, yes it sounds like a cliche, but it is really true and to feel it is pure joy. My path is far from over but it’s lighted now and easy to follow. I may stumble but I know my goal remains the same. I am not afraid of what happens next because their is nothing to be afraid of. Thanks Tony for your reply.

  5. Justine says:

    Thank you for this. I had this flash of insight about this very thing tonight and found you through a google search. So validating while also giving me the opportunity to learn.

    • tony says:

      Hello Justine,

      The word ego means I. This I is just consciousness clinging to ideas and creating an identity, a persona, a mask, a me.

      We are consciousness, it’s our first nature.
      This I is our second nature.

      Once we fixate of our I, our self, we acquire likes and dislikes. It is our likes and dislikes
      that now control us. That is the devil or in Sanskrit Mara.

      Demonic activity in the world comes from those that have huge likes and dislikes and is their way of life.

      We need of course to be able to discriminate
      so as to function as a human being, but we needn’t obsess.

      Nice to meet you,

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