The Opposite of Emptiness…

The opposite of emptiness is solidity: appearances are reified when the clarity of mind becomes dull, and clings. Emptiness is the clear quality of mind; our true nature. In clinging, we forget this clear quality and make comparisons and judgements. We need to discern what is and is not beneficial, without becoming fixated. The obsession with pleasant and unpleasant creates attachment and aversion – and therefore hope and fear – and this builds the filters of our karma through which we see, and maintain the illusory world in which we live.

When the clarity of essence believes all appearances in this mental and physical world to be real, it becomes lost in a duality. The clarity of essence has hooked on to whatever appears, and is therefore confused about what reality is – that which is constant and that which is temporary.

Darkness, or shadows, can only arise in the presence of the clarity of light, and therefore the shadows have no inherent existence of their own; they are merely concepts about appearances that confuse clarity. When we recognise that the shadows and light are inseparable, there isn’t a problem any more, as we are no longer afraid of the dark: it is merely our temporary relative side. Liberation is recognising clinging, when non duality recognises duality.

There will always be bad things going on, but they will no longer overshadow our pure light.

What can we do about problems?

If we can do something,
then we don’t have to worry.
If we cannot do something,
then we don’t have to worry.

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  1. Michel Ferrier says:

    This article is a load of cobblers – but each to his own as they say…

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