The Cure Becomes The Disease

Whatever we are attracted to solve our problems – be it knowledge of science, religion, politics, literature, music, medicine, drugs, sex, conspiracies or just the latest ideas – ends up causing us dis-ease if we hang on to it. Even realising our true reality can have a backlash (an adverse reaction) if our conduct lacks compassion.

The secret is to acknowledge and enjoy whatever we were attracted to, and then drop it for the real thing; the satisfaction of knowing pure consciousness, that is absolutely clean with nothing lingering.

We use soap to clean off the dirt,
and then we wash away the soap.

Know, and let go.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey there Tony, Fred Steeves here. Glad to see you out there doing your thing man, some good daily lessons!

    Don’t know if I ever told y’all, but Buddhism is my base spirituality. Although not actively practicing, it’s always there as a good solid foundation for when things get sketchy, something to fall back on.

    – It’s always there for me when I need it –

    Stop on by TOT and say hello if you ever get a mind to!


    • tony says:

      Hello Fred,

      It’s good to hear from you.
      It has been a long time since we spoke.

      Life takes some strange twists and turns, and associations,
      all of which is part of our personal path.

      Kathie and I drop out of everything about ten years ago.
      If you want to chat privately go to

      Hope all is well for you and the family.

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