Appreciating Our Stupidity

Appreciate: recognise the full worth. Be grateful for something. Understand a situation fully, along with the full implications. 

Basing our existence on whatever we are told, without knowing why, is mere belief. Stupidity is underestimating how much stupidity there is in the world. The reference library of this stupidity is the ego-librarian’s store; the memories in the mind are our reference books.

In appreciating the mind’s stupidity,
consciousness recognises that ego is our teacher and our protector.
Consciousness questions assumptions.

Otherwise, we are just lemmings –
unthinkingly joining a mass movement
in a headlong rush to constant destruction,
which is the blueprint for the next incarnation – the next moment.

If we do not stop to look and see,
every incarnation will lead to constant strife.

This is the very reason to break out of mass confusion
to realise our true nature and enlightened reality.

Then every incarnation, every moment, will lead to the next realisation.

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    We absolutely agree on the matter of stupidity.We also agree on the matter of belief… any kind of belief!But as the devil is hiding in details, I must point out that today you have used the words “blueprint for the next incarnation”!This is a salvation bait used by all religions. It derives from the Karma Dogma witch is BELIEF. So I feel super stupid since you require my belief! How can we rid of all dogmas, including Buddhist dogmas as well?

    • tony says:

      Our attitude now is the blueprint/karma for the next moment, the continuity of ignorance or the continuity of realisation.

      Words are not fixed, they have to be seen in context. Levels of understanding use the same words, but the meaning changes.

      How do we get rid of dogma? This is why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for truth; test it for yourself.”

      Realisation is constantly letting go, to allow spontaneous presence to occur.

      We use a method/boat to get to the shore of realisation, once arrived, we leave the boat behind.

      Mindfulness is merely a reminder.


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