If you have something to say, which may help others, please do so. Sometimes something  comes to mind and we ignore it, when saying something might trigger an inspiration for someone else. This happens to me all the time! We all ‘know’ but may not realise what we know. This is 100% healthy space to express yourself, with no criticism, just friendly support. It is all about clarity.

When going beyond the conventional ‘serious’ mind, we need a little confidence, in trying to express that…which is inexpressible! This is a place to be a daft as a brush, and see how it feels. Anything can leads us to pure awareness.

Like you, I am not attracted to dogma, but studying a little  may give a firm foundation. We may have different paths up the mountain, but when we get to the top, the view will be the same. We may even realise that the mountain never existed in the first place – the view was on the ground all the time!

Though this site has a Buddhist type title, you do not have to be buddhist to have your say. For me it is all about provable reasoning, and to see how it works. To be honest 75% is provable, 20% is inference and 5% is trust. Though we are talking about an absolute point of view we have to remember we are stuck in a conventional point of view.


Your friend,





12 Responses to HAVE YOUR SAY

  1. Daisy says:

    Dear Tony
    I must say, I’m enjoying your unusual take on Buddhism. I’m finding the simplicity of which you write to be very attractive. I’ve been a student for a few years, and sometimes I struggle with the complexities of both practice and academic study. Maybe it is time for me to let go a little and trust?
    I’d like to have a think and come back to you with a couple of ideas and see what you do with them.
    Looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. tony says:

    Dear Daisy,

    It does sound complicate when describing something, when the actual experience is quite simple.
    Making soup sounds complicate to describe, I always put too much of everything in and never know when to stop…I keep forgetting to taste it! Describing the taste of an apple is impossible, when one bite does the trick!

    Meditation on being is the simplest and most natural non activity, there is nothing more ordinary in the universe. However, we all have slightly different mindsets, and each one needs confidence in a slightly different way.

    All one really needs is the flavour of a teaching, and off you go.

    All the best,

  3. crestedduck says:

    This site is a great expression of creation.

  4. Cat says:

    Tony, you have to expand on the ‘…something very strange’ above!

    • tony says:

      Dear Cat,
      Sorry for the delay in replying, we have a bad internet connection at the moment.

      We all ‘know’, it’s a quality of being, knowingness and awareness. Unfortunately most of us are only aware of me being aware of outer events.

      We use the expression, “something inside” meaning something within which is different from our usual thoughts. It’s really something “outside” our thought patterning that knows.

      We try to fit in with other’s “inside” and that is why we come into conflict with others and experience much suffering.

      Something sees and experiences all that goes on. It merely notes.

      It was only when I discovered Buddhism, and to be more precise the Nyingma tradition that I recognised that, that something inside, was the seeing itself!

      It is not the seer and not the thing seen, but just the seeing. Not the knower, and not the known, but the knowingness.

      This ‘something inside’ is limitless, it just notes or reflects.

      This is our true nature. This true nature (pure awareness) merely recognises and rest in its own nature. From this pure awareness, this clarity, compassion arises.

      Well, that’s the theory!

      In practice it’s a relief to know that, this is all there is.


  5. Shijo says:

    Practise and study are the two wings of a bird,with them you can soar into the skies of the ultimate reality,Hi Tony it’s Shijo here ,hope you and your wife are well.The forum we were on together is getting even more ridiculous,it’s great fun lol..Glad I finally looked up your site,there’s still fire in the Lotus…

    • tony says:

      Hellooo Shijo!
      It’s great to hear from you. That forum was absorbing for a time…”Are such things possible?” So Kathie and I went to Ecuador to meet the main man. Oh dear.


  6. Shijo says:

    Hi Tony, Shijo here,I posted a comment after finally getting around to your excellent site, but it refused to post,so am trying with this test.

  7. Obbs says:

    Hi Tony
    I left religion and tried to start finding wat is true progress for a created being.
    Am convinced the Creator loves us and wants us to improve and evolve.
    What worries me sometimes is ‘will i forget what i learnt in this life’ . No progress in this case.

    • tony says:

      Hello Obbs,
      It’s very nice to meet you. As you have written privately to buddhainthemud@hotmail.com as well, I’ll respond more there.

      As you know there are different ways of looking at what we call the Creator. Ultimate reality is pure consciousness, it is the spark of light and love within us all. That can never be lost. It is only distracted and so obscured.

      Whatever we learn or think about has no reality,
      this is merely information that pure consciousness – our true being – observes.

      Our “I” is our creation. Ideas about a Creator is our creation. This creates a duality of a me and other.

      Merely by resting in that spark of light and love -pure consciousness, there is no me and no Creator, just union, or oneness, or non duality.

      When we die we will forget information, but the essence of truth or that information is held within that spark of light and love. We were born with it!

      It will be rekindled when we meet the right circumstances. All we need is the right intention….and you have that!


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