Life Is Dissatisfaction

We have to find satisfaction within the dissatisfaction.
The expectation that life should be satisfying is the cause of constant unhappiness.
Realising why it can never be satisfying, satisfaction and happiness ensue.

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There Is Nothing To Understand

There is nothing to understand;
just see.

Just seeing is pure consciousness. Once realised, we understand what others try to understand.

This profound teaching has become far too poetic, complicated and elaborate. Realise that pure consciousness is the essence of all beings: when we see that they don’t recognise what they are, compassion arises. It’s really that simple.

No one walks on water. No one flies through the air. No one does miracles. The only miracle is making so many people, for so many centuries, believe in hyperbole.

Hyperbole: exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

Drop the politics,
and see what is left.

Politics:  activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organisation.

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We Need A Constant Reminder

We need a constant reminder of our true reality,
because of constant, misleading information.

If we hang around with clowns,
we become part of the circus.

Recognise and gain certainty in the one principle that is provable
– even when things seem unpleasant.

This principle refines, and clarity ensues.
Minute reactions remind us that our true being is present.

En masse, we have moved far from reality,
and life has become complicated and stressful.

No longer reacting to the circuit of stimuli, we are free.
Pure consciousness cost nothing; it’s already present.

We are never without pure consciousness.
We are pure consciousness.

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Making Our Self Feel Better …

Making our self feel better,
instead of feeling better about our self.

This has always been the human dilemma
– to cover our self in selfishness, or to understand this self.

We spend our entire life in ignorance, defending our self. When we understand our true nature, which is pure consciousness, this sees our self in action; it sees all its hopes and fears, and so, pure consciousness becomes at ease with this self.

Pure consciousness is the perfection of our reality.
Self is the perfection of our confusion.

The moment when pure consciousness acknowledges our confusion,
the perfection of wisdom arises.

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Does Anything Exist?

It’s not a question we like to ask 🙂

Existence: coming into being.

If something comes into being, it didn’t exist before.
Does it exist now? Is it a temporary phenomena?

We think we exist, but how?
The body is temporary; the mind is temporary.
They are animated by consciousness.

What of consciousness?
Consciousness is not created; it is just awareness, and never changes.
Consciousness cannot be said to exist – come into being.

We may say that consciousness came into a body,
but consciousness itself wasn’t created.
Throughout our lives, consciousness has never changed.

When we die, consciousness leaves the body, but with ‘add-ons’ = karma.
Due to these add-ons, consciousness will be attracted to a certain form;
add-ons are our karmic tendencies which we are born with.

Believing everything to be real, we create more karma.
Seeing the illusory nature of existence, we aren’t so attached to everything.
Karma is thereby dissolved.

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Can The Dharma Be Used Against Humanity?

Dharma is the knowledge to enable enlightenment,
pointing out whatever obscures this potential.

Dharma principles are unfailing,
especially regarding the obscurations of desire, aversion and ignorance
that obscure our potential.

If these obscurations are promoted,
division occurs, and the Dharma is used against humanity.

Dharma is seeing the effects of these obscurations,
transforming them into the wisdom of purity, consciousness and compassion.

We have to see what is being promoted in the world.

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The Moment Of Total Confusion

Sometimes, the past comes to mind with intensity. We may know that “we are free in the moment of seeing”, but the intensity is still whirling like a tornado. That is the moment of total confusion – “Why can’t I stop this?”

Recognise that this tornado from the past has no reality. It’s just a habitual residue and, as such, is either our hell, or our path to liberation. It is these past concepts that hold the idea of a self together. Ordinary people will cling to a hope to cover these feelings up, while a practitioner just appreciates what’s happening, and lets go … lets go ……… lets …… go … and the intensity diminishes.

Teachings are not about knowing something, or reciting a mantra and it works; we have to make it work by taming the wind of experience. Just being aware, head into the wind!

If we back off from a problem, it gets larger.
When we step into it, it vanishes.

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Forms Of Emptiness

It is attachment to phenomena (observable events) that causes us suffering.
All observable events are empty and impermanent – including a self.

Our perception is marred by attachment;
we see through a glass darkly.

What observes ever-changing, empty forms?
The empty cogniscance that never changes.

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Realising The Complete Picture

The complete picture isn’t about gaining more information;
it’s a matter of eliminating it.
In fact, the more we learn, the less we know.

When we drop the information, we are left with nothing.
That ‘nothing’ is pure consciousness.
This is the complete picture of our reality.

Videos and teachings offer explanations,
when it’s all about that which just sees and listens.

If we are looking for anything else,
it’s merely our wishful thinking lying in ambush.

Why are teachings so embellished?
Is the culture keeping the teachings alive?
Or are the teachings keeping the culture alive?

Whatever we are looking for,
the truth is what we are

After fifty years of meditation, retreats, lectures, note taking, cross checking with other traditions and religions, analysing alternative views and examining statements that sound nearly true, I threw it all up in the air … and whatever is left is the reality! 😀 

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Change: Becoming Different

Change occurs through the realisation that we’re not what we think – and we’re not what others think of us either.

As long as we fixate about ourselves, we will never change. People enter the Dharma and do exotic practices; they meditate and learn a new vocabulary, but still don’t change. Compassion has become passive, while empathy is practical. We are still, in fact, narcissistic people, having an excessive interest in and admiration of ourself and how we appear to others.

Om Mani Peme Hum is a mantra of compassion, but it isn’t something that we can wave in the air like prayer flags, with the vague hope that it does something. Empathy is the practical side of Om Mani Peme Hum: it means generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and, above all, transcendent wisdom.

This is the means by which change occurs.

Change isn’t being different. It’s more of a dropping away of self-cherishing. We function in life as normal, but we aren’t so attached. Real change reveals itself in empathy. It doesn’t matter how clever we think we are, empathy is genuine interest in others and how their thinking came about.

It means not ignoring.
When we realise why others cannot change,
we are no longer frustrated by them.

We understand, but we don’t ignore.

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What Is Self?

Self is an illusory identity adopted by consciousness.

Consciousness has been convinced that as long as it believes whatever others believe, it is safe. This is exactly what Solomon Asch’s experiment on conformity was about. Self is a conjuring* trick, an image that consciousness unwittingly adopts by taking an unspoken oath in infancy to believe everything it is told, and then repeats that to others; this causes consciousness to direct its attention away from its actual reality.

Nothing comes out of the blue. Memories and judgements lie in ambush, waiting for the moment to assert themselves, and for us to replay our illusion.

To see our self in action,
we watch our reactions which have become second nature.

Second nature: a habit that has become characteristic or instinctive.

Our first nature is consciousness,
which is aware of those reactions.

*Conjure: make something appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere. To call an image to the mind.
Middle English (also in the sense ‘oblige by oath’): from Old French conjurer ‘to plot or exorcise’, from Latin conjurare ‘to band together by an oath, conspire’ (in medieval Latin, ‘invoke’).

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Mixing Business With Meditation

Business uses the term, ‘mindfulness meditation’.
It’ll make you a better corporate warrior.

This is a complete misunderstanding
of the purpose of meditation.
It’s an oxymoron
– and it’s how evil works.
We gain.
Others lose.

If we don’t realise our true reality, we become one of ‘them’;
a fractal of sound bites.

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Dzogchen: The Relief From Disappointment

The disappointment
is the sudden realisation that there is no more.

That’s it?

That is the relief
– the freedom from seeking a confused seeker –
because there is no seeker.

Hope and fear dissolve away;
who did we want to impress?

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What Is Dzogchen?

‘Dzogchen’ is a Tibetan word for natural, pure consciousness.
What is the practice of Dzogchen? To realise it.
How? Drop any meditation.
Why? Dzogchen is what we already are. And it isn’t a practice.
We are Dzogchen. The ultimate truth is that we are what we seek.
Dzogchen is that simple.

To make a great fuss over it turns it into a mystery. If that’s what people want, it’s what people get. We like the sound of the exotic as we believe it will remove us from the collective, and this is the great mistake. All sentient beings are pure consciousness; when we truly realise this, our life changes for one of empathy, rather than being consumed by how clever we are, or how happy we are.

In pure consciousness, there is no self image to hold on to, as there is nothing to refer to.

Dzogchen (pure consciousness) is non-dual awareness. Non-duality means not two; there is nothing to relate to in either physical or mental phenomena – or meditation. Any teaching of Dzogchen that assumes superiority is the dark version.

Dzogchen is beyond words,
so there is no Dzogchen.

Dzogchen is reflected in everything we see.
Appearances and recognition are simultaneous.

Our eyes see, but we cannot see our eyes.
In the same way, we are consciousness and therefore, we cannot find consciousness.

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Where Are We At?

‘Direct recognition’ describes the moment when something is presented to us and we ‘get it’. Certain texts are like that – from personal experience,“The Lamp That Dispels Darkness” comes to mind. Because of direct recognition, practitioners have no need to meditate, but merely recognise. Meditation is still beneficial to counter arrogance and delusion 🙂

The following list explains why we may find it difficult to communicate with others, and the reason empathy is more skilful than confrontation (and we need not feel bad about any of this because, at any moment, realisation can occur):

  • Direct recognition of ultimate truth.

  • Direct recognition through meditation.

  • Meditation gradually revealing direct recognition.

  • Meditation just to feel peaceful and calm.

  • The need to be convinced through study, reason and discipline.

  • The speculations of philosophers and theorists.

  • The readers of the speculations of those philosophers and theorists.

  • Mundane, materialistic existence.

No one answer fits all, and this is why we need empathetic compassion when dealing with others.

Well, there is one answer, but it’s a sort of a MacGuffin 🙂 (a term coined by Alfred Hitchcock: something that serves to keep the plot in motion despite usually lacking importance to others).

In this case, the MacGuffin is the direct recognition of pure consciousness. It’s something we don’t talk about, but it’s present in every scene in our lives.

Connecting with something immediately and feeling at home with it could be due to previous incarnations … but that depends on where we are on the list 😀 😀 😀 – and what sort of sound we make with our words!

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Something Not Right?

Something not right?
How do we know that?

There is only one reason: perfect consciousness is the ever-present, innate blueprint of life. When we ignore this for something more interesting, we wander off-plan. The plan is that consciousness has the ability to realise its perfect nature, but few talk about consciousness and the plan.

Where did the plan come from? It’s innate in every sentient being, but we’ve been persuaded to ignore it, being deceived by others’ plans. There is an assumption that consciousness is something we have when, in truth, it’s what we are. This is nothing esoteric or special. The esoteric moment is total absorption within non-dual awareness, finally leading to enlightenment.

If we want a better world,
it will be achieved through this realisation
– that consciousness is what we are –
rather then applying more rules.

True realisation will maintain a balanced, unselfish world.
We won’t be persuaded to take more than we need.
We won’t need intercessors = marketing experts.

Being dependent on intercessors is why it’s all gone against nature.
Knowing that something is wrong is the key.
See … and trust it.

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And The Truth Is Upsetting

The truth will set us free
– but not everyone at the same time.

When we realise our true nature, it’s such a relief from all the elaborate nonsense going on in the world.

Not knowing the truth of our being, it stands to reason that this lack of knowledge affects our entire life. If we don’t realise our pure essence, we live in darkness, simply going through the motions of living. We may do very ‘well’ for ourselves, but who are we trying to impress?

Talk about consciousness to people, and their eyes glaze over, avoiding the subject … and us … and returning to mundane familiarities.

Consciousness is the elephant in the room!
It’s always present and no one sees it.
This is why people cannot wake up.

The truth of this situation in which we live is very unnerving. All those around us – our parents, family, friends, work colleagues, people in the media – live and die without knowing what they are, and they’re satisfied with that. Even spiritual people may only live vicariously through dogma, and just become very good at repeating words.

This is why compassion is so challenging,
as we have to keep our still centre
while chaos and confusion is all around.

The world is the teacher of all phenomena
which reminds us of both the illusion that’s holding it all together,
and that which is observing this.

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Find Your One Point In Life
Gain confidence and freedom.

Garab Dorje:
Recognise your essence.
Decide on this one point.
Gain confidence and freedom.

First, recognise your true essence. Without that, you cannot decide or gain confidence beyond doubt.

Decide that your essence is pure consciousness, and that this is what you are.

We may study, but our understanding will remain just an idea, an attachment held in mind. Essence has to be recognised, experienced, realised and then dropped. Truth is not recognised through the dualistic understanding. If we take that approach, we fixate and cling to a mistaken view that covers and obscures essence, and all we do is relate. That’s why we suffer.

Curly knows …

Now, all we need to do
is get on with life as it presents itself.

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Reference And Preference

Our memory, our prejudice, our programming, is our way of life.
Did you come from a questioning background, or from one with all the ‘answers’?

This is how we conduct ourselves: we perceive something, and that perception is pure in the first instant. It does not relate, and has no idea at that moment; that is pure consciousness, but it is ignored as we are too speedy in life to notice the gap. And so, perception moves on to memory to refer, identify and relate to what it has seen – “Ah! It’s a … !” Having identified, we judge, and that is our biased ritual of dealing with the world. We have become a pattern of behaviour.

When we’re young, we are assaulted by media, education and our parents (and it’s even worse these days, with kids on their phones). These formative memories stick, and the way we interpret these memories is due to the influences around us now. We either fall into line, or we rebel. Either way, we are being controlled by memories and prejudice. This is our ‘social network’.

If we question and voice our anxieties about life, people may readily agree but, through fear of being isolated, they revert to conformity, and we remain alone. This is the illusion in which we live.

The solution:
We are free in the very first moment of seeing.
The programme is off,
and we see directly without a reference point,
opening up a realm of inspiration that is maybe unfamiliar to others.

Why is this so important?
When we wake up from being controlled by others’ memories and preferences, we step outside social controls. Memes are put into a society for others to mimic, and these spread like a virus. If songs can stay in our head all our life, so can ideas …

Switching off is done through meditation. It doesn’t mean that we don’t notice what’s going on – we just become fully aware of our referring and preferring :-), which then becomes a catalyst to remember what we are. For this reason, there is no need to hide away from life.

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We Are More Powerful When We Know

We are more powerful when we know
than when we do not know.
Every time we ignore, we lose.

This isn’t about knowing one thing as opposed to another thing, judging everything by what we think is pleasant and unpleasant. Before we decide what is good and what isn’t and take sides, there is just neutral knowingness present. That is our power. Stay back, stay focused and see the complete picture before allowing the mind to run wild.

It is our power because, while remaining in knowingness, we do not waste energy on the past or future. There are all sorts of meditation practices that are claimed to be best but, in truth, the best is the moment we drop the meditation. We may meditate to feel good, and think that this happiness isn’t reliant on any outside cause but, of course, it is! It relies on the meditation.

That’s the demonic trap:
our mind feeds off fixations.

It’s so easy to look and sound like an ‘advanced’ being when we have merely acquired the trappings. When we do realise what it’s all about, so-called advanced beings lose their appeal, their attraction, their mystery; knowledge can be used to overpower and subjugate, and we lose our confidence and therefore our power.

There is no mystery – just smoke and mirrors intended to disguise or draw attention away from the complete truth, explaining no more than is necessary. This draws in the audience who wants to be part of the action, and where it’s at.

Meditation only takes us so far, and then it becomes mysterious and vague when we are still relating: we feel pleasant, and rely on the meditation, the temple and the fixings … and the smoke.

Meditation is not about wrapping ourselves up in elaborations.
It’s about unwrapping ourselves.

Milarepa* needed only nettles to survive,
and still became enlightened in one lifetime.

When we are no longer reliant, the energy flows
and we regain our power.

* Jetsun Milarepa was a Tibetan siddha, who was famously known as a black magic practitioner of the dark arts, before turning to Buddhism and becoming enlightened. He is considered one of Tibet’s most famous yogis.

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Judging Others By What’s In Our Mind

Being caught up in hand-me-down thoughts,
nothing in our minds is original.

As our minds have been contaminated
through misunderstandings, traumas occur,
leading to long-term neuroses.
Thus, we are all wounded in some way
– and it shows.

When we acknowledge our neuroses with an open mind,
we no longer judge.
Now, to be of benefit, we can empathise.

A clear mind comes from knowing
that we are, in essence, pure consciousness.

The stuff in our mind has consequences = karma.
Pure consciousness has consequences = release from karma.

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Chaotic Space

Chaotic space refers to complete disorder and confusion.
This can seem either random or enlightening.

In human terms, chaotic space is disorder,
but it’s predictable, as we are actually governed
by desires, judgements and ignorance.

“Order Out Of Chaos”:
whose order?
This denial of our birthright
of absolute freedom from man-made beliefs
is a gross misunderstanding of chaos.

Enlightened chaotic space has no order.
It is unpredictable
as it is governed by compassion which adapts to each situation.

Chaos is like a bottomless pit:
Is it the scariest place … or the safest place to be?

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The One Purpose Of Life

The one purpose of life is to realise the undeniable one truth; to be able to know, there has to be consciousness present, and that consciousness is pure in essence. That is our primary reality. There is nothing special about pure consciousness as it is present all the time, but we just ignore it in favour of something more interesting. That’s the trap; the pictures we paint on the wall of our mind.

What is extraordinary is that we talk about trivia our entire lives. For most of us, this is what life is all about. In reality, we can transform our gross self-interest into an enlightened nature, our true essence. From reactions to wisdom.

But there are extraordinary things happening in the world!”

There will always be extraordinary things happening in the world.
It is unenlightened.

We like extraordinary things happening; they entertain us.
That’s why there are extraordinary films made for us.
The fascination with nature and what we can do in it
is a never-ending story.

Everything that we do – apart from maintaining the body – is exaggerated. Once realisation occurs, we can engage in ordinary life which now becomes our teacher, showing us that whatever we are still holding on to mentally prevents our progress. If we do not cut through our fixations, we will continue on the path of misunderstandings.

When we know the purpose of life,
life become simpler and more vibrant
because we have time to realise that we are what we seek.

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Bread And Circuses

Bread and circuses:
deliberate political distraction
of consciousness.

“Bread and circuses” was a phrase used by the satirical Roman poet, Juvenal, and refers to superficial appeasement, commonly used in cultural and political contexts.

An idea – which is just as relevant today – that people can be pacified by food and entertainment when they should be questioning what’s happening in front of them. While we argue about the food and entertainment, the plot thickens. Put a nominal figurehead in charge (existing in name only with nothing to say) for people to complain about, while others do as they please.

Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact?
We all know what is going on … but a pizza and a film come first.

Even if we don’t know our own mind, others do!

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Interfering With Nature

Nature is highly adaptable.
We are nature and, as such, are highly adaptable,
with innate qualities of
purity*, consciousness** and compassion***.
This is our essential nature.

When – through ignorance – we interfere with these three qualities,
they transform into like, dislike and indifference.
This is our gross nature.

In becoming dependent, we have lost the ability to see and taste for ourselves; we judge by something we’ve read or heard, and just repeat that.

When we’re independent, we are one with nature, the universe and beyond. ‘Beyond’ is uncontaminated consciousness.

Working against that which is natural, we interfere with nature and become gods. We abuse nature with our cleverness, which will have consequences.

Our innate, essential qualities will, however, always dawn. What looks down the microscope?

Whatever we do in space, space does not change.
Whatever we do in consciousness, consciousness does not change.
Space and consciousness are the constants in the universe.
Be clear about that.

* purity: free of contamination
** consciousness: ability to know
*** compassion: ability to empathise

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Nice, Or Realistic?

Some words have a surprising meaning.

Nice: originMiddle English, from Latin nescius ‘ignorant’, from nescire ‘not know’.
Realistic: Representing things in a way that is accurate and true to life.

Being ‘nice’ to one another maintains the status quo of current social values. It’s nice to be nice, but there comes a point when we think, “Really? Is this what life is all about?” We’re actually telling one another how nice our prison is, and how nice our limited view of life is. We pretend all is well, but there comes a time in life when we think, “No it’s not. It’s all pretend – the hypocrisy of playing a part.”

This is where we become at odds with others … well, to be exact, the entirety of humanity 😀

We may not intend to make others feel uncomfortable, but being realistic can’t help but make them feel uncomfortable when they only value what they’ve been told, and never trust their own perception.

How many people talk about their true reality?
How many people believe in narratives?
How many people do not know that they are regarded as just biochemical algorithms – a set of rules – and that data controls their future?

When we clear our mind of being data-driven,
we become free of algorithms.
Pure consciousness is only governed by compassion.

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Actual Meditation Is Non-Meditation

The Buddha said, “Not too tight and not too loose.” What did he mean by that? We neither cling to the method nor become distracted. Meditation is just a reminder. Once we remember or realise our reality of awareness or consciousness, we drop any attachment and rest in pure awareness. Then we finally realise what we are!

It cannot be described as there is nothing going on. It’s pure and simple. The outcome of meditation is clarity, wisdom and empathy for others. To keep meditating on a method can become indulgent and pointless. Meditation is about being centred. Once we are centred, we no long have to meditate.

During each session, we may actually meditate for only a few moments – and the best moment is when we stop; we can all recognise the relief of that! Once we know non-meditation, we can do that anywhere, at any time, in any company.

Resting beyond words is natural, and we become more sensitive to our surroundings. All creatures can do this, and communicate.

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The Cure Becomes The Disease

Whatever we are attracted to solve our problems – be it knowledge of science, religion, politics, literature, music, medicine, drugs, sex, conspiracies or just the latest ideas – ends up causing us dis-ease if we hang on to it. Even realising our true reality can have a backlash (an adverse reaction) if our conduct lacks compassion.

The secret is to acknowledge and enjoy whatever we were attracted to, and then drop it for the real thing; the satisfaction of knowing pure consciousness, that is absolutely clean with nothing lingering.

We use soap to clean off the dirt,
and then we wash away the soap.

Know, and let go.

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The Shock Of Realisation Is Almost Unbearable

Nine and a half billion people on this planet are unaware of their true reality, and so they’re not free. We just accept the status quo of following everyone else in our particular society. The blind following the blind. This is the illusion in which we live, and this same illusion becomes a delusion when it is maintained deliberately in order to limit our understanding. That should shock everyone, but it doesn’t. Why not? Because we’re too busy trying to impress others who are caught up in their delusion.

Now for the even bigger shock:

So-called meditation practitioners (and meditation is about personal freedom) are involved in corporate collusion. Mindfulness meditation in ‘business’ gets you to the top – above and beyond – to become god-like. Of course, mindfulness works as it focuses the mind, but mindfulness is just a reminder to let go – and they don’t! The cure becomes the disease.

Elements of Buddhist practice are incorporated into corporate ideals, maintaining confusion which is harmful. This corporate view feeds on unhappiness that keeps the business intact; unhappy people try to buy happiness. The problem is that meditation works. If you know human frailties, you also know how to utilise them. Knowledge is neutral, but how it is used depends on intent, for good or evil.

Presented with inner peace and efficiency, and being well-paid,
many fall by the wayside.

It is knowing where the path deviates that reminds us of choice.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!

The Dharma is simple.
No one said it was easy.

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Living In Reality, Or In A Dream?

When we connect directly to whatever presents itself, that is reality. Object and consciousness are one. Non-duality. Seeing the moon reflected in a pool, the moon, the reflection and consciousness are simultaneously one. Simple. That is the beauty of life. Incidentally, seeing shit in the toilet and consciousness are also one. Simple. It’s important to realise the yoga of one taste; seeing without discrimination.

If we start musing about the ‘Moon in June’, we’ve gone. This is the same as admiring poetic text or listening to erudite speeches – and forgetting that consciousness is reading and hearing. Beauty is in the consciousness, rather than in the I that is admiring something 😀

Truth is beauty, and our essential nature is ultimate truth. Admiring some thing brings short-term satisfaction, and is a distraction. Before admiration or appreciation is pure seeing. The ‘Moon in June’ is a distraction, a dream state.

Projecting our mind into the future or dwelling on the past is consciousness being entertained by the mind’s memories and sentimentalities. That is a duality. That is the dream.

The secret is to catch that moment,
rather than covering it up.

If we try and meditate perfectly with total concentration, blocking out all disturbances, we miss the dream-state of being occupied, or the oblivion of being vacant. We are merely in suspended animation; a temporary slowing of biological function so that physiological capabilities are preserved. According to Tulku Urgyen, when the Chinese invaded Tibet, many meditators were found in mountain caves in this suspended state, not knowing whether they were dead or alive.

For meditation to be practical, we (pure consciousness) watch the mind drift into thought; acknowledging that naturally brings consciousness back to pure consciousness.

Blocking thoughts is an antidote. It’s a temporary measure, where we are not dealing with the problems as they arise. This the same as thinking we can only meditate when the conditions are ‘right’. In seeing the cause of thought, we cut through directly, and leap over. This approach expresses itself in daily life where we can access reality and adapt, rather than switching off because the conditions aren’t right, and may be a little unpleasant.

Many meditators cannot deal with reality,
and just switch off.

This is the very opposite of what reality is all about.

There are many perfect meditators who sit perfectly … and lack empathy, and therefore compassion. Meditation is seeing what’s going on right now, bringing a situation back to equilibrium – not too tight and not too lose. Appearances and recognition are simultaneous. In just seeing, there is no failure!

The test:
free will without bias starts to appear,
and we can ­literally be of benefit to others.

Being responsible is being able to respond – to care.
When we care, the other is more important than us.

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We Do Have Free Will

We not only have free will, we are free will.
We are free spirits.

There are those who think we’re just consumers of twaddle, because most people are trapped in repetitive scenarios, and assume that they cannot change. Who fed them that idea?

This, in itself, proves that we have already been hacked, with unauthorized access through subliminal messages. To be blunt, we follow others, and therefore we do not use our free will.

When we realise that we are not this mind but consciousness itself, that is freedom from others’ fixations. Ascending the levels of realisation, we can see this clearly.

If we go a stage further through meditation, we discover that we are free will. We are pure consciousness that cannot be hacked – and never has been. That is our original freedom that no one can take away.

There are those whose meditation is incomplete; they misunderstand consciousness, thinking that the human mind can be hacked because we have already been trained to do as we’re told. This is feeding off human frailties, and shows a great lack of understanding and compassion.

We all have an enlightened essence;
we are free to think as we will.

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Know Thine Enemy

We will never find Mr. Devil as he’s too clever for that, but we can see the effect of his works within our own mind. There is a saying, “Know thy self”, but what is this self? It’s made of likes and dislikes … the stuff of Mr. Devil. We have already been infiltrated and got at! There are quite a few of Mr. Devil’s disciples out there.

To know thy self is to know thine enemy.
It’s that little voice that says,
“Don’t bother. Ignore – it’s someone else’s problem.”

We are not this self.
We are pure consciousness that silently witnesses,
before we went over to the dark side.

In any sort of war or conflict, we have to know our enemy, and their strengths and weaknesses. After all, our enemy is doing exactly that to us. This is the actual upside-down world in which we live. No wonder we’re confused! The internet and modern technology already recommend ‘things’ for us, before we know it.

Clear your cache and refresh your system.
‘Cache’ refers to things hidden or stored somewhere.

We clear our mind through meditation. This reveals the memories from which we form judgements, and impose those likes and dislikes on to situations, obscuring direct seeing and clogging up the system. This is the hidden enemy within.

Clearing your mind and refreshing your system
reveals the things that are hidden which interfere with direct seeing.

Know thine enemy;
know thy self by knowing that which is knowing.

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Is 9.7 Billion People Too Many?

It all depends on how we see this world of potential.

Political people are excessively concerned with power.
Materialistic people are excessively concerned with possessions.
Intellectual people are excessively concerned with intellect.
Religious people are excessively concerned with dogma.
Spiritual people are excessively concerned with their inner welfare.
Ordinary people are excessively concerned with their lives.
Concerned people are excessively concerned about all of the above. 😀

The more the people, the more crises occur. The more people become dissatisfied, the more people can start their inner journey. The Dzogchen teachings – a direct realisation of the nature of consciousness – are right for this age.

When people are so-called ‘happy’ – in a charmed dependency – they will just accept their limitations, and the Dzogchen teaching will go back into hiding; something else will take its place until the time is right again.

The Dzogchen teachings are direct realisation of the true nature of reality – no dogma involved. The elite like dogma as they can then tell us that God is a mystery for us to believe in (oh, and by the way, God told us to tell you to wear a hat … 🙂 ) We never saw the magicians switch the cards!

It all depends on how we see this world of potential.

A crowded room helps us navigate to the exit/freedom.
Once we realise there is an exit, we can happily go back
to share and enjoy this knowledge with others.

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Compassion For Dzogchen Practitioners

The most challenging kind of compassion is towards those who assume that they are Dzogchen practitioners. Dzogchen is the ultimate reality of pure consciousness, accompanied by ultimate compassion-for-all. Many dive in and attend Dzogchen courses, but few come to the surface 😀

No compassion, no Dzogchen.
Know Dzogchen, know compassion.

Of course, this will upset those who assume that they are Dzogchen – which proves they aren’t Dzogchen … yet. They aren’t Dzogchen because they judge as if on a lower path. Incidentally, there are those who might assume they are on a lower path, when in fact they are Dzogchen.

Not to worry.
The moment that we realise we are not Dzogchen,
we are!
It’s sort of magic.

Now we can come on to the Vajrayana/tantric practitioners.
Bunch of clowns.

Our reaction at this very moment
indicates where we are in the evolutionary scale

😀 😀 😀

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Stimulation & Boredom

Being trained to be stimulated, we are easily bored, and driven to seek out more stimulation.

This process suppresses inner enquiry and inner peace. Get people to be excited about politics, sport, fashion, sex, celebrities, foreign antics … and we won’t question what’s happening in our own lives, and why we do what we do.

We become an expert in everything else but ourselves.
It’s what the media promotes. 😀

Governments employ this trick; the magical art of directing our attention away from the action. Religions can do the same thing – all form and no empathetic psychology.

We may become jaded at some time, with a feeling of going round in circles. The faithful encourage us to carry on at times like that, and this is a great mistake. There is always a reason for losing interest, and it’s part of the enlightened process – if there is the right support. We are moving up the Yanas/levels. As one door closes, another opens: when everything becomes predictable, this is an indication that it is time to move on.

Losing interest, we get bored. It is at that point that we can either become depressed and seek other stimulation, or begin our journey to enlightenment … our journey to no-where … now-here!

I speak as someone who did get no-where – until I gave up the form, the groupthink.

Meditation is pure boredom. Not interesting at all. Nothing doing. It is now that life becomes interesting. Because consciousness is empty of stimuli, everything is brilliantly clear. Sounds, smells, light, taste, touch – sensuality is direct.

There is no time to claim any of this, as everything takes its place. To keep the tap running, don’t turn off!

If the mind is full of opinions and interesting facts,
it does not see what is actually in front of it.

Inspiration is abundant.
The secret is dropping it all and returning to cool boredom.

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Compassion Is Responsibility That Challenges Old Brain

Compassion is the result of understanding our true reality, which understands our old ideas. Empathy is the measure of understanding. If we haven’t seen the effect of trauma on our life, how can we help others? Trauma can be extremely subtle; statements such as “Be a good boy/girl” and “Do as you’re told” shape our fears and hopes, which can have tremendous consequences in later life.

It doesn’t matter how learned we think we are or how high our practice is, unconditional compassion includes everyone. It’s not limited to some material or spiritual ideology.

Empathetic compassion realises that we all learn at different rates,
and have limited ability to cope.

Compassion negates arrogance.
Arrogance negates compassion.

Compassion has consequences.
A lack of compassion has consequences.

Whether we sit on a high throne or an ordinary cushion,
we all have old brain to deal with.
Old brain = self.

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Stop Looking For Enlightenment

Stop looking for enlightenment:
looking is facing in the opposite direction.

That which is looking is already enlightened; it is pure consciousness. That is what we actually are, but this has to be uncovered through the practical practice of facing our obsessions that obscure pure seeing. This is same as seeking happiness which, on investigation, relies on the ‘right’ conditions, when our true being is already unconditionally happy – a happiness that doesn’t rely on conditions.

Even in spirituality, we can be materialistic,
always attached to the trimmings.

Complete enlightenment has no karma, no residue of opinions, no bias or side. Through an honest understanding of this, we can gauge how we are doing. We can, through our conduct, have empathetic compassion for others while still experiencing a residue of the past. This is the practical way to establish and gain confidence in our true reality. No karma means no rut 🙂

If we are seduced by the spectacular, interesting and clever, we have entered the realm of Mara, a subtle, demonic existence. This realm knows our heart’s desire, and turns it into mind’s desires.

When we know the complete truth,
we know who isn’t telling the complete truth.

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Being On Top Of The World

Being on top of the world is knowing what drives everything and everyone. We are surrounded by negative emotions of likes & dislikes, pleasant & unpleasant, hopes & fears, attraction & repulsion; these forces can either drive us insane, or lead to wisdom and enlightenment. How? In the very first moment of perception, consciousness is pure and clear, unencumbered by ideas, memories, judgements and fixations – “The eyes in our head see the world spinning round.”

When stepping out of our front door – and before we decide whether it is warm or cool – there has to be just perception present. That moment, ever now, is pure consciousness. That is our home, our sane space.

This knowledge of consciousness is neutral, and just is. No one created it. Neutral knowledge can either lead us to want to rule the world (and we can all see that in action) or, through meditation, can transcend knowledge into wisdom and compassion, where we realise that we are already on top of the world 😀

This is the secret of being happy in unhappiness, although the results of karma still have to be exhausted. We don’t need pleasure in life: we need a purpose, and that is knowing the truth about everything.

The secret:
three negative emotions of desire, aversion and ignorance bind us.
These, in truth, are the three wisdoms
of emptiness, consciousness and compassion that free us.

First moment = emptiness.
Second moment = judgement.
Third moment = always refer to the first moment 🙂

Rather than judging, imposing and destroying,
we see and accommodate.
That is wisdom.

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Fake Gurus, Real Gurus And Reliable Gurus

A fake* guru tells us what we want to hear = something interesting.
A real guru tells us what we already know = “Is that all?”
A reliable* guru is our self-karma = it’s with us all the way.

Fake gurus say something different.
Real gurus say something familiar.
Reliable gurus show us how it is.

This why the enlightened say,
“Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.

Gurus tell us all sorts of things, but what matters is that which is listening.
When karma has gone, self has gone, and we have gone beyond

We are the authority.
Beware of giving it away too readily.

*Fake: an imitation.a mask
*Reliable: consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted, dependable, good, well founded, well grounded, authentic, definitive, attested, valid, genuine.

If a conversation revolves around hearsay, we are engaging with a mask, with cliches, theories and idealogical platitudes, and there is no communication.

If there is genuine, empathetic give-and-take, and a meaningful conversation ensues, then we are talking to the actual person who is familiar with their own trauma.

Whether we like ourself or not,
it is our path to enlightenment – or hell.

What are we, when we are not addicted to ideas?

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The Daily Clone

Whatever we see or hear has an effect on our mind, body, and way of life; without noticing, we have adopted subliminal messages. ‘Subliminal’ refers to a stimulus below the threshold of consciousness which affects our mind without us realising it. One could say it’s like a mental virus. We take sides, without realising what created that preference in the first place.

This is why ‘The Daily Clone’ has to spew out large amounts of programming in order to keep us connected to their branching network, hoping that these twigs will bear fruit.

Clone: from Greek klōn, ‘twig’.
Twig: a slender branch growing from a tree.

‘Twig’, however, has a second meaning …
‘to twig’ is to understand or realise something.

In not taking sides, we see the complete picture.
To twig or not to twig; that is the question.

It is through correct meditation that we can start to see clearly,
and become free of bias.

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Compassion Is Maturity Of Understanding

Having compassion means knowing both our dark and light sides.
Compassion is not a word that we apply to ourselves in order to feel superior;
it is the skilful means to empathise actively with how a condition came about.

Compassion stems from wanting to know the nature of everything.
There is nothing that we ignore, as there are clues everywhere.
In this way, pure perception stays alive and awake.

If we cannot see our dark side, we remain in the dark.
Acknowledgement of our dark side is due to the pure light.
The pure light of consciousness is what we are.
The darkness is our confusion.

Knowing both light and dark, empathy and compassion arise.
All sentient beings have to face their dark side,
and that’s how we evolve into the light.

The more we are aware of the dark, the more the light is shining.
Never feel a failure; that’s the effect of others’ darkness.
When we are mature enough to face others’ negativity, we have compassion.

Never hide your love.

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Meditation Isn’t The Answer To Our Problems!?

This was said by a very influential professor who actually meditates. And it’s doublespeak. He means that meditation isn’t the answer to his – and his organisation’s – problems, but it is the answer to our problems.

When we can answer our own questions, we are free of others’ influences. His organisation doesn’t want us to be free; they want us to have nothing and be happy. You know who I mean – the forum for world economics (and the word ‘economics’ tells us everything we need to know about them).

Meditation reveals the meaning to life, and that is to discover our true reality of pure, non-dual consciousness. When we realise this, life is automatically better and happier, and we can see how others make this realisation intellectually complicated.

Through meditation, we gain clarity, compassion and wisdom. With clarity, we see directly, while compassion through empathy halts arrogance, and wisdom is the way in which we can benefit others skilfully. So why would anyone say that meditation doesn’t work?

When we meditate properly and completely, we know ourself inside out, and thereby know others inside out. We understand what controls our behaviour, but these influencers want us to give up this right to autonomy so that they can know us and control us. It’s that sinister.

It is the advocates of A.I. who want a machine to know us better than we know ourselves – which it already does through the internet and shopping. The proof of this is in brand awareness, where the brain lights up before we’re even aware. That’s how A.I. works. Brand awareness has the power to guide us through life as it know our preferences and weaknesses. They now want to know us from the inside by inserting micro-chips. Why would they want this? For our welfare or theirs? When someone is wealthy and powerful, they want to stay that way without others interfering with their plan.

Meditation isn’t just being aware within and without, as in mindfulness meditation. It is about realising this awareness as consciousness – pure consciousness, in fact – when we know how to drop the meditation and realise our true reality. We are not ‘useless eaters’.

It is said that the Dharma (the teachings on reality) can only be destroyed from within, and it looks like that plan is well under way. Under the guise of a ‘better world’, people will miss the whole point – that utopia is already within! The advocates of a ‘better world’ want fewer people in it as that makes it better for them.

This theme is in everything these people do and say, and it’s something we don’t like to consider. Have you notice how many dystopian films there are? This reflects a worrying belief held by the wealthy and powerful. Free thinking and free speech is also under attack as it is the means to divide and conquer.

Know thy self before others do.
The question is, is your mind your own?

If we do not wake up to our full potential, we will drift through life in ignorance, half-baked without thinking things through and lacking a sound basis.

Spotting deceptions is the Great Reset.

The Greater Reset
is transforming our human existence to an enlightened realisation.

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Finding Your Demon

Your demon is your likes and dislikes that wait in ambush.

In the moment now, we make a decision to go left or right;
if that decision lasts for a lifetime,
we are doomed to go round in circles.

Obsession is the trait of demons.
Living at ease is the trait of wisdom.

First, find your demon.
Only then are you free.
Appearance, recognition and liberation are simultaneous.

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Finding Your Guru

Look no further than your self.

Your self will teach you (consciousness)
all you need to know
about whatever is inhibiting consciousness from seeing clearly,
thus uncovering an enlightened pure consciousness.

An outer teacher merely shows you your inner teacher
– the reactive self!

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Gurus and Demons

Karma is our ego, our guru or our demon.

Whatever we think we are is merely a collection of ideas that consciousness fixates upon, and creates a self-image; an ego, an I, a me and mine.

This self is the confusion that is the cause of our dissatisfactions as it never has the complete picture. It is this very confusion that is either our path to liberation and enlightenment, or the maintenance of a demonic empire.

Most of us are somewhere in between, in a realm of not knowing, of indifference, of ignorance.

Those who know this apparatus of the human mind and consciousness are either teachers or demons.

Knowledge is neutral. It depends on how this universal knowledge is used as to the outcome that arises. The complete picture is that we are pure consciousness, rather than a parasite on the planet who feeds off others.

These spiritual teachings can either enslave or result in perfect wisdom.

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When To Drop The Meditation

Just meditating and feeling calm is still working in the dark.

We have to know the objective,
which is not dependent on the mind for existence;
that is pure consciousness, working in the light.

Realise we are pure consciousness, before thoughts arise.
When we forget our essence of pure consciousness,
we meditate = we remember.

Once we remember pure consciousness,
we drop the meditation and get on with our life at a natural pace
– not too excited and not too dull.

If we do not drop the meditation, we will zone out,
and disconnect with the practice – and with life itself.

Realisation is knowing what we are in everything that we do.
Find the natural pace, not too tight and not too loose.

Working this way will answer all our questions,
and we will gain confidence in understanding.

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Someone’s Turned The Crazy Knob Up?

Er … no.

The world has always been this way.
We just suddenly noticed.

It’s like meditation; our thoughts and emotions seem to get worse. They haven’t. We’ve just become more aware of them.

Realisation isn’t about knowing more. It is being released from the clouds of our ignorance. We live in precarious bubbles, believing the exaggerations issuing from others’ precarious bubbles, and that is why we’re surprised when the unexpected happens. It’s only a surprise because we believed life to be what others believed it to be. Crazy 😀

The Illusion Of Evidence-Based Science

Consciousness isn’t what scientists are telling us.
It isn’t a decision-maker interacting with its environment.
That is the A.I. idea; the illusion of limited understanding and experience.

The evidence lies in meditation.
We realise that which is present before a decision is made
– and that is pure consciousness.

Decisions are well down the line of actual experience,
and usually rely on treasured hypotheses.

Hypothesis – a supposition on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

Can Realisation Come Too Late?

No, but it will be more painful.

What Have We Realised?

Things aren’t crazy at all.

Consciousness is rarely mentioned by anyone.
It feels as if there is a deliberate attempt
to keep humanity’s consciousness out of sight.

In this way, humanity lost its freedom –
and it’s crazy to think we can’t escape.

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Turning Heart’s Desire Into Mind’s Desire

This is what demonic minds do; they turn our pure heart into the desire of mind and body, diverting us from realising our enlightened essence (which is the same enlightened essence of everyone else). It’s done subtly by playing on our hopes and fears, and we become distracted.

We need to bring mind back on track constantly. Our heart’s desire is goodwill towards everyone, with a wish to share inner peace, contentment and wisdom with others.

But what happens? We get carried away with fame and gain, and we lose inner sanity. We lose good intention. The internet is full of clever, charismatic ‘influencers’ who turn our minds to this and that, but divert our attention subtly away from pure essence of consciousness. They make it into an institution, and engender partisanship – our group is better then your group.

And the true heart that we had at the beginning goes out of the window! We thought that whatever we did would benefit everyone but alas, it only benefits the group.

We become hooked on the feelings of our mind and body. Whatever we see or hear etc arouses us, and we’re carried away. Our demonic side knows our weaknesses before we are aware of them; the brain ‘lights up’ in a similar way to brand-awareness, and our sub-conscious is aroused before we are even aware of this arousal. Anyone who takes advantage of others’ gullibilities uses this process.

What we do not notice is that the senses are, in fact, non-conceptual. In the first instant, we weren’t carried away – consciousness merely perceived. We may assume (incorrectly) that, because something is seen or heard, thinking is present. Not at all. In that moment, which is now, nothing is going on but pure perception, pure consciousness … and we miss it every time.

When it is acknowledged that the senses are non-conceptual,
the mind is non-conceptual
and consciousness is non-conceptual.

That is the pure, inner peace and happiness that we seek.
We, as pure consciousness, are non-conceptual
That is our good heart.
Take it back.

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There Is Always A Problem To Solve

The dictionary may say that a problem is something unwelcome; that’s not so. A problem is a moment of inquiry starting from a given condition to investigate natural laws, thereby resolving that problem. It’s quite inspiring and exhilarating – a eureka moment!

Knowing is joy.
Not knowing is ignorance.
Believing is nonsense.

People are a problem; they too need investigating 🙂 Investigating the laws that govern people is truly illuminating as they are the same laws that govern us as an individual. The great secret to it all is that we can know the ultimate reality of those laws. If we go deep enough, we realise that we are those laws!

“Only those who risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go.”
T.S Elliot

We have become judgemental reactionaries because of the laws that govern us; from that standpoint, we see everything as a problem. There are three gross, negative emotions or laws that influence our behaviour: desire, aversion and indifference. Just look and see. We usually jump in and judge, before noting that there is simply consciousness present which has gone unnoticed. That’s the problem that causes us to see problems everywhere, and it is because of this imbalance that nothing gets resolved.

On an ultimate level, these same three gross negative emotions are wisdom laws. In Buddhism, these are known as ’emptiness’, ‘consciousness’ and ‘compassion’. The word ’emptiness’ indicates the uncontaminated quality of consciousness, and consciousness that is naturally aware has compassion through understanding of these three qualities. We lack compassion only because we misunderstand our true nature, which is pure, compassionate consciousness.

Desire downgrades Emptiness:
Emptiness is our pure state, but desire contaminates this pure space.

Aversion downgrades Consciousness:
When consciousness forgets its purity, it judges and creates likes and dislikes that separate us from others.

Indifference downgrades Compassion:
Through judgement, consciousness lacks empathy and thus we remain divided.

The moment we recognise the negative emotions,
the wisdoms arise.

Don’t get angry.
Get even … get balanced!

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Losing Our Sense Of Reality

Our minds have been altered to accept ideas that are contrary to reality. Words, images and beliefs have been introduced, and we just follow along, singing their songs.

Who are ‘they’? Things don’t just happen – never did, never will. Everything comes about through causes and conditions, and everything has consequences. Those who know this, and have the resources, can make things happen. All that is needed is an idea dropped in the right place for it to spread.

Unfortunately, we have to see what’s happening right under our noses, and look at our own conformity. We, as Buddhists, prostrate when we enter a shrine room; this is meant counteract our pride. Maybe this works for certain societies, but in the west, it actually signals pride – but we all do it (possibly so that we don’t upset others); the Solomon Asche experiment showed how people can be made to conform against their better judgement.

This is now called ‘virtue signalling’ – letting others know that we are politically correct, having adopted someone else’s reality, or ‘virtues’. This is where we claim to be deeply concerned about some moral issue, when it is really all about ourselves.

This used to be called hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy: from Greek hupokrisis – acting a theatrical part, from hupokrinesthai – to play a part, to pretend.

We are so tied up in knots by trying to please others and appear righteous that we cause problems for ourself and those around us by being too sensitive and too careful, trying too hard while having to accept unfairness, cruelty and disparaging remarks intended to humiliate or embarrass. We behave like this to gain a sense of power, known as the ‘put down’.

When we become involved in all of this, we lose the sense of reality which is what we truly are – that pure being before all the theatricals. This upset is meant to distract us, to get us going … “We want freeeedom! When do we want it? Now!” 😀

Once we are no longer distracted,
we are free of the madness of others
– those who believe they are not free.

Here is a subtle, insidious perversion; we are told to ‘keep it real’. To them, this means to remain honest, genuine, and authentic; to be ‘true to ourself’. The perversion is that, in reality, this self is a phantom self – the self image acquired by wanting to impress others, which is the theatrical act we have adopted.

What we truly are is pure consciousness. They want you to forget that, to keep everybody on the same page – their page – at the same time. We’re all suckers for a singalong! A singalong culture that wants to cancel the past by virtue signalling lays the way for a ‘new’ beginning, or the great reset.

Make people dissatisfied, and they will want change.

The problem for these malpractitioners
is that dissatisfaction can also lead to enlightenment.

Here’s another cliché;
“Every cloud has a silver lining”,
which means that darkness is only known by the presence of light!

This proves that the dark theatrics can never win,
as there is light all around.

That light is the emptiness of clarity
which results in empathy and constant well-being.

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