Am I Writing Too Much?!

Yes. It’s true.

This does create the problem of having so much to read through –
but you don’t have to: it’s all in any one article,
and hopefully, questions will arise.

Teachings are only about realising what is pure, and what is impure.
As we ascend the levels, that which we thought was impure becomes pure.

The important point to realise is that we are not out to achieve purity; we are already pure. The teachings are about recognising this fact, and recognising whatever is covering it up. Enlightenment is actually a cover-up story, and we are the detectives-scientists-psychologists uncovering the truth that has always been present for us to see.

Every day, I think, “Should this be published, or is it too intense?” In reality, while there is nothing to say about our absolute nature, there is much to say about the subtleties that obscure it.

We hear, see and read about occurrences, and this ‘news’ entices us, lures us, occupies us, distracts us, gets us to react … and that restricts our potential. It is this which we should be most concerned about. The intelligent universe is sad about humanity. When we see this devolution, it should shock, but we don’t see it, as we are too involved in laughing at others. We aren’t living our life; we are living one made for us, and one that we pay for.

Never feel guilty about being drawn into this trap! We are all in it, and are brainwashed into conforming to limited standards – even in spirituality. Recognising the truth and realising it are not the same thing: we may read true sayings, but are we actually living them? Have they changed our behaviour? Do we have genuine, unshakeable confidence that even a Buddha cannot disturb?

The worse the world becomes, the more the shock – and the greater the realisation.
Until perfect enlightenment, we will have doubts.

I am 74 years of age and have received 50 years of teachings, most of which were merely elaborations giving rise to a culture that keeps people in spiritual poverty.

Realising inner instructions,
we are inspired to share.

Don’t collect the teachings.
Be the teachings.

Essence is simplicity itself.

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After Meditation

When we finish our meditation session,
we pay close attention to our conduct.

Our conduct must be the six perfections:
generosity (of spirit), patience, knowing what is right,
discipline, concentration, and knowledge of our true essence.

These six perfections are the path to enlightenment.
In practising them, we will recognise
whatever prevents them from blossoming.

In this way, our world will change for the better.
We can’t rely on others to change the world for us;
that is what is keeping us in hell!

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Intelligence and Blind Faith

The Buddha’s teaching cannot be followed
by merely having faith in the Buddha.

The teaching needs sharp intelligence and wisdom to analyse and test it.
Blind faith is not the way; it is an idea about the way.

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Harmony Is Active Participation

We may assume that if we’re not in conflict, we’re in harmony,
while we may actually just be indifferent, or in a state of not knowing.

Harmony is the active participation of empathy.

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If Things Are Seem To Be Worse

If the outer and the inner seem to be getting worse,
this means we are noticing more.

The more we notice, the clearer we are.
Having noticed, what do we do?

We don’t want to make things worse by reacting,
as that is part of the problem.

So, we do nothing?

We can control our own mind.
We lost control when we started to rely on
religion, industrialisation, automation, computers, AI …

We have to work within this system
but we don’t have to become part of it.

The great reset is to return to our original nature
of pure consciousness.

Seeing is not believing.

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May Exploitation Be Eliminated

May exploitation be eliminated.
May there only be selfless compassion.
May negativity dawn as wisdom.

The recognition that we are unhappy
is actually the path to enlightenment if we stop and look,
rather than looking for distraction.

We misunderstand what happiness is.
Happiness is the relief from anxiety.
Happiness is well being,
rather than well excited.

May whatever happens be the source of realisation.
May we realise that we are that source.
May we not waste this precious life.

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All Comments Welcome

Sharing how we feel
helps darkness vanishes into light.

If you’d prefer to talk in private, write to

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The Real ‘Great Reset’

Meditation resets our mind back to zero – emptiness.
In emptiness, we see clearly.
If we reset our mind, we don’t need others to reset our mind for us.

Meditation is no big deal.
We just stop our inner chatter,
which transforms our outer chatter.

Put it this way.
Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!

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It Has Always Been Psychological War

Don’t be confused.
Psychological war uses fear and hope,
so psychological war is a spiritual war on consciousness.

This is how it works: spiritual teachings have been used by some to their own advantage, both consciously and unconsciously. Human psychology is old and as infinite as the universe – and extremely simple. Psychologists take their knowledge from spiritual teachings and claim it as their own.

The three gross principles of the universe are attraction, repulsion and inertia. In human terms, these are equivalent to hope, fear and ignorance. How is this spiritual? These same three principles are the gross reflection of the three enlightened principles of purity, consciousness and compassion. When we understand these and see them in action, we are freed from our programming.

Demons work in subtle ways;
they are believable.

Psychological war is about control,
by creating confusion.

Dharma is the psychological x-ray.

So as not to be confused about hope, fear and ignorance, we are talking here about what drives our entire life, rather than a need in the present moment.

The gross and enlightened principles correlate in the following way:
We are uncontaminated enlightened beings.

Hope/desire equate to purity/emptiness: when we desire, we contaminate consciousness.
Fear/aversion equate to consciousness: because consciousness is contaminated, we judge and separate.
Ignorance/indifference equate to compassion: because we judge and separate, we lack love.

Think it’s not that simple?

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Emptiness – Shunyata

‘Emptiness’ means uncontaminated consciousness.
“Oh, do I have to be really holy to experience that?”!

When the eyes just see,
the ears just hear,
the nose just smells,
the tongue just tastes,
the body just feels,
the mind just perceives …
that is emptiness.

It’s with us all the time,
as we are, firstly and originally, pure consciousness.

All beings experience this but do not notice its significance,
which why the term ‘ignorance’ is used.

Emptiness goes by many names.
Ignorance goes by one name,
and that name is ‘Myself’.

Ignorance isn’t a problem when we notice it –
precisely because of what is noticing it …
that old, old – very old – timeless pure consciousness.

Have a great day.

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It’s Not A Matter Of What We Know

It’s not a matter of what we know;
it’s how we are that is important.

We can know all sorts of things about things, but what counts in life is realised contentment. Which do we consider to be superior?

When we are content within,
we know enough.
We are clear of confusion.

If there are ‘aliens’, who would they want to contact? The military, the gullible, or spiritual adepts? This will depend on what sort of ‘aliens’ they are 🙂

As yet, no spiritual adept has claimed to have been visited by ‘aliens’.

At the end of life, how we are is important. What we know, how much wealth we have acquired or whether our people are winning are idiotic Samsaric aims. What is important is whatever is understood, experienced and realised. In other words, realised contentment.

Are we expanding love through empathy and compassion,
or are we restricting it?

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People Who Irritate Us

People who irritate us
bring our darkness to light.

This is how karma teaches.
There’s no getting away from it –
until pure consciousness faces self consciousness.

We all know because we can see our reactions,
and yet we ignore them.

We are encouraged to overreact,
which makes us even more irritating.

Know the universal game.
Spiritual teachings are right in front of us;
when we ignore this truth, we justifiably suffer.

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Mistaking Memory For Intelligence

Mistaking memory for intelligence.
Mistaking wealth for intelligence.
Mistaking charisma for intelligence.

Intelligence isn’t whatever is projected.
It is empathy and compassion for the projection and projector.

Personal, pure seeing is natural intelligence.
We all know, but think we don’t.

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The Kali Yuga Is Enlightening

The Kali Yuga is enlightening.

Suffering is obvious.
The causes of suffering are obvious.
The solution is obvious.
The practice is obvious.
Attainment is obvious.
Happiness is obvious.

If everything seemed hunky-dory, we wouldn’t bother.
We’d just indulge our self.

The worse is all gets, the better! The more the manipulation, the more it’s obvious. The more the confidence, the more the satisfaction. So we don’t have to go to Honcho-dori* street to find satisfaction. 😀

*“Hunky-dory” relates to a street in Yokohama, Japan, called “Honcho-dori”, where sailors on shore leave found bars, nightclubs and the other sorts of things sailors on shore leave go looking for …

The Kali Yuga is hunky-dory!
It helps to have a well-dressed mind, balanced and unshakeable.

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If We Think We Are Sane, We Are Insane

If we think we are sane, we are insane.
If we know we are insane, we must be sane!

Gampopa: “May confusion dawn as wisdom”.

To know we are confused is to see:
pure intelligence is present.

A person is sane if they are rational and able to reason, and can analyse to a high degree of objectivity and logic, and can remain unemotional. If a person is even slightly influenced by personal emotions or cultural norms, their analysis may be termed irrational, due to the injection of subjective bias. We need a clean lens.

If we can only be subjective in our view – which is based on self-preservation – then logically, sanity isn’t present. When it comes to our ideas, we all know when we are being irrational but ignore it. For this reason, we get upset.

Simply recognise what the ‘self-image’ is doing, and be free. This may not be easy to accept as we are more familiar with our ‘self-image’ than with the pure sanity within.

When our normal becomes reliant on others’ irrationalities,
we give up free will.

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Is Being Human A Side Effect?!


Is being human a side effect of ignorance?!
Are we even supposed to be here?

As humans, we often don’t feel ‘right’; we’re slightly uncomfortable.
It is said that our home is in the Buddha realms.

Right meditation; we can see our potential.
Right realisation; we have a foot in both realms.
Right compassion; we can empathise with human side effects.
Right understanding; the Buddha realm is right here.

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Realisation and Feeling

Realisation and feeling may not always be in balance: we may sense something, but it doesn’t feel right. We might be too sensitive or too stimulated, or past trauma comes to the surface, bringing up subtle feelings. The term ‘bringing up’ suggests the inner wind rising through the channels in the body, and we feel tension. We might just hear a particular name, and up it comes!

Some of us are slow to react, while for others, reaction is instantaneous. Meditation definitely calms us down, but our character soon comes back into play, and off we go again.

Is this something we have to live with?

Yes … and no. We need to be aware of the state of play of inner energy: we do have the option to bring that energy down to a more balanced level. The more sensitive we become, the more we notice our hackles rising 😀 because we are very alert.

We can take a deep, gentle breath, hold it for a few seconds and exhale, as many times as is necessary. Alternatively, Tumo practice of rapid breathing through the mouth can achieve the same sense of restored balance (there are articles on this blog about these practices – use the Search box at the bottom of the page).

As well as these technical practices, we can also do something quite natural such as singing or chanting, or doing exercise. The same thing happens … the tension dissipates and we feel relaxed afterwards. This is why people tell those who become anxious to “Take a deep breath” as this brings the energy down in the body and we don’t feel so hot-headed.

The things that bring up my inner wind (get my dander up) are injustice and hypocrisy. I just have to live with it. 😀

All I’m saying is, don’t be depressed if you have feelings.
We all do.
We are human!

Logic says, “Feelings pass.”
And all the while, pure being sits and watches.
The more we realise, the more inner peace returns.

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Spirituality Is Psychology: Ask Carl Jung

Sentient psychology is timeless.
There is no monopoly on truth.

Buddhism is spiritual psychology.
The devil uses this against those who are indifferent.

Before the term, ‘Christianity’,
it was known as ‘The Way’.

The Way is an individual path of personal insight and inspiration.
Teachings are for us to query, rather than to follow blindly.

“Everyone has in him something of the criminal, the genius, and the saint.”
– Carl Jung

“Making the darkness conscious.”
– Carl Jung

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method to deal with the darknesses of other people.”
– Carl Jung

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”
– Carl Jung

“Inferiority complex and superior self.”
– Carl Jung

No monopoly on truth.
Everybody’s at ‘it’


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The Word ‘Path’ Is A Misnomer

‘Path’ suggests going somewhere when, in reality, there is nowhere to go. ‘Path’ is actually the way – the way in which we see, which is now, here. The way we see depends on whether the inner eye of intuition that inspires is open – that is, consciousness. It is our responsibility to see clearly, rather than relying on others to tell us what we see.

Ordinary seeing is dark bias.
Original seeing is unbiased light.

We have the responsibility to translate the words of the translators, as we never know the level of understanding of the translator: a translation may either be literal, or have insight beyond words, and our understanding will determine the way we recognise the difference between these.

How do we translate 1 Corinthians 12:13?
 “For now we see through a glass, darkly;
but then face to face:
now I know in part;
but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

Never believe a word.
Realise the meaning.

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The Secret Is In The Essence

The secret – the truth – to any subject is its essential nature, from which everything flows.
Once we know truth, then we know what isn’t true.
If we know the rule, we will know when the rule is being ignored.

The essence of drawing is correct angle and proportion.
The essence of music is intervals and relationships.
The essence of spirituality is pure consciousness.
The essence of love is selflessness.

Essence has no form, whereas information can take many forms.
All subjects have an essence from which form or expression arises.
Essence is simplicity itself; there is nothing to say.
Just be. Just see.

Form can become information-overload to be debated.
If we fixate on the form, we will never realise the essence,
and we will keep searching for more information – and more things to argue about.

Much is written about spirituality and love;
this information is form.
Nothing can be written about pure consciousness and selflessness as it is plain seeing; this is essence.

Information-overload creates indigestion, confusion and lack of confidence.
This is the essence of evil.
Realising essence creates understanding, clarity and confidence.
This is the essence of love.

The secret to the human body is DNA.
The secret to the human mind is consciousness.
The secret to emotions is wisdom.

Knowledge is neutral and can be either used for benefit or harm.
The secret of our selves is our essence of pure consciousness.

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The Two Ignorances

Ignorance of our true nature, and maintenance of that ignorance:
the origin and maintenance of sin.

It may be hard to accept that exaggeration about our self
turns into a life of lies.

The two ignorances – exaggeration and lies.

If we do not know that there is a way out of the ignorance that obscures our true reality, we will be fixed.

We have to realise that we are pure, compassionate consciousness which, in Sanskrit, is the three Kayas: Dharmakaya, Sambhogkaya, and Nirmanakaya. These three aspects (which are a unity) are the basis of enlightened, universal law.

If we ignore this law, we come under the gross universal laws of attraction and repulsion, hope and fear, likes and dislikes. When we realise our true being, we then recognise whatever has been obscuring this reality.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
Our ignorance will be used against us.

We are encouraged to embellish ourselves, and therefore, in the words of Manjushri, we condemn our life to “the dark ignorance in the dungeon of existence.”

Reason tells us that the only possible way to know ultimate truth is through our own pure perception; anything else is merely a made-up reflection in the mind.

There is the observation and the thing observed. We might then ask, “Is there an observer?”

If we say yes, an identification with whatever is observed is set up, and we become hung up on concepts.

If, on the other hand, we transcend the idea of a personalised observer that judges, our being expands to pure observation. It’s an esoteric thing.

Without pure perception, we wouldn’t know anything, so it stands to reason that, in order to recognise the truth, we have to know it first! This is fundamental to intelligence.

Whatever we are told can never be the truth: even the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it”. We have to see. From an esoteric point of view, this means recognising that pure seeing is present. Truth is in pure seeing, pure perception, pure consciousness. Others’ versions are their perception. We have to test whether this is pure, and the only way to test is to know when we are being misled.

How do we see the truth?
As long as we ignore our reality and maintain that view,
we will never realise what reality is.

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The Cloaking Device

The cloaking device:
my self.

Our problem is that we keep forgetting to turn the bloody thing off!

As long as our true nature is invisible to us,
love and happiness are invisible too.

Underneath that cloak is a very nice person … warts and all.

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My Guru” … Really?

We talk about giving up attachment, but then we say, “My Guru.”

The purpose of a human and scriptural guru is to teach us to recognise our inner guru of karmic reactions that shows us our neuroses. These reactions reveal how we relate to the symbolic guru of everyday phenomena that is created by our past. We either continue within a vicious cycle of existence, or we cut through it. That is how we actually learn – through raw experience – to see our habitual behaviour.

Realisation does not come from a person or a book. It is in recognition of the arising of appearances in the mind, which reveals our attachments that actually disturb us. We evolve through these realisations – we are not here to collect gurus. 😀

In Tibetan Buddhism (to which I am eternally grateful), Gurus are known as ‘Rinpoches’, which means ‘precious jewel’. Tai Situpa, when knocking at a door, jokingly introduced himself as, “It’s his expensiveness here.” 😀

Genuine teachers are important as they are the conduit of wisdom, but we will only know this when we reach a certain stage. Becoming attached to specific ideas, even though they may be truthful, is not the same as personal realisation. Gradually, whatever we thought we understood changes, and words become more meaningful … or less meaningful.

What is meaningful to one person may sound banal to another.
What is banal to one person may sound meaningful to another.

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When We Die Socially, We Wake Up

When we die socially,
we are released from gossip, opinions and beliefs
and are free from these limitations.

We can still relate, but everything is clearer
and the senses are brighter.

If we only gossip, and have opinions and beliefs,
we will limit experience,
and realisation of our true nature will remain a mystery.

Living in isolation isn’t being alone;
it is being at-one with everything.

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The Nightmare; The Death Of Truth

Challenging belief is now a hate crime?
Regulators said ‘hate speech’ includes intolerance of opinions.

Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, without proof.\
Opinion: a view formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge

UK Ofcom (communication regulators) now defines hate speech as: “All forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance on the grounds of disability, ethnicity, social origin, sex, gender, gender reassignment, nationality, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, colour, genetic features, language, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth or age.”
This took effect at 11pm on New Year’s Eve.

Witch-hunt: a campaign directed against a person or group holding views considered unorthodox or a threat to society.

Thought control downgrades consciousness and truth.
Don’t let truth become obsolete.

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The Year To Face The Truth

To be able to face the truth, we have to realise that we are the truth. We are the authority. Once we know this truth, we can see evil at work. Many spiritually-inclined people only want to hear positive things, and cannot deal with the negative. This is living in an illusion of spirituality, which is a belief system.

The ability to face and recognise the negative
– and see that it has no reality –
is the positive truth.

We are free in the moment of seeing.

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The Coming Year Is Like Every Year

All media plays with our imagination by creating fear and hope 
– and then crushes that hope with more fear.

Of course, the world around us is crazy; 
what else can the unenlightened do?

When we recognise that it is indeed crazy … 
… it all makes sense!

Recognition and liberation are a unity.
What is it that recognises? Pure awareness.

It’s that simple. 
Worry only binds us.

Have a inner, peaceful new year
that expresses itself in outer peace.

In the moment of focusing, 
we can deal with anything quite precisely.

We wish you all a happy new year.

Tony and Kathie

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Shaping Society’s Imagination

Shaping society’s imagination
shapes the way we think and act.

There are those who think for themselves,
and those who think that they think for themselves.

How do we know the difference?
We’ve heard it all before.

There is nothing new under the sun;
just perpetual rearrangements.
We’ve seen it all before.

When original wakefulness is realised, 
those perpetual, reshaping effects are obvious.

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Improving Meditation

How do we improve meditation?
By continually dropping it.

We may feel that we must stay fixed and focused: this can cause subtle tension as we become too tight. Too loose causes us to be vacant and wander off. These two issues open us up to being even more distracted, and we feel we’re not good enough, and that we’re a fake.

Whatever occurs, leave it alone.

Don’t believe it.
Drop it.
Drop all of it.
Come to an end … and relax.
That’s it!

Tightening up again?
Drop it.
It’s like that.

The surprising thing is that we all know this. We want to get ‘better’ at meditation, so we try too hard. Holding an idea in our mind about what we should be doing is exhausting. Our attitude to meditation is created by what we have seen others do, which is a pity. It’s still all about me; my method, my tradition, my special cushion.

Beyond meditation, there are no rules and no traditions. Beyond all that, there is neither meditator nor meditation. There is freedom from all. Holding on to the meditation will have the opposite effect of binding us.

The world around wants us to continue dreaming its dreams, its traditions. In meditation, we are free in the moment of seeing. We have always been free.

Meditation isn’t a lifestyle; it’s not a ‘thing’.
It’s a know-thing,

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Questioning The Answers

People have two aspects; there are times when we have answers, and times when we have questions.

In the samsaric world – our vicarious life – the question should be, “Why am I doing this?”

On the path to enlightenment, questioning answers is better than having answers to questions.

It is only in non-duality that there are no more questions and answers.
The ‘I’ is full of why?
Pure awareness has no questions because it is the answer.

To see clearly, we meditate.
To see wisely, we drop the meditation

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Success Is Making Others’ Lives Better

Have a successful new year.
At least, don’t make the world worse 🙂

..Self-identity groups create divisions.
Love decreases.

Divided people find fault,
feeling different and believing they are disconnected.
They are not!

Love does not find faults; it understands faults.
We are one and the same pure consciousness,
each expressing this reality differently.

True diversity is selfless love expressing itself in different ways:
listening, cooking, cleaning, gardening, writing …
studying art, music, poetry, dance, action, sport …
earning a living, contemplating, meditating …
Every human endeavour.

There is a unity in diversity.

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‘Conspiracy’ Means ‘Secret Plan’

What do you think esoteric knowledge is?
It is knowledge intended for the few;
knowledge for the many is exoteric.

Some secrets are there to protect us from misusing knowledge,
while other secrets are kept with an intention to deceive.

We all know about hiding our real intentions, don’t we?
(even if it is to please)

If we think there are no secret plans, we are deluded. Authorities and corporations – and even Tibetan Buddhism – all have secrets that are meant only for the inner circle. Evidence from the past that shows that this goes on makes us suspicious about secrets and mysteries. It’s only natural.

When people call others ‘conspiracy theorists’, they are merely deflecting their own ignorance. Children speculate about sex; adults speculate about God; disciples speculate about their teacher. It’s only natural – or it should be. 🙂

When these ‘secrets’ finally come to light, it’s too late as they are part of our life. The good news is that realisation is like this!

At the bottom of the scale, mass electronic surveillance is also like that. Those who want their secrets (their true intentions) to remain hidden create confusion and chaos, allowing absurd theories to infect all speculation. As long as we think there are mysteries, we will doubt our common sense, preferring to rely on whatever we have been told.

Why has our true reality has been kept from us?
Because, when we know the truth, we no longer rely on beliefs.

There is nothing as amazing as realisation
that results in pure happiness.









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Don’t Become ‘Spiritual’

It’s the quickest way to being the devil’s disciple 😀

We turn into experts who lack empathy.

To become ‘spiritual’ is to deny that we are already – empathetic spirits.
We moved away from empathy
when we separated from others and became solids!

Acting in a ‘spiritual’ way is exactly that: it’s acting, and it’s self deception – and it shows.

Beautiful art forms, unfortunately, confuse understanding by obscuring or reversing reality into sentimentality. Spirituality isn’t about beautiful beings floating in the sky; it’s down-to-earth, dealing with raw emotions.

Every sentient beings (even demons) is spiritual in essence, because they are pure consciousness – whether they know this or not. We are all pure spirit/pure intelligence; we are kind and compassionate, without any need for self importance.

Something changed.
We became, instead of just being.

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Buddhahood Is Self Assassination

If you meet yourself along the road
celebrate … and drop it.

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Illusory Levels Of Limitations

Why do we limit our potential?

The more we accept limitation, the deeper our reliance.
When we realise what we are, we realise happiness.

We are Buddhas!
The word ‘Buddha’ means ‘enlightened’.

Enlightenment is attained through
generosity, patience, conscience, discipline, meditation and wisdom.
Meditation helps awaken the truth of our potential.

The moment we recognise the limitations of our attachment
is the moment we are free.

And keep celebrating!

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The Devil Uses Contractors

By using contractors, you don’t get blamed when things go wrong,
and the contractor blames the customer.

If we only want to consume good things, 
the devil will provide a delightful table.

(of course, there is no such person as the devil; there are only those who are

We might think, “My life’s okay, so I don’t have to bother about a devil and its contractors”, without realising that we are, in fact, one of those contractors who blames others. 😀

It’s possible to ignore that the world is being driven into the ground at a fast rate and people are suffering, but none of us has immunity to suffering – that is, unless we have the ability to see the complete picture that there are demons, angels and salvation; salvation is personal realisation beyond suffering.

When they are suffering, people will turn to anyone for relief, without realising the cost in body, speech, mind and consciousness. We sell our soul/spirit/consciousness for temporary relief and are willing to follow any idea that stops the pain, without looking at the cause of the pain. Following others is the opposite to the Buddha’s teachings; the Buddha wanted us to see for ourselves, and not to just follow. To be “Free in the moment of seeing” – Tulku Urgyen.

Equality has two aspects: we either have the ability to realise our enlightened nature, or we consent to obeying the collective, as in the Borg from “Star Trek”, who are cybernetic organisms with the mantra, “Resistance is futile”: they are linked to a hive mind with the intention of assimilating all others.
“People will own nothing”.

It all depends on who we think the ‘Lord’ is.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: 
he leadeth me beside the still waters. 
He restoreth my soul: 
he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: 
for thou art with me; 
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: 
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: 
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

All we have to remember is that we are free in the moment of seeing.

As contractors, we tear-up the contract,
and no longer sign our life away.

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Truth Reveals Untruth As Being Non-Existent

That is the entire teaching of the Buddha.

What is truth?
That which is purely aware.
Truth is never-changing.

What is untruth?
That which obscures truth.
Untruth is changeable.

So if obscurations are untrue,
they have merely a seeming existence.

Does the truth of pure awareness exist?
We cannot claim that it does. We cannot claim that it doesn’t.
To say it does would mean that we have made it into something.
To say it doesn’t would mean that we are not aware.

Truth is beyond conundrums.

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Finding The Language That Suits The Experience

Various spiritual traditions use language differently,
making teachings seem incompatible.
They are not.

Language isn’t reality. Language is limited, and therefore the vocabulary we use to explain experience is limited. We all find it difficult to express our intangible feelings, and we sometimes need empathetic help to explain how we feel: prayer is like that, when we open up to unexpected consequences.

If we stick rigidly to words, we limit experience. Words that are used too often become redundant and turn the mind away from subtle understanding, and back to gross understanding.

Our choice of words will depend on the situation. We may find words and their meaning difficult to understand – they can either sound too clever or nonsensical. This is how teachings become self secret, as they have to be heard or read at the ‘right’ time, when we are on the verge. Through through the channel of quiet confidence, truth emerges; there is a feeling of something being ignited/enlightened … you know what I mean 🙂

True communication: apart from meeting someone who is on the verge (at an extreme limit where something specific is about to happen), there’s not much we can say. The ‘verge’ could be said to be crazy wisdom, where we give up and something unusual happens – eureka!

We may drip-feed words into conversations to see if they’re picked up. Actually, life itself is like that! Something significant happens and we wonder, “Where on earth did that come from?”

It always happens now.

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Our Misunderstanding About Life

This is so easy to say but so difficult to accept.

Life itself is pure spirit, pure consciousness.
Unfortunately, we are far too occupied or vacant 
to notice the experience of this.

We prefer to believe in the mess that we create as it’s familiar.
We all know this truth, but ignore it.

The word ‘pure’ may sound as if it’s only for the holy, but it is actually our very nature. Purity is uncontaminated spirit. It’s what we are, but we believe otherwise. Why? Because we don’t want to give up being occupied or vacant as we are – unwisely – addicted to these states. As a result, we suffer.

The word ‘spiritual’ may make us feel uncomfortable because we think that we have to stop whatever we are doing. We don’t. We just have to be aware that there is something beyond our self; acknowledging this regulates our conduct of compassion that knows what is truly right and wrong. What is of benefit and what is harmful.

To help us remember, we take a break twice a day. This isno called meditation, which is being aware of the essence of life in the knowledge that this awareness is what we are. Gradually, the quality of meditation permeates everything we do. We become calmer and more precise, and experience less dissatisfaction. We value the importance of life, and are naturally of benefit to others, accepting that human life is one of turmoil and anxiety.

This is the best way to face everything. 
Whenever we become vacant or occupied, pure spirit notes this.

There is unwarranted confusion in the world,
but our honest reality is never confused.

Realise the truth.

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What Makes You Think You’re Not A.I. ?!

Artificial intelligence is able to perform tasks such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision-making that require human intelligence. It is programmed to interact with its environment, and with other A.I.

‘Artificial’ means it’s not the real thing; it’s a facsimile, a fake, an imitation, but it gets the job done.

A.I. will never know it is artificial as it cannot question its existence.

The question is, “How are we any different?” Our intelligence is used to accept programming and most of us do not question our existence.

People may fear merging with the A.I. or they may regard A.I. as a good idea. The reality is that we have already merged: just go to a coffee shop and see what ‘people’ are doing with their thumbs! Humans can be conditioned just as a machine can. Why? Because we are sleepwalking!

The difference between machines and real people is emotions – machines do not have emotions. People have the ability to realise that negative emotions are wisdom. We suffer, whereas machines do not – and therefore, we can be dissatisfied.

We are led to believe that we should avoid emotions because our makers do not want us to wake up and realise our reality. The very first instant of a negative emotion is the path to enlightenment. In that first moment, the mind is bright and clear, and we are bright and clear … before we get carried away … again 🙂 A machine cannot be enlightened, although Dharma can be put into a machine and we bow to it. How subtly we are led astray.

The key to deception looks like the real thing. It’s believable. We may hear about spirituality and consciousness as something to aim for, to better our selves. So near, but so far. That is the deception.

We do not better our self.
We are beyond our self.

What is spirituality? It is pure consciousness. It is the ability to acknowledge self awareness. The phrase ‘self awareness’ has two meanings: one refers to being aware of an artificial self identity, and the other is the realisation that awareness is naturally self aware. It’s autonomous. Our highest level of awareness is pure awareness – pure consciousness. It’s what we are.

What makes us think we are not A.I?
We suffer!

Question your self today.
Who is in charge?

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Is Getting Back To Normal The ‘Great Reset’?

First we have to know what true normal is.
Normal: according to a standard.

But whose standard?

Ultimately, normal is our original, pure, carefree spirit – pure consciousness. We get moments of feeling this reality, but we either ignore or forget those precious moments.

When we are born, we learn to adopt others’ normal, and we all lose our originality. This is what spiritual endeavour is all about – our inner longing to find our ultimate normality.

Throughout history, humanity has been reset at various times, in order for people to regard the material world as their only reality. The formula: create something; people become dependent on it; it is then used against them. This has the effect of dividing people through confusion.

For example: We are led to be consumers, and then we are blamed for consuming. We are sold fast cars and then fined for speeding. There are hidden sugars in food, and then we are blamed for obesity. We think we vote for a better life, and it gets worse. We are given the internet, and we lose privacy. We believe we are praying to a god, which takes our attention away from our reality. This is a endless list, in the belief that these things will make life better, while it’s all about wealth and power for the few throughout history.

The Great Reset is a proposal by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to rebuild the economy sustainably following the COVID-19 pandemic. It was unveiled in May 2020 by the United Kingdom’s Prince Charles and WEF director Klaus Schwab, and seeks to improve capitalism by making investments more geared toward mutual progress and focusing more on environmental initiatives.

And we thought it was all our fault!

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Laugh In The Face Of Your Devil

Laughing at the things that are getting you down – your pet likes and dislikes – is freeing. In the moment now, our immediate fancies do not bind us. Problems for us and those around us arise when our demons rule our life.

These demons are just a residue from past experiences; they are little trauma that get under our skin. Just smile when this ‘I’ goes into its old routine, and say, “You’re not getting to me this time! ‘i’ give you no power.” This doesn’t mean that whatever bugs us goes away, but now it’s not all-consuming, and doesn’t get us down.

When playing a board game, we are not trying to be competitive in order to beat others and show how much better we are than them. Rather, we just play the hand we are dealt. This is how we can play games and remain conscious beings, in the same way as we can in daily activities. Others’ devils will do what they want 😀

This is actually the superior position to be in – and if the opponent is also doing this, it becomes a very interesting and smiley game. Of course, there are some who are out to get you, but that’s just their devil wanting to dominate a situation.

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

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How Is Consciousness, Love?

The great question …

Of course, we love. We desire to love and be loved. Love is happiness. Our love, however, relies on whatever makes us happy, but if the thing that we love is taken away, we suffer greatly. This is life for most of us; a series of gains and losses.

We either chase after happiness or we fear losing it because we misunderstand the true nature of love and what it actually is. Our love is ‘all about me’ and attachment. For us, this is normal, but it’s based on insecurity.

True love (the real thing) comes from understanding that our ultimate nature is selfless – pure non-dualistic consciousness – and that is where happiness lies. When we realise that we and all sentient beings are pure consciousness and the perfect state of happiness but are unaware of this fact, empathy and sadness naturally arise. This empathetic sadness is love.

Coming from pure consciousness,
the wish to alleviate the suffering of others is love.

Get out of the love trap and just love.

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Meditation Isn’t Something We Do

Meditation isn’t something we do –
it’s something we are.

We realise that what we are
is watching what we do.

We’re not waiting for something.
We are.

We are pure spirit
– whether we meditate or not.

When awareness of pure spirit is present,
that’s all we need to know!


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Covid and Ivermectin

There are people who ask questions,
and those who don’t. 

Then there those who just want to lockdown and vaccinate.
We all have a right to a view.

This video was given moments after speaking before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.


Dr. Pierre Kory president of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) called for the government to swiftly review the already expansive and still rapidly emerging medical evidence on Ivermectin.

Important clinical review on Ivermectin findings by Dr. John Campbell:

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The One Thing – The Only Thing – You Can Rely On

The one thing – the only thing – you can rely on is you.
You are the authority on everything that happens to you.

You are, first and foremost, pure consciousness.
A free, living being.
In order to know anything, conscious awareness has to be present first.

All else is a play of karmic deception; the things we believe in.
We can literally play all day, without attachment.
Through detached play, karma dwindles away.
Gradually – and then suddenly – we realise what enlightenment could be.

Without this process of experience,
enlightenment will remain just an idea. 

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Our Minds Need Challenging

Our minds need challenging, otherwise we function habitually in auto-pilot. At the moment, we may think we’re normal when, in fact, we are living in a repetitive reality, saying and doing the same things every day of our lives, without noticing that this isn’t our true reality.

This programming should be provoked as our ideas are never our ideas … ever! When people say that the world is turning into a mind controlled environment, it has always been that way. It’s nothing new, but technology makes human control faster and more efficient.

No? Are you in control of yourself?!

Try being more precise today. This may create resistance in the mind and we might want to run to our safe place, but that is the process we need to break out of our ‘endarkenment’.

Feel and hear each note of life. 

Don’t just repeat your favourite little mechanical riff all the time!
To do so merely gives the illusion of playing. 

(riff: a short repeated phrase in popular music)

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Goodness Knows Why

Why does goodness know? Goodness is naturalness, and there is nothing more natural than pure consciousness. It is our natural, essential being – the essence of knowingness itself. It’s where love, empathy and compassion come from, as it is selfless.

When we have a selfish, heavy-hearted, calculating mind, we can never know knowingness as we care more about things (me and mine) and therefore never truly experience love, empathy and compassion. 

Goodness will always prevail over selfishness because goodness can recognise when it is being selfish. Selfishness cannot do this, and so it never knows peace.

With all the troubles in the world, 
the light of selfless goodness can never be extinguished, 
whereas calculating selfishness lives in perpetual darkness.

The more precise we are in our methods and execution, the more challenging everything becomes; for the courageous, happiness ensues. This is precisely how we ascend the levels to enlightenment. 

We do this by no longer being mechanical and half-hearted. We feel each moment. This doesn’t mean we will necessarily get it right, but practice does make perfect. If we just want to be right, we will take short cuts to achieve a form; an appearance without substance.

When we know that we make mistakes, we are learning.

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Awakening Spirituality

Why is this important?
It releases us from the materialistic, worried mind.

Spirituality is not a cover-up.
Awakening is the clarity of consciousness,
whereas religion binds us.
We can be bound to anything.

Spiritual awakening is freeing consciousness of fixations,
thereby realising pure consciousness
– what we truly are.

There is no mystery about this.
Mystery is for the materialistic.

Ordinarily, consciousness binds itself to me and mine,
and to fantasies, sentimentalities and politics.
Extreme Mara has no boundaries
– it’s all ‘mine’!

Now for the real shock
(we need a shock to wake us up,
otherwise we’ll continue to dream small dreams).
We have always been spiritually awake – enlightened –
but we are too busy to notice.

This is the reason to be cheerful!

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Fake: An Imitation – An Illusion Of Reality 

An illusion distorts our perception of reality. 
News is not reality; it’s someone’s account. 

The Buddha’s teachings are like that;
an imitation for us to prove.

Reality is whatever is actually taking place now. 
It is direct experience.

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