There Is Only One Secret

There is only one secret:
We are immaterial pure consciousness.

What we do with this information is up to us.
We can either use it to gain wisdom and compassion
or …
use it to gain power over others.

By keeping it a secret.

Once an individual knows the reality of their true nature,
they will no longer believe otherwise.

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Unless We Actually Practise …

Unless we actually practise looking into our mind rather than just sitting still,
we will never realise the truth
that pure awareness is constantly present.

Truth cannot be found by talking or reading about it.

In meditation, there is a moment of doubt:
“Is this pure consciousness, or isn’t it?”

That doubt comes from the thinking mind,
while awareness/consciousness is present
simply doing nothing.

We may find that we oscillate between “Is it?” and “Isn’t it?”.
Just let it all be.

The pure experience is that feeling of limbo
– an uncertain boundary –
and that intermediate state is it!

Rest there.
That’s it.

The chattering mind, however, may want more proof.
This is where study is now relevant,
to give us confidence that that is indeed it.

Practise first, study after.
If we study first, this will flavour the practice with expectations.

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In Uncertainty, There Is Absolute Certainty

Our mind may be uncertain,
but what recognises that uncertainty?

Do you see the catch we’re in?

We are ever-present consciousness,
which is ignored in favour of intellectual speculations.

Be absolutely certain that consciousness is always present.
It is the intelligence behind intellectualism.

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Ignorance Is Encouraged

We are encouraged to ignore our true reality of pure wisdom. Once we realise this however, this ‘encouragement’ becomes our guide, reminding us of what we are, rather than what we have been led to believe that we are. When investigated, we find we are wisdom beings embodied in a dream-like human form. This consciousness isn’t just an organ of perception; it is life force itself. The falsehood is that we are ‘encouraged’ to identify with whatever we perceive. That is the deception.

The dream-team of the dream-machine walks a thin line between falsehoods and truth, and it is this that has caused confusion in our mind. Unfortunately, religion does the very same thing on the exoteric level – we are expected to believe rather than know.

The more we dream, the more we sleep.
The more we see, the more we awaken.

Sleep is temporary.
Wakefulness is permanent.

So the more we are manipulated,
the clearer the guidance.

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How Many Die Without Knowing Their True Nature?

How many die without knowing their true nature?
How many live without knowing their true nature?
How many know their true nature
Knowledge withheld is power.

It is through meditational insight that we gain confidence in what we actually are, and realise that we are what we have always sought. It stands to reason that it is only through pure consciousness that anything can be known. That is our starting point and our finishing point.

The Alpha and Omega.
The First and the Last.
The Beginning and the End.
What we are now, and what is realised.

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We Are All Living In An Hypnotic State

“Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey”.

Slowly, slowly, we lose our sense of reality, and give up our confidence and carefreeness.
We  stare at a screen – “Look into my eyes … interact with my screen … let the computer control you while you think you are controlling the computer.”

The monkey thinks it’s controlling what’s on the screen, while it is itself being controlled.

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”
– witches in Macbeth.

The witches (the authorities) are calling Macbeth (the people) “wicked” when, in reality, they are the ones who are “wicked” to the extent that Macbeth’s (the people’s) wickedness can be blamed upon the witches’ prophecies (propaganda).

Meditation is the recognition of being distracted.

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Sticking One’s Head In The Sand

Sticking one’s head in the sand
is refusing to look at unpleasant facts,
despite their influence on our life.

The first noble truth of the Buddha
is to recognise that we are dissatisfied and unhappy.
We are, in fact, suffering.

If, however, we only look for ‘good news’,
we will be unable to recognise the cause of that suffering –
an attachment to me and mine.

This is the opposite to Dharma intention,
and negates the first noble truth.

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Have Doubts, But Doubt The Doubt

Doubt: a feeling of uncertainty, lack of conviction, questioning, lack of faith in something.

Never believe what you are told.
The Buddha said.
“Do not take my words for truth: test them for yourself.”

Only going to teachings, reading and acquiring good words can literally take us in the opposite direction from realising the truth, and we will remain just a believer – one who does not know.

Question everything, but realise what is questioning. That is the answer!

We search for the meaning of life, when the meaning of life is the ultimate reality of pure consciousness. Seeking that supreme state of being, we realise that we are – surprise, surprise – that pure being. It’s crucial to realise this, rather than merely being told about it. That supreme state of being is reading these words right now, without comment.

Do you feel the elation of the illation? 😀
The recognition of the inferred conclusion?

When receiving the pointing out instruction of the nature of mind (that we are non-dual, pure consciousness), there is a moment of doubt – “Is this it, or not?” Stay there, doubt and then let the doubt be. The moment between knowing and not knowing …

If we decide that that’s it, we reify it.
Just let it go.

This is subtle – extremely subtle – but ordinary.
Become familiar with this non-finding, and rest in non-duality.
Continue to do this until certainty is gained.

We only want something more
– something spectacular –
because of all the stories we’ve heard.

This ain’t gonna happen!

When we realise the truth,
we know what isn’t truth.

And … that’s what it’s all about.

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The Problem With Realisation

The problem – or complication – with realising the nature of mind (pure consciousness) and that which obscures this is finding the right words for a specific occasion. We can, of course, generalise, but that isn’t accurate and can sound wishy-washy and feeble. And even if we are accurate in our understanding, saying too much can be too honest, as too much information can cause problems. And then, we have our old brain to deal with, that angry self who wanted to know what on earth it’s all about 😀 For this reason, compassion is challenging.

Realisation means empathy and compassion.
If there there is neither empathy nor compassion,
there is no realisation … just words.

Eureka moments come from emptiness.
Emptiness comes from non-duality meditation.

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Old Brain For New Brain

Old brain is a programmed memory response that governs our life = vertical thinking.
New brain is spontaneous presence, and is how we can consciously conduct our life = lateral thinking.

Old brain gets upset.
New brain wonders why.

Vertical thinking uses a sequence of accepted, logical steps to come to a conclusion.
Lateral thinking is flexible, and takes us back to the beginning to follow fresh possibilities.

We need, of course, to identify both; this stands to reason. If we only use lateral thinking, we will surely end up a little crazy! We need vertical thinking to take others along with us, to be practical and to get the job done.

Most of us are in a old brain projection, and rarely is there a wish to truly communicate. One day, our life will depend on looking again at a situation – “Do I believe whatever I’m told, or do I look at what is actually going on?” Every trial has two sides: each is believable, but the truth lies in the conditions behind the scenes.

Old brain jumps to conclusions and takes a side.
New brain just watches to see whatever lies behind a conclusion.

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Politics is the control of human resources.
“Never give a sucker an even chance.”
– P.T. Barnum

Politics is a game of sides, each side creating problems for the opposition to blame them – or for them to blame the opposition. This bating charade is watched by supporters. Up in the ivory tower, the owner of the stadium doesn’t care who wins as long as people become addicted and obsessed, and pay for the privilege. Payment isn’t just monetary: we also pay with a reduction in intelligence.

Politicians are voted in to put things right when, through their unconscious bias and incompetency, they actually create more problems (which is the purpose of the game). The crowd shouts out what the players should be doing which probably right, but the ivory tower isn’t listening as it has its own agenda. As long as we react, the men in the ivory tower are laughing.

The point to note is that things never improve … it is just a piece of theatre, selling lifestyles that capture consciousness. The rules of the game; the spectators are the product, and we can only take back our sanity by understanding the game.

Don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes.
It’s the same with spirituality, and even meditation.
Always know why you are doing something.

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Nothing Is As It Seems

We are …
deceived into consenting
born into illusions
driven by ignorance and our desire
arguing about projections.
All forms are a distraction.

The science of fiction is to make us believe
as in Plato’s Shadow Cave:

Screen Shot 2021-04-06 at 11.58.57

There are deceptions, deceivers and the deceived.
We are here to realise the deception,
and be free to see beauty

Our self, our world, our illusory self image, our confusion are all our path to enlightenment. We – pure consciousness – only have to see what or who is driving us in order to realise mistaken reality.

Be grateful for just seeing; it’s the final relief of happiness. Enjoy yourself.

Knowing the real light of clarity,
we only see as others see to earn our daily bread.

Enlightenment is closer than we think.

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Monkey Mind And Monkey Memes

Monkey memes are monkey see, monkey do.
We all have a chattering monkey mind.

The solution:
through meditation,
slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

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The World Is Both Lotus and Mud

The lotus symbolises purity; its roots are in the mud that nourishes the lotus. They are inseparable, and there cannot be one without the other. This unity signifies the connection of appearances and seeing. It’s spontaneous. This is how negative emotions are wisdom in the very first instant when the emotion arises. If this goes unnoticed, we sink back into the mud of concepts and despair.

The fully blooming lotus flower is enlightenment, while the many stages of the flower opening indicate levels of realisation. We move from ordinary sight to intuitive insight to clear seeing, with some little conflicts in between. 😀

The conflicts or doubts are important as these are how we transcend the levels. Unfortunately, many regard doubts as heresy, and shun disbelievers. This shows a lack of empathy and love – not to mention a lack of intelligence – on the part of the believers as we all enter a spiritual path because we are confused. Chanting compassionate prayers doesn’t mean we are compassionate.

We forget that all doubts can be cleared up, and that individuals need direction. Groups are made up of parts, and so have no inherent reality. They come and go. Failing to find clarity from a group, we leave (or get kicked out 😉 ) but the universe has a way of providing unusual, conduit outlets.

The mud – our complex human lives of dissatisfaction – is our path to enlightenment, teaching and nourishing the roots of the lotus. It is in the midst of our human suffering that we seek help to break free and bloom, in order to be truly what we already are.

While the flower rises above the mud, the roots remain in the mud as it is here where we live out our lives. We exist within two truths – the clear mirror and the reflections. The purity and the muddy water of concepts.

To rise above the mud requires understanding of the Buddha’s words. Faith may be our starting point, but we need to know directly, and that requires compassion for the global mud!

The Lotus is heaven.
The Mud is hell.
We clean off the mud with the soap of the teachings.
Finally, we rinse away the soap through dropping the meditation.
Don’t cling to the teachings: realisation is beyond the words.

In the first stage of meditation, we control our mind by focusing on something, such as the breath. Then, we relax into that which is aware of the breath. Gradually, we note that there is only awareness, which is the reality of what we are – pure consciousness. The meditation is dropped in the realisation that we are nothing other, and we come to rest in non-duality. That is what is meant by ‘dropping the meditation’. We now only meditate when we drift off and forget.

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The Ultimate Prize Is Consciousness 

Consciousness is either your prize,
or the prize of influencers.

When we realise consciousness, we realise that we are nothing other than consciousness. If we do not realise that we are consciousness, we will simply become the prize of others. In this way, society is divided, with those who argue about this and that, and those who watch the dance between influencers and the influenced.

Confusion is rampant.
Compliance is rampant.
Complacency is rampant.
Misleading media is rampant.
Normalising restrictions are rampant.
Division is rampant.

It is only through meditation that the mind becomes clear and free of bias, together with a proper understanding of the nature of everything. That clear seeing is pure consciousness.

Evil normalises restrictions so that the collective does not notice. We need a reason to be free, and this is it! Evil has always prized capturing and feeding off consciousness. If we tell a joke, we want people to laugh. If we promote incomplete truths or lies, we want people to believe us.

But if we tell the truth, don’t want people to believe us … we want them to know.

The ultimate prize is enlightenment.
Why settle for anything less?

In settling for less, we become entangled in constructs.

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To Tell The Truth, You Don’t Want People To Believe You

You want them to know, themselves.

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What Is Hell?

Hell is – our inability to drop our reactions.
Heaven is freedom from hell – we are able to drop our reactions.

Note: there is still a reaction!

Hell is the vicious cycle of existence in which we live. It’s our going up and down and round and round, seeking happiness and finding it, holding on to it and losing it, and seeking it again … in other words, it’s addiction.

In practical terms, hell is not letting go.

We will not drop our attitude, obsessions and trauma and, as a result, we suffer, become angry, suffer, become angry … it is this clinging that turns pure consciousness into a fixed state.

The secret teaching is that we are free in the moment of seeing what is happening. Why is this secret? There are those who don’t actually like us being free: those caught in hell cherish conflict and want us to join them. They become angry when we don’t, so we have to be watchful and skilful in order not to fuel their fixations.

Our entire life is one conflict between hell and heaven.
Hell is closed mindedness clinging to likes and dislikes.
Heaven is awareness, before hell sets in.

We are actually in both places at the same time,
being free in the moment of seeing.

How wonderful!

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Do We Use Spirituality To Escape Life?

Spirituality is not about hiding away from desires and adversities.
Spirituality is living life to the full
– making life fruitful.

When we face the music, we are facing the consequences of our actions,
and we realise in that moment that we are free.

How wonderful!

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Unfortunately, We’ve Been Assimilated

“Resistance is futile.”
“We are Borg”.

The Borg are TV aliens in Star Trek’s sci-fi series. Borg is a collective that thinks as one through the process of ‘assimilation’ transforming individual beings into drones by injecting nano-probes into their bodies, and surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components. The Borg’s ultimate goal is ‘achieving perfection’. The master race. Sound familiar?

Is there a correlation in human society? Certainly. We are where sci-fi writers get their information from – just the names and visuals change. We are watching our own imprisonment by assimilation.

‘Injecting nano-probes’ = ideas about a false reality, ingesting them through innocuous products*.

‘Augmented with cybernetic components’ = attached to smart technology and machines.

‘Achieving perfection’ = do and say what the others do and say, and be predictable.

If we think we are not Borg,
we think as the collective.
The Borg is not allowed to protest.
Resistance is futile diligence.

All we have to do is recognise that we are stuck a collective loop,
and then we are free in the moment of seeing.




*Nanotechnology, and specifically single wall carbon nanotubes, have already been successfully applied in hundreds of other applications including supercapacitors, lead-acid batteries, anti-icing coatings, scratch-resistant sunglasses, wind turbine blade composites, lightning strike protection, frying pan coatings…

Solvents: The solvents found in many glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, hard-surface cleaners, and oven cleaners contain EGBE, or 2-butoxyethanol, which evidence links to fertility problems in lab animals.

BPA (Bisphenol-A) is a chemical compound found in many consumer products including polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins used in food and drink packaging. However, evidence is accumulating that suggests that BPA may contribute to a variety of health problems.

Men who have been exposed to common chemicals known as parabens have lower testosterone levels and more sperm that are abnormally shaped and slow moving, according to a study that suggests these ingredients may contribute to infertility.

Adrenaline, cortisol, melatonin, and other hormones can affect your mood or even influence the health of your brain. Cortisol is a hormone released when you’re stressed. It’s helpful at times, but too much of it for too long can cause memory loss as you age.

The neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) are specifically believed to be linked to mood and anxiety disorders. These neurotransmitter are in charge of regulating various bodily and mental functions.

We know that antipsychotics shrink the brain in a dose-dependent manner and benzodiazepines, antidepressants and ADHD drugs also seem to cause permanent brain damage.

Antidepressants may trigger hypomania or mania in some people. This may stop if you stop taking the antidepressant, but sometimes it may be a sign of bipolar disorder. In this case, you may be given a new diagnosis and different medication.

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You Are Already Enlightened

That is what realisation means.

We are led to believe that enlightenment is something at the end of a long journey. This is because we hear the word ‘path’, but the concept of a ‘path’ isn’t correct as realisation happens now, here.

The path is actually to nowhere!

If we think that enlightenment is something to achieve – somewhere to get to – we will never realise the truth. If we make a big deal about our spirituality, that is not spirituality. Religion stops at the point of disbelief, and realisation begins. We will never rest easy or feel good enough if we merely follow others’ insecurities. Feeling that realisation is something to achieve negates realisation. Realisation is coming a conclusion personally: it isn’t about repeating others’ spiritual words. That is just a matter of having a good memory, which is just a part of ordinary samsaric consciousness that leads to judgement and reactions.

Have you ever been to teachings or retreats and felt ‘not good enough’? We could go one of two ways: we can feel that this is not for us, or we can become immersed in conforming to some exotic mould. Either way, we end up in a meaningless state of feeling uncomfortable when questioned.

What if enlightenment was so simple, so plain, so utterly boring that, when realised, we go, “Wow, is that all? What a relief!”. We now taste everything fresh without memories, and then see what is, as it is. In the moment now, there is only tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, touching – just sensations. We can enjoy the sensuality of everything … colours, scents, sounds, light, tactility, flavours … and then just drop this, without any lingering. What we then do will depend on the stability of realisation that is present.

Belief stops at the point of dis-belief.
Spirituality begins when dis-belief begins.

If belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true without proof,
then dis-belief is not accepting something said to be true without proof.

The dictionary states:
Disbelief: inability or refusal to accept that something is true or real.
We live in an idiotic world of confusion.

!Nothing is real!

If a thing is real, it has to be constant and can never not exist.
The only constancies are space, pure consciousness and mathmatical formulae.

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Omniscient Indifference: It Does Make One Wonder

At this moment, the world (its ordinary people) is unable to function properly because it is in the grip of a variable pandemic of fear. Through fear, we seek help – but from whom?

Scientists? Politicians? God? The Enlightened ones?

Politicians and their scientists are managing this fear, and as usual it’s not making things better; we just become more reliant on whatever they tell us. That is how politicians and their scientists work, making us dependent and hopeful.

So people may turn to God or the Enlightened ones and again, it’s what we usually do when we don’t trust politicians and their scientists. But we’re then back in dependence and hope.

We may believe in long-ago stories of a supernatural nature, but such events do not happen in our presence. How does God – or the Enlightened ones – actually manifest in situations like this? With an idea of good things to come?

There is ordinary good and evil in this world, manifesting as selflessness and selfishness. We can all understand that. The world is in tenuous state and prospects for our future look terrifying, but it’s all an illusion.

Clearly, God and the Omniscient ones cannot do a thing.
Why not?
They don’t actually exist in the way that we think they exist.

All that exists is continuous pure consciousness,
called ‘God’ or ‘Enlightenment’.
It’s what we are.

Trying to be enlightened is denying enlightenment.
It’s like wanting the grass to be green when it’s already green!

Omniscience: the state of knowing everything.
Who knows everything?
Pure consciousness.

In an infinite universe, everything is made up of parts,
and therefore has no reality of its own.
Even our thoughts have no originality.
It’s very simple.

The past leaves a residue for us to follow:
we just have to know if it’s enlightening or not!

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This Is Absolutely The Right Time

This is absolutely the right time. We all go through a process of worry and wondering, and come to a certain point of dissatisfaction. This moment is important, and time to move on.

We recognise that whatever we have heard so far no longer satisfies us as we see only the negative side. There are many levels of understanding: each level uses the same words, but the meaning changes through personal understanding. Even the ‘baddies’ know this with their doublespeak.

In a room full of people all listening to the same teacher, we can respond differently to those teachings. To be honest, fellow students can seem crazy – and that’s when the isolation starts and it’s time to move on.

We can live happily in ‘isolation’ in the midst of the religious and the scholars (although they can be a distraction 🙂 ). It’s how we see, rather than what we are seeing and hearing that matters. There is nothing wrong with being religious (following the form) or being a scholar (following the words) but these have their limitations as it is the realisation of the meaning (the truth) that counts.

This blog is about finding inner realisation in a crazy world full of fantasies of someone or something to chase after. The word ‘Buddha’ means realisation of our true nature and the clarification of the obscurations that conceal that true nature. This is actually a realisation of truth and lies which humanity has pondered for millenia. If we do not know the truth, we live in lies. This is not as harsh as it might sound: we have simply been deceived about our true reality, and that confusion is our path to realisation and enlightenment.

In the first instant of hearing religious or scholarly words, there is no identification or comment, but just pure consciousness. That is the right moment, the right time! Not a ‘special’ occasion. The right time is always now; anywhere and everywhere. That moment of pure consciousness is what we are, and is what we have always been. Without the clarity of purity, nothing would be known. It’s extremely ordinary, simple and natural – without any elaborate behaviour. Our true essence is an uncontaminated state without any name; it is beyond words and names. Being stuck in the words, we become Mara fodder.

Normally, when we humans see something, we refer to memory and judgement, and we react. That is our animal level. Of course, we have to utilise this behaviour to survive, but we can miss the esoteric moment of pure being which is always present. When we miss this, off we go again, back into the war zone, constantly bombarded by suggestions and distractions.

Whatever happens to us is a product from our past, which is karma. Whatever we habitually think is also a produce of the past. It is this that creates our habitual reactions, and our behaviour. When we re-enact, we produce more of the same and become predictable. If, however, we do not just react but sit back for a moment, we can allow our life-programme to display itself, and we don’t have to become involved.

This doesn’t mean we do nothing. We allow space to reflection and, in this way, we can act more skilfully by doing no harm, avoiding gossip, finding harmony. Gradually, the world changes for us. The world itself is still unstable, but now we are no longer caught up in it. We are no longer believers.

Meditation sees to all this – if we know what meditation is for. We start to see our own habitual reactions clearly and, through this observation, we realise and empathise with others’ inner demons, which in truth do not exist. Real compassion and love manifest, and not just for those ‘out of sight’. We take responsibility for our actions, here and now. When we no longer react, evil can no longer feed.

Teachings – what people say – are just generalisations: it is in personal investigation through meditation that those teachings become known, real and alive. The Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

Demonic activity is just our own likes and dislikes. When give in to these hopes and fears, others can – and do – take advantage.

Understanding this is waking up. Whatever is now presented to us is an illusion – including the idea of ‘waking up’ or ‘freedom’! Demonic minds want us to shout, “Freedom! Freedom!” because, all the while, we will never be free.

Demonic mind is really sneaky.
But we already know this, don’t we?
We already know everything,
but have been taught that we do not know.
That is why we doubt what we know.

We have a monkey mind that jumps all over the place.
The external excites this monkey to keep it busy.

It is said that we should train our monkey mind,
but all we have to do is see it in action,
and it stops in embarrassment!

We know what we are doing.

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The Dharma Is Beyond Our Expectations
and our wildest dreams.

The Dharma is blown out of proportion
into something spectacular
… and unattainable.

That keeps us in a state of poverty. We hear fantastic stories from the past, but none of these things happen now. It’s all ‘smoke and mirrors’: intended to make us believe that something is true, when it is not.

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 17.49.49

‘Deepfake’ does the same thing today. Deep fakes are a form of artificial intelligence — a compilation of doctored images and sounds put together with machine-learning algorithms. Deepfake technology manipulates media by creating people who don’t exist, or by making it appear that real people are saying and doing things they didn’t say or do.

Deepfake has been brought out into the public arena: we can’t even imagine what’s going on behind the curtains …

The world is in a terrible state.
There is no help coming over the horizon, save what we do to help ourselves.

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Accepting Others’ Limitations Is Love

Accepting others’ limitations is love.
Seeing others’ limitations is compassion.
Feeling others’ limitations is empathy.
Taking advantage of others’ limitations is selfishness.
Conditioning others’ limitations is evil.

Limitations = suffering.

Love is blind to limitations as it sees through all the conditioning. Love knows others’ true reality, and that those limitations have no inherent existence. Limitations are imposed by those who know that limitations have no reality, and are just a belief.

Love = pure consciousness.
Love is beyond limits.

The way we think about others reveals how we think.
Our problem is that we easily adapt to conditioning!

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Become Aware, Now

“But I am aware!”
That’s the mistake we all make.

We are aware of our surroundings and that’s all.
Being aware is realising that we are that awareness.

Through familiarity with our true nature,
whatever needs to be developed, develops,
and whatever needs to drop away, drops away.

That is dissolution of karma –
or rather, the disillusion with karma:
the disappointment resulting from the discovery
that something is not as good as one believed it to be
… my self.

We have become so familiar with our surroundings
that it’s a shock to realise
we believed that to be our only reality …
“Did I really believe all that?”

Become aware now.
Just see that you are seeing … and drop what is seen.

Now you know.
It costs nothing.

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Make Life Meaningful

Don’t settle for anything less
than your own perfect reality.
Who are we trying to impress anyway?

If we do not see evil coming,
we are, unfortunately, already part of it.
Our lives are becoming more restricted.

Arguing about the colour of politics is like
arguing about the colour of a phone;
they all do the same job – make noise.

We are not just a commercial enterprise.
At heart, we are perfect, while being told we’re not.
Life is meaningful when this is realised.

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Controlling Our Mind Controls Our Behaviour

If we cannot control our mind, we cannot control either our reactions or our behaviour. This becomes a habit, and our acquired behaviour now controls our mind. We go round in circles and become predictable – every computer knows this! 😀

Being in control doesn’t mean being cold in spirit (as many unfortunately are): it means being skilful, being truly alive and feeling the joy in finding everything fresh. There is always another inspirational approach.

If we do not control our minds, then others will – along with our behaviour. We hear about this every day in the news. This realisation is both a tremendous shock and a relief. Life is now fruitful because we know, as we found out what’s it all about.

The meaning of life:
realising that we have always been free.

Don’t spend a lifetime trying to conform to others’ insecure conformities.

Recognise your madness
and be freeeeee!

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We Have To Be Our Own Psychologist

Ordinary psychology just wants us to be ‘normal’, to fit in to the collective. I once spoke to a psychologist and asked, “What your job, really?” She replied, “To get people back to their normal.”

That was the most idiotic answer I’ve ever heard; it was their normal that got them into the state they were in!

I asked a psychologist to speak to my Mum as she was very depressed and unhappy. He came, and asked, “Who is the Queen and what day is it?” and then walked out, saying she was fine.

This is why we have to be our own psychologist – to transcend our dissatisfaction with life, rather than conforming to a collective normal. Professionals don’t want us to break out and think for ourselves; even spiritual groups want us to adopt their ways.

The collective way makes us pay … and take the pill!

We have to take responsibility for the collective way of thinking. As an example, there is a problem with men not respecting women. Some awful-disgusting-dangerous things happen to women. The answer isn’t in making laws or telling people what to do. The answer is in fathers showing respect and friendship to their wives and daughters. Boys learn by example. Throughout generations, men have been subtly indoctrinated by watching other men/TV/films, none of which represent our potential. This mindset comes out even in the tone of the voice, and of course, women react, feeling inadequate or fearful … and so we go round in circles.

Problems are pushed on to us and are never solved. Those who have the power do not want change. Everyone knows that systems do not work perfectly and that things could be better, but unless the change means more profit, no one is listening. Pharmaceutical companies produce treatments, never a solutions to the cause. Our natural body and mind know how to heal themselves: this may not be perfect but it’s what we have to deal with.

Likewise, all Dharma or spiritual talk is about what we naturally are. There is nothing to be learnt – just realised. We don’t acknowledge that we are walking-talking encyclopedias of wisdom.

Seek help from those who show you what you already know,
and realise that you are fine.

Meditation gives us self respect.

We may not stay at the best hotels,
but we make do and mend.

Making do is accepting karma.
Mending is not reacting to that karma.

We may not eat cake,
but good bread and butter is wonderful.

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What If We Are All Captured By Culture?

We are all born into a cultural programme, aren’t we?

There is truth and there is deception: these are a unity, like yin and yang. Everything has two purposes.

To the unenlightened mind (that thinks it is enlightened), one purpose is to make something acceptable to people, and the second purpose is to further the goals of establishing a persona.

To an enlightened mind, this deception is a teaching.

What if culture was created to bind us?
What if Francis Bacon (1561-1626) wrote the plays and sonnets of Shakespeare (1564-1616)?
What if Francis Bacon wrote the King James Bible around 1611?
What if Francis Bacon was influenced by Rosicrucianism*, Freemasonry and the Occult?
What if Francis Bacon wasn’t the only clever person to write beautiful stories?

We all like to believe in a good story. As long as a society is occupied, what is really happening is kept secret. A deception has to have a huge element of truth in it to become believable. A sophisticated culture can keep us in a dream state for a very long time.

Once realised,
the Dharma shines fresh light on to the picture
and completes it.
May confusion dawn as wisdom.

(*Rosicrucianism is a spiritual and cultural movement that arose in Europe in the early 17th century that purported the existence of a hitherto unknown esoteric order to the world, and made seeking its knowledge attractive to many.)

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We Are Divided Into Two Groups

We are divided into two groups:
flexible spirits and inflexible spirits.

A flexible spirit is pure consciousness.
An inflexible spirit forgets its purity.

A flexible spirit takes no sides.
An inflexible spirit takes sides.

Flexible spirits are never separate.
Inflexible spirits fall apart.

May we be aware of evil spirits.
May conscience be our guide.

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Clearly Seen; Few See It

Clearly seen: pure consciousness just sees. It doesn’t do anything.
Few see it: because we’d rather do something.

Realisation isn’t something fabricated.

Realisation is disappointing … “Is that all there is?”
If you met me, you’d be disappointed … “He’s a bit ordinary.”

We are so used to associating the words ‘pure consciousness’ with a person of ‘importance’ that we fail to see that we are pure consciousness, ordinary and uncomplicated.

What’s the point of realisation?
We gain confidence in what is truth and what isn’t truth. That confidence brings relief of realising that we have always been happy, and that we no longer have to be clever or impressive. We are just pure consciousness embodied in a karmic form of confusion and unsophistication.

With realisation comes the sadness that others do not realise that they too are happy. We have been taught to want to better ourselves, which creates the conditions for unhappiness and intolerance.

What do we do with this realisation?
We earn just enough money to keep this body and mind in good condition, to have time and space to lead a contemplative life, free of fear and hope – and perhaps to pass on what we have learnt before we pass on 🙂

“We have always been free in the moment of seeing.”

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Love Is The Most Advanced Practice

We are not alone in our loneliness.

Hiding behind a veil of fears, 
unsure of what we are,
we dress ourselves in hope
not to be found out.

Recognise this psychology:
in forgetting that we are pure consciousness,
we are divided and weak.

Meeting others, 
we meet ourselves in our reactions.
Empathy is learning to love:
It is re-cognition and remembering.

Separating ourselves from others, we condemn them.
Learning words but lacking love, words are worthless,
as we take no responsibility for others’ welfare. 
True love never gives up.

Love is the spontaneous presence of ultimate practice.
We don’t pick and choose who deserves love:
“Do unto others as we would want others to do unto us.”

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Everything Comes About Through Causes And Conditions

Nothing just happens.
When humans intervene, nature adapts.

Natural law is indestructible:
Attraction, repulsion and indifference.

Consciousness is just here for a temporary ride.
Its natural law is desire, aversion and indifference.

When realised, these laws transcend into wisdoms:
Emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

Emptiness is the purity of consciousness.
When consciousness desires, it becomes impure.

Cognisance is the nature of consciousness.
When impure, it creates division.

Compassion is cognition’s unconfined energy.
When ignored, it becomes indifferent.

We choose the laws we live by.
We are free in the moment of just seeing.

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The Psychology Of Compassion

What makes us the way we are?

Our attitude is our karmic load.
Where did that attitude come from?

Attitude: an individual’s predisposed state of mind.
Where did the predisposition come from?

We have an abstract attitude (thoughts) and a concrete attitude (reaction).
Where do the abstract thoughts come from?
The pre-abstract.

‘Pre-abstract’ is a feeling before thought, and is either conscious or unconscious. It is whatever has influenced us subliminally, below the level of sensation or consciousness. Advertisers get our brains to identify a brand automatically before we even realise it: even pre-school children do it!

Most of the time, we aren’t talking to people 🙂 – we are talking to an attitude, a predisposition. We all recognise types, attitudes and realms in which we all dwell, if we know how to look: argumentative, lacking humour, proud, complaining, puffed up, hoping, fearing … When we have looked at our self, we will know how to look at others, and will be able to recognise every emotion.

First, we see that we have been manipulated by others who have also been manipulated, and we can empathise and forgive because … they know not what they do. Unless we can empathise, we cannot have compassion.

What we think of as our enemy is actually our teacher.
This is the psychology of compassion.

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Neural Pathways And Our Fixations

Neural pathways, comprised of neurons connected by dendrites, are created in the brain and are based on our habits and behaviours. These pathways get stronger with repetition until the behaviour is the new ‘normal’. Brains can be trained to create new neural pathways.
Fixation: obsessive interest in something.

Wow! Are you getting the picture?

Being bombarded by ‘news,’ propaganda, images, key words, ‘culture’ etc, we learn to fixate and see enemies everywhere. Through new hate laws, we are being taught to hate without realising it. Everyone is now an enemy. Just look at what is happening; it’s quite sinister. Never believe the words, look at the effect of becoming encoded and programmed.

Guess who knew all about this subject?

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,
people will eventually come to believe it”.
– Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda.

Mind training may be used for benefit or harm. Proper meditation opens up the mind and heart. People may chant the beautiful mantra of the Lord Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion – “Om mani peme hum” – all their lives, and still have no true compassion.

Compassion only comes through knowing the meaning of the mantra. The mantra isn’t a magical incantation. It is the very path to enlightenment via the six perfections (enter ‘six perfections’ in search box at the bottom of this page for more info).

To be honest, I have never encountered a ‘spiritual’ practitioner who would stop to listen to another’s questioning because of their own fears that they may become contaminated by doubts 😀 We can become fixated about being a Buddhist (or any religious tradition) without realising its essence of personal, interactive kindness, while having lots of compassion for those afar whom we conveniently don’t have to actually meet 🙂 We are all fallible sentient beings until we are actually enlightened. This is why I constantly repeat the Buddha’s advice of “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.”

We see violence and brutality (in many forms) everywhere,
and we get used to it.
We become “comfortably numb”.

Look … look again … and always go back to the beginning.
Open the mind, thus opening the heart to others’ suffering,
and clear the neural pathways to enlightenment.

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What Does “Beyond Birth And Death” Mean?

Taking that saying literally implies something supernatural – that life goes on elsewhere (which may be possible).

Another way to see this is to realise that pure consciousness is always present, and is neither created nor ceases; it just is. This present moment can neither be improved nor impaired.

One view is to relax in whatever happens,
while the other is to worry that we aren’t doing enough.

Whether there is existence after death or not, the point is to live fully, here and now. Unfortunately, these words zoom over our head: we assume that we are living here and now, but we don’t see how we project into the future and hold on to the past.

Living in the here and now is rare. Few realise that this spontaneous presence of Nirvana, Heaven, Zion, Elysium, Paradise … is here, right now. Wishing for something else is living in the angst of hell … right now. Just observe reactions.

It isn’t necessary to be clever or intelligent or scholastic to realise that our true reality is empty cognisance. We don’t see space simply because we are attracted to the things in it. We don’t see consciousness simply because we are attracted to the conceptual thoughts in it.

Be at ease in whatever happens.

Karma brought us here for a reason;
to bring an end to our karmic misunderstanding of reality.
Simply enjoy sweeping the path
so that others see no obstacles.

We can either live in servitude to the strong,
or live in servitude to the weak who think they are strong.

Perhaps there is a beyond, and perhaps there isn’t …
At least we are no longer in hell,
and that’s a relief.

A sense of relief is happiness.

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We Never Noticed The Switch

Do we own our minds and bodies?
Where did our ideas come from?
How long have those ideas been there?

Our mind is full of ideas acquired since birth. Just as the name given to us, we are neither those thoughts or that name. We have become a fallacy, a mistaken belief. An identify is registered at birth to say who we are, and this has nothing to do with our actual reality. We have learnt to believe that we are this name, body and mind, just like everyone else.

Our name represents something recognised by a system as ‘the person’, or as ‘the commodity’.

The system cannot deal with our true reality of pure consciousness, so we become part of the system. We work for someone, who works for someone, who works for someone …

Identity documents are used to prove that we consent to a personal identity, our strawman.
Strawman: getting someone to identify with a fallacy.

When we meditate, we discover that
we are nobody else’s imagination
but our own.

We are enlightened beings;
rulers in an independent state.
That is our right of birth
… and we never noticed the switch.

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Masters Of Procrastination

We all know when we procrastinate
but we still do it, with excellent excuses.
The more we are presented with distractions,
the more we become diverted.

We need some sort of discipline …
but we don’t like discipline,
so we need some sort of shock.

The shock is personal
as the reason for our denial is personal;
that is our path to enlightenment.

We either master procrastination,
or have procrastination master us!

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I Want Freedom from Myself

This is both possible and ridiculous.

Our self is consciousness that identifies with a collection of ideas that we call ‘I’. It is that identification which is ridiculous as this ‘I’ is a temporary arrangement of concepts. How can that be ‘us’?

So what is the ‘I’ that wants freedom? It is consciousness itself. The watching. Pure awareness that actually has no name and that is beyond that collection of thoughts.

Our self image isn’t aware; it’s just the contents of mind. Personally, my self is very limited and lacks education. It’s what consciousness has to live with, but that consciousness knows enough. To know all sorts of things is merely a distraction, an entertainment.

Once consciousness recognises this self, it realises that this self has no true existence. It’s just a vehicle, whether it’s clapped out or bright and shiny – and believing the vehicle to be real is ridiculous.

However, the self’s ridiculous reactions – and our identification with these – is our precious teacher. It constantly teaches us to ‘let go’. Until enlightenment, we will never be without this freeloader!

Through meditation, we realise that we are free of self only when we drop the meditation. We only meditate when we forget: once we remember, we drop the meditation again. If we know that we keep forgetting, this means that we keep remembering! How wonderful!

Meditation isn’t sitting on a designed cushion.
It is just being aware.
We can do that at any time, any where.

Don’t make a big deal out of meditation,
or it will cost you the earth.

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Stop Searching For Togyal

Stop worrying about words.
Realise the meaning.

Togyal is direct seeing (‘leaping over’) when thoughts are cut through as they arise, which is Trekcho.

If we fantasise about Togyal visions – our vision quest – we will merely tie ourselves up in time-wasting knots. Visions are for other cultures: indigenous people have their ways and beliefs, and it can appear quite colourful and seductive. If someone claims to have vision, that is their story. Be satisfied with your own reasoning and intuition.

This is similar to wanting Tummo practice, which also sounds exotic but is merely deeply breathing through the mouth to oxygenate the body and brain. As air passes through a body, it heats up – that’s all. Put your hand to the back of a vacuum cleaner and feel the heat. 😀 What about Loong and Bindu? Neurotransmitters!

The exotic is intoxicating.
The esoteric is plain, simple, pure consciousness,
resting in pure awareness.
Nothing fancy-shmancy.

“My new watch (my Dharma) cost $10,000 and it’s really shiny! It sure is fancy-shmancy.”

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Spiritual Infantilising

Infantilise: to treat people like children which denies their maturity in age or experience.

Spiritually, this is something we all go through, by just following the others. We, as students or disciples, turn into children when confronted by a guru and the subculture – especially a guru from a different culture wearing robes. It’s very exotic and enticing. The guru becomes our parent who tells us what to do, and we giggle at everything they say … “Tell me the story again!”

We learn to doubt ourselves, when we should be getting to know ourselves. Becoming reliant, devotional and addicted, we ignore the ‘nappy rash of irritation’ that comes from conforming and showing devotion in an excessive way. Been there, done that … and there is a subtle, underlying fear.

We may get a smile from the guru, which gratifies our infantile disposition and maintains the symbolic-adoration-glue of being humble … and safe … while not noticing the building of self-importance and inflated exhibitionism that actually erodes our ability to empathise with others.

Oops! Was that too much?!

It’s difficult to feel safe in this crazy world that holds our hand and fosters the ‘me’ and ‘mine’ feeling. The world is actually a spiritual battleground disguised as a place to better ourself – to be better than others.

We are taught to be afraid of anything that is not of our ‘faith’, and are unable to empathise with others’ backgrounds as we grow terrified of everything outside this closed, religious subculture.

Being unable to deal with others’ views, we choose to shun them for safety. This happens all the time, in both subtle and gross ways: when that stops, we will have an enlightened world (but don’t hold your breath … 😉 ).

Our inner childishness is our karmic teacher.

“Our father (or mother) who art in heaven…”
– that supreme being is just pure consciousness.
Our original state.

Realising this, we put away childish things
to become spiritually mature.

Is that too much to ask?!

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Thoughts And Thinking

Thinking is not the same as already having pre-existing thoughts. Thoughts are the fixations which cloud our minds and are our evil jailer. We need a shock to wake us up in order to be free.

The Buddha said that the first noble truth is to recognise that we suffer. People focus on the word ‘suffer “Oh, Buddhism is all about suffering!” – when they should be focusing on the word ‘recognise‘ for, without that recognition, we wouldn’t see the need for change.

Thoughts are what we have.
Thinking is what we do about the thoughts.

The Buddha was shocked to see old age, sickness and death; we all need a shock to break out of our illusion.

When we obsess or rely on thoughts about the word ‘suffering’, we exaggerate the image of suffering and conclude that, “Yes, there is suffering, but I get by.” This transference back to thoughts misdirects us, and we no longer see what our tricky mind is doing.

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100% Sure There Is No Reincarnation?

If we are absolutely 100% certain that there is no reincarnation, what are we doing with this absolutely one-time life?

If, however, we consider that there may be even a 0.005% possibility of some sort of existence after death, this will change our entire life, because now there may be consequences to our actions and thoughts.

No one says that we must believe in reincarnation. I don’t … but I’m open to that aspect of our being. Intelligence is about being open to possibilities. A lack of intelligence is being closed to possibilities – and there’s a lot of that around 🙂 When we are actually involved in investigation, we don’t have to believe in anything; that would be ridiculous.

To realise the truth, we have to face the truth about our own psychology, and that isn’t what ego wants to do: “If I can find something that is impossible to verify, I can keep on being entertained.”

Until we can sit in silence and tame our mind,
we will remain deluded.

Who sees possibilities becomes free!

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What luck …” – Adolph Hitler

“What luck for the rulers that people do not think.”
– Adolph Hitler

Whether he said this or not, it’s what evil relies upon. It is just the same as Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, saying, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. What people were they referring to? Their own people?

We need a shock to free us from our illusory world, in order to see what is happening to us via the ‘media of truth’.

The truth is that we don’t think. We have thoughts placed in our minds by ‘influencers’ and we merely repeat these. This has been going on for thousands of years – it sounds like a Sci-fi film doesn’t it? 😀

Thoughts are not thinking. Thinking can result in realisation of truth, whereas thoughts merely take us round in circles. An evil mind says, “What luck!” and takes advantage of those who believe everything that they are told.

When rulers think like this about their own people, they know how to modify the human mind, and therefore, human behaviour. Modern surveillance through data mining has made this an every-moment occurrence, “recommended for you”. As long as we do not think for ourselves, we will be enslaved in the material world.

You seek and you shall find!” We won’t find truth by believing, but influencers don’t want us to know this as then we can no longer be influenced! 😀

“All that glitters is not gold
Often have you heard that told.
Many a man his life hath sold…”
– Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crown-less again shall be king.”
-  J.R.R. Tolkien

There is truth everywhere.
Even evil tells us the truth
– but doesn’t realise it.


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Meditative Doubt

The word ‘doubt’ probably isn’t correct; it’s more like awareness that is feeling a situation. A meditative life is a life of subtle doubts – “Is it or isn’t it?” “How is it?” “What is going on?”

If there isn’t this subtle doubt, we reify every situation, and make everything into a fact of reality. We no longer listen or see as we are merely projecting to fit assumptions or doctrines (I’ve experienced this whenever I’ve talked to so-called spiritual people or meditators).

A meditative life is one where we are always aware of our habitual responses; if we’re not, we fall into the smugness of “I know.” Smugness has no doubts about doctrine and form, and cannot deal with any questioning of these, and so there is no naturalness present. When we are unnatural, tensions arise.

Doubt can be seen as negative, which reveals a low level of understanding and experience. Doubt is positive when awareness is feeling its way in a situation. We do this naturally. Putting in a screw, we are one with the activity – “not too tight and not too loose.” Rather than just ‘putting in a screw’, we adjust as the materials may be different from a previous situation.

When it comes to conversations, most of the time we engage in chit-chat, but a moment may occur where a deeper concern is raised. It is then that we either respond mechanically or with experiential empathy. If we are honest, we are familiar with concerns, especially spiritual ones.

Doubt-awareness is a matter of feeling our way for the benefit of the other. Too often, so-called spiritual people only want to hear ‘good news’, and turn their backs on dissenters who may be descending into a psychological decline. That isn’t compassion, is it?

When you never know,
something inspiring may arise!

That person in psychological decline
may be your teacher, rather than your enemy.

In true realisation, there are no enemies,
and nothing to fear.

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If you’d like to talk privately, 
write to
– even if it’s just to say hello. 

Clear doubts, gain confidence.
All confusion dawns as wisdom,
when we (pure consciousness) recognise confusion,
realising that we have never been confused!

For modern times, we need spiritual, scientific psychology
that we can see in an instant.
No elaborate mysteries needed.

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Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Rigpa, Trekcho, Togyal, Zen, Maha Ati, Tao, God consciousness …

If we are still chasing after words,
we are branding ourselves with yet more concepts that separate us.

These terms all mean direct seeing of pure consciousness.
There is no mystery.
It is just seeing.

You are doing this now, without doing it.

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Knowing The Truth About Truth

Knowing about truth isn’t the same as knowing truth.
One is speculation, and the other is direct, scientific experience.
One is exoteric, and the other esoteric.
One is relative, and the other absolute.

Here is our conundrum:
Seeing ‘something’ comes a milli-moment after pure seeing.
Pure seeing (pure consciousness) comes before we start judging.
Without practice, we will not notice this.

Pure seeing is direct experience of knowingness,
whereas seeing ‘something’ is identifying.
Without practice, this is difficult to catch.

The practice of meditation is simply seeing.
In practice, when the eyes just see, the mind just sees;
consciousness just sees, and change occurs.

Now, we see whatever is stopping us just seeing.
We see ideas, attitude, stubbornness …

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What Guides Us?

What guides us?
Conscience? Karma? Consciousness?
They say, “Let conscience be your guide.”
Well, that will depend on several things …

Our conscience tells us whether what we are doing is right or wrong. When we’ve done something wrong, we are left with a bad taste. When we’ve done something right, there is no aftertaste.

Conscience is knowing right from wrong in any situation in which we find ourselves.

Karma is the situation in which we find ourselves at this present moment, which is created by past reactions to past situations. If nothing changes, the same scenarios reoccur.

Consciousness sees all these comings and goings. It is the quality of consciousness that influences both karma and conscience.

The more that consciousness refines by dropping impurities (concepts), the more conscience refines (sees causes), and the more karma refines (has fewer habitual reactions), until all karmic reactions drop away. Situations, conscience and consciousness become pure perception, pure consciousness.

What is preventing refinement?
Our holding on to obsessions and fixations that cause us to see through a glass darkly.

Simple meditation – together with analytical meditation – are the methods to clear away our confusion and doubt. At every moment, we are being taught something about ourselves to see what is guiding us. By being methodical, we can all work this out.

By virtue of the light of consciousness,
we know we see darkly.

It is of paramount importance to appreciate
that the clear light of pure consciousness is always present,
and guides conscience.

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Proof It’s Not All Our Fault

Throughout history, humanity has been exploited, and we’ve agreed to choose not to notice. Our problem is that everyone is all right with this. Things are learnt from history, and renamed, repackaged and consumed.

Those in power (not politicians) feel entitled to dismiss ordinary people as they are the product that maintains that power. As long as the majority do not notice, it continues.

We are convinced that all we want is to be connected; we consent to click and continue, click and collect, click to like or dislike. Despite seeing terrible things happening in the world, we click to continue.

We’ve become separated from our intelligence; orchestrators pretend that we’ve agreed when, in fact, we’re just going along with the others. These forced ‘choices’ limit our way of life, and so, our ability to question – to ask the right question. Is there more to me than this?

Data mining harvests what we’re doing and how we think, and then tells us what to think and what to do. Policy-ing should be about public safety, not state security. We become confused and speculate, given to fantasies fed to us to keep us separated and quarrelling. Divide and conquer.

We have to recognise that we do not actually consent; we put up with, going along with the rest because we think it makes life easier. Er … no …

People do not feel that they have the ability to change, and so the great divorce between institutions and people is maintained. We just obey as it’s easier, actually wanting to be told what to do. Those who put themselves in charge see no consequences to their actions, whereas there are consequences because of their rules.

Neither institutions nor ordinary people realise that karma rules!
History will indite (judge) our behaviour.
Ignorance of the law of karma (cause and effect) is no excuse.

We become addicted to being connected, continually checking ‘our’ devices. In recognising this, we take back our power; even small changes to our behaviour can make a difference to our way of life. Our problem is that everyone else assumes the way we all live is normal.

From even a small, enlightened perspective, this make no sense, and is the very reason that conscious meditation (clarity of mind) is the way out of others’ programming.

A man stands outside shop with a lint roller ‘testing or cleaning’
… why do people conform?!

The Solomon Asch experiment of conformity is alive and well.
Common sense is common law – doing no harm – but we are denied that right.

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