Intellectualisation Blocks Direct Experience

Intellectualisation blocks direct, spontaneous experience which is beyond words. If you want to know how an apple tastes, eat it! Intellectualisation is trying too hard at something that is so simple.

The esoteric is intuitive, while the exoteric is a commentary, which is hearsay and rumour (from Latin, meaning noise) that creates doubt.

In sport, thinking is too slow and intrusive.
The thinker who doubts always loses.

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for reasoning. We can only realise something through the personal experience of first-hand, spontaneous knowledge, rather than second-hand hearsay.

Those who follow can never be victorious.

The purpose of life is to enrich understanding
towards our next moment, or incarnation.

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The Shock Of Delusion

Delusion: believing any thing that is not true.

First, we have to know what is true before we can recognise delusion. Truth is proven reality, constant and never-changing.

So what is constant? No thing is constant; things have a beginning, middle and end, and are created by a formula of causes and conditions. Believing things to be real is delusional.

If we believe things are real when they are not, then our thoughts are delusional as well. Delusion is therefore a mental disorder – we are not seeing clearly!

When we analyse in this way, it’s quite a shock
to see that we believe everything.

The ultimate question is: what is real or constant and provable?
There are three provable non-things – space, formula and consciousness – that never change, but have a purity.

Space is infinite.
Formula is the laws of nature: attraction, repulsion and inertia, synonymous with desire, fear and ignorance.
Consciousness is that by which everything can be known.

Purified space is mind’s emptiness, cognisance and compassion.
Purified formula is the wisdom of emptiness, cognisance and compassion.
Purified consciousness is emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

Anything else is delusional.
The shock is that we live within the social routines of beliefs.
How often do we come out of our routine?

And meditation?
We have to drop the meditation as well.

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Why This Blog Isn’t Publicised

‘Dzogchen’ is Tibetan for pure consciousness – we are Dzogchen.
Dzogchen isn’t exactly a secret, but it can be easily misunderstood.

Those who find their way here do so through serendipity or karma.

You don’t have to become Buddhist 🙂

This is about personal realisation, and how to sustain that.
It’s definitely not about oneupmanship, as we all need kind support.

This blog may help when looking for that support,
while keeping a watchful eye on what is happening in the world.

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The Exoteric And The Esoteric

The exoteric = general discussion.
The esoteric = direct experience in silent awareness.

Words are a generalisation.
The direct experience is the silent essence beyond words.

In spring, we watch the lambs bouncing around in an crazy exuberance – pure esoteric joy!
Slowly, they learn just to follow the herd – pure exoteric murmuring.

The exoteric is very clever.
The esoteric isn’t clever.

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Is Religion The Ultimate Quackery?

Is religion the ultimate quackery?
Promising something it cannot give?

We all fall into this subtle trap,
when we forget that is we who have to do the work.

Religion isn’t the same as individual conscious endeavour, which is taking personal responsibility to realise that we are enlightened beings. Religion is a systemised promise of the promised land.

Promise: a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a  particular thing will happen.

The quackery lies in believing that we have to follow, without taking the personal responsibility that is necessary to realise enlightenment. In this way, we are kept wanting. Until we have empathetic compassion without partisanship -prejudiced in favour of a particular cause – we will never realise confidence where there is no ‘comfort zone’.

Claiming to cure something that doesn’t exist is the quackery of belief in words and rituals that we are told will make us ‘better’. It’s a placebo – and we have to be ‘in it’ to be treated.

There are no students, disciples, congregations, followers; these are merely designations for those who believe they are not enlightened beings. rarely, mysterious commentaries are quackery, and confine us to thirsting after more: “Don’t let them wonder, and realise the truth for themselves.”

It is because of this neediness that we will never encounter a truly compassionate spiritual person who can listen, as they’re too busy holding on to their ‘spirituality’.

Have you wondered why there is so much distraction in life?
It allows us to forget!

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Comments Are Necessary …

Comments are necessary
for the Dharma to be practical.

This blog is merely a continuity of comments which lead to further understanding through constant re-vision, re-seeing.

We don’t go to teachings just to receive; we also need to transmit feedback to boldly go where not many have gone before 🙂 It’s therefore bound to be unnerving as we step into the unknown, and this builds practical confidence.

In this way, we become our own teacher.

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Slave: a person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something.

There are two aspects to slavery:
excessive dependence on or devotion to something.

We are all slaves, being dependent on ideas.

How do we get free?
Drop the ideas and the jail door opens.


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Meditation Is A Tune-Up

Tune-up: adjusting mechanism to perform at maximum efficiency.

Merely sit in silent awareness, without following thoughts.

The mind can then run silently,
and consciousness will automatically clarify itself.

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Repeating Labels

Label: a classifying phrase or name applied to a person or thing, especially one that is inaccurate or restrictive.

We label ourselves as this or that,
placing a nameplate on our prison door.

I became a Buddhist accidentally (it’s long story) and acquired that label, but soon discovered that people are people, however they dress themselves up.

At the esoteric level, all paths come to the same conclusion beyond scripture – that we are not of the body or mind, but pure consciousness itself.

Labels are for the exoteric, who cling to words and stories.

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There Are Many Wise Words

In the past couple of thousand years, there have been many wise words handed down for us to identify with. That is both wonderful, and a subtle problem.

When we identify with words, we identify with names, and that creates a duality – a ‘me’ and a ‘something else’. It’s an extremely subtle trap that creates and maintains separation or division.

To be practical, in conscious awareness we have to realise non-duality, but this doesn’t mean being one with something, as there would still be a duality present.

The question is, what is it that is identifying?
That which is consciously aware and has no name.

The pure experience of true essence is beyond words or names which divide us.
‘Pure’ means without additives.

Personally, I feel that a trick was played on humanity thousands of years ago, and that trick or meme has plagued us ever since: ideas evolve and deviate into different names around ‘one’ theme.

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Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself

Whomever we designate as an enemy is a reflection of our mind.
Whomever we designate as a Buddha is a reflection in consciousness.

Don’t jump to conclusions; analyse the conclusion.

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Oblivious To Our Reality

Oblivious to our reality:
it’s quite shocking
that most inhabitants of this planet are unaware of what they are.

We are, first and foremost, pure consciousness by which everything can be known. If we do not know what we are, but are merely content to impress others, our reasoning powers have been thrown out of the window.

Have you wondered why there is so much distraction in life?
It allows us to forget!

Oblivious: the state of being unaware or unconcerned or unconscious about what is actually happening around us or within the mind.
Oblivion: from Latin oblivio(n-)‘forget’.

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The Illusion Within The Illusion

The truth within the illusion, within the illusion.

Everything that we see is merely temporary phenomena; nothing is permanent, so cannot be said to be everlasting. Things have the illusion of reality – that is the outer illusion. For most of us, these illusions are just life, and we don’t consider the consequences of our attachment to these illusions. That is the inner illusion.

The inner illusion is the mental interpretations that maintain attachment to the outer illusion. Unfortunately, in clinging to our ideas about these illusions, we become illusory experts.

The only reality is that which perceives these illusions, which is consciousness. At this point, through meditation, we can realise that there is consciousness within consciousness; that is pure consciousness. That is what we are.

Do not think about realisation.
That is trying too hard.

Realise that plain, pure seeing is always present.
That is when we wake up.

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Don’t Let What’s Out There In Here

If we don’t like what other people are doing, that is the moment when what we don’t like has entered our mind. Whatever was out there is now in here. The important thing is just seeing, rather than our opinion on what we see – in this way, we remain sane. The world is full of likes and dislikes; not becoming involved, we remain at peace.

There is much that is making people suffer, and acknowledging this suffering starts our path to realisation and enlightenment.

Of course, we want to do something about suffering en masse. But what can we do?

“Know your enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and of yourself, you are sure to be defeated in every battle.”
– Sun Tzu

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What If There Is A Fifth Column In Every Country?

Fifth Column: infiltration with an agenda.
Is there a fifth column?
Why would there be a name for it?

We have to consider this, as so much is endlessly going wrong. Why? We hear about ‘committees’ trying to put things right, but why did it go wrong in the first place? Is there a fifth column continuously creating a snowball effect from minor causes that ends in catastrophe?

This has happened throughout world history – create a meme for others to mimic. We all become disgruntled at a certain age, and then we are food for ‘fashion’.

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Reasoning Is Empathy

Empathy is understanding the reason(s) why someone is the way they are. This doesn’t mean that we condone the action: we aren’t judging, we’re just understanding the cause of the effect. It’s possible to reason without blaming.

We even have to empathise with our self.
Why are we the way we are?
Could it be that we simply adopted indoctrination?
Even our criticism is indoctrination –
all our fault-finding has been said before, and got us nowhere.

It all comes down to believing words,
rather than what is experiencing those words.

People abuse or ignore one another
because of a lack of inner confidence.

We can all empathise with this – we know how it feels.

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A World Of Waffle

Waffle: Speaking or writing at length in a vague or trivial manner.
Not direct.

Waffle is the antithesis of clarity.

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The Seed, The Mud And The Fruit

The mud provides the nutrition for the seed to grow
into the seed’s full potential.

The seed is consciousness.
The mud is confusion.
The fruition is the realisation that consciousness is pure.

Nothing can stop nature.
Except nurture 🙂

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Our Enemy Is Not Our Enemy

In the material world, an enemy is not a friend. The world will always be full of ‘wrongness’.

In the world of pure consciousness, however, an enemy is our reaction and, in recognising this, our enemy becomes our direct teacher, our personal trainer. 😀

Our natural state is perfect inner peace and joy: anything or anyone that can disturb this state shows us at what level we are working. This is probably something most won’t want to hear.

The way to enlightenment is through mara/demonic self. Mara is the way. Enlightenment is not achieved through believing in the enlightened and a charmed life: it is through direct experience being tested by mara. If we react to this view, it is showing us something vital to our progress.

When we are judgemental,
we lose the understanding of our own spiritual psychology.

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A Talent For Dependency

We have developed a talent for dependency on whatever is in ‘the book’, which is merely words.

Books are the fiction, while personal experience of the words is the non-fiction. We may think that we think for ourselves, but we only use the ingredients we are given – the words in ‘the book’.

Being dependent means there is an on-off switch, a shunning switch as a threat for non-believers. Knowing that, we become even more dependent and willing to please, to gain credit or merit.

What can we rely upon?
That which is intangibly and unstoppably us – pure consciousness.

It is never wrong.
It only goes wrong when we rely on what ‘the book’ says.

We are indestructible,
but being dependent makes us vulnerable to ‘the book’s’ distractions.

No one can switch off consciousness.

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Experiencing Trauma Makes Us Empathetic

Experiencing trauma makes us empathetic;
it’s our intuitive human magic.

All experiences, whether positive or negative, build our understanding of the world in which we live. Everyone exaggerates, fluffs themselves up, wants to be special – it’s all show. Being empathetic, we do not find fault, as we see whatever is behind this hyperbole; it’s usually a lack of true confidence.

Why a lack of confidence?
The world is one great confidence trick.
We are led to believe.

When we can no longer just believe,
we lose confidence in the “Daily Confidence Trick”.

Understanding this, the magic begins, and real confidence returns.
There is nothing to fear.

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Self & Essence

Self is merely a collection of thought-projections in the mind that essence (pure consciousness) perceives: when consciousness forgets its purity, it clings to these projections, creating a sense of I.

We are, firstly, consciousness.
The purity comes into focus through meditation.

In dropping the meditation
– just letting go, being barely aware –
we become loose.
We loose our self.

Misconception happens when, say, we watch this computer screen and ignore what is watching. It is consciousness, of course. As we progress in our practice of remembering, all occurrences in the mind become a reminder that it is pure consciousness taking it all in.

That is the unity of opposites.
By virtue of one, the other is known, simultaneously.

In remembering that the contents of the mind are an illusion,
pure consciousness is our reality.

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Corrupting Consciousness

Corrupting consciousness.
Corrupting the world.

To harm, intimidate, or coerce others is bullying.
Being intimidated – made timid – is achieved through the abuse of power.

Power corrupts under many names,
and weakens our intuitive intelligence.

The physical world is complete in opposites.
The spiritual world is complete in oneness.

Knowing right from wrong,
pure altruism does no harm.

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Don’t Follow A Name

Don’t follow a name.
Follow the understanding,
and realise
true essence, nature and expression of our reality.

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Are We Conscious Or Unconscious Beings?

It isn’t always obvious
whether we are conscious or unconscious beings.

Knowing the difference changes the quality and direction of life.

Are we spontaneous presence that can adapt,
or are we an act that we have rehearsed?

Realising consciousness
spontaneously unfolds the euphoria of well-being.

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Simply Beyond The Mind

We are pure consciousness, beyond the thinking mind.

When consciousness becomes caught up in thoughts,
it forgets its freedom and purity.

Freedom is being released from thoughts.
It takes determination to realise this.

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Consciousness Is So Ordinary

It is because consciousness is so ordinary (without distinctive features) that we ignore it for something more interesting. Unfortunately, this is especially so when the precious truth of our reality is elaborated upon in any way whatsoever with wordy discussions.

The purpose of our life is to realise that the essence of consciousness is what we are. It is beyond words. Still, we have to use words to get a feeling of what is meant. The essence of consciousness is pure, uncontaminated, intuitive knowingness that is empathetic to others’ suffering and misplaced views.

It is because of consciousness that anything and everything can be known: its simplicity is vitality important, and missed by intellectualisation and exotic terminology.

Mystery arises from the invention of words.
True recognition is done with a smile.
Pure consciousness is only realised in silence.

When we make something out of no-thing – emptiness – we become imprisoned by a self-identity (which is much encouraged in this world).

Being nothing special sets us free.

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Don’t Be A Perfect Meditator

Meditation isn’t about being a ‘perfect meditator’. Meditation is about being aware that pure, perfect awareness is always present. We don’t make that happen: we are this pure, perfect awareness.

Whatever we do, pure, perfect awareness is always present – we just forget it. If we want to be perfect meditators, we’re doing it wrong. 😀

If someone claims to meditate
but cannot give you the time of day,
then they do not understand that meditation leads to empathic kindness.

Many meditate.
Few drop the meditator.

The more we give one another the time of day,
the better the world will be.

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Everything Transforms, So Nothing Is Wasted

Everything transforms, so nothing is wasted.
That is karmic law.

There are no miracles;
just wonders that transform karma.

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Buyer Beware

Buyer, beware of concepts accepted as true.

If we go through life just accepting and copying others’ behaviour, we relinquish responsibility for our true nature. Because of this, we have to take the consequences of whatever we have agreed to, despite a feeling of uncertainty. Unaware that we are holding on to concepts – which are, in fact, merely rumours – and accepting everything as true and trustworthy, we convince ourselves that all is well.

That is the illusion we live under, and we know it.
Life in this world just doesn’t feel right.

It is being aware of this confused state that makes it right!

We run our lives in accordance with rumours that circulate as unverified accounts, while not noticing that we are just adding to the noise.
Rumour: from Latin rumor,‘noise’.

Through inertia, we are unwilling to use energy, either mentally or physically, to test whether our assumptions are true, and so we suffer from dormant-intelligence. The world has always had scammers who take advantage of our fears, hopes, laziness and indifference.

Be aware of accepting others’ ideas as something normal to worship. Illusions are projected at every moment but, at every moment, we can be released from these projections by just seeing, without referring.

Realisation is a mixture of effulgence and sadness.
The more we see, the more we see.

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God? No God?

One should reflect on the idea of intelligent design by ‘God’ or ‘Gods’.
And questions naturally arise:

Why did God bother?
How are we in his or their own image?
Does that mean we have the very same qualities, or are we limited, as pale imitations?

Why are there countless varieties of self-replicating beings on Earth?
Why are there infinite crawly, floaty or flying things,
and viruses that get sneezed upon the Earth which can kill us?

Are they all necessary?
Why do some beings go extinct?

Why are people who think that creation isn’t good enough
allowed to mess around with God’s creation?

Is God watching to see what we do?
The Earth is about 4,530 billion years old:
what has been learnt over the past 2 million years of humanity?

Why are some wise and compassionate?
Why are some competitive and aggressive?
Are they all in God’s image?

Who or what created the intelligent designer(s)?
How do they dwell?

Has God created life before?
If we accept that God or Gods are forever,
why aren’t we, if we are made in their image?

In an infinite, timeless universe, why start creating at one particular point?
What happens when this Sun dies?

Is nature the endless self-replicator creator?

Is there something we may be missing?
Are we designed to know, or merely to speculate?

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If Life Is Self-Replicating

If life is self-replicating, what is the need for a creator?

Was there a start to this self-replicating, or has it being happening forever, in an infinite universe?

Life is consciousness, but if consciousness mistakes creation as being someone else’s work, it belittles our taking responsibility for whatever happens to us. This confused consciousness is desperate to survive through fear, and through hope that someone will make it better, while ignoring its own power to realise its true reality.

Self-replicating is another word for karma = we get more of the same.

Realisation is consciousness understanding
that creation has nothing to do with pure consciousness.

Creation is an illusion,
a re-creation for those who do not know their true reality.

We only belong here to realise that we don’t belong here:
there are more refined dimensions.

In the meantime, we can be of benefit to one another,
rather than causing harm.

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If You Can’t Explain It Simply

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”
– Albert Einstein

I never feel that I know enough, but then I bring to mind the Buddha’s statement, “Do not take my words for truth: see for yourself.”

At that moment, I remember that it is the seeing of pure consciousness which is the essence of truth, rather than what is known. Words are merely a substitute.

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There Is Nothing More

Absolute reality is the emptiness of pure consciousness that never changes. It is only obscured by the illusion of hope, fear and indifference that distorts our perception.

We can use different words, but this is still the same absolute reality, and whatever obscures it.
Anything more, the enlightened ones have never found; further writings are merely reminders.

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Resolving Our Mind

Resolving our mind:
lifting the veil.

Our mind is past memories to which consciousness clings. Mistakenly, we call these memories “I”, and this I appears in every conversation to reinforce itself. Everything that we think is coloured by past memories. This I-intelligence is dependent-intelligence = ego.

There is no purpose in pointing a finger at someone else,
and saying … “Ego!”
We all have egos.

The moment we resolve our mind by seeing it in action, we also resolve consciousness, for it is that which is doing the resolving … the seeing. Once we are aware of consciousness, realisation dawns that we are this consciousness, and nothing else. This “nothing else” is the emptiness of consciousness – truly independent-intelligence, free of reference.

We constantly refer to our memories.
This is dead-intelligence.

The moment now is live-intelligence
which is ready to see afresh.

Drop the dead act.
Dead: no longer alive.
Alive: not dead, but aware and interested.

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Barrier To Transparency

Pure consciousness is transparent, and free of concepts.
The barrier is concepts placed in our mind.

Where do we get our ‘information’ from?

Once the ‘information’ is in the water,
it gets everywhere, contaminating everyone.

Only pure consciousness is free of contaminants.

“Wash with meditation for a brighter you!”

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The Mind Is Our Tool

The mind is our tool –
for better or for worse.

The mind is our tool that expresses consciousness’s reality.
This mind may be sharp or dull, adapting or adopting, improvising or rehearsed.

The quality of our spontaneous compassion creates our personal world.
The way we behave is the expression of the mind, and it shows.

Pure consciousness is sparkling all the time,
but becomes obscured by a forgetful mind.

The clearer the mind, the more consciousness can shine.
The more consciousness is remembered, the more clearly the mind sparkles.

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Don’t Believe What You Know

We hear and read information, and may believe that it’s right, but until we have verified it through testing and recognition, it is only belief. This is where we can be misled in spiritual circles, and it’s important to understand this subtle distinction.

Consciousness wants to know
what the mind thinks about consciousness.
This is intellectualisation.

Through the silence of meditation, it is realised that pure mind and consciousness are empty cognisance – beyond thought.

Once this is experienced, we wonder what all the fuss and confusion was about. Don’t make a big deal about what you think you know. The big deal is knowingness – the state of knowing.

Pretending to be already informed is in contrast to empty knowingness.
Knowingness is unaccountable – unable to be explained.

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What Is Enlightenment?

We are already enlightened beings, but we disregard this and give it no value. Ignoring this enlightened state, we constantly look for ideas to adopt.

Enlightenment is the continuous expression of pure awareness without sides, and is therefore unconditional, empathetic compassion.

We get glimpses of this true reality in moments of just being but, through habit, it slips away. The purpose of non-dual meditation is to realise this.

Monks and nuns spend their entire lives on this topic; they are told what to do and when to do it. We, as town yogis, have to balance life between the material and the spiritual. I actually think this is an advantage, as the rawness of life makes us face our stupidity. This takes more discipline, as our practice can turn into spiritual materialism.

The more we practise remembering what we are, the simpler life becomes. Realisations upon realisations is a shocking process 🙂 It is a continual journey until there are no more questions.

We have to accept our karmic cognitive bias, but this slowly dissolves when we are able to halt our explosive reactions, and notice that our attitude has changed. We are more considerate and empathetic.

Religious traditions make great elaborations
out of enlightenment and compassion,
when enlightened compassion is simply unbiased listening.

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Life Is Exasperating, Intensely Irritating, And Frustrating

We live our lives according to worldly and spiritual materialism, promoting a self-image that seems to be more important than what we actually are. Conflict arises everywhere, and it’s exasperating when we know it needn’t be like this. Exasperation is the spark for enlightenment, before compassion can arise.

We hear that we should be compassionate, but compassion should not be used to cover up the tricks we play in order to convince ourselves that we are right. Conscious living is constant awareness of whatever we are doing, saying and thinking. We don’t have to be perfect; that is merely an elaborate dressing up. The perfection is what is seeing, which is original pure consciousness.

All we have to do is be consistent in our endeavour.
Behind the scenes, the view is gradually refining.

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What We Are Now

What we are now
what we will become
will always be the same.

Pure consciousness is exactly that.

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When others’ dogma becomes our dogma,
we have veered away from our direct path to enlightenment.

When others’ information becomes our information,
we have veered away from our direct path to enlightenment.

Enlightenment: full realisation of reality, released from all karmic propensities and suffering.

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Exposing Your Self

This is what spiritual practice is all about – exposing the psychology of the mind that dominates our behaviour. This awareness practice also exposes the fact that we are not the thoughts in our mind. It’s as if we are two beings: one sits and watches, while the other runs around complaining. 😀

The esoteric practice:
The moment when we (consciousness) realise that these two ways of being are not the same, they become a unity. Consciousness is aware of the other instantaneously – appearance and recognition are simultaneous, like a mirror and its reflection. That is the non-duality spoken about in ancient texts.

In more recent times, someone said, “I and my father are one”, which is often misinterpreted. 🙂 Prior to that, someone said, “God spoke to me”, which was also misinterpreted. These both create a duality. 🙂

It takes courage to look directly into the mind.

Once we (consciousness) do, however,
we learn and expose so much about
how the universe, the world, our minds,
and good and evil function.

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Finding Confidence In Our Path

If we don’t agree with a narrative, are we disloyal or treacherous? Are we domestic terrorists or hate criminals? This is how psycho-babble gibberish creates division, and is intent on destroying our clarity of mind by causing doubt.

We may follow a spiritual leader, but find that we do not totally agree with the form the teachings take – the culture of ritualisation. The essence of the teaching may be sound, but the interpretation may not fit into ordinary life. This can happen to the extent that we no longer live in our culture, but adopt another’s.

We are sewing with a two-headed needle if we follow others’ confusion-path rather than our own confusion-path 🙂 In reality, our practical-path is freeing any confusion about our original essence.

People who are easily upset lack confidence, and this shows in their nano-aggression. True confidence is natural empathy, understanding why people are the way they are.

The balanced picture is the middle way, letting go of like and dislike.

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Appreciating Our Stupidity

Appreciate: recognise the full worth. Be grateful for something. Understand a situation fully, along with the full implications. 

Basing our existence on whatever we are told, without knowing why, is mere belief. Stupidity is underestimating how much stupidity there is in the world. The reference library of this stupidity is the ego-librarian’s store; the memories in the mind are our reference books.

In appreciating the mind’s stupidity,
consciousness recognises that ego is our teacher and our protector.
Consciousness questions assumptions.

Otherwise, we are just lemmings –
unthinkingly joining a mass movement
in a headlong rush to constant destruction,
which is the blueprint for the next incarnation – the next moment.

If we do not stop to look and see,
every incarnation will lead to constant strife.

This is the very reason to break out of mass confusion
to realise our true nature and enlightened reality.

Then every incarnation, every moment, will lead to the next realisation.

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Truth Beyond Belief

I keep on about belief because it is not direct experience; it’s borrowed, it’s second-hand. We only know when we have direct experience of a subject for ourselves.

This world bombards us with ‘information’ – so much so that we think we know, but all information is others’ experience – or bias. Even Tibetan Buddhism’s bias is partly to keep that culture alive outside its country of origin, and also to share experience.

An example that information is borrowed:
My wife and I attended an academy of art. The teachers would say, “That is too long” or “The angle is wrong” and this was extremely helpful, if we wanted to improve our drawing ability. But it was never our piece of work: it is only ours when we do it on our own.

The investigation of consciousness is like that.
“Do not take anyone’s word for the truth of consciousness;
see it for yourself”.

Actually, the realisation is that
we cannot see or find consciousness, as we are it!

That is the truth beyond belief.
The evidence lies in meditation.

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Relative And Ultimate Satisfaction

Relative satisfaction is either in the completion of something,
or in others’ recognition of having completed something
– we’ve tried to the best of our ability.

Ultimate satisfaction is;
“Is that all!?”
“What have I been doing?”
“That is it!”

It is the ‘I’, the mind, that wants satisfaction.
Pure consciousness is content just to be.

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Becoming Judgemental

We all need to judge whether a thing is beneficial or harmful but, in being fixated and obsessed about those judgements, we become judgemental. One is momentary, while the other is our programme for life.

If we do not like someone or something, or a group of people, we have to look behind whatever caused that situation. This stands to reason, doesn’t it? Because a small inner circle controls a society, it doesn’t mean everyone agrees.

If we “throw the baby out with the bath water”,
we lose the good parts as well as the bad,
because we rejected it as a whole, instead of just removing what is bad.

Before we are judgemental about others,
we should look at our own motivations.

“You hypocrite!
First take the speck out of your own eye,
and then you will see clearly
to remove the speck from others’ eyes.”
– Matthew 7.5

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Sharing Knowledge With Dissenters

Sharing knowledge with those who have a closed mind is idiotic,
as it will end in conflict.

Belief closes minds and destroys unity:
truth and belief are not amicable bedfellows.

“Do not give dogs what is holy;
do not throw your pearls before swine.
If you do, they may trample them under their feet,
and then turn and tear you to pieces…”
– Matthew 7.5

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