How To Realise How Happy We Are

The more we meditate,
the more we are consciously aware
of being aware of where we are,
and the more we realise that we are happy.

Everything drops away, except the task in hand.
If we multi-task, we will wind up wound up!

Never believe anyone.
See for yourself,
and become lighter and lighter.

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Can We Wake Others?

This is a delicate matter,
and one I’m still learning about.

We can inform others, but ‘waking’ means going deeper, and they may not be ready for that, in the sense of not being able to see subtle differences in their deeply-held views.

People have to be ready to give up their ideas in order to see things afresh. Waking starts with doubts and inner questioning: if questions are not asked, then the channel of communication is not open. In such a case, do we have to leave others alone? We can be supportive of another’s view to a point, but then we have to keep our peace. If we become over-enthusiastic, they may – and do – back away.

People awaken once they realise that their dream has become a nightmare; they then have to recognise that are unhappy or dissatisfied before before they can do something about it. Not everyone is ready to look for the true cause of that unhappiness, which is a belief in our self image (and nowadays, we are encouraged to have ‘belief’ in ourself, and that only makes us more obstinate and arrogant).

When people are told things at the wrong time, this goes in as information and stays as information, rather than as an experience of knowingness that leads to realisation.

This is a problem that I’ve found with spiritual groups. We may join a group to see what they know, and we may find that they have answers … their answers. If we ask questions, they give us their response – rather than an answer to our question. We then wonder whether we should wake them up 😀 because their answer is only satisfying to them, coming from the mould of their tradition.

Plastic People
Plastic: from Greek plastikos, ‘to mould’.

Aren’t we all moulded, until we decide to break out?





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We Are Plastic Believers Until …

We are plastic believers until
genuine pure awareness is realised,
resulting in genuine empathy and genuine compassion.

Practice is more than appearance.

There are westerners who call themselves ‘shaman’, and who adopt indigenous cultures because they don’t like their own: they completely miss the point that realisation takes place within one’s own mind and within one’s own culture, here and now.

This modern, new age movement (or fashion) probably started with Madame Blavatski in the mid 1800’s. Ever since then, the ‘something else’ that people have been seeking has been provided for them. Spiritual groups adopt others’ cultures and languages, while pure awareness or consciousness is beyond such fashion accessories.

We cherry pick teachings and rituals to show that we’re different and now belong to something else. Becoming elitist, we dilute the essence of the teachings while still all being in the same boat of confusion. To resolve our confusion, we merely have to acknowledge this confusion. That which recognises is exactly what we’ve been looking for. For this realisation, we can stay in the same house, in the same street.

The Buddha sought instruction within the Vedic tradition, which was foreign to his upbringing in confined luxury, until he realised the essence of the teaching where nothing is needed – no rattles, no drums, no protection cords, no exotic chants.

Toys are nice for a while,
and then true boredom sets in.
When the truth is realised, things have no interest.

There is far too much plastic in the world anyway!

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Are Law and Humanity Incompatible?

Law: something laid down or fixed.
Humanity: the quality of being humane;
benevolent and well meaning; kindness.

Once we are separated from our humanity,
we become reliant on laws.

Enter the new world order.

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Old Age, ‘New Age’

The ultimate teaching is dropping
the realisation of our true nature of pure awareness.

If we do not drop, we become attached.

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Our Problem Is Our Relationship With Consciousness

Our true, essential nature is pure being that is conscious; these two cannot be separated, like light and its luminosity. But when this luminosity plays on something and becomes attracted to it, we are caught and held, and things appear solid. As a result, we forget that phenomena has no permanent nature.

We then relate to this distraction and build an image of our self relating to this object of desire, based on our cherished ideas about this object. Unfortunately, all too often this turns into aversion because we start judging, and so we suffer. This is all because we ignored or forgot our essential nature of clear light.

Being in a human body, this relating helps us to survive but, when we don’t let go, we can be imprisoned by ideas for a lifetime. Our self image – or ego – is created by relating to me and my ideas about what’s out there: this constant relating to things and thoughts takes us further and further away from our source of pure essence, and we become stuck in a material and mental world. This relating and judging, rather than what is happening ‘over there’, is the cause of our suffering.

This suffering causes panic to arise, and we become desperate to survive in our made-up world, while trying to hold on to our self image. Holding this all together creates our emotions, while we blame the world for doing exactly what we are doing. We are in danger of becoming narcissists, lacking empathy, feeling we are right, and trying to control others, and then throwing up smoke screens which disguise our true intention, which is to bolster up our selves and undermine others. In other words … pride.

In the very moment when we recognise that we are doing these mental gymnastics, there is a gap and, for that moment, we actually are free! It only takes familiarity to sustain this natural moment of clarity, of the light shining. Never feel guilty or ashamed, or hold onto the past; just a little regret and a motivation not to do this again and again. As we aren’t yet fully enlightened, we have to grin and bear it, accepting a difficult or unpleasant situation without complaining because we know there is nothing we can do to make things better (of course, if we can do something then we do it – if we have the skills).

The purpose of meditation is to slow down and notice our clinging, our relating to memories, our judgements, and what all those are doing to us. Reactions are not instantaneous – there’s a whole lot going on before that. We need to take time to notice what we’re doing to ourself. We – rather than the emotions – are supposed to be in charge after all; then we are free.

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It’s All About Me-me!

 A meme (pronounced meem) is that which is imitated.

Are we just a copy of others’ ideas?
We may take a side because of a condition brought about by others.
Is this not divide and conquer?
What if memes are created for this exact reason?

Pure consciousness has no sides; it has no religion.
It is, “That which is not”.
Call that ‘Rigpa’ or ‘Shiva’ or whatever you want
but the realisation is beyond identity.

We are Rigpa.
We are Shiva.
We are original consciousness.
Meditate and see,
and then drop the meditation.

We realise that there is no me-me-me.

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The ‘I’ Needs To be Challenged

This ‘I’ is merely consciousness clinging to ideas.
The indicator of empathetic consciousness is compassion,
and compassion is challenging to the ‘I’, the ego.
Compassion does not accept rubbish.

We Need To Exorcise Our Demons Rather Than Exercise Them

Our demons are our early trauma – some bad, some good, some mediocre.
All early events leave a mark of some sort
which help to create an attitude that we carry throughout life.
We can either bring an end to the effect of trauma
or recreate it, and pass it on.
Don’t let anyone pass on their old rubbish.

Comply And Obey
This is the new world order
Spiritual teachings should directly confront
our habitual tendency to conform.
They are definitely not about conforming to conventional beliefs and thinking.
Surveillance keeps us in line,
staying in a pattern to be sold ‘something’.
If we’re not aware, we can be ‘sold’ any old rubbish.

Whatever We Believe Is Nonsense

Belief is all in the mind.
Truth is that which recognises beliefs in the mind.

Feeling Exorcised

Conjure up evil spirits – likes and dislikes – to see them.
Realise that they only exist in the mind.
They therefore never truly existed in the first place.





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Did We Evolved To Be Made Monkeys Out Of?

Our monkey minds cannot keep still.
Why is this?
It is because our lives have speeded up.

Monkey minds do monkey tricks
to make money for monkey business.
The problem is that the monkey makers
have become powerful gorillas.
Even though we may see them, we don’t realise their influence.

Illusions work by confusing and misdirecting our attention.

Edward Bernays was a pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda; he was named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century. Have you heard of him?

The gorilla business creates illusions and deceptions by taking advantage of the way in which we perceive stimuli and process information. Illusions separate perception from reality by misdirection. We may have seen the gorilla, but that doesn’t mean we see everything – our attention has already been compromised by being misdirected!

We are here to realise – and not ignore – that we are homo sapiens; we are wise beings rather than clever monkeys.






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The Wisdom Of Ignorance

Ignorance is partial truth.
Wisdom is impartial truth.

Wisdom is impartial to ignorance,
and sees it as an equal.

The moment we see that we are ignoring something
is the moment of realisation.
We are ‘free in the moment of seeing’!

No guilt required; no pulling hair out; no regrets.
We just realise that seeing is taking place.
Wisdom is waking up.

Wisdom answers all questions
because that which asks the questions
is wisdom.

That which holds on to the answer is ignorance
as answers build illusions
whereas wisdom constantly asks, “What is it?”

The answer is always the eye of the beholder.

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Never Trust A Buddha


Gautama Buddha said, “Don’t trust me; test the teaching for yourself.” That is the most advanced teaching on truth. We will never actually know anything unless we experience it, as whatever we think we know is merely a belief that we just accept as being true.

The same goes for every ancient and contemporary teacher – we don’t take their word for it. We do not worship them, as this puts a distance between us, giving rise to a feeling of the haves and the have nots. We all have. We are all pure consciousness beyond intellect.

There have been thousands of years of teachings from many traditions on this planet, and they all come down to one point – our true nature of the natural clarity of consciousness that is aware. This fact cannot be over-stated.

It is the Age of Psychological Data Mining. When we are connected, everything we do, say, type, look at, creates a profile that is compiled by AI super-computers. We may think that, if we are doing the ‘right’ thing, why bother about all this – but doing the ‘right’ thing entails conforming to standards set by social engineers whom we naively trust to be right and do the right thing. This is why we have to be fully aware: nothing is free, except pure consciousness.

It is pure consciousness that sees all that goes on. If consciousness is contaminated and therefore impure, it will not see the big picture.

We are unique beings with unique qualities, but at the same time, we’re nothing special, as everyone has the potential to become a Buddha. We only have to realise this and sustain that view – and this is the big picture.

We shouldn’t even trust our self, as that has been contaminated, being a mind-construct full of subtle trauma of hopes and fears, tunes, images, thoughts, sentimentalities and vulnerabilities. We can, however, trust that which re-cognises all that appears. That never changes.

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From Not Knowing To Knowing, In A Moment

From ignoring to realising, in a moment.

We are usually too occupied and busy to realise our true reality, the source of absolute truth. When we stop being occupied for a moment, we fall into vacancy, a state of not knowing. There is a moment of subtle confusion, and we become disorientated as the ‘usual’ has stopped. It is here when we look for something to occupy us, or turn something on. If this knowingness is unnoticed, we remain confused. If, however, we just observe this moment of vacancy, we become aware that there is an awareness present: when pointed out, we realise that this is a pure knowingness which has always been there.

This is the turning point. When this observation is acknowledged, we realise that we are not confused at all, and that there never was any confusion. Previously, we fell into the trap of believing in the importance of everyone else’s ‘importance’ and, because we want to be important too, we focus on being something, and pay to stay busy. The empty moment – or shunyata – usually goes unnoticed because we have been primed to keep doing something, to be engaged.

We constantly switch our self on, and watch our self go – whereas the moment of awareness is switching our self off.

Realisation is where absolute reality detaches from relative reality. Once this is in full working order, the relative becomes synonymous with absolute reality. They are now inseparable, and the reflection of the relative in the absolute becomes an instant reminder. We are no longer carried away. This unity is the essence of all ancient teachings; it’s our reality! The teaching of Shiva means, “That which is not”. Wasn’t that simple? No elaboration required; no money changes hands; no meditation necessary. Just honest realisation.

Meditation is no big deal. Making it a big deal will have the opposite effect, as we stick to doing something. The whole point of meditation is realisation. When realisation takes place, all techniques drop away. In this realisation, there is no unhappiness, no indifference, and therefore we find we are happy, and this happiness does not rely on conditions. It’s our natural state.

If we still want Togyal – the ‘leaping over’ by the dissolving of the bodily elements into a rainbow body leaving only teeth and nails – then we cannot be the person we think we are. Until we have that capacity (which is truly rare), we should just be happy to be facing in the right direction, looking out, while knowing that that which is looking out comes from within in. 😀

We switch off the dark of occupancy, to switch on the light of clarity.

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What We Don’t Know Rules Us

We all want to know things that we think we don’t know, believing that this gives meaning to life! The enchantment of belief feeds our longing for purpose. This puts us in a inferior position where we feel that we never know enough, and opens up the path to suspicion, superstition, sentimentality, and theory, thus binding us. Belief is expensive; knowing is free.

All we need to recognise is that we know already; there is knowingness present before the contamination of speculation. Pure knowingness is clarity. It is the primordial state of mind and of essence.

Truth does not put doubt in the mind. The word Bud-dha means ‘beyond intellect’. This doesn’t mean that truth is unknowable; it refers to the realisation of knowingness itself, beyond the intellect of knowing something. When it is suggested that there are things we do not know, this merely keeps us in the realm of concepts and so, we are subject to doubt. We do not worship the Buddha – or any teacher – but merely acknowledge our own Buddha nature, beyond intellect.

We do know. We are pure knowingness itself; pure awareness, pure consciousness, pure clarity … pure compassion. And yet, we think we don’t know. When we stop running after the exotic and take time just to be, we will have arrived. Just be cooking, shopping, working, cleaning, sitting with others, enjoying the aches and pains of the present moment. It’s all natural. In all ways, be happy, even though governments, commerce and religions may be running amuck! 😀

We are knowing beings without a programme. Now, that’s freedom. We can take part in others’ programmes, while remembering that we can leave the stage and take the ‘make-up’ off at any time.

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Thinking And Thoughts

Thinking is the process of reasoning and questioning.
Thoughts are the conclusions.

Thinking is now.
Thoughts are from the past.

To think, we need a clear mind: in this way, we can function properly in the world. If we hold on to the past, this will affect our thinking now, and we won’t think clearly – and therefore, we’ll suffer.

If we ignore the empty quality of clarity, we will merely walk around with a mind full of conclusions, which limits insight into the realisation of our reality.

It is always our choice whether we either walk around within the precision of clarity, or the fixation of conclusions. When we ask, “What is it?” we are aware of now. When we state, “It’s this” or “It’s that”, we deny the present moment.

The present moment tells us everything we need to know, especially about the state of our own mind. The moment of possibilities.

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We Do Not Arrive At Enlightenment …
… as we never left!

Enlightenment here means realising or acknowledging our true nature of pure consciousness, and that which obscures it; the ideas that we create about our self. Any other definition of enlightenment will be ‘extraordinary’ enlightenment, beyond ordinary realisation. And this creates a huge problem.

If we don’t accept ordinary enlightenment about our true reality, and instead long for something vague called ‘extraordinary’, omniscient enlightenment, then we are back in the realms of belief, ideas, projections, desires, and relative truth. We’re in the mental world again, and that is the precursor to unhappiness. Life is very short, and we have to be happy and confident with what we can realise now, and stop chasing.

All esoteric teachers and traditions say the same thing (more or less) about realisation; understanding non-duality – the inseparability of experiencing and realising. There is, however, a suggestion of something else, something extraordinary, something beyond. It’s someone else’s claim that someone else has extraordinary enlightenment. This keeps us in poverty, when in reality we are rich enough in ordinary enlightenment, where we can work and enjoy life, and die happy in realising what life is about, surrendering all pretensions.

If we met an ‘extraordinary’, enlightened person, would we recognise it? Being able to say extraordinary things in different ways isn’t difficult. A comedian who understands humour can come up with lots of jokes. A chef can design lots of recipes. A song writer does the same. We can all do this in our own way if we have confidence, and don’t limit ourselves with a feeling of unworthiness.

Once we realise our true nature, we can see and talk about all the nonsense that obscures it. If enlightenment is indeed extraordinary, then it has to be proven for us all to see. We can no longer rely on historical stories. The one truth is that we can all see and realise our true nature; pure consciousness. We don’t have to search for enlightenment: we can realise that it is here right now … we never left!

It’s like this. Do we believe that there are aliens here on earth? 98% of our mind may say no, but we could leave 2% as a possibility. We’ll not actually know until they reveal themselves to us – and the same goes for ‘extraordinary’ omniscient enlightenment. We could spend 98% of our lives believing, waiting and hoping, or we could spend 98% of our lives knowing our true nature – leaving 2% for further possibilities 😀

To an unskilled person,
a skilled person can seem magical.

Once we develop that skill,
we know it isn’t magic,
but just tenacity in letting go of limitations.

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Tsoknyi Rinpoche – The Pointing Out Instruction 2020
 Pundarika UK Easter Retreat. 30th March  – 5th April. 2020
Bruton School for Girls, Bruton, Somerset.

This will be an open retreat, by Tsoknyi Rinpoche on our ultimate reality,
where he will point out the nature of mind. (Trekcho)

Contact:,  or

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Teaching Or Experience?

This is a strange dilemma.
We need both, but remember the meaning of those words,
“Don’t take my word for it.”

Anyone who ever realised something
has had to let go of whatever they were taught,
because the experience of realisation is beyond words
and the world isn’t that neat and tidy.

If we overlay experience with teaching,
the experience will be obscured.

Teachings are generalisations.
It is experience that leads to realisation.

Realisation is not adhering to a system or technique:
we are not robots.
It is seeing all the dots join up, while acknowledging
whatever is interfering with those dots.

We drop the guilt, pride, jealousy, fear, desire
and, most of all,
We do not ignore that which is experiencing experience!

Everyone has the potential to care.
We do not need to be learned to care.

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Is Our Intelligence Working Against Us?

Blinkered by futile diligence,
we don’t notice that we are the product.

Because we rely on outer knowledge and outer conditions to enhance our lives, we find ingenious ways – with the help of others – to engage our attention and our desires. But any satisfaction never lasts, and then we just want more of the same.

We are highly adaptable beings and can cope with anything, but we’ve become dependent to the extent that, in the future, we’ll no longer know how to drive a car, and the car or the road may even decide that it no longer needs us to be there. 😀

We can get off this ‘self’ made world.

It is within meditation that we will find perfect peace and perfect satisfaction, and that life is indeed fruitful. This peace, contentment and confidence is realised within the meditation. Peace is not the meditation; it is the result of meditation. The result of meditation is non-meditation. Just being. Just being anywhere, at any time. Inner wellbeing will have a great effect on outer wellbeing, whereas only being concerned with outer wellbeing, we become obsessively attached to everything.

The world around will always demand over-activity to promote its political agenda, wars, substance /food abuse and pharmaceutical treatments. In this way, commerce is shaping human consciousness.

The more we are aware, the more we wake up, stop believing and regain our consciousness. Are we the product of evil intent? No, that supposedly evil intent is just an illusion for the intellect to play with. Real intelligence rests in seeing, realising that our energy is better placed in enlightened, compassionate activities.

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Joyful Confusion?!

The moment that we recognise we are confused is very significant. That which recognises is not confused. If we don’t know something, that’s okay; we can find out – or not – but, either way, we can realise that there is knowingness already taking place. Without that, we wouldn’t know anything – or even exist.

Here, it is imperative to recognise the difference between absolute reality and conventional, relative reality. Absolute reality which never changes is pure consciousness. This is what we are, and it is that which just sees without comment. Always look up the original meaning of words:

Comment: from Latin commentum ‘contrivance’.

We dwell in conventional, relative reality when pure consciousness forgets that it is present, and relates to whatever is seen or experienced. Relating and clinging is the process that gives rise to our ego, our ‘I complex’. Seeing and experiencing isn’t the problem; clinging is, as this fixation imprisons us in ideas.

Our quality of life depends on the amount of time we spend considering what reality is, rather than just surviving. The time given to the insight of wisdom will influence and improve our daily life.

To think, ‘I know’, is limited as we have arrived at our conclusions and opinions and that’s it … until we die. If we think we don’t know, then we may seek to know, and realise that this longing is knowingness itself which wants to return home to its primary state of pure consciousness where there is a realisation of peace.

Anything we do not directly know, we have to believe. As long as we are with our own kind, we feel safe believing together, but outside this class or group, we feel uncomfortable. Human intelligence is at its best when it doesn’t know something, as it then becomes more aware and searches rather than following a routine.

When we want to know, we become more conscious and aware. If we identify ignorance, that is wisdom. The I-actor cannot know everything, but pure consciousness knows the nature of everything.

The first noble truth of the Buddha was to first admit that we are suffering and confused, and then we will look for the cause of that suffering. If, on the other hand, we think we are happy, we will not bother to go any further.

So the joy of recognising confusion is our path to enlightenment.

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Insight is Wisdom
Accurate and deep understanding

Insight: Awareness by a mentally ill* person that their mental experiences are not based in external reality.

The term ‘mentally ill’ is often used as a spurious or false statement in the popular media, suggesting a crazy or insane person, while the dictionary reveals a more accurate description of ordinary human existence. The medical profession has made inner dis-ease (unhappiness) into a disease for which treatment is necessary. In reality, until enlightenment, we will all be confused about our true nature, and a certain level of depression will result.

Wisdom insight is the realisation of our true nature, which is pure consciousness. Anything that obscures this perfect state causes confusion and inner conflict. We spend our entire life in distraction, so we are able to cover up our disappointments. When we strip away all the subtle suffering, dissatisfaction and wounds, we realise that it is the idea of a self – of me and mine – that interferes with clear seeing. We constantly refer to a memory or an idea when we experience something, and then apply that to the situation. From a spiritual point of view, these memories are due to collective fixations and collective mental disorders. Our true state has never ever been confused: we have merely learned to be unnatural in order to fit into others’ acquired ideas. We can play the game, but we don’t have to believe the game is real. As it states in the dictionary, insight is awareness, and there is nothing more aware than pure consciousness.

Insight isn’t a meditation technique. It is the result of looking within and realising our true reality and that which is obscuring it. This is not difficult – but what is difficult is dropping all those ideas that we’ve learned, which cause subtle trauma, guilt, pride, jealousy, fear and hope. Insight is seeing the games the mind plays, while pure consciousness (the grown up) merely watches with generosity, patience, discipline, morality and concentration as the child plays, thus sustaining transcendent wisdom.

Of course, in realising the insight of transcendent wisdom first, everything else arises naturally, manifesting in our conduct.

*A mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioural or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. Such features may be persistent, relapsing and remitting, or occur as a single episode.

  • Feeling sad or down.

  • Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate.

  • Excessive fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt.

  • Extreme mood changes of highs and lows.

  • Withdrawal from friends and activities.

  • Significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping.

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Belief Says

Belief says:
“I am the lord thy God.
Have no other gods before me.
Have no graven images or likenesses.
Do not take the lord’s name in vain…”
Duality is created.

Truth says:
Our being is pure consciousness.
Belief obscures pure consciousness.
Pure consciousness has no image.
Pure consciousness comes before name.
Original non-duality.

Someone says:
There is exoteric and esoteric knowledge.
The exoteric is intended for the general public.
The esoteric is intended for the few.
If we seek within, however, we find.

Believing in God and not believing in God
is the same dualistic reality.
Within consciousness is our true reality.

Dualistic mind is confused.
Non-dualistic mind is not.
Escape … now!


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What Is Pure Consciousness?

The one absolute truth about pure consciousness is that it is already pure; we do not have to make it pure. Without knowing this, we remain imprisoned in falsehoods, dullness and guilt. It is the fact that we don’t recognise or acknowledge this consciousness that keeps us from realising our true reality. We will forever think that we are unworthy, when the truth is that we are perfect beings caught in a web of inaccuracies. Tremendous efforts are taken to distract us in this world, which creates mental instabilities for which pills are produced on an industrial level. Depression is a modern creation.

World Health Organisation: “Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 300 million people affected. It can cause suffering and we function poorly at work, at school and in the family. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year.”

And this is only those whom the WHO has acknowledged: many of us just continue with life, thinking that this is normal.

Because of the subtle distractions in a confused world, our investigations into our true reality have to be more accurate. There are stages in these investigations: we first identify that we are consciousness of something – phenomena, thoughts, emotions and fixations.

Using this ability to be conscious of something, we deliberately focus our attention on an object, such as the breath. This is called mindfulness meditation, when we cut out the mental clutter and just watch our breath and relax.

Then we become aware that awareness or consciousness is present. This is known as awareness meditation, where we become aware of awareness.

Finally, while being aware of awareness – or conscious of consciousness – we realise that there is nothing other than consciousness. Simply resting there, realisation takes place that we are this consciousness and, when nothing other is interrupting this consciousness, that is pure consciousness. We do not actually have to do anything, but be aware and realise.

This is nothing highfalutin, grandiose or ornate. It is, in fact, ordinary. We only think it’s ‘special’ because of exotic stories created by religions, but these are merely compounded beliefs. Ornamentation may attract people initially, but therein lies the central problem, because we become addicted to belonging. That is self-perpetuating duality with no chance of freedom. We bind ourselves.

If I were a teacher (which I’m not), once a student had ‘got it’, I’d say go away and live life with all that it brings. That which is beneficial will be realised naturally, and that which is unnecessary will drop away naturally. I speak from experience. Life may not be a bed of roses, but there’s manure for cultivation.

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Give Up The Dharma To Realise The Dharma

We will never realise the Dharma by listening or reading about the Dharma. “But I want the original, authentic teaching!” This is why the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself”. We are the original, authentic teaching: when we hear the teaching, we re-cognise, and it is this recognition that gives authority to the origin of the teaching.

We, as town yogis, live within a confused society. It is our relationship with and our reaction to this society that is our true teacher. Those reactions are our karma, our confusion, and these are the indicators on our path to attaining spiritual insight. That’s enlightenment. That’s it!

The purpose of this blog – which is freely available – is to enable people to see that the esoteric side of the Dharma, the Vedanta, Christianity, Judaism, Gnosticism, Agnosticism, Reasoning … is all about non-duality. The inseparability of experience and realisation.

Religions – the exoteric side of the original teaching – are beliefs.

Test it for yourself.
Esoteric is knowingness.

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The Planet Of The Mind Snatchers
We go to sleep, and become one of ‘them’!

We really do have to keep asking the question, “What is life about?” throughout our entire journey. Is it about being part of something? Or is it about being whole, being complete? We are under constant assault by nonsense that we then argue about. Our minds are being snatched away from natural clarity, and into a dull state, being occupied by alien ideas.

Alien: Latin alienus -‘belonging to another’.

This is why we meditate – to clear our minds by focusing on emptiness. The shock of realising what is happening to us wakes us up, and we stay awake as long as we continue to ask what life is about. Realisation is the path to enlightenment. We don’t belong to anything. In pure consciousness there is no duality. The light is on the path; this light is in the form of indicators, and we merely have to look and see.

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Treating The Symptoms And Not The Cause

If we use ‘treats’ as a treatment to make us feel better, rather than dealing with the cause of the symptom and thereby bring an end it, we will merely go round in circles. Our spiritual path to enlightenment is eliminating our confusion rather than acquiring the confusion of others: it is definitely not about joining an organisation and conforming to others’ standards.

No one – not even a Buddha – can heal our discomforts. We have to look at our own unhappiness honestly, rather than covering it up with platitudes.

The moment pure consciousness just sees is the moment of liberation. In that moment of just seeing, there is no ‘me’ involved. The self is put to one side – and then we realise that the problem was ‘me’ all along! 🙂

There is no guilt in just seeing. Pure consciousness does not judge; it merely notes. If we note that we are exaggerating our righteousness, for example, this noting is not a sin. It is merely non-conceptual perception, whereas fixation on others’ exaggerated righteousness would sentence us to more ‘treatment’, more judgement and more justification.

The real treat is realisation.

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The Four Compassionate Activities
(also known as the four enlightened activities)

Pacifying: There are no problems. There is nothing for ego to fight against, which brings inner peace to ego.
Enriching: Brings the light of knowledge, clarifying ego’s manipulations.

Magnetising: Bypasses conventional reality, and so attracts naturally. Ego re-cognises.

Destroying: Compassion cuts through ego’s manipulations. Ego has nothing to hold onto.

These activities can be transmitted either in silence or verbally.

Ego is consciousness clinging to concepts. This is what we think we are when, in reality, we are the lord of compassion – pure consciousness. The application of the four compassionate activities is applied to both one’s self and the self of others.

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Being Kind To Our Self

Our self is an immature infant, and likes nothing better than to grab hold and claim everything it sees. It has absolutely no reality, because it is merely a set of ideas. That’s okay, as this is all it has learnt; to play games. All the while, professor pure consciousness looks on kindly. The professor’s problem is that it had become attached to the infant.

Truth starts with seeing clearly, rather than seeing through a glass darkly. When we see clearly, we are happy because the clarity of immediate, pure perception is present, now. That is our first nature. When we see darkly, we are unhappy as we don’t get what we want. Wanting has become our second nature, and our journey into pure consciousness starts by seeing the darkness of our fixations. Actually, that is also the end of our journey!

Fixations are seen by virtue of the light of pure consciousness. That is the ultimate truth. It is the reason we meditate – to see directly. Practice doesn’t mean there is more light; the light is just more constant. When the light is on, we leave the switch alone. Meditation isn’t like a cat staring in hope at a mouse hole. Meditation is just recognising that seeing is present. Being hopeless. A cat’s nature is to hunt, but we don’t kick the cat for this behaviour … we stroke it. 😀 😀 😀

Kindness is seeing our self reacting, and not feeling guilty about this. We all have a shadowy self, which is confused about its reality because it has no reality. If we react, this shadow causes more darkness and creates more suffering. We know that this shadow isn’t our truly reality, and that there is more to us. Being kind is being aware of the cause of this shadow, which is merely a set of memories. Our self is our teacher. It is reminding pure consciousness of the light that is present.

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Realisation Is Hopeless!

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The Show Goes On

The word ‘entertainment’ originally meant ‘to maintain’; to maintain our attention. Entertainment has a long term effect on our memories and so, on consciousness, replaying in our mind and captivating us ever after. In this way, our persona – and everything to which we cling – is created. Years ago, our minds were filled with work and survival, and now it’s entertainment because our everyday needs are more easily met.

Food, clothing, film, art, ablutions, driving, shopping, news, music, internet, gaming, sport, wealth, power, religion, philosophy, spirituality … meditation … gurus … can now all be part of our entertainment. It’s like hidden sugar and salt in food; we no longer notice the effect they are having on our health. The devil makes entertainment for idle minds. We cannot be still. If, however, we lose interest in the list above and start to concern ourselves with actual reality, then we will no longer be confused about the meaning of life.

Who’s running the ‘show’? Whomever allows it. As long as there is an audience, the ‘show’ will go on. This attack on our minds will not stop, but we can be aware of its effect rather than being part of the glue, holding all together by our reactions. The show loses its power.

We are all running the show, but we can take back our power by realising that our show is the product of our karma, and all we have to do is clean it up. The moment we see our mind entertaining us is the moment of freedom! Appearances and recognition are simultaneous = non-duality.

There’s No Business Like Show Business
Irving Berlin

There’s no business like show business like no business I know
Everything about it is appealing, everything that traffic will allow
Nowhere could you get that happy feeling when you are stealing that extra bow

There’s no people like show people, they smile when they are low
Even with a turkey that you know will fold, you may be stranded out in the cold
Still you wouldn’t change it for a sack of gold, let’s go on with the show

The butcher, the baker, the grocer, the clerk
Are secretly unhappy men because
The butcher, the baker, the grocer, the clerk
Get paid for what they do but no applause.
They’d gladly bid their dreary jobs goodbye for anything theatrical and why?

There’s no business like show business and I tell you it’s so
Traveling through the country is so thrilling, standing out in front on opening nights
Smiling as you watch the theatre filling, and there’s your billing out there in lights

There’s no people like show people, they smile when they are low
Angels come from everywhere with lots of jack, and when you lose it, there’s no attack
Where could you get money that you don’t give back? Let’s go on with the show

You get word before the show has started that your favourite uncle died at dawn
Top of that, your pa and ma have parted, you’re broken-hearted, but you go on

Yesterday they told you you would not go far, that night you open and there you are
Next day on your dressing room they’ve hung a star, let’s go on with the show!! 

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We Don’t Have To Obsess About Dzogchen

I did …

We seek the truth because we aren’t satisfied with the world in which we live, so we join an organisation or become attached to set of ideas. Groups use different words about the same subject, and a particular word may attract us. There is nothing wrong with words, but they are just words. These words may be Dzogchen, Mahamudra, dharmakaya, shunyata, Dao, Zen, turiya, unity, not two, non-duality … the list is endless. There is no magic in the words or sounds themselves, save that they are a reminder or a symbol of something. But then again, groups cling to words, so we find that we still have to look further, and that is why the wise who know say, “Do not take my word for it.”

Our ultimate nature is pure, empty consciousness. We can call it what we want in our own language, but the realisation is beyond, in pure experience. The magic is in the realisation, in knowingness, and the world changes from darkness to light. We become more sensitive to the light! We see potential everywhere. This ‘I’ loves Dzogchen, but this ‘I’ has to go beyond the word to realise the non-duality of Dzogchen (or God).

We are told that Buddhism can only be destroyed from within. Now, this can be a either political statement or a wisdom statement. As a political statement, this may refer to internal struggles and the weakening of the teachings, but as a wisdom statement, it is that, in the ultimate reality of pure consciousness, there is no Buddha, no Buddhism, no me, no world, no other. The ultimate disappointment … and relief.

Neti, neti, not this, not this.”
All Buddhas know that which is not.

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We First Acknowledge Our Dark Side

What is our dark side? It is consciousness clinging to an acquired, imagined image of a ‘me’ – and that is the cause of all our troubles. “No, no, my troubles are caused by other people!” Yes, by other people’s ‘me’: for them, their troubles are caused by your ‘me’. This is living in the darkness.

We are free in the moment of seeing. We are pure consciousness; we are not our concepts. The moment that our clinging to an idea is perceived and acknowledged by pure consciousness is the moment when truth sees the untruth. Now, we can either cling to that seeing, which keeps us in the dark side, thinking how clever ‘me’ is, or we can be genuinely free, by the immediate recognition of the unity of appearances and recognition. Pure consciousness (the mirror) merely acknowledges the reflections. Pure consciousness takes note, and we can now address a situation, putting this ‘me’ to one side, and doing whatever is needed to bring about clarity and inner peace.

What is the difference between the clarity of pain and the darkness of suffering? We mustn’t be confused about how we are feeling, or there could be long-term consequences. Pain is what we feel when the body or mind is harmed or disturbed; it hurts, showing us something. Suffering is when we cling to that pain, and it is this that creates misery and trauma.

Trauma: emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may lead to long-term neurosis.

By the way, pleasant things can also cause long-term trauma. We get solace and comfort, and develop attachment to the pleasant, refusing to give it up because we feel safe. In this way, we are relying on a condition. This is conditional happiness; conditions do not last, and so, we return for another fix. Fixation!

The truth is that our dark side does not exist. It has absolutely no reality. It is an image in the mind, or Plato’s cave wall. It appears real because this ‘me’ feels that it is a trapped victim, and so we’re always vulnerable and unsure. This is why we cling to beliefs, and become a victim for others to feed off. Humans conform and are easily addicted, because we have great endurance: even though we suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, we muddle through – which is, in fact, a wonderful quality.

Endurance is a special energy, the tenacity of a seeker after truth. We do not, however, have to seek the light of truth as we are that light! It is the light that acknowledges the dark, and in this way, we bring an end to suffering. That’s it! All we have to do now is the laundry …

This planet is full of light and full of enlightened potential, if we only recognised it. For the first time in human history, these teachings are freely available, and more people are asking questions and becoming seekers. If we accept reincarnation, this spark will be reborn in future generations, and cannot be stopped. 😀

Carl Jung knew!
Carl Jung stated that the shadow is the unknown, dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognised as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else.

Our ‘shadow’ self is the side of our personality that contains all the parts of ourself that we don’t want to admit having. It is, at first, an unconscious side, and only through effort to become self-aware, can we recognise our shadow.

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The Effect Of Feeling Unworthy And Inadequate

The effect of feeling unworthy and inadequate is that we become half hearted and disconnected, and may even give up. Many religious and spiritual set-ups are so theatrical in their appearance that students become just an audience. This may feel good for a while, but then we are bound to return for another performance. And what happens after going to a show or film? We return home believing we are the characters, and of course this charade does not last.

The story is all about our true reality. We are living Dharma, and know everything there is to know for enlightenment. Whatever we feel about our self and our life is part of the act; the show is actually taking place within consciousness. This self is an actor, a persona, a mask. Pure consciousness is the witness, the audience. Everyone is acting and reacting. All pure consciousness can do is be aware.

When we realise we are “that which is not”, liberation occurs. That which is not some thing is pure consciousness, beyond all ideas about a self.

When we realise that pure consciousness is worthy of recognition, we just get on with our lives – consciously. The fewer our needs, the richer we are. Our path is our confusion. A path should not add to our confusion: it should eliminate it. Never give up on your self as it tells you (pure consciousness) all you need to know. Our whole reality is the unity of self, playing to pure consciousness. When the actor (self) realises it is being watched, it upgrades its responsibility to act for the benefit of others.

The only thing that makes us feel unworthy
is forgetting our true nature.

We are the reality that we seek.
We are also the love that we seek.
We are the Dharma that we seek.

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Buddha and Shiva

Shiva means “that which is not”.
Buddha means awakened to “that which is not”.

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Why Are We Are So Busy?

It is not difficult to reason that we have consciousness, and to reason that consciousness has to be pure consciousness in order for us to see perfectly clearly. This consciousness is, in fact, our pure state of being. We don’t have to engage in complex methods to be conscious; we just have to be aware that awareness is always present.

It isn’t easy to remain in this pure state as there are many distractions that prevent us from seeing clearly – and because we don’t see clearly, we remain distracted 🙂

Why are we so busy, and so do not see clearly?
Because we conform to others’ standards of entertaining ourselves.

There is nothing religious, spiritual or poetic about our ultimate nature: it is unconditional love. We may make elaborate manifestations of expression, as long as these point to our ultimate nature directly, and do not confuse. Every realised person has their own expression which is helpful to others, but every realised person has had personal experience beyond elaborate names and elaborate forms.

We have to figure it out for ourselves.
Time and space allow the mind/consciousness to see.

“But I have no time to sit and practise!”
You have no time to be conscious?

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Wanting To Be On Top Of The Pile

“The pile of what?”
– Sadhguru

“If we want to be better than others,
then we want them to be worse.”
– Sadhguru

“What is the most sophisticated machine on the planet?
Have you read the users’ manual?”
– Sadhguru

“We consciously obliterate the boundaries of our individuality.
There is longer you versus the universe.”
– Sadhguru

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There Is No Need To Be Confused Ever Again!

There is no need to be confused ever again!
There are merely different names for the same non-thing.

Our interpretation of how we think others think may be biased: there is no right and wrong, but just different expressions.

The Vedic tradition is older than Buddhism. The Buddha must therefore have known about the Vedas and the Upanishads. It is suggested that the Vedic teachings came to northern India from the Aryans in Persia/Iran.

Whatever one’s opinion on the origin of teachings, there is the thread of one truth that has been handed down to us, and that is wisdom of our true nature, the purity of emptiness of consciousness, or ‘turiya’. Turiya is Sanskrit for pure consciousness.

Turiya is the fourth state of consciousness, in which the individual attains final liberation from ego consciousness and is united with infinite spirit, as all beings have the same pure consciousness.

Turiya refers to both Atman – the individual self – and Brahman – the infinite self – representing their spiritual union. The individual soul (consciousness) realises and transcends the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep. We realise this true nature as pure knowledge and bliss and thus, we are freed from desire, delusion and duality in the external world.

Turiya is not a state separate from the more gross states; it pervades all levels of reality. Ramana Maharshi interprets turiya as the natural state (emptiness) that permeates the other states. That unity is our whole reality. The Mandukya Upanishad discusses turiya as pure consciousness, which is indescribable, incomprehensible and unthinkable by the mind, but is ultimately realised as the one true self (our true nature).

Turiya = pure consciousness = emptiness
= not two = non-duality = our true nature.

It’s nice to know we are not different in any way.
Now that is true liberation!

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If We Just Do What Is Needed

If we just do what is needed
rather than what we like,
our problems would diminish
and contentment increase.
Our likes and dislikes are
products of our past.

Assessment of what is needed
is down to the individual’s understanding.

Milarepa had to assess
whether to clear the nettles
in front of his cave every day,
or just go back inside and practise.

Of course, we are not Milarepa,
but we know when we are doing
the right thing.

A worldly person has many needs.
A practitioner of consciousness has few.
In the moment of realisation, there are none.

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Truth: Simple To Acknowledge, Easy To Forget

That which perceives through the senses is consciousness. That which perceives consciousness is consciousness itself. Finding nothing but consciousness, it is realised as being empty of other. It is pure consciousness. That is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The ‘me’ is a set ideas in consciousness that interferes with emptiness and thus, perception is diverted.

Focus on this screen, or the room you are in. Awareness is present, consciousness is present. Now slightly defocus the gaze so that you’re not looking at objects, but merely being aware of the gaze. That is pure awareness, pure consciousness. It’s always present. That is our first nature. Our second nature is whatever consciousness acquires; it’s a deeply ingrained habit of repeating something that makes it seem completely natural or inborn. For this reason, we forget simple truth.

In meditation, we focus on an object such as the breath, in order to calm consciousness. Then we defocus to become aware of consciousness itself, and to realise that we are pure consciousness. We do not have to keep defocused, as that is merely so that we are aware of consciousness. Consciousness is our reality. That is the reality of the universe. Matter changes, while pure consciousness does not. Anything we want to know about the infinite universe, consciousness must be present to see, and then we realise that consciousness is the source of every thing. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? It only seems mind-boggling because our conceptual mind cannot and will never understand its source, which is non-dual, pure consciousness.

In ordinary daily life, knowing that pure consciousness is always present and that that is our true reality, we are no longer fixated about the material world, and stop shouting at the radio 😀 We merely become mindful of whatever we are doing, thinking or saying, while maintaining the continuity of consciousness. Remembering is being mindful. Once we remember, we just acknowledge the situation that karma has dealt us, and sustain our composure. There are no mystical tricks: everything we need is at hand.

Just acknowledge contentment throughout life. We are dealt a hand and we play with that. After we are gone, the world will still be shouting at the radio. It is because the world does not acknowledge and remember its true nature of pure consciousness that it remains disturbed and unhappy and shouty.

Personal gain will continue to produce things that are detrimental to human and animal welfare, being mindless of consequences. We all have moments of pure consciousness as we are pure consciousness, but then we become lost in earnest distraction. There is no right and wrong, but just different beliefs.

We can either spend this precious life in simple truth,
diminishing the effects of karma,
or we can waste it by shouting at the radio.

Truth is in the steady gaze of pure awareness.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Confusion = Perfect Maths = Realisation

Confusion is beautiful: the geometry of mathematical properties and relations. An ice crystal is a unique, geometric design, but if we ignore this icy condition, we will slip in a certain way and break a certain bone. Perfect cause and effect. If we don’t take care, we become careless. If we ignore our true essence, we will fixate on other things. If we do not know, we will be confused, and a perfect sequence of events will ensue.

Confusion creates suffering. Because we are confused about our true nature of perfect consciousness, we are governed by our desires and fears. There are three constants – or three truths – in the universe. Space is infinite. Pure consciousness is infinite. Mathematics (cause and effect) is infinite. All we have to do is recognise our true nature and that which obscures this nature, and eureka … like magic, perfect wisdom from perfect confusion!

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First The Inspiration, And Then The Reality

When we first seek teachings on truth, we hear positive language to inspire us, offering things we like to hear and associate with. But then, there comes a moment when we realise that we have mental obstacles, in the form of things we don’t want to hear, as we would rather stay with theories and beliefs.

Facing the truth takes courage. The inability to put self aside stops us truly progressing and experiencing reality. Have confidence in our true nature, our self image isn’t needed anymore: when dealing with others, self is put aside. The work is dismantling subtler levels of attachment, resting in the pinpoint moment of now. Dealing with others is a tremendous opportunity to experience this reality.

Students of spirituality have an added problem, as there may be subtle clinging to the teachings. In pure awareness, there are no teachings. Reality is recognising the conflict between compassionate neutrality and habitual reactions. The main point is to recognise heightened awareness in conflict.

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What Matters Is What We Are, Not What We Know

Once we know what we are,
then what we know matters.

Once, we had bits of information that we believed in.
Now, we have bytes of information that we believe in.
Belief destroys the potential of knowing.

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Empathy Is Non-Duality

Empathy is yoga; yoga means union. Empathy is union with another. Empathy is the reason we have the ability to be compassionate. No knowledge is needed, other than pure awareness. Just being aware tells us everything we need to know about a person, as we have all experienced every emotion.

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Teachers Should Be Devoted To Their Students

Teachers should be devoted to their students,
rather than expecting students to be devoted to them.

Teach by example.

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Do We Know And Have Enough?

If we know we have enough, we are rich.
If we think we don’t have enough, we are poor.
This applies to both the material world and spirituality.

When we know we are pure consciousness within a limited body and mind, the value of conscious life goes up, and our material needs diminish. This clarity of being becomes obscured when we mimic, conform and are programmed, both in the material world and within spiritual circles. Acting in this way, we live like hungry ghosts or robots, in constant conflict.

Pure awareness knows enough; trust it.

Hungry ghosts: In Buddhism, this applies to those who have emotional wants but cannot digest or find satisfaction.
Robot: programmed to appear autonomous. From Czech robota; ‘forced labour’.

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How Do Demons Think?

How do demons think?
You know.
And you know you know 🙂

Demons aren’t something over there; they’re right here. Demons are our own desire, anger, fear, jealousy, pride.

Our demons are created the moment when we forget our true nature of pure awareness – and to realise that we have become demonic is a bit of a shock. We think that demons are outside our experience while we actually entertain them, as demons feed off emotions, opinions and gossip.

Demons aren’t scary as they don’t actually exist. It’s all in the mind.

We are free in the moment of just seeing.”
Tulku Urgyen

Recognise our true nature.
Decide on that one point.
Gain confidence in that point.”
Garab Dorje

Circumstances no longer overtake us;
they are now our teacher.
No challenge, no progress.

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Dear Oh Dear, Don’t They Make It Complicated?

Complication can hide the simple truth that
we are pure consciousness; the truth that we seek.
It is from that, that everything flows.
There is nothing in inner peace but inner peace.

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The Fun Of Realisation

Realisation is neither entertainment, and nor is it to be taken seriously.
Realisation increases life satisfaction and general happiness.
Realisation is being fully aware that only pure awareness is true.
Realisation is amusement about what obscures our reality.
Realisation of the nature of mind no longer needs elaborate teachings.
Realisation develops resilience and the ability to cope in hard times.
Realisation notes the residue of karma.
Realisation is understanding that are no obstacles on a non-existing path.

The challenging part of life is dealing with others’ entertainments, seriousness, lack of satisfaction, happiness and awareness, obscure beliefs, elaborate teachings, lack of resilience, karma, illusory obstacles and clinging to a path that isolates them from others.

We’ve all been there and done that. We know how it feels.

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From Absurdities To Atrocities To Realisation

It is truly amazing that we can all see things differently while ‘clear seeing’ itself remains the same. We are all the same Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, original consciousness of purity. Ignoring this pure view, we maintain our differences, believing these to be more interesting. Self belief adheres to other beliefs, which lead us away from the ultimate truth of oneness.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit atrocities”.

Although it may not seem like it, the world is changing for the better. There is so much more ‘special knowledge’ available and this cannot be stopped, but we first have to acknowledge that life is not fulfilling, even though we have more absurd ‘toys’. People are suffering mentally, and pills are not the answer; if we dull the rawness of life, we won’t ask the right questions.

Acknowledging this, we can then look for the original cause of this suffering. We need a method to bring an end to our uneasiness; only then can we resolve our heartache. There are always consequences to ouractions and inactions.

The cause of uneasiness is when the inner turns outward.
We pervert our minds because we invert being.
‘Invert’ from Latin invertere, to turn inside out. 

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Yes, it’s actually a word, so it must describe something that actually happens!

Obscurantism: the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known. From Latin obscurant – ‘making dark’.

The Dark Esoteric Forces

When we look at the world, we see chaos everywhere; deliberate chaos. If people are confused, they won’t know what has hit them. Humanity is kept in the dark through elaborate machinations, plots and ploys. There is something within politics and religion that does this very well, and the result is that humanity is occupied by idle chatter, futile diligence and obsequiousness (obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree). In other words, there is a lack of genuine freedom while, at the same time, we think that we are free. When asked, “What’s the meaning of life?” the reply will generally be, “I don’t know.” It is our birthright to always know the truth, rather than allow others to feed us their version of the truth.

The dark forces aren’t in it for the money, which only greases the wheels. They are in it for the chase (‘chase’: fromLatin captare, continue to take). The dark forces only want to maintain power and lack empathy – and there is a little of that within us all.

The Light Esoteric Forces

The opposite of obscurantism is enlightenment – to bring to light, to clarify. This special knowledge is that we are the truth: we are the original, pure consciousness. We are knowingness itself. We are the ‘second coming’.Once we have been given the knowledge and realised it, the teaching is perpetuated. We are all potential messiahs! 🙂

The Insight Into The Dark

To make something dark, there must be some light – some sort of knowledge – present. Both dark and light esoteric forces use the same principles of realising the effect of desire, aversion and ignorance. We are all tainted, and before we can acknowledge our light, we must acknowledge our dark.

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Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?
Or rather, where does our programming come from?

When we perceive anything, this perception takes place in the mind, and we end up with a reservoir of information, causing the brain to wire in a particular pattern. Gradually, whenever we then perceive anything, we refer to these memories, making judgements which affect our behaviour. The programme is now in full swing, and we relive the past, time and time again.

If we do not question our thoughts, we will remain unaware that we are being fed information that turns us away from even considering that we’ve been trained like Pavlov’s dogs. We mentally salivate at the latest ‘goodies’ and ‘news’.

Thoughts have no actual reality as they are merely ideas we have acquired and then hold on to. They express themselves in everything we say and do, down to our tiniest mannerisms, and can either bolster our ego or be used to clarify a situation. Due to our clinging to these thoughts, we lose control, and become indifferent to our true reality.

The good news that has been kept a secret is that we are the pure consciousness that sees all, but which goes unnoticed, or is covered up.

The positive aspect of this reservoir of information is that it offers us the facility to scan the mind for memories and, not being so quick to judge, we can stand back and investigate while reviewing a situation.It isn’t the perception that is the obstacle: the problem lies in our reactions, which reinforce a limited view and obscure our true potential of clarity.

Dinner table chatter merely regurgitates past projections into the present, whereas enlightened speech is directed to now, and serves only to enlighten the atmosphere.

We may worry about being targeted and profiled by technology, but first we should worry about our willingness to accept that these developments could be of benefit. We have already been programmed! The media wants us to react, and then we will thinkwe’re doing something. We thinkwe’re in charge.We thinkwe have choices.

Merely be aware of that which is aware of these thoughts. That awareness – that pure awareness – is what we actually are, rather than the thoughts we repeat again and again. In the presence of awareness, these thoughts gradually subside into emptiness of pure awareness.

As we reach the end of our lives, we know – as a practitioner – what is of value.

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