It’s Their Karma (Problem), So Why Bother?
That attitude creates our karma (problem).

In our ignorance, we mix up relative consciousness (all about me), and absolute consciousness (all about compassion). When we step back from our self centred, clever routine, clear insight sees all. Pure consciousness – the all-seeing eye – protects us from the tsunami  of karma!

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The Great Discernment

Being original isn’t being different.

For discernment, we need clarity, and there is nothing clearer than pure, empty cognisance. To realise emptiness, we meditate. To meditate, we need right instruction. The right instruction is knowing when to drop the meditation.

For discernment, we need insight into the nature of mind. We don’t have to have scholarly degrees to do this; we can just look and see for ourselves. We are driven by hope, fear, and indifference (attraction, repulsion and ignorance), and these three principles cloud our view. It’s that simple. When we know what drives us, then we will know what drives others.

Discernment is the sharp perception to judge well, to judge wisely rather than through intolerance and opinion. A discerning individual possesses wisdom that is often overlooked by others. Complete discernment requires both the head and heart.

When we empathise with others and understand them, we identify with the problem and so can show compassion. When we know our origin of pure consciousness, we know what being original is truly about.

Being original isn’t being different. If we claim to be original, we go “down the rabbit hole” (to go down the rabbit hole is to enter a situation that may seem interesting, or begin a process or journey that becomes more and more problematic, difficult, complex or chaotic, and creates suffering as it develops).

The great discernment is being able to get out of the hole down which we followed everyone else 😀 Getting out of the hole, we find original happiness.

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We Cannot Have Compassion Without Empathy

We cannot have compassion without empathy,
and we cannot have empathy
without having suffered.

Love is practical rather than idealistic.

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Our Conduct Must Match Our Realisation

Our conduct must match our realisation,
otherwise we will become arrogant.

Realisation is a “piece of cake”
(so easy that we don’t have to think about it),
while taming our mind and our conduct
is something we have to watch at every moment.

Realisation is the experience of pure consciousness. That’s easy enough: it is that which is reading these words right now, without comment. A milli-moment later, in comes old brain – old, traumatised brain – and starts its old routine. And there’s our problem.

Our conduct should one of be altruism and emptiness, without causing harm = empathetic compassion.

The writer of these words tries to clarify and understand our human problems through practice and conduct. However, Tony (old brain) is a very angry person, full of trauma and frustrations.

It’s the thing we have to work with
because it is our teacher.
When we see the problem, we see clearly,
and bring about inner peace.

Only then can we empathise with others.
As we progress our manner refines.

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Is Seeking The Truth A Sin?

If we seek the truth,
we do not accept that what we have been told is the truth.

Sin: an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.

How does one transgress divine law? Surely, if it is a divine law, it is an inescapable, absolute truth that we can prove.

‘Immoral’ is not conforming to accepted standards of morality, which would be conventional standards rather than a divine standard. The question is, whose morality and truth are we supposed to obey? Man’s idea of law, or absolute law? Mixing these up causes great confusion.

We are led to believe that a sin is something evil but, in reality, it can only exist in conventional terms. In absolute terms, evil does not exist. ‘Sin’ is just not conforming to beliefs set for us. Is it a sin not to believe? Are we born to be led by others? If so, we are not free to think for ourselves, but only to think that we think for ourselves! This is being ruled by insanity. The question then arises, “Who benefits?” The answer is the ‘Sheep-herders’.

This growing Machiavellian theme maintains guilt, day after day, until we think that belief is normal behaviour. People can say the sweetest things, but it is not what people say that matters; it is the effect of their actions. Do they show true compassion and empathy, or do they just follow rules?

These sheep-herders worship power and cannot control themselves, and chaos and confusion ensue. Ultimately – or divinely – sin is anything that causes confusion, harming the mind and body of beings. This harm delays beings realising their true nature, their enlightened nature, pure uncontaminated consciousness.

The moment we see clearly is the moment we are free. Meditation is the method of stepping away from all contrivances, taking back control of our mind and life. The future then looks good.

Don’t be a sheep, or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Pure consciousness, having no self identity, is naked and transparent.
No beliefs necessary,
so no offence can be taken as there is nothing to hold on to.

The Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.”
Jesus said, “Seek, and you shall find.”
They were of one mind – that we have to do some work.

The absolute truth is not in the words,
but in the realisation of those words.

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It Doesn’t Matter What We Believe

What we believe is not what we are.

Before belief, there is the spirit of pure knowing that can discern:
the openness of pure knowing is the reason we naturally love.

We all love openness, and feel sadness at closed-ness.
Closed-ness doesn’t recognise the spirit of open knowingness
and so, on a relative level, cannot love.

Our beliefs divide us.

Open knowingness can only love.
This love is intensified when recognising closed-mindedness,
which can manifest either as anger
or as compassionate empathy.

NB – one of definitions of the the word ‘knowing’ in the dictionary states:“showing or suggesting that one has knowledge or awareness that is secret or known to only a few people.”😀

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Happiness Is Realising The Problem

We are never unhappy for no reason.
Everything has a cause.

We may be unhappy because we wanted something and didn’t get it.
We may be unhappy because we didn’t want something but got it.
We may be unhappy because we never realised
that we’ve been happy all along.

The problem is all in the mind and, as such,
it never truly existed.

Whatever life presents is our path.
Karma is an excellent teacher.

Whatever occurs,
know that pure awareness is always present.
That is truly wonderful, because it is all we need to know.

When we realise this,
we will be happy with whatever arises.
In this way, we undo the karmic effect.
Everything simplifies.

We are pure awareness.
If this isn’t good enough,
then we will remain unhappy.

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Thinking Clearly

Thinking clearly doesn’t mean we have to be great thinkers: it just means thinking outside the box.

Repeating what we’ve been told may make us seem very clever, but this cleverness is still inside the box. Thinking clearly is unbiased perception.

So what’s outside the box?
Freedom, empathy and gratitude for whatever is inside the box.

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We Cannot Find It

We cannot find it because we are it,
so there’s no getting away from it.

This ‘it’
is pure consciousness,
– or God.

Truth has to be realised, not worshipped.

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Going To Heaven?

The greatest confidence trick ever played.

Heaven, or nirvana, is not in a realm ‘above’; it is where we are, now.

Nothing is as pure as pure consciousness. Pure consciousness = heaven = nirvana = paradise = enlightenment = here now. If we think that heaven is something to achieve or believe in, then we are not in reality.

If we think in this way, then our practice remains a half-hearted theory and realisation becomes a gentle fantasy. Our spiritual practice is remembering our true nature and cutting through those fixations we have become.

False confidence is belief.
True confidence is knowing.

In all sorts of ways,
we have given up our authority of knowing.

Even if we are told that we are enlightened right now, there is always someone ready to dress it up in a religion and culture. It is because of our attachment to religion and culture that we feel vulnerable and doubt our sanity, and so we keep going back to the teacher for more instructions. Why? Because we still believe that we do not know, and they fulfil our neediness.

On reflection, the best teaching I had from a lama was,
“Sod off!”
It hurt, but made me review everything.

“But if we are in heaven now, shouldn’t there be angels, dakas and dakinis, bodhisattvas and the holy ones all around us?” There are … and it’s all in the way in which we see. Sure, we live in a very messy illusion, but inside, we are all in contentment: we just doubt and fear because everyone one else does.

If you are not in heaven, where are you?
The place to be purified?
Purification is just a matter of letting go.

Try it and see.

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The Undo Button

The undo button ends all suffering. We merely have to hold it down until we realise that the suffering does not exist, and that there was no need for a button at all.

We may think that pure consciousness is something amazing to achieve. It’s not. It’s what we are right now. This realisation is nothing amazing. What is amazing is that it to took so long to realise it!

It takes so long because we either ignore our true reality, or we dress realisation up in religion, ritual and philosophy. “But … but … realised people could fly and walk through walls!” Well, we can open a door and walk upstairs 😀

Life is too short to fantasise about what could happen. Realisation is practical; we realise our only true reality, and that is pure consciousness. Our expression then depends on the level of altruism, where there is nothing to gain.

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Exposing The Truth

Exposing the truth is a matter of exposing this pretentious self whichattempts to impress by affecting greater importance than it actually possesses. The truth is exposed in the moment of seeing our unconscious corruption. We are not what we see: we are the seeing. Pure consciousness.

This is important, as we can now see the true value of things. There are two aspects here. One; we no longer exaggerate. Two; all appearances spontaneously remind us that they have no permanent reality. In the moment of seeing, recognition is spontaneously present; seeing and the recognition of seeing are a union.

If we do not recognise that seeing (skilful intelligence) is taking place, then we become lost in a world of exaggerated illusions. Realisation is knowing the true value of life, which is the ability to end suffering, knowing that we are not this body and mind fixation – the private world of our experiences.

This body and mind does suffer, experiencing residues of trauma (emotional shocks following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may lead to long-term neurosis). If we cling to that ‘wound’, it will become a life sentence.

Incidentally, spiritual materialism can also cause trauma as we may be told to see things in a certain way while, in time, we start to see them differently, which can be quite a shock. We may be told that we should be“happy for no reason”,meaning that happiness does not rely on conditions. But then we realise that happiness does comes from something; it arises from the realisation that we are pure consciousness. “Happy for no reason” is a temporary occurrence, while the realisation of pure consciousness is the real thing!

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How We Realise Ultimate Truth

Look into the one who is looking.
Look into the one who is questioning.
Look into the one who is hearing thoughts.

“Surely it cannot be that simple!”
Who says?

Study and ritual are symbolic teachers;
they are important if we are undecided on that one truth
– the great ‘know-all’.

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The Six Perfections = Right Atmosphere

Sometimes, terms can cause confusion; we may lose interest in their true meaning and therefore don’t value them.

The six paramitas (a Sanskrit term) – or six perfections as they are called – are six conditions for enlightenment to occur. We could say that these six conditions are the blue print for the entire path: they are the causes and conditions for enlightenment. They are sometimes referred to as the ‘foundations’ but that suggests that they are at the bottom when, in reality, they permeate the entire temple to support the ‘golden roof’ – the sixth atmosphere of pure consciousness.

The six conditions are generosity/kindness, patience/tolerance, morality/conscience, perseverance/ discipline, concentration/meditation and transcendent realisation of pure consciousness.

The first five are concerned with creating the right conditions for approaching or supporting the moment of pure consciousness – the sixth pure atmosphere of emptiness.

How do they work?
In meditation, we concentrate. To concentrate, we require perseverance. To support perseverance, we need conscience that recognises right action. Moved by conscience, we develop patience. When we are patient, we have generosity towards whatever arises. Generosity is an open heart and open mind, a kind heart and a kind mind.

How do we then get to the emptiness of pure consciousness?
Through right conduct, we gradually establish the conditions for the recognition of awareness that is ever-present as pure consciousness.

The other approach is when we are directly introduced to the nature of mind being pure consciousness, uncontaminated by desires or fears and thus no longer ignorant of its true nature. This activation may be formal (the pointing out instruction) or come about as a sudden shock (‘crazy ‘wisdom).

When we meditate, we need to be kind to our discursive mind, showing generosity and patience, knowing what is right, being tenacious, and staying focused. This brings about stillness and clarity to realise that consciousness is present, and that this consciousness is ultimately pure or totally open.

Once we are kind to ourselves, then we can empathise and be kind to others. On an everyday level, generosity, patience, perseverance, conscience and concentration are normal qualities of being a decent human being. On an ultimate level, the paramitas are our conduct to remain within pure consciousness, effortlessly. In pure consciousness, these qualities are naturally present, now.

The six conditions can either be theoretical or realised.
As a theory, they become a duality; something ‘I do’.
As a realisation, they are an inseparable expression of non-dual pure consciousness; things still get done, but without an I-fixation.

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Inspiration From An Insidious Source

Insidious: mid 16th century from Latin insidiosus ‘cunning’, from insidiae ‘an ambush or trick’, from insidere ‘to lie in wait for’.

Deliberate memes create our norm.
Meme: an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.

We meditate – so that ignorance may dawn as wisdom.
Wisdom is seeing clearly, without distortions.
Waking up, we realise the true nature of our own mind,
rather than that of someone else.

Who is that ‘someone else’? Those who create events in the world to exploit the gullible. This is exactly why we are in the mess we’re in. Our lives have been dictated, and we unconsciously conform – or, more to the point, conform by reacting. This fantasy world, created for us, is our norm.

Ideas are introduced into a population through social engineering, to divide us from one another. They are plausible and attractive fancies placed into our consciousness, and then subtly changed to other plausible and attractive fancies … and so we are divided. We take sides, creating chaos, confusion and suffering. Don’t believe me; just look and see: do we really think that things just happen for no reason?

The power-hungry collude with the delivery system – the media – to created chaos, confusion and suffering so that we conform to maintain their illusion of power.

The life we lead is a charade that’s been played out over centuries, so that we forget what it is really all about, and end up accepting something that is far removed from our reality. Our reality is that we are wisdom beings – homo sapiens – with an ultimate reality of homo divinum – divine beings.

If we believe in anything, then we fall prey to exploitation by thosewho make full use of and derive benefit from a resource. That resource is us. Our ignorance of our true nature of pure knowing consciousness stops us from being free. If we do not awaken, then we will be ambushed by likes and dislikes. Just before these likes and dislikes manifest, there is the delight of pure awareness, and it is in that moment that we are free. Free from anxiety.

Once we are free from being controlled by likes and dislikes, it is then that we are able to chose what is of true benefit, what is habitual, and what is harmful. As the saying goes, “If you keep doing the same thing and expect a different answer, that is an indication of insanity.”

Knowing we have a real choice is the secret to real enlightenment.

An empty cushion is not the answer.
An empty mind is.

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Emptiness Is All You Need, To Know

When the mind is free of bias,
the view is clear.
In emptiness, my likes, my dislikes, my carelessness
are clearly recognised.

We can also recognise when others’ are imposing
their likes, dislikes and carelessness onto us.

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Ultimately, We Become Apostates

In the moment of pure consciousness,
we abandon all claims and beliefs.

Apostate: Middle English from ecclesiastical Latin apostata, from Greek apostatēs – apostate, runaway slave. Abandonment of a claim, right, possession, a cause, bad habit, or way of life. Renouncing religious or political beliefs or principle.

Ultimately, we become non-conformist renunciants.
Jesus was. Buddha was. Socrates was.
Anyone who transcends this mortal coil is.

Concepts and beliefs are a dangerous business. We are led to believe that an apostate is someone who no longer believes and is, at the least, shunned. No longer believing could be seen as equivalent to blasphemy, the act of insulting a deity, or showing a lack of reverence toward something considered sacred. The scary thing is that, in some social circles, one can be arrested or even put to death for not believing.

Some religions consider blasphemy to be a religious crime, so if we do not go along with religious beliefs, this could be thought of as a hate crime. Nowadays, this ‘thought crime’ extends to matters such as gender reorientation; we are told to believe what another believes.

Being shunned by fellow students is part of the fixated mindset. There are spiritual students who will not talk to others because they do not believe in the same way. Nothing changes: in the middle ages, if a man healed people with herbs and medicines he was thought of as an apothecary, whereas if a woman did the same, she would have been condemned as a witch. Simply put, we are supposed to know our place.

Religion means ‘to bind’.
It seems we have to believe what we are told,
rather than realising that we are actually free in the moment of seeing.
In pure consciousness, there in nothing to hold onto.

We should all be mindful of what we do, think or say.

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Levels Of Consciousness

As we train our mind, we raise the level of consciousness. By remembering and valuing pure consciousness, the frequency of forgetting shortens, and so we stay in pure consciousness longer.

Distractions cause us to wander off, and we forget what we are (distractions are mental obscurations to which we cling, and fixate about). Remembering cuts through all mental obscurations, and we are free in the moment of seeing. But how often do we remember?

The diagram below is not literal: there may be ten levels or billions of levels – or perhaps we group. They do say birds of a feather flock together… We can be the judge of this as we know how often we remember, don’t we? However we are, we can change in an instant!

Intellectually, we can see how most people live their lives, in various levels of distraction; this could be termed ‘various levels of ignorance’. Most of us live in the past or future. Conversations are either lost in history (what we’ve done) or geography (where we’ve been) … distractions, distractions, distractions… How often do people live in the moment now?

But there is something constant that goes unnoticed. The dotted line represents our endless, pure nature of conscious awareness, our Buddha nature or enlightened nature. The wavy lines indicates how often we wander off, indicating how often we return to sanity.

We all have a principle that makes our life worthwhile. In Buddhism, this principle is pure, compassionate awareness. The more we remember, the more we return and rest there.

The dotted line is our ruler, our guide: we may wander off but, in remembering, we return again and again. The trick is not to wander off! This is about the clarity of cognisance. Enlightenment occurs when we never wander off, day or night.





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This Person Isn’t Me

Person: from Old French persone, from Latin persona;
‘actor’s mask, character in a play’
Later- human being.

So what am I?
We are not exactly that which is aware of this persona, this mask: that is ordinary consciousness. On a subtler level, we are aware of this. On an extremely subtle level, pure consciousness is beyond any self identification.

Don’t believe me!

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The Two Aspects of Our Being

The pure, empty spirit of cognisant consciousness, and reflections of thoughts and images.

Our absolute being is like an clear mirror that reflects everything without comment. When this pure consciousness (absolute truth) attaches itself to thoughts and images, we called that relative truth, because we are relating to phenomena.

This relating is in the nature of memories and judgements, and that is why we just react, going into our usual act or programme. If we are subject to reacting to these memories and judgements, then we can be manipulated. How do we get memories and judgements? Education and the media. Oh, you thought you were original?! 😀

These images in the mind have no actual reality, but because we relate to or believe in them, they seem very real. The words and images on this computer screen are only seen in the mind via the brain mechanism and senses. We may think that thoughts are just seen, so why should we bother about whether they’re inside or outside? Well, it takes time for that seeing to be processed in order for us to make decisions. The problem is that we do not see clearly because, a milli-moment later, we relate to memories and then judgements, and that clouds our reality. We stop seeing and start relating, and we have moved from being mode to having mode.

To realise our true nature – which is Buddha nature or enlightened nature – we use six instructions that are the path to true realisation. Five relate to relative truth (our everyday experiences) and the sixth is the enlightened realisation.

These six instructions are our path to enlightenment: generosity, patience, morality/conscience, discipline/perseverance, meditation/concentration and wisdom. Wisdom (or transcendent knowledge) is the goal; that is pure consciousness.

Now, there are two paths we can take. We can either start with the five relative instructions for daily life and gradually realise the sixth, or we can start with the sixth, and use the five to support our conduct in daily life.

By the way, pure consciousness is being original!


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Dealing With An Agitated Mind

Simply be aware of that which is aware of the agitation,
and rest that clarity.
The same goes for all emotions.

Knowing that the Sanskrit word for ‘suffering’ is ‘duhkha’
doesn’t help, does it?

There is no magic in Pali, Sanskrit, or Tibetan languages: it is the meaning that comes from silent realisation of pure experience that is important. The formulation of vowels and consonants are metered to chant nicely in those languages, and that’s all. Their only power is in our imagination – it’s psychological.

Simply adopting foreign words (where there is an equivalent in your own language) is pompous, and an unnecessary cultivation. If we cultivate, we create a cult attitude, and are blind to the greater picture. To walk into a cafe and ask for a fried yumurta anywhere other than Azerbijan would just cause confusion … 😀

It is the realisation of experience that brings forth true confidence. We deal with confusion by simply being aware of that which is aware of the confusion, and rest that clarity. We don’t need to make life more complicated.

Pure consciousness is not Buddhism. Buddhism offers a way to realise pure consciousness here and now, but we don’t have to be Buddhist to realise our true nature … the Buddha wasn’t. The same goes for God consciousness; we don’t have to be Christian – Christ wasn’t.

If we walk around with a badge saying “I’m Buddhist” or “I’m Christian” (or anything else for that matter), we will remain in a duality. Having a badge doesn’t mean the door will open. When we drop the badge, we realise that we are already through the door.

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Waking Up To Waking Up To Waking Up

First, we wake up to lies and deception. Then we wake up from the pandemonium* of the pontificators** on podiums*** giving us antidotes that only make the lies and deception seem more real. Finally, we walk off into the sunset leaving it all behind, thankful that it was seeing the lies and deception that actually woke us up! 😀

* place of demons.** dogma laid down  as undeniably true*** place above an audience

We realise that life is unsatisfactory. We seek answers in philosophies or spiritual traditions that conjure up a set of ideas and rituals to counter this feeling of dissatisfaction, but all they do is create temporary antidotes. The antidotes make us feel that the dissatisfaction is real – so the dissatisfaction returns … and antidotes become a business.

Finally, we decide on what actually works for us – the realisation that lies, deception and antidotes are a way of life – and we live happily ever after, knowing that the world iscrazy, and so now it all makes sense! 😀

Realising the dream is a sign post to waking up.

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Adaptability is the Definition of Intelligence

If we are not adaptable, then we are fixated.

Whatever appears in a fixated mind is a threat.
Whatever appears in an open mind is wisdom.

Ultimately, an open mind is pure consciousness,
empty of contamination.

Anything that appears within that emptiness
is our spiritual path to enlightenment.

All appearances are empty of inherent existence,
and therefore a reminder
that appearances are emptiness within emptiness.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama said,
“If science proves Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism has to change.”
Have confidence in seeing rather than in beliefs.

The outcome is not taking anything too seriously!

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Meditation: Order Out Of Chaos

Mental chaos occurs when pure consciousness (our true reality) becomes obscured by our fixations. That loss of pure, spontaneous clarity creates chaos, confusion and suffering. We become divided when we miss the oscillation between pure consciousness and contaminated consciousness. Contaminated consciousness is based on memories and judgements rather than immediate investigation before memories and judgements kick in.

Order means returning to our natural balance of pure consciousness, which is experienced and realised through meditation. Meditation is sitting quietly, seeing whatever is going on in our mind, and realising that we are, in fact, free in that moment of seeing. The purity sees the impurity; it’s that simple. When we become divided in consciousness, we experience doubt, confusion and frustration.

The resulting suffering comes about through the belief in and projection of an obsessive self image. When life becomes unsatisfactory, we look for someone to blame rather than taking personal responsibility. Seeing the entire picture is, unfortunately, rare; not seeing the wood for the trees, we become so involved in the details of things that we do not understand or pay attention to the most important parts of it.

We’ve all heard about the ‘Illuminati’, the committee of 300, Skull and Bones, the Trilateral Commission, reptilians etc that are said to want to control the population of the world. They create disorder to promote chaos, and then present us with an alternative order in their favour (“Order Out Of Chaos” is even on the US dollar bill).

This is all a smoke screen, an exaggeration, an exploitation of power. It’s all an act. Blaming others, we become divided, as this seems to be an easier option than realising that we can be free. We allow all this nonsense while not realising that, in the meantime, our inner chaos is being exploited through our addiction to ideas.

Yes, there are captains of chaos. Yes, they create havoc and confusion in the world. Yes, they make money-making laws, guns, films, games, media, pills, religions … but we don’t have to be drawn into their fantasy playground.

All these groups are just like us, controlled by desires and aversions and ignorant our true nature of pure, compassionate consciousness. It’s suggested that there is an evil behind these groups that wants to reduce the human population so that they can gain more power – but this is just another layer of mental confusion. Of course, the wealthy want to hang on to their wealth and live long and prosper, while lacking empathy for others and feeling entitled to do whatever they want. On a conventional level, such selfish principles will never end.

The only way out of this chaos is to accept that humans are governed by an idea of self importance and a sense of entitlement. We do not, however, have to follow in those footsteps. Meditation helps us both to see clearly, and to know when enough is enough.

Everything comes about by causes and conditions so things – although impermanent – never end; energy just changes form. We cannot stop the world and get off, but we can stop being caught up in others’ fantasies. Life is too short to worry about everything. Know thy self, and that which knows this knowing. Pure consciousness cannot be altered or modified, but only distracted.

The chaos is ultimately an illusion. If we back away from this illusion, it magnifies in our imagination. When we walk up to it and investigate, it is merely a puff of smoke.

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Spiritually Empty?

Well, you can’t get better than that!
Em Ah Ho!
(how wonderful)

…what were you expecting?!

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If Transmigration Is A Reality

If transmigration is a reality,
then everything we say, do and think will have an effect on our future.
Whatever we say, do and think now writes that future plan.

If transmigration is no ta reality,
then everything we say, do and think will have an effect on our future.
Whatever we say, do and think nowwrites that future plan.

Either way, being mindful of whatever we say, do and think enriches our lives.
The opposite of being mindful is being oblivious to the future effects
of whatever we say, do or think now.

An enriched life is one that has the fruitful potential of enlightenment.
Being enlightened is the realisation of our true nature,
having no script to follow, only nowness.

Nowness tells us what to say, do and think – and then we drop it.
The future is the next moment … fresh!

Either way, be happy with whatever occurs, because it is showing us something.
We may not like what we are being shown,
and that, in itself, is showing us something.

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Is There a Universal Creator?

How did it all begin?

We have a distortion in our perception that creates an illusion.
Realising this illusion is the path to enlightened wisdom.

Most of us don’t bother with the question, “Is there a creator?”: we just continue in the illusion that we are making our own choices, unaware that we are governed by desires, judgements and indifference (‘indifference’ is another word for ignorance; we ignore our true nature of pure consciousness that doesn’t need, judge or ignore).

Many believe in God the creator to make sense of life, while being unaware that their minds are also governed by desires, judgements and indifference.

The minds of those who say that there is no creator are still governed by the same desires, judgements and indifference.

To prove what governs us, just walk into a room full of people and note to whom you are attracted, whom you avoid and whom you do not notice. These principles govern us – and the infinite universe – at every moment.

What does Buddhism say to this question of a creator?
Buddhists do not believe in God the creator … but there is a creator.

That creator is an ‘I’; a self image. If something is created, then it stands to reason that there would first have to be a desire to create. We desire, and so we create. In order to create, there has to be a plan. We are the creators of that plan which was produced from our desires, judgements and indifference: these three are thus the creators of the universe.

“How can we be the creator, and have a plan? I didn’t form a plan! I didn’t draw up any proposal!”

Plan: a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

Actually we all have a plan.
Desires, judgements and indifference are the creators of the universe: these three are attraction, repulsion and inertia. These principles arose when we created a self, forgetting that our absolute reality is above and beyond desires, judgements and indifference. Before these principles are activated, there has to be pure consciousness present.

Our desires created a plan, and for our plan to manifest, the natural principles of the universe bring about the necessary conditions through attraction, repulsion and inertia.

The plan was created by our desires (attraction) and, as we’re picky, the plan acquired judgements (repulsion). Because we are unaware of what we are doing, indifference arises and we ignore the effects of the plan (inertia). In other words, karma! Our karma wrote our plan.

So how does it all work?
As this is an alternative view between God the creatorandnatural selection, it is just something to consider. There are infinite beings (beings are anything that has a mind) in an infinite universe that transmigrate from form to form due to an individual, karmic plan.

The principle of the universe creates solar systems and planets whose suns run down, causing ‘big bangs’; the energy from those implosions brings energy for a new system. It’s infinite. At a certain time and place, a planet evolves with conditions for single cell life: from this, more complex forms evolve and attract ‘LIFE’. Transmigrating beings enter these cells and, gradually, intelligent life develops and appears as us. We have come a long way.

We can easily see that the life we lead is our creation, born of adapting to the collective. We, as a type, are attracted to certain areas on earth – like attracts like. Governed by desires, judgements and indifference, we suffer in chaos and confusion, constantly going up and down in this vicious cycle of existence.

We – and the universe – are one huge cycle of existence … until we decide to get off. We do this by we realising that the illusion never existed, and enlightenment is our reality.

It’s important to remember there is a difference between absolute reality and conventional, relative reality. We have to know the difference between the relative and absolute reality of the three principles: desire, judgement and indifference are relative terms, whereas, in absolute terms, these same principles are empty essence, cognisant nature and compassionate activity.

When an enlightened mind recognises the three negative principles, it remembers its true nature spontaneously. It is said, therefore, that the relative and absolute truths are, in fact, inseparable.

Is There a Universal Creator?
Funnily enough, there is.

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Nobody Is Innocent, And Everyone Is Pure

Anyone could realise this, and Somebody did!

We all cause harm in some way.
Harm happens when consciousness adopts an ‘i’ to project.
We are here to reverse the harm this ‘i’ has caused,
or we can, of course, continue to project our ‘i’
and attract more of the same; harm.

“What harm have ‘i’ done?”
By this ‘i’ obsession,
we not only harm our own inner peace,
we harm the inner peace of others as well.

How do we switch off this projection?
By realising what we are doing,
we no longer harm others,
and bring to light both inner and outer peace.

How do we do that?
When we meditate,
we see the effect of our actions and,
in that moment of seeing,
we are free.

Being free is our natural state of pure, empty, unbiased awareness.

The way we see life
is the way life projects back to us.

When we project an ‘i’,
‘i’s are projected back to us.
When no ‘i’ is projected,
there is inner and outer peace.

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Practice Is More Important Than Knowledge

Through practice, we realise the wisdom-knowledge within. Outer knowledge is theory. Inner realisation born of wisdom manifests as genuine empathetic compassion. That is the spiritual litmus test.

When stillness walks into a room, we know it.

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The Name Of This Blog

I wanted to call the blog, “Buddhas In The Mud”, in the sense that we are all Buddhas dwelling in the mud of concepts.

But when spoken, that could sound like, “Buddha’s In The Mud”, meaning that the Buddha is in the mud, which he obviously isn’t 🙂

It’s the imagined apostrophe that’s the problem 😀

We are all potential Buddhas In The Mud.
As my Mum used to say,
“Now go and wash it off!”

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There Is Nothing Spiritual About Belief

Belief is something we accept without proof, whereas spirituality is actual experience: it is realisation of the spirit of pure consciousness.

We can do this now. Look and see, and then drop all internal comments or feelings. For thousands of years, we have given our power away to something ‘up there’, or ‘down there’: the deception is obvious when pointed out.

Heaven is knowing our true nature of pure consciousness.
Hell is not knowing our true nature of pure consciousness.

In between is doubt.

We look and see that we are conscious. In that experience, we drop the looking and just see. We realise that, in just seeing, there is only the natural spontaneous presence of pure awareness or consciousness. When there is doubt, then we have to rely on belief which has to be maintained. It’s easier to purely know, as that’s maintenance-free. When we know, we can never not know.

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Why Do We Refer To God As Him’?

This is not meant to be funny, politically correct, sexist or anti God. Not at all!
Why was man created in God’s image? Did God have dangly bits?

We have been fed illusion after illusion, obscuring reality for millennia.
God has to be pure consciousness. What else can God be?
We are pure consciousness. What else can we be?

Pure consciousness has neither gender nor agenda.
If God had a purpose, what is it? When we look at the world, whatever plan was envisaged hasn’t worked. Or has it?
Peace on Earth and good will to all ‘men’ ??!

People have claimed to have heard the word of God, declaring that God spoke to them. Why do we believe them? Have they actually said anything that clarifies reality, or do they just add to the story line?

Is that inner voice our inspiration?
Or self-aggrandisement?

We can all claim that God speaks to us, but words are part reasoning and part inspiration. When we realise that a Theistic God or Buddhist Rigpa is nothing other than our reality of pure consciousness, then we are free from intercessors who claim to be the holy ones, and tell us what we should be doing – and how much it costs :D.

Humanity has been bombarded with ideas for a very very long time and so, of course, it will be difficult to release ourselves from this programming.

Why do we have an ‘image’ of God as a him, when the commandments say: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”?

A subtle deception binds us. To know God or Rigpa – or whatever we want to call it – we merely look within and realise that we are what we seek.

Dangly bits and Gardens of Eden maintain life on Earth.
No dangly bits and Gardens of Eden, no enlightenment!

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Do We Feel We’re Not Making Spiritual Progress?

This is a psychological dilemma rather than a spiritual one. Spirit is nothing more than pure consciousness; it’s what we are, right now. It is that which sees these words without comment or judgement. Our spiritual essence isn’t something ‘airy fairy’ that drifts around, a soul in the ether: that concept of an ethereal soul is a psychological idea that has led us astray and separated us from our reality (wandering around in the ether is what we are said to do after death!).

Spiritual progress is to do with levels of confidence in clarity without bias, having compassion for all. This doesn’t mean that slanted views go unnoticed.

Anecdotes of others’ spiritual lives may skew our insight – that was theirlife, and our life is ours. Some have paths of bliss and wonder, and some have paths of sticks and stones to climb over. We are not here to conform to a type: this conformity is seen all too often in ‘spiritual’ centres. The way we manifest is down to our pattern of karma, which is the raw material that shows us our path. We’re not here to put on an act, but to deal with raw experience.

Spiritual progress is being content with our ‘shit’, warts and all. Only then can we empathise and understand how others may feel, having compassion and listening. Maybe spiritual progress is just about being able to listen, hear and drop judgements.

Actually, this is precisely the direct pointing out instruction on the nature of mind of Dzogchen – look, see, drop – which is illustrated by a gesture from the teacher: hands up, palms facing out (look), palms turned in to face us (see), hands dropped onto the lap (drop all judgement).

So, spiritual progress is the ability to just drop whatever we are holding onto.

Absurdly simple.

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Finding What You Are Looking For

There are around 2,360 entries on this blog … probably too many 😀

In ‘Search’ (right at the bottom of the page), try typing a word that comes to mind, and see what pops up. I do this all the time: you’d be surprised at the connections that seem to come out of the blue. I find I have an abstract idea floating around in my mind, and I pick up a random text – and wow! The dots join up, as if like attracts like. Dictionaries are great for this as they expose a deeper meaning of a word.

An example:A common phrase such as, “The truth is in plain sight” may come to mind: I wondered what ‘plain’ meant.
Plain:not decorated or elaborate; simple or basic in character. Having no pretensions; not remarkable or special. Easy to perceive or understand; clear. Hidden in plain sight. 

‘Plain sight’ is nothing other than pure consciousness. There is nothing remarkable or special in this as it is Buddha nature, and we are all Buddha nature. That conclusion is so satisfying.

I find it difficult to believe in the supernatural,
but there is always something in the atmosphere!
😀 😀 😀

The purpose of this blog is to find want is needed, apply it and see if it works. There are some strange ideas being fed into society that divide us from our common sense. When we use words in a limited way, it limits us: this is one reason why different generations may find it difficult to communicate. More and more youngsters are feeling depressed, isolated and pointless. Religions do not seem to be the answer as they just formalise and generalise a set path.

Doublespeak is the complete opposite of plain and simple truth, distorting words and phrases in order to bury a truth. Euphemisms attempt to make certain situations more palatable, deliberately muddying the water. Doublespeak is a deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language that infects the minds of the masses: thoughts and ideas mould us and we become complaint with others’ views.

This blog is just about being aware, and then being aware of awareness; consciousness. Pure consciousness. That is the first and foremost truth. In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, this is called Dzogchen. You are Dzogchen! That is what you are looking for.

All religions have a element of truth in them, but we tend to become stuck in the decoration and elaboration, and lose the simplicity of pure consciousness. The confusion surrounding elaborations keeps us running back. Realising the essence, we are free.

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Robot To Preach At Buddhist Temple

“Kannon” is designed to attract young people to a Kyoto temple.

The question is, “Why?”

Is the path of believing a machine
the path to believing any machine?

And who writes the data?
And at what level?


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The Three Causes Of The Known Universe

We all know them:

Positive, negative and neutral.
Attraction, repulsion and inertia.
Desire, aversion and indifference.

The three poisons obscuring spiritual realisation.

The Three Causes of the Knowing Universe

Emptiness, cognisance, compassion.
The three wisdoms to spiritual realisation.

The correlation

Desire = Emptiness
Aversion = Awareness
Ignorance = Compassion

When we forget emptiness, desire fills emptiness with concepts.
When we forget awareness, aversion arises as we start judging.
When we forget compassion, ignorance becomes indifferent to others.


It’s so simple … but a lot to take in.

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There Are No Interpretations Of The Truth

There are, however, different levels of the realisation of that truth.

So what is the truth?
Truth is that which is aware.
Truth is that which recognises.
Truth is therefore already known.

The natural awareness of all beings is the one truth
that has no interpretations.

Unfortunately, we interpret and discuss and pontificate and doubt and die.
All the while, pure awareness sat and watched, while we were busy.

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Transcending Traumas, Obscurations and Scars

Traumas are what happen to us. Obscurations are our holding on to those traumas. Traumas are troubling incidences that happened in the past, but they also pertain to a moment ago. Interestingly, it’s the bad things that stick with us, rather than the good things. These are life wounds, the karmic results we constantly pick at, keeping old wounds open.

We may reach a point in our spiritual development or intellectual understanding where we see the effect of a trauma and decide to drop it; being no longer bothered by it, the obscuration doesn’t have a hold on us – or rather, doesn’t seemto have a hold on us. This is where the scar comes in.

Until enlightenment, traumas leave scars – a closed wound, or a residue of a disturbance. If we can recognise this, then we can leave the scar to self-heal. The compassion aspect of this is that we can now empathise with others who feelthat they are still suffering. We may believe that we are suffering, but this is merely a scar, a memory: we suffer because we hold on the trauma, and may even cherish our suffering, or fear forgetting the past.

If we don’t recognise this scarring, we scratch at it and open the wound up again, repeating scenarios. The feeling of blame or guilt won’t heal anything; we have all done or said things in the past that caused harm in some way.

We are one huge illusory scar that can self heal if we leave it alone. If we believe we are only the body and mind, we will suffer, as anything physical or mental is temporary.

Trust in seeing, and never be traumatised again!
Never have the wool pulled over your eyes again!
As Tulku Urgyen stated, “We are free in the moment of seeing.”

Scars: get used to them.
It’s a sign of a warrior.


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Our Hidden Aspect

It is sometimes difficult to discuss ‘spirit’ or pure consciousness with others as this is something they have either not have considered, or have a vague idea about. Our spiritual aspect – pure consciousness – may seem hidden from us. It’s disturbing that most of us don’t bother to appreciate consciousness; we just walk around, doing ‘stuff’ when, in truth, our reality is consciousness itself.

On a street level, we don’t bother to notice consciousness.
On a conventional, conceptual level, we can all see that weare conscious and aware.
On a philosophical level, we can infer or theorise that consciousness has to be pure and uncontaminated in order to see clearly.
On a wisdom level, this pure clarity is realised directly as being what we are.
Until this moment, our essential nature is hidden or secret.

When consciousness is aware of consciousness,
we are no longer unconscious.

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An Inconvenient Truth About Convenience

Convenience: the state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty.
From Latin ‘convenientia’: assembling, agreeing.

Convenience is the modern way of life; we are fed easy ways of doing things and these conveniences become a necessity on which we rely. The more we give in to convenience, the more we become part of the machinery (and in steps the RFID micro-chip!).

Insidious ideas creep into our lives over generations, and we lose sight of normality. This is how others’ ideas become ours.

What is normal, and how do we get back to it? ‘Normal’ derives from the Latin ‘normalis’, from norma: ‘a carpenter’s square’. Deviate from a right angle and it is no longer accurate.

Likewise, the normal nature of consciousness is pure and uncontaminated. Deviate from that and it becomes impure and contaminated. We are pure perception, pure consciousness, clear vision. When this pure consciousness is attracted to something, it loses sight of its normal state.

We are fed ideas so that our minds have become a convenience store, full of easy, pre-prepared concepts without substance.

We do not need others to run our life for their convenience: we have the natural ability to know what is beneficial and what is not, for our human and spiritual welfare.

The result of ignorance is confusion.
In essence, we have never been confused:
we just ignored our knowing.

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Psychological Viruses

We are attacked daily by a virus of concepts and chemicals that controls our way of life, so we need antibodies to counter the harm, confusion and suffering caused by this.

Antibodies recognise alien bacteria, viruses and foreign substances – in this case, concepts. The antibody to concepts is recognition.

We have the natural ability to re-cognise, because we already know but have put this knowingness to one side. This knowingness is pure consciousness which was in charge of our minds until we relinquished our authority to others. All media in this samsaric world (samsara – the vicious cycle of existence) is like a virus that infects our mind – and therefore our immune system: we become stressed and run down. Unfortunately, it is we who spread these viruses to others, with our opinions gleaned from doubtful sources.

Our minds need a spring clean! That is the purpose of meditation. It unwinds all the ideas that cling to one another, forming the assemblage that we call ‘me’ and my view of life.

We are natural, pure clarity – the jewel in the mud of concepts. Realise that the mud has no effect on this jewel: the mud merely covers and disguises it. We need wash it off – and that is the purpose of meditation. Once it is clean, just let it shine!

We recognise by remembering. Reading or hearing beneficial words that we respect injects a clarity virus into our mind to sustain our perseverance. We then know why to meditate twice a day, on the doctor’s advice! Doctor: Latin docere ‘to teach’.

In meditation, we are immune to influences.
We are then ready for service.

Immune: protected, not affected or influenced by something.

Let’s hope this goes viral!

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The ‘Very Advanced’ Practice Of One Taste

😀 😀 😀

I don’t know about you, but I was led to believe that “one taste” meant that a realised person had acquired supernatural powers and so, for them, there would be no difference between eating glass or cheese. I thought that meant that both could be easily digested because the practitioner realised the illusion of all things. A slight misunderstanding on my part … but one that was never demystified. For me, this misunderstanding was attached to everything Tibetan, and so it was all a mystery (and a bit of a carrot in front of the donkey!).

The ‘very advanced’ practice of one taste is simple.

In the very moment of tasting, seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, there is one pure experience of … just experiencing. There is no me (experiencer) and no memory or judgement (thing experienced). There is just experience. In that moment, one is not bothered whether something is hot or cold, sweet or sour: there is just taste before any personal preference, which comes a milli-moment later.

The very moment after pure experience, we then give a name to that experience – which is pragmatic, as we don’t need to swallow glass, and shouldn’t put cheese where a window should be.

Of course, if we see ever a miracle that has meaning, then we will know something special has happened. Until then, rely on common sense, insight and clarity. Life is too short to wait around for mysteries, beliefs and fantasies to appear.

And there we have it: all appearances are an illusion.

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There Is Nothing Wrong With Having Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with having thoughts.
It is clinging to those thoughts that creates a fixed personality
that controls our behaviour – and our life.

Life then become one long repetition.
Being fresh within any situation bring new inspiration.
Letting go of fixations brings a clear view.

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Oneness Isn’t Twoness

Oneness is non-dual realisation.
Twoness is dual realisation.

When we relate,
that is duality.

When there is no relating,
that is non-duality.

When there is I,
there is you.

When there is no I,
there is only you.

Love is like that.

The word ‘oneness’ may confuse us: at the lower levels, negative emotions and wisdom are separate whereas, at the highest level, negative emotions and wisdom are one and the same. By virtue of one, the other is known, spontaneously.

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Realising Our Ultimate Being

Our ultimate being is pure cognisance.

What else can it be?

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So We Think We Have Free Will?

Free will is beyond acquired thinking.

What else can it be?

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A Deity Is A Symbol of Our Ultimate Being

Deities are symbols of our ultimate being: pure cognisance.

What else can they be?

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Spiritual Teaching Should Be Free

Spiritual teachings are telling us what we already are.
Why do we have to pay to be told what we are?

The whole point of freedom is being unbound.

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Is ‘Truth’ Just Another Idea?

Truth is not a mental construct as truth can never change.

All things and ideas are changeable because they are constructs, made from parts that come together by causes and conditions, and so they don’t have any inherent nature of their own.

So what is left?
Who asks the question?
It is our mind that asks questions, but who or what is aware of these questions?

Without consciousness, no question can be asked and no answer can be received.

So is consciousness the truth?
Consciousness is the faculty of perception, memory and judgement.
Its true nature, however, is empty receptivity because, before the faculty of perception, memory and judgement, there is pure awareness, empty of bias or contamination.
The ethereal clean slate!

We can only read words on paper by virtue of the clarity of the clean page on which they are written. If we merely write over a contaminated page, it will be difficult to see clearly.

Our pure state is the clarity of seeing.
That is the ultimate truth.
That unchanging spirit nature cannot be observed, but only realised in pure experience.

It is because of this that everything may be known.
It is knowingness, before anything is known.

It is home.
Home is a clear page.
Happy now.

The only way to know the truth is to suck it and see!

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The Age Of Fast Spiritual Progress

“But the world is in such a mess!”

The Dzogchen teachings are for this period in human history because they are the direct instruction into the nature of mind, the nature of reality. At this time, suffering is obvious, chaos is obvious and manipulation is obvious. The odds are stacked against humanity because of the influence of the power-crazies. It’s so clear that it’s wonderful; our ‘enemy’ is our best teacher.

In the face of adversity, spiritual progress is not concerned with competitiveness. It’s to do with realising the nature of ourmind, the recognition of ourtrue reality – consciousness.

When existence becomes pleasant,
we won’t bother to transcend.

Religion is a double-edged sword because, in looking for inner peace,
we either sit in the duality of inner stillness,
or there is merely non-dual stillness.
We have to know the difference.

Realisation is the recognition of pure consciousness
and whatever obscures this.

It is not the time to mess around!

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