You Don’t Have To Leave Your Name

If you want to make a comment, you don’t have to leave your name or email address. That is for WordPress’s … something 🙂 You will just come up as ‘anonymous’ or ‘someone’ – as I often do with my second thoughts, so as not to clutter up the main article – but you can end your comment with whatever name you choose to give – or not.

Feel free to comment or disagree,
it’s how we make progress.

Someone once left a comment – “No,”.
“No,” ?!
I was intrigued.
Not about the “No” but about the comma.
Did the comma mean something?
Had they changed their mind halfway through?
Did they just press the wrong key?!

I’d love to know what you really feel 🙂
Feedback is how we adapt to the moment.

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Let’s Get Depressed!

People get depressed because of confusion and doubt about their reality, and all society can do is give them a ‘pill’ to take, or talk them back into the state where they became depressed in the first place. This is why people are so predictable.

Feeling that there is more to life than whatever those influencers around us are pointlessly exuberant about, we can fall into darkness. Not to find an answer can feel really depressing.

We have to follow and have courage in our intuitive spirit: that spark in the darkness that others just do not see because they’re too busy admiring the outer glitter. And does it really make them happy?

Relief from suffering is experiencing the freedom from sentimental limitations. Suddenly, talents that had been hidden break through the fear of conformity.

There is a personal intuition that we should followed,
rather than surrendering to collective dogma.

Life is too short to live in doubt.
Gain confidence in the one point
– that we are pure consciousness.

Does this sound personal?

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Manipulation Of Emotions

We are emotional beings :D, and we must first recognise that emotions are present in every encounter. But what ’emotions’?

A thought becomes a fixation when we cling to it – and there is the emotion.

Others may be able to manipulate our emotions in order to get a reaction. That works, but we mustn’t run away with the idea that emotions are just negative. Understanding this is why evil can never, ever totally succeed; evil can take over the majority, but a few will always see through the charade.

In the very first instant when we realise ‘something is afoot’ (happening or beginning), consciousness suddenly illumines … “What’s this?!” That moment of not knowing is wisdom, as in a wise person admitting that they do not know. All the while, there is a knowingness of consciousness present.

The more evil tries to manipulate, the more we brighten up!
The more we are confused, the more enlightened we become!

Pure consciousness is just there … staring :O 😀 !

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Everything Is Appropriate

Karma is perfect.
The law of cause and effect is perfect.
Perfect ignorance, perfect karma.
Perfect wisdom, perfect karma.

“This is perfect, that is perfect.
Perfect comes from perfect.
When perfect is taken from perfect,
perfect still remains.”

Isha Upanishad

Perfect: from Latin perfectus, ‘completed’.

We are ruled by universal perfection, and there is no escape. All actions are complete in karma, and there’s no getting away from it. Everything comes about through cause and effect. Whether our intention is unconscious or conscious, there will be a result that is perfect for that situation.

The perfect laws are emptiness, consciousness and compassion. When ignored, these become the perfect gross laws of desire, aversion and indifference.

“A man who, on a icy path, ignores the laws of caution, comes under the laws of gravity.”
– C.S. Lewis.

Truth did not originate with the Buddha: he merely realised it.
The Buddha was brought up with the Upanishads.

We are all perfect Buddhas
dwelling in perfect ignorance.

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When We Actually See

When we actually see, we see the opposite everywhere:

Pure view / impure view.
Enlightened / unenlightened.
Conscious / unconscious.
Care / don’t care.
Good / evil.

Whatever is presented,
the opposite is also presented.

Once we see, we see that we didn’t see.

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We Live In Levels Of Worry

Worry is being anxious, troubled and uncertain over actual or potential outcomes.

When meeting another person, we may feel nervous or uneasy, wondering if it’s safe to talk about hopes and fears. There is a moment of blankness, and then we find ourselves falling into the mundane.

It’s as if we are living on a planet where certain matters are not spoken about: not speaking about worries doesn’t mean that the worries go away.

A question is asked to elicit information.
If we have no questions,
do we think there are no questions to ask?

We live in levels of ignorance.

Fools know everything,
except their ignorance.

Pure consciousness is absent of ignorance.

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What Is Between A Lie And The Truth?

What is between a lie and the truth?


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Is Buddhism Abnormal?

Normal: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
Abnormal: deviating from what is normal, typical, or expected.

We have a choice “whether to suffer the slings and arrow of outrageous fortune or take arms against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them.” Bad things happen in life, and are the reason to walk away to contemplate, to understand.

Most of us are excited about taking sides, arguing this or that point and dividing ourselves from one another.

This is our normal.
This is our normal?

Buddhism takes a different view from rigid theism and atheism.
It is the middle way, neither something nor nothing.

Consciousness is not a thing that can be said to exist,
but nether can we deny that a knowingness is present.

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Independent Thinking

This may sound strange as we assume that we are already independent thinkers, but it is only when we start asking questions about our self, that we can actually start to be independent. Otherwise, we are just going along with the collective, hoping ‘they’ are right. It’s quite a shock to realise that, with the best intention, we haven’t an original thought in our head. :-O

Independent: free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority.

All that is needed is to realise where our thinking came from.
That is independent thinking.

Freedom is freedom from our mind’s memories.
Now, we realise the psychological prison we have been living in.

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Well-Being Is Acceptance

Well-being isn’t about change for something better.
It’s about understanding and refining
what is actually already present.

Being angry for change merely brings about more anger.

We are not going to change the world;
we merely have to refine our understanding of it.

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Being At Peace With Your Self

It’s a nice place to be.

This isn’t about being smug; it’s a matter of building genuine confidence. Our self is a programmed effect in the mind born from our early environment. The quality of our hopes and fears creates the way we see life, and this is established in those early years. Even if we react against them, they have had their effect.

In our investigations, we accept our self, warts and all; if we want to realise the ultimate truth, we have to accept evidence from all sides. This self is our karmic path to enlightenment. The enlightened state is pure consciousness – that’s what we really are. It’s not a big jump. In fact, it’s not a jump at all, because it is pure consciousness that acknowledges this self acting out its script. 🙂

My self is an untidy worker. It wants to be mindful and neat, but it’s too enthusiastic, and consciousness merely reminds ‘me’ to tidy up so that I can find my screwdriver next time. 😀

So enthusiasm takes over; I’m okay with that.
Being true to our self is accepting that its hopes, fears and indifference will be present,alongside pure consciousness that sees self’s delusions as the path.

They work as one.

Big 🙂

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Our Digital Self

Not only do we have a fixated, mental self,
we now have a fixated, digital self.

People no longer have to read our minds;
they can read our printout to find out what type of consciousness we are.

For ‘our’ convenience, our image has now become a digital fixture by our embracing of digital technology with so much enthusiasm, giving up our personal reality.

Because the majority has been lured into becoming a digital consumer, the minority has to live with it. Be aware of this digital slavery dictating our lives.

We have to be smarter than the smart technologies by being aware of the mass migration of minds conforming to the technology of things, not realising that we are becoming the technology of minds and bodies as well.

Microchip implants make the technology of bodies. They promise convenience and benefit – with a flash of our implanted, microchipped hands, we’ll be able to open doors without keys. But doors to what?

This is our future being rolled out as the ‘solution’ to the world’s problems – or do they mean the problems that have been created for us?

How did it all start?
In the belief of better things to come.
When buying anything, do we automatically turn the item over, showing the bar code to help the machine?

“I haven’t been chipped!”
Do you use cash? Do you use a card? Do you now just swipe your card across the reader without tapping in a number? This is for our convenience and benefit; now all that needs to happen is that we get tired of getting our card out, and go for an implant.

“I won’t get chipped!!!”
But will the younger generation feel the same way?

OURThe really smart move is to realise what we are doing and why.
The smarter move is to clear our minds of codes – hidden programming.

Meditation clears the mind and bring us back to our true reality.
Stay safe.
Stay smarter than ‘smart’.

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Twice A Day, Be Purely Aware

Twice a day, be purely aware, at a set time and for a set period.

This meditation discipline allows our energy to settle down and recharge itself, enabling consciousness to be purely present.

With this practice of sitting in silence, we become familiar with just being open throughout the day, and maybe at night.

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Does Innovation Better Our Lives?

Does promoting new innovations for a better life actually make our lives better? Or does it make a better life for the inventors, getting us better connected to the ‘machine’?

We will all grow old, get sick, and die. We all suffer, more or less, and cope the best way we can, more or less. Needing faster internet connections and more gadgets only leads us deeper into reliance on the ‘machine’.

Q: What about healing the sick?!
A: What about leading a natural life?

Machine: Greek mēkhanē, from mēkhos ‘contrivance’.
Contrivance: the use of skill to bring about something,
especially with a consequent effect of artificiality.

How much do we know about our original nature, and what it needs?
It needs recognising, rather than to be distracted.

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Looking For Something That Isn’t There?

It isn’t there –
it’s right here!

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Our World Is Not The Way Others See It

Our world is not the way others see it:
if it is, we are doomed 😀

Our world is decorated by the influences of others.
When we break free of others’ influences, we see clearly.

Our real world is pure seeing, and nothing to do with fame or fortune.
A desire for fame and fortune is wanting to influence others.
This is why we are doomed to repeat whatever others say.

When we look within, we find nothing substantial.
Nothing based in reality.
Nothing with an independent existence.

Our original realm is pure consciousness.
It is not a place that can be created or destroyed.

This physical existence is our playground,
where we can either entertain our selves
or entertain the possibility of enlightenment.

Entertain: the word originally meant, ‘maintain, continue’.

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Follow The Evidence

Follow the evidence, rather than what someone else says.
The Buddha would agree with this.

How do we follow the evidence?
Evidence: from Latin evidentia – ‘obvious to the eye or mind’.

Much depends on where we look, and how we look.
The more open our mind is, the more we will see.
Look at all sides before taking a side.

Our reality is beyond wishful thinking.

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Proving Consciousness

Can science prove consciousness?

Can we prove consciousness?

Can the Buddha prove consciousness?

Can we prove consciousness?

Someone else’s evidence isn’t our evidence.

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Cutting Through The Web Of Existence

Existence: From Latin exsistere ‘come into being’, from ex- ‘out’ + sistere ‘take a stand’.

Our true reality is constantly open, never born and never dies.
The evidence is that it never changes throughout life does it?

Therefore pure consciousness does not come into existence, it merely embodies a form commensurate (made to measure) due to our karmic propensities. This karma is a proud memory being, that continually re-enforces its web of existence, merely adding to its confusion.

Not knowing this we weave a complex web of concepts to justify our being, because this natural naked consciousness cannot be found and is indescribable, but can be realised.

Existence means come into being.
The question is what is it that comes into a being?

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Gaining Confidence

Once we know the essence of a subject, we have a firm foundation to expand our view to incorporate everyone and everything. The essence of everything and everyone is emptiness – consciousness that is uncontaminated. It has no view; it is the supreme view of clarity before we start pontificating, expressing our opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way.

We are so enthralled, captured and enslaved about existence that we make our life far too complicated and elaborate. We’ve moved so far away from our simple essence that we become blind to actual reality.

As we chase after this theory and that theory,
we lose the point of life.

Once we gain confidence in being pure consciousness, however, we realise this is the very essence of all beings which have a mind. Gaining confidence is then synonymous with compassionate understanding.

Now, because of compassion,
life becomes a series of challenges that upgrade realisation.
This is how we enter the enlightened realm.

We cannot gain confidence in theories where no essential foundation has been established.
There are those who expound existentialism, for example, which is a philosophical theory frequently
used by Kierkegaard, and which emphasises the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent, determining their own development through acts of the will.

Unfortunately, this philosophical idea is flawed
as it does not explain the quality of this ‘will’.

The challenge:
the more we see stupidity,
the more confidence we gain.

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Educating Division

As long as we are divided, we will never be united. ‘Something’ in society is separating people from one another through the philosophy of ‘inclusion’. Being taught that we can be whatever we want to be makes us exclusive, and takes us further away from our original reality.

Why would ‘anyone’ do that?

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Types Of Thinking

Confident thinking.
Fixated thinking.
Indifferent thinking.

Confident thinking is non-aggressive … caring.
Fixated thinking is aggressive … I care.
Indifferent thinking is uncomprehending … who cares?

Confidence comes from generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration – not taking sides.
Fixation comes from my generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration – my side.
Indifference come from not bothering about generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration – apathy to all sides.

We have to be honest about how we feel because that expresses itself in our speech and actions, and even in our facial muscles.

People may say, “So Buddhists aren’t supposed to think?!”
We all think, but much depends on the quality of that thinking, and whether that thinking becomes our thought-bank of set reactions.

The type of thinking we practise
expresses the type of person we are
…and it shows 🙂

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Saving You From Yourself

Saving you from yourself is what teachings on consciousness are all about.
It’s a matter of understanding what is ‘you’, and what is ‘self’.

Our ‘self’ is ideas in the mind that consciousness clings to. This is called ‘ego’ in Greek, meaning ‘I’. Our I or me fixation clings to distractions and collects ideas/concepts to make more of ‘me’. That ‘me’ is our imitation world of ideas, where we believe in the reflections in the mind more than our own reality.

When the metaverse comes into play, our world will enhance this illusion.
Metaverse: a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Its other name is ‘technocracy’; the control of society by elite technical experts. Look how much we are already controlled through the internet.

If an idea isn’t rushed, then eventually the goal will be achieved without people noticing. All subtle distractions are meant to lure us away from our true reality into someone else’s false reality.

In truth, pure consciousness just observes the distracted self in action, wandering around like an animated corpse.

First, pure consciousness and self are seen as separate.
Then, through observation, they are realised as a unity.

A mirror and its reflection are two,
but are then realised as inseparable.

By virtue of one, the other is known.

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How Many People Can We Actually Talk To?

We can chat about this as opposed to that, but not about inner consciousness. All we wind bags do is puff up our side of the dungeon with mechanical cliches, and without anything original about our origin.

When we were young, we talked and talked into the night about the possibilities of life (all assumptions, of course 🙂 ). Then we grew up and had families and got jobs, and became influenced by those who no longer ask questions, but just chatted about this as opposed to that.

Then we found ‘spiritual’ groups, and wow! We’re back to mechanical cliches – we do this and this and this.

Within pure consciousness, there can be no disagreement, but the way in which we express that realisation, if at all, is dualistic. The non-dualistic is non-verbal, but there is still empathetic compassion.

Being at one with another is a very rare occasion.
In oneness, we merely have to be at one with foolishness.

Appearances, recognition and realisation
are spontaneously present in pure consciousness.

This is all we have.

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Demons: A Necessary Evil

Unless we are poked,
we will never wake up
to our actual reality.

Dharma: An Indispensable Irritation

Unless we are poked,
we will never wake up
to our actual reality.

What Are These Demons?

Our own likes and dislikes;
waking up to them is our only defence.

I Need My Likes And Dislikes!

When we fixate on our likes and dislikes,
we become a caricature, an exaggeration.

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It’s Not A Matter Of How High We Can Go

It’s not a matter of how high we can go
– pure consciousness is always present.

It’s a matter of how low we go
through the distractions of hopes, fears and indifference.

It is our reactions that keep us down,
and not the global elite.

Pure consciousness is our normal, natural state; it experiences without making comments.

It can then either express itself through compassionate understanding or, because we ignore our original state, attach itself to hopes, fears, and indifference. When we become attached, we obsess, falling further into darkness.

All we have to do is remember what we are, and the light switches on, leaving behind the caricature we had become – and the very stupid global transhumans to themselves. 😀

(A transhuman resembles a human in most respects, but has genetically-enhanced abilities include improved intelligence, awareness, strength, or durability beyond those of standard humans. We read about them in comics …)

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The Reason To Be Cheerful

While we remain unenlightened, we remain primitive and, sorry to say, arrogant.
Arrogant: from Latin – ‘claiming for oneself’.

Cheer up!

We are all in the same boat of fools,
but we have oars (determination) and a rudder (teachings).

Once we arrive at enlightenment,
we can drop the oars and rudder.

All we need now is to recognise our potential.
Having decided that is the reason to be cheerful.

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Deceit and Belief And Path

Deceit: deliberately causing someone to believe something that is not true.
Belief: acceptance that something is true, without proof.
Path: direction in which a person is moving.

We are constantly deceived by the unenlightened to believe in some thing or other, and that becomes our path if we are faint-hearted. Where is that path going, and where did it come from? Does our life have a point to it?

There are two truths in the universe which came through the Indo-Persian region almost 3000 years ago; not two versus the one. A curious difference. This divided the planet into the paths of non-duality (pure consciousness) and duality (me and God). And of course, we have to include those who don’t care 🙂
Which path are we on?

Truth did not originate somewhere; truth is constant and never-deviating.
We are either guardians of absolute truth (pure consciousness), or prisoners of relative truth (constantly relating to the external).

Not everyone can tell the truth.
Are we thirsty for the truth, or do we make do?

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Inner And Outer Conflict

There is conflict everywhere and so, no inner peace. Inner peace comes from confidence in what is true, rather than what we think is true. We (consciousness) are in conflict with ourselves (our ideas) – or rather, others’ ideas that we have acquired.

If there is no conflict, however, there is no progress. To move forward, two surfaces have to strike together, as in walking, when there is conflict between feet and pavement. When we are in conflict with our self, we are in conflict with others. This is telling us something; we lack confidence in our true reality, and so we lack kindness towards others.

We may think that others have got it wrong,
and there’s the challenge.

What to do?

On every subject, there are alternative views, so how do we decide which is true? We don’t decide.
We wait and see what develops, and what the effect is. If we have to make a decision, then we do, but we recognise that it will be based on our bias.

Taking sides right away
leaves us in conflict with others.
It’s tricky…

This is dealing with the Buddha’s first precept – the acknowledgement of conflict/suffering. It may be that we are not in conflict or suffering right now, but others are, and there is a cause.

Realising this means we can be empathically kind; we have all had conflict with others which was never resolved.

The five regrets of the dying:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Regrets of the Dying

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The Physical Universe

The universe is infinite space, matter and energy. It has no beginning and no end. If it had a beginning, what was there before? It is unconscious by not knowing, merely reacting to causes and conditions. The physical laws of the physical universe are attraction, repulsion and indifference.

The Conscious Universe

The conscious universe is infinite omniscience. The same laws apply as to the physical universe, but their origin is compassionate, cognisant emptiness.

In the first instant, consciousness is emptiness, pure and uncontaminated.
Once desire/attraction arises, emptiness is forgotten, and the uncontaminated is contaminated.
Once desire has contaminated consciousness, judgement/repulsion arises.
Once judgement has arisen, there is a lack of compassion.

How can we know this?
We can look and see.

Which came first – the consciousness or the universe?
They are a unity.

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Subconscious Associations

The subconscious mind influences our conscious mind which, in turn, influences us.

We need to know how this works. Our mind is something we have – it’s not us.
It’s extremely important to know this, otherwise we will lack wisdom.

The subconscious is the part of the mind that is not fully aware, but which influences our actions and feelings. It is that part which is not currently in focused awareness.

The subconscious makes decisions without our actively thinking about them. It’s different from consciousness, which encompasses the thoughts we know we are having at any given moment.

Our subconscious is a powerful force. It handles everything our body needs to function properly, from eating and breathing to digesting and making memories. Constantly working behind the scenes, it stores all our memories, habits, fears and phobias. When speaking to someone, we are mostly speaking to a subconscious 🙂

There are demons in the mind,
and there are angels in the mind.

The demons are our confused self,
while the angels are the clarity of consciousness.

Be aware of associations.

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Addiction Consumes Us

When we are addicted to an idea
– our truth –
we see nothing else.

We can be addicted to anything
– political ideas, spiritual teachings, social affairs –
and see nothing else.

Addiction is being fixated in rejecting others’ views. It’s easily done; we do it all the time.

This is why we need panoramic vision, and compassionate empathy to safeguard against arrogance and narrow-mindedness.

There is always another way of looking at things. As a Buddhist, I do not believe in a God, but I do not deny God-consciousness, which is our highest part of pure consciousness.

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Don’t Make Meditation Into An Art Form

Don’t make an art form out of spirituality.
That is religion.

Meditation is merely sitting still, quietening the mind through concentration to bring all that inner chatter and judgement to rest. Then clarity and deep peace can ensue.

But that’s not the complete picture. We have to realise what is observing who! It’s consciousness, of course, observing the mind/me.

Meditation is far simpler than we think, and it develops according to the individual’s background.

When we have had enough of misery, we look for the cause, and that is the start of our path to realisation.

Merely taking up meditation and spirituality as a scholastic art form inhibits raw, uncomfortable experience, and no empathy or true compassion will be forthcoming. We have to cut through the crap, and not many like to admit that they have crap in their mind. 😀

When I first took up ‘the spiritual thing’, I just wanted to know what it was all about, and then came the vajras, bells, protection cords, rupas, thangkas, prostrations, mandalas, guru yogas, zazens, loads of ‘advanced’ retreats and temple building … it’s a long list of art forms, and an attitude to go with it … lots of self-conscious attitude, and we’re back in religion again.

In reality, it’s about being aware of awareness, and then realising that we are pure awareness/pure consciousness. We go from duality to non-duality; make some thing into no thing. No form, just essence.

That is what we are, pure and simple.

The more academic we become,
the more we think we know,
and the more we become the form and not the essence.

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Most People Do Not Want To Know

Most people do not want to know the truth of what they are as they think they know already – but we have been told whatever we think we know.

It is amazing that, when alternative facts are presented, most seem to turn the other way. Maybe they cannot see two sides at the same time? Considering why this might be, we can only assume that people fall hook, line and sinker for an easy story, an easy life, a life of dependency. For so many to fall for the same easy story shows how vulnerable we are.

Why is this? We are primed at birth to believe everything we are told. Once we learn a few songs or phrases, they stick with us!

A few obvious distractions are injected into a society by media to get reactions, but it’s all a ruse – it’s a form of trickery preventing us from looking any deeper. Having fallen for the easy route, it feels foolish to admit that we were taken in.

We are consciousness, pure and simple, and once that truly sinks in, we wonder why that fact cannot be accepted. In order to know anything, knowingness or consciousness must first be present.

Know that our foolish self is not what we are, and be free.

When we first lose our stabiliser wheels on our bicycle,
we wobble a little until we get used to free-wheeling.

When we free-wheel,
we know how to manage all the bumps on our path.

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We Can Only Be Happy …

We can only be happy
when we know unhappiness.

The universe is complete in opposites when, in reality, opposites are one.
If we say dark, there must be light.
An object and its reflection cannot be separated.

Happiness is the release from suffering, rather than the excitement of desire. Both lead to more of the same.

If we are happy  our excess of wealth, power, fitness … this is the same as being addicted to or obsessed with alcohol, drugs, gaming, news, entertainment … and therefore being unable to appreciate what we already have. We will always want more, being intoxicated by anticipation.

There are two aspects to life: one is that we want life to be perfect, and the other is seeing that life is already perfect.

The Buddha’s first precept is the admission that we are not happy – in fact, we are suffering. Only then can we look for the cause of that suffering; the self-addiction.

Conditional happiness relies on conditions that we deem to be ‘right’:
this is why we go up and down, and round and round.

Unconditional happiness is what we naturally are:
this is happiness that does not rely on any conditions.

We have been led to believe that happiness is something ‘other’ – the unattainable.

At this present moment in human history when we are totally manipulated and upset, the Dzogchen teachings can function to their full capacity – on fast track!

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Every Encounter Is Our Teacher

Every encounter reveals our preloaded, habitual pattern of behaviour.
This makes us feel terrible – vulnerable and, maybe, guilty.

Cheer up. When we meditate, our mind seems to get worse,
but this means we are noticing more.
Be grateful, even though it may feel uncomfortable.

Never think you don’t know enough,
or feel crap about yourself; it’s all you have.
It’s exactly what we use to evolve on the path to enlightenment.


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Seeing How We Work

There is ordinary consciousness and pure consciousness.
There is ordinary mind and pure mind.

Ordinary consciousness and ordinary mind are dualistic = ‘me’ and ‘other’, creating judgement and comment.

Pure consciousness and pure mind are non-dualistic = no ‘me’, no ‘other’; pure observation without comment.

In reality, there is pure seeing without judgement in the very first instant, and then memories and evaluations set in and we arrive at ordinary mind and ordinary consciousness.
And our purity goes unnoticed.

Ordinary mind focuses on a culture of me and mine, maintaining duality and division. It’s all about self.
Ordinary consciousness just sees, but is influenced by the ordinary mind, and so becomes a self.

Pure mind is influenced by pure consciousness, producing pure compassion.
Pure consciousness is the master.
Pure mind is the servant.

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Under The Cover Of Incompetence

Under the cover of incompetence,
we believe what we see.

Supposed incompetence is how this world is run,
and we fall for it every time.

As long as we are identifying with incompetence,
we won’t be looking behind the scenes.

When we believe others to be incompetent, we focus on that and forget the back story of what led up to now, and what the effect is, without ever actually seeing the reality. We may recognise that things are unsatisfactory – and may even know the solution – but they will still happen because we fail to drop the elaborate illusion.

Buyer beware!

If we only take things at face value – accepting someone or something to be true without  considering whether they really are what they claim to be – we may be living in the exaggerations of others.

Buyer beware!
Know what is in your mind.

How did it get there?
Unconscious influences.

How to deal with this?
Defrag: clean your mind of bias to increase performance.


Once we are free,
no one can pull the wool over our eyes – or consciousness – ever again.

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Where Did/Do We Go Astray?

According to ancient teachings, we – consciousness – have been trekking through the universe, driven by habitual ignorance of our true reality beyond time, and so, every sentient being has been our mother … That is mind-boggling. Were we once enlightened, and fell into ignorance?

We can re-cognise the truth when it’s presented to us, so there may be something that we once knew but forgot. This is happening this right now, until we remember … and then forget again 🙂

Consciousness became over-excited about being and, through clinging to desires, developed a self-image to beentertained.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do” – Jesus.
What we do is merely the maintenance of this self-image.

Learning is a process of evolution.

Entertain: originally meant ‘maintain, continue’, later ‘maintain in a certain condition, treat in a certain way’, also ‘show hospitality’ (late 15th century).

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Making Distractions The Path

There is no getting away from distractions and disturbances; it’s how we deal with them that matters.

We are the silent stillness of pure consciousness that perceives through the senses in a human form; we can therefore focus on human activities and, at the same time, realise our true essence. Like a mirror and its reflection, appearances and recognition are simultaneous – without preferences.

If we choose our battles wisely, we are selective when it comes to getting involved in problems, arguments and confrontations. It is wiser to save our time and effort only for the things that matter, rather than to choose to fight every problem.

We may find ourselves engaging solely in either humanist activities or spiritual pursuits, and therefore having a preference. This is misunderstanding that seeing and the thing seen are one.

Humanism: a rationalist outlook attached to the prime importance of being human rather than divine or supernatural matters. 
Spiritual: attached to the ethereal, rather than material values or pursuits. 

Our essence is the clear light of bliss,
allowing phenomena to be appreciated as impermanent;
recognition of seeing and the thing seen are simultaneous.

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Existing In A Sea Of Despair/Samsara

Samsara: the cycle of human existence motivated by hopes and fears and indifference (Sankrit).

In this sea of samsara, we either drift, drown or play. ‘Drifting’ is vacancy, ‘drowning’ is indifference and ‘playing’ is the desire to utilise the three poisons of hope, fear and indifference.

Playing with samsara has two aspects, while remembering that knowledge is neutral. It’s what we do with knowledge that determines the outcome – our outcome. One aspect is to gain control over others, and the other is to gain control over ourselves.

We use the oars of mindfulness to row ourselves to the shore of liberation. Once we arrive at the shore, we need to drop the oars of mindfulness, or we will just be rowing in the sands of intellectualisation, stubbornly grounding ourselves in habitual behaviour without actually knowing our true reality.

Mindfulness is remembering what we are.
Once we remember, we can let go and just be.

Spiritual teachings are like that.

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Consciousness Is Like A Mouse

Consciousness is like a mouse, darting here and there and looking at this and that to find its heart’s desire – but repeatedly getting caught in the same cheesy trap. To a mouse catcher, the mouse’s habits make it easy to catch, but the catcher knows there are plenty more where that came from.

We are like mice behind a glass wall – our eyes – scrambling here and there in muddled confusion, searching non-stop and only coming to rest through exhaustion – or, more usually, in a state of vacancy, staring through a glass darkly!

When consciousness actually realises what it is doing, the busy-business and vacancy just stop, and we recognise what is called completely untainted, pure consciousness, that sees mouse droppings everywhere.😀

There is ordinary consciousness, constantly seeking happiness, and extra-ordinary consciousness which is the happiness. That (not the cheese 🙂 ) is our heart’s desire.
Extraordinary: from Latin extraordinarius,‘outside the normal course of events’.

Don’t keep getting caught by the cheesies!
Cheesy: hackneyed and obviously sentimental; an exaggerated smile, likely to be insincere.

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This Blog Isn’t A Path

I am not a teacher; I’m just someone who shares experiences. Our path is our own confusion about what we are. Our job to be unravelled. Meanings of words change with realisations; although the dictionary can define words, that definition refines, making more sense than the author’s interpretation. Experience is alive, while words are theory, and a generalisation.

There is a danger of redefining ancient teaching but, with awareness and a good heart, we can see what they meant in this age of conflict and suffering.

Saying all this, just reading something can remind us of our path. No cultural adoption needed; no special elaborations; nothing to identify with; no money changes hands. Just consider, reflect, and see for yourself, without an interpretation.

Observe the subtle indoctrinations in the mind that we are led to believe. Where did they come from? Things are suggested to a society by those who want to influence us, and the weak-minded carry them out with enthusiasm. It has always been the case.

Our path is not following others.

We are all one in essence,
but individual in our search.

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The Fifth Paramita – Concentration

The term, “the six paramitas”, is Sanskrit for the six essential abilities or perfections of generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and transcendent wisdom.

Concentration is meditation;
simply being aware, being mindful without effort.

We merely drop everything,
and are no longer in a state of being either occupied or vacant
– our usual existence.

When we can concentrate and focus, we do not fall into distraction … for long 🙂 That is what this commercial world wants – a world full of zombies. Seen any bad films lately, or read the ‘news’?

When we can concentrate and focus, we can be generous, patient, moral and disciplined, and be of benefit to others, rather than merely acting the part.

Once we can concentrate,
the door of transcendent wisdom
and true compassion opens.

Meditation isn’t as difficult as you think.
Just be aware
– not aware of some thing.

We even drop the meditation
as a safeguard against doing the meditation.
In this way, we realise non-duality.

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We Run On Memories & Influences

We run on memories and influences;
that is our programming for life.

Subtle traumas – unpleasant and pleasant –
are landmarks in the mind that obscure/darken/cover our lens.

All the while, pure view sits and watches.

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‘Om Mani Peme Hum’ Is Not A Lucky Charm

The mantra, Om mani peme hum, is not a lucky charm. It represents six essentials for a compassionate life. These are generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and transcendent wisdom. Om mani peme hum is easier to chant 🙂

The first five are about being a mindful engineer preparing to realise the sixth of transcendent wisdom that realises pure consciousness. The sixth is the realisation that we are compassionate, pure consciousness, with the emphasis on ‘we’. That’s one way of approaching Om mani peme hum.

The other way is to be introduced to compassionate, pure consciousness from the beginning, and then using the other five essentials to support that realisation.

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Animals Aren’t Evil

Animals aren’t evil – only humans can be evil. All sentient beings are moved by fear, hope and indifference to survive, but it is only when we hold on to our fears, hopes and indifferences that evil arises and causes suffering. It’s because of this evil that enlightenment can occur, as suffering starts us on our journey of realising our ultimate reality.

Evil is caused by a belief in a self that wants to judge and control others. If everything is wonderful and pleasant, we may not feel the need to become enlightened, and we may even go to spiritual teachings just for information that merely adds to our karmic load. We only practise when we see a need. If we don’t see a need, we remain indifferent. In remaining indifferent, evil is bound to occur.

Fears, hopes and indifferences are attraction, repulsion and inertia – the gross laws of the universe. When these laws or principles are seen clearly, they become pure compassionate consciousness, beyond all evil. Because of these enlightened principles, evil can never succeed.

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Propaganda Can Be Teachings

Spiritual teachings show us what is obvious and clearly seen.
When we see clearly, we see more.

There is propaganda everywhere, telling us subconsciously how to think.
These signs are teachings.

When we read the signs and watch our reactions,
they can return us to our sovereignty.

Therefore evil can never succeed.

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We Are The Mystery

We are the mystery
– not our reality!

In its inception, our self-image was created
by consciousness being confused about its reality.
That is the mystery.

When we realise our true reality,
there is no mystery.

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Return To Sender

If we do not react to others’ abuse or emotions,
we reduce the effect of our karma,
and the abuse simply returns to the sender.

Now they have to deal with their karma.

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