When Do You Draw The Line?

When do you draw the line in your life and say,
“This is not right. I cannot accept this. I have to do something about it”?

We may not agree with others, but we can see they are unhappy,
so there is no point in arguing.
We just have to ask ourselves, “What can I do to help?”

Seeing suffering is what made the Buddha question everything.
It was his first noble truth on the path to enlightenment –
the admission that there is suffering.

The second noble truth is realising the cause of suffering.
The third is finding a way that brings an end to suffering.
The fourth is treading that path.

“What is the system?”
Correct meditation.

“Is there an incorrect meditation?”
No one became enlightened through meditating.
They became enlightened through dropping the meditation.

“So we don’t have to meditate?”
We do have to meditate
The first stage of meditation is focusing.
The next stage is being aware of focusing, and realising that there is a duality.
The final stage is dropping being aware, and just being.
That is non-duality.

“And what was the cause of suffering?”
A belief in a mental concept of self,
instead of realisation of our ultimate reality of pure awareness.

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Where Does Morality Come From?

Morality, or conscience, is knowing right from wrong.
It is knowing what is beneficial and what is harmful.
Some may say morality comes from God.
Others will say it’s personal choice.

These are both subjective – based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes and opinions, rather than fact.

Once we know our true reality of pure consciousness (which is naturally compassionate because it knows the origin of consciousness within all beings), whatever is harmful is clearly seen.

Morality is innate within us all.
‘Do no harm’ is a common law.
There are no external laws higher than that.

The problems people find themselves in are due to karma – the results of their previous actions that produce their thoughts now. Realisation understands this, and can empathise and be compassionate. People suffer enough without us judging them.

Morality is revealed in our behaviour.
Do no harm – think no harm – say nothing harmful.
And … do not ignore.

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Decoding The Infrastructure In Our Mind

Think you are a free thinker?

Infrastructure: the basic physical and organisational structures and facilities. 

This concept applies to the brain and senses that – subliminally – take in information which affects the mind and diverts consciousness away from the inner truth. The brain can be set up to recognise stimuli that trigger a reaction. It’s a form of hypnosis. People’s actions are not always under their control.

Infrastructure is the programming that dictates what we do, and don’t do. The universal structure is desire, aversion and ignorance: these three principles control our minds when we cannot decode them. These principles prevent us from thinking for ourselves – we may have certain tendencies, but are unaware of their source.

Decoding: converting a coded message into intelligible language.

This is exactly what the Buddha did:
realising that gross laws of desire, aversion and ignorance are absolute wisdoms.

If we don’t know this, then we are caught up in someone else’s infrastructure.

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Feeling Nescient?

The word ‘science’ means ‘to know’.
The word ‘nescience’ means ‘to not know’.

Nescience and ignorance both mean ‘not knowing’, but there is a very important difference.

Nescience is not knowing, because information is not available.
Ignorance is not knowing, because of a refusal to acknowledge what is available.

We may feel that something is missing in our life, but we don’t know what = nescience.
Being told something about our life and dismissing this = ignorance.

A feeling of nescience is not ignorance;
it is an indication of wanting to know.

With compassion, we look to see what is missing in understanding.

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We Recognise The Truth

We recognise the truth
because we already know it.

To recognise is to ‘know-again’.
Truth has been disguised by nearly being the truth.
The truth has always been before … you.

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Desire Creates Excessive Activity

Desire creates excessive activity.
Lost, and finding no satisfaction,
we wander without direction.

Satisfaction lies in knowing
whether it is desire, fear or ignorance that drives us,
– or whether it is the wisdom connected to desire, fear or ignorance.

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This Isn’t The Age Of Truth

At this time, few have experience of truth.

Reading or hearing spiritual texts on truth isn’t knowing the truth of our reality. It is we who have to put the text into practice, accompanied by genuine compassion for all without partisanship, and without becoming fundamentalists.

If we look in a modern English dictionary, we could be confused about the meaning of ‘truth’. It states that truth is something that is true; a fact, a reality, the state of things as they actually exist.

Reality: late 15th century: via French from medieval Latin realitas, from late Latin realis  ‘relating to things’.

That is not a complete picture, is it?

Things cannot be said to be real if they are impermanent. The only truth of their reality is that they are unreal as they are temporary phenomena, and only seem to be true. This is the great deception. If something is true or real, it has to be constant, and cannot cease to be. The truth is whatever it is that has not changed in your life.

Hint: space, consciousness … and formulae.
The ‘formula’ is that which hold things and self image together.
The Dharma is the formula which transforms these into wisdom.

The three negative principles of attraction, repulsion and indifference
– and their corresponding wisdom principles of emptiness, cognisance and compassion –
are unfailing universal formulae.

Not knowing, we fall into excessive activity.
Knowing, we find inner peace.

Although this isn’t the age of truth but the age of conflict, we can now make the fastest spiritual progress. Why? Because deception is so obvious.

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What If The Whole World Was Atlantis?

What if the whole world was Atlantis,
and we had just lost the plot
that Atlantis was the essence of universal mind
and became hidden?

What would be the point of looking for a place of excellence,
when the most excellent place is the essence of mind?

What if Atlantis wasn’t a place,
and historians have been pointing in the wrong direction?

The Golden Age:
Satya Yuga means “the age of truth”.

Just asking 🙂

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There Are No Obstacles

Obstacles – fear, desire, indifference and opinions – limit our mind.

Realisation is merely perception in this moment now; it is non-conceptual, and therefore without comment. This is pure consciousness. Our being as it is. We are all this pure nature – even the worst of us.

The seeming obstacles are created by a consciousness that forgot its origin of purity and instead, brought to life a self-image that causes trouble for itself and others, and which imposes limitations.

Just because we realise our true nature, however, doesn’t mean that life suddenly becomes hunky-dory. We still have to deal with this parasitic self, this work of fiction.

Once we accept that our life is a creation borrowed from others who, in turn, borrowed from others, we see the trap we are all in. Parasites feed off unaware, unconscious hosts; other words for these parasites are Demons, Mara, Jinn …

Parasite: mid 16th century: via Latin from Greek parasitos ‘(person) eating at another’s table’

Obstacles are all in the mind,
never in consciousness.

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It Is Nonsense To Believe In Spirituality

It is nonsense to believe in spirituality.
If we believe, then we are not sure.

Belief is for those who doubt,
as teachings received are over-elaborate and wordy.

We are confused as to how it all fits together.
When we know, we don’t have to remember anything.

It’s not a matter of learning this and then that;
it is pure awareness that is naturally present.
We have always been the truth … naturally.

If we are stuck in beliefs, we may imagine
that our spirituality comes with angels and rainbows,
and a welcoming committee … Ta-dah!

It’s definitely not like that.

Spirituality is knowing that we are alive, and mentally well.
Pure consciousness has no need to be dressed up.

Now, all we do is live with the karma we have created.
This karma is our precious teacher that serves as a reminder
that this spiritual being is present and happy.

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If We Know The Truth

If we know the truth,
we don’t have to remember anything.

The Most Important Day Of Our Life

The most important day of our life
is the day when we know why we were born.

The Truth Is Without Elaboration

The simple truth is that we are what we seek;
the silent witnessing of pure consciousness.

Why Were We Born?

We were born because we didn’t know that we are spirit.
The silent witnessing of pure consciousness,
overtaken by desire and fear,
took on an appropriate form.

If we can understand this,
we should count ourself fortunate.

Nothing Is As Satisfying As Knowing Where We Went Wrong

Knowing where we went wrong is enlightenment.
All we have to do then is stay knowing.

At this moment, we notice what it is that has been obscuring this light,
and which now serves as a reminder to stay in the light.

We went wrong when we started to believe others,
and lost trust in our own perfect knowingness.

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Be A Conspirator Analyst …
… rather than a conspiracy theorist.

Analyse: late 16th century: via medieval Latin from Greek analusis, from analuein ‘unloose’, from ana- ‘up’ + luein ‘loosen’.

Loosen the data and see what is left.
Occam’s razor: ‘An entity should not be multiplied beyond necessity’.

What are secrets, and what are red herrings?

Red herring: a clue or piece of information which is, or is intended to be, misleading or distracting.

When we analyse our own mind for theories and beliefs, we come to one conclusion: that everything is only known not by consciousness, but by pure consciousness.

Conspiracies, secrets and mysteries are due to not knowing. Once we know that our mind is governed by desire, aversion and ignorance, we realise that all conspirators are playing with toys in order to deceive.

The realised know the true nature of mind
is pure, compassionate consciousness.
In Tibetan, these qualities are known as the three Kayas.

Realisation doesn’t believe anything to be real.
It’s all an illusion.

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Thinking, And Thinking Thoughts

Thinking is the ability to consider or process something in the very moment now. This is good. In the moment now, we are open, and ready to contemplate and investigate whatever we have heard.

If, however, our thinking is only based on our previous thoughts, the process will be contaminated and closed. This is of no benefit, as the mind is in repetition mode.

So how should we think?

We become honest scientists, considering all sides:
What is of benefit? What is harmful? What am I ignoring?
Can I help?
Am I governed by my own likes and dislikes?

We can think with questions until we know.
No one can tell us what is right or wrong; our conscience does that.

We are all pure consciousness, and that unites us.
That which we think we know divides us.

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The Key To Realisation

Thoughts are the clouds that distract pure awareness.

Knowing that we have thoughts
is the key to realisation and enlightenment.

Realising that we are that pure awareness
opens the door to enlightenment.

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Sound In Silence

Thoughts are sounds in the silence of mind essence.

Silent mind essence is pure awareness.
The sound of silence is non-duality.

Non-duality is the inseparability
of appearances and pure awareness.

The sound of silence is inner peace.

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Damned By Distractions

We are damned by distractions.
This is why we meditate
– to recognise that we are the clarity of consciousness.

Distraction: A thing that prevents someone from concentrating.
Distraction: A disturbance, intrusion, interference, obstruction, hindrance.
Distraction: Amusement, entertainment, diversion, pastime, recreation,
hobby, game, leisure pursuit.
Distraction: Bewilderment, befuddlement, perplexity, confusion, disturbance, agitation.

We do not have to be scholars to know the absolute truth of reality. We just have to know that pure consciousness is always present, and that we do not have to do anything to know this because we already are pure consciousness.

Meditation is doing nothing, resting in non-dual, wakeful awareness.

“But I am awake!”
Yes, the I is awake, but as in a dream, and this dream is the distraction.
In absolute reality, ‘awake’ is consciousness conscious of being pure consciousness.

Due to distractions, we lose the ability to concentrate.
Due to meditation, we realise our precise reality.

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Judging And Being Judgemental

Spiritual practice is about knowing the difference.

One is momentary;
the weighing up of possibilities.

The other is mechanical;
being predictable and fixated.

In being judgemental, we don’t see clearly because, instead of being fresh, pure awareness, we go straight to memories (our programming) and form judgements from there. Glued to the past, information fuels emotions, reactions and conflict.

Consciousness clinging to memories and judgements is the basis of self. Self is a meme, an imitation, a mental trophy we carry around, and it’s a sitting duck for trigger words.

Our imaginary self (our imaginary friend 🙂 ) is either a tool or a weapon.
As a weapon, it engages in conflict.
As a tool, it is a karmic teacher, leading to compassion and enlightenment.
Which would you trust?

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The Backbone Of The Buddha’s Teaching

Seeing and the seen are inseparable.
Whatever is seen is only seen by virtue of just seeing.
Just seeing is pure consciousness; it’s our original reality.

Once realised, whatever is seen is a spontaneous reminder
that pure consciousness is present.

When describing purity, Sanskrit uses the word ‘Shunyata’
which means emptiness – a knowing emptiness.

All phenomena, having no permanent existence,
is also said to be emptiness.

The word ‘existence’ means ‘come into being’.
Time, space and pure consciousness cannot be said to exist.
They just are.

Time only relates to phenomena.
Time itself does not exist.

Phenomena appear in infinite space.
Space itself does not exist.

Pure consciousness is not a creation.
Pure consciousness cannot be said to exist.

So who is reading this?
Pure consciousness.

So who is doubting this?
The constructed and judgemental mind.

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Micro Managed Ear Worms

Do you think we are being micro managed in an evil way?

Little by little, humanity has exchanged its sense of reality for someone else’s beliefs. Whenever we hear politicians and broadcasters, or read the ‘news’, we are being managed or manipulated. People who fit the agenda are chosen to play a part. If we are unaware of the type of language being used, we will not notice neurolinguistic programming’s keys words. The effect is like a song going round in our minds that gets stuck there; this is known as ‘ear worms’.

We hear the same old trite phrases that lack originality but are used as if we have never heard them before. Political ear worms are catchy phrases that are never explained, and the interviewer is complicit in this. Using statistics but ignoring confounding variables can bias results = micro managing. Advertisers and psychologists know this through brand recognition, where the brain lights up before the customer knows it.

Let’s not forget phrases used by spiritual adepts. Words such as ‘compassion’ and ‘happiness’ are confounding and a cause for confusion when they are not followed though with practicalities when needed. If someone has problems with conforming, the adept’s students close ranks. That is the opposite of compassion.

By micro managing, people who fit the agenda are chosen to play a part. This destroys unity, and results in competitiveness and a need for approval; instructions are over-complicated, and chosen people are made to feel special, creating the culture of an inner circle … and engendering fear.

The medicine:
Know your own mind.
Know that which knows,
and stays unshakeable.

The only thing that stays unshakeable
is pure consciousness.

Throughout all turmoil,
pure consciousness is constant and reliable,
and cannot be micro managed.

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The Age Of Mistrust And Chaos

Does life make sense?

Is the world one huge cock-up?
Really? A continuous series of cock-ups?

Chaos and mistrust make life complicated,
and this is how we become docile and complicit.

Complicit: condition of being involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong. From Latin complicare ‘fold together’ (see complicate).

Complicatefrom Latin complicat- ‘folded together’, from the verb complicare, from com- ‘together’ + plicare ‘to fold’.

The more complicated life is, the more dependent we become. Simplicity is not the same as simplistic; there is always method in the madness.

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Life Is A Spiritual Conflict

Life has always been a spiritual conflict
between those who seek their true reality
and those who think they know their true reality.

For those who know their true reality,
there is no conflict.

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The Problem With Realisation

The problem with realising our true nature
is realising that others do not.

Realisation is being open to everything
rather than being closed minded and selective.

Realisation is no longer a problem
because there is nothing as rewarding
as exchanging self for other.

It refines realisation.

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There Is Only One Answer

There is only one answer:
Pure consciousness.

There is only one question:
What distracts pure consciousness?

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Our Identity Is A Fiction

Our self-identity is a fiction, a misnomer.
Misnomer: a wrong or inaccurate name or designation.

We are not an identity, a personality, a name. We cannot even be a ‘Buddhist’. If we identify with a group – or anything – we are trapped in it. The Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist.

A person is a persona, a mask, a character in a play or work of fiction; it’s an illusion. An avatar. Why? Because we are, first and foremost, a consciousness before we start naming things and ourselves.

There are those in this world who want us to identify with some thing, rather than what we truly are. This is make-believe. Belief is an acceptance that something exists or is true, without proof. Some even want to arrest or kill those who do or do not believe.

Our language has been doctored to persuade us to use words in a way that is opposite to their original meaning. As an example, to say “I believe I am telling the truth” means that we are not sure whether we are telling the truth … so, it’s not absolutely true.

Enter: the “Strawman”.
Strawman: an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument.

The identification with a name, a persona, a set of ideas supersedes – takes the place of – a being’s original reality of pure consciousness.

A person can be attacked and dismantled.
Pure consciousness cannot.

If we do not know what we are, we can become a thing of fantasy.
When we realise that we are a thing of fantasy, we are free.

This is what Buddhism calls shattering the illusion;
‘breaking open the egg shell of ignorance’.
– Mipham Rinpoche

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They Are Playing With Your Mind

They are playing with your mind.

Who are ‘they’?

Where did those thoughts come from?

That’s a good question,
and you already know the answer.

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The Heart Is The Essence Of Pure Consciousness

This is opposite to what people generally think of as their ‘heart’;
we usually see ‘heart’ as our feelings,
but that is merely a reaction in the same mind as our thoughts.

We know we have a mind.
But what is the we that knows we have a mind?

It is the vital essence of mind,
the innermost heart of pure consciousness.

That is our true reality,
which unifies all sentient beings.
While the mind separates us, the heart unites us.

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Exaggeration Creates Chaos

When people believe in exaggerations,
they create chaos.

Tulku Urgyen said;
“We are free in the moment of seeing.”

Just because Tulku Urgyen said these words
doesn’t mean that we are now free

We have to actually see the chaos and confusion in our mind now…
and this is a constant process,
until there is no more confusion or suffering.

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Exaggerating The Guru

We, as humans, exaggerate everything.

The guru/teacher is merely a conduit for words,
which are symbols with meaning.
We decipher the meaning through experience
and realise that knowing needs no exaggeration.
We do not take someone’s word for the truth.

In exaggerating the guru, we are relating
and, as such, this is a duality.

In this way, we easily miss the whole point.

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Once We Realise The Truth 1

Once we realise the truth,
we recognise what isn’t true.

Truth is constant; it can never change.
If something can change,
it is impermanent
and cannot be said to be true.

Consciousness never changes
but thoughts do.

Thoughts create a self identity,
and therefore, self has no reality.

This is the mental trap we are in.
“OK, who’s we?!?”

We are constant consciousness
before it is conscious of phenomena.

It is a non-dual state
of mere observation
without observer.

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Once We Realise The Truth 2

Once we realise the truth,
we notice how surprisingly scary we were.

Realisation isn’t about gaining anything.
It is removing the jaundiced, bitter, resentful, cynical, soured, distorted,
disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed, pessimistic, negative,
sceptical, distrustful, suspicious, misanthropic, jealous, proud,
envious, narrow-minded, bigoted, prejudiced,
intolerant, discriminatory beam
from one’s own eyes.

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Holding A Grudge

Holding a grudge is a feeling of resentment resulting from injustice, unfairness or downright perceived stupidity; it will affect our entire lives, to the extent of creating hatred and further wrongdoing. We all make mistakes, more or less. There is so much in this world to find fault with that even a Buddha cannot put things right.

Grudges contaminate an atmosphere and have consequences. All negativity obscures the clarity of wisdom – the light of consciousness – and delays realisation of ultimate truth … the complete picture!

The only thing to resent
is how long it has taken us to realise this.

The reminder is enough to keep us from falling back
into grudginess.


Pure consciousness is a grudge-free zone.

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Do You Spend Your Life Feeling Worried?

I do.

Reasoning, however, tells us that there is nothing we can do about worldliness that worries us. The world is in a very dark place brought about by decisions that favour a few, and voted in by the many who have no real choices. We are constantly being manoeuvred. As things get worse, the world will get better, as people will wake up because the untruths will be so obvious, and we will realise that it needn’t be this way.

Once we know the truth of our reality, everything that we hear or read seems childish, silly and immature, and meant for the gullible who believe every word – and we switch on this performance every day.

It is knowing the truth that banishes untruth and worry:
the lamp that dispels darkness.

The lamp that dispels darkness is the light of wisdom – pure consciousness. Falling into vacancy or worry is what the ancients call ‘not knowing’ or ‘ignorance’. When we experience this, there is that which notes this feeling. Look into that which notices. This is the light that dispels darkness, free of confusion. That is our true reality of pure consciousness, free of suffering. You are none other than the light of wisdom, free of worry.

Worry is like a virus; it gets transmitted.
Immunity is being beyond harm:
such is pure consciousness.


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Because We Are Not A Contemplative Society …

Because we are not a contemplative society,
we will remain separated by opinions, beliefs and judgements.

To be contemplative is to rest in deep, long reflection,
rather than rehearsed opinions.

To contemplate, we do not take sides.
We have an overall view,
being neither averse to change
nor holding on to traditional ideas.

To be contemplative is to be wise.
Pure wisdom is the uncontaminated knowingness of consciousness,
without discussion.

What do contemplatives do when they meet?
They nod in recognition, and smile.


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Is The World Over Populated?

There are two views on these subject:
too many people using up resources.
more beings having the potential to become enlightened.

Although resources are being abused,
the mega-wealthy always want more,
and this behaviour permeates society.

Although resources are being abused,
humanity can easily share
but the mega-wealthy always want more,
and this behaviour permeates society.

Influenced by materialism, we will never have enough.
Influenced by spirituality, we have enough.

Fools want wealth and power.
The wise have wealth and power.

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Spiritual Merit

Merit creates our karma, our life and our future life. All our thoughts, actions and reactions in this moment now are products of our past. Merit is the blueprint for the next incarnation – the next moment. Positive and negative thoughts and actions do not go unnoticed by the law of karma, which manifests the causes and conditions for the next moment.

The way we see life is down to merit/intention.
We can either go round in circles, or break free.
The wise know this.

Merit: deserved reward or punishment; Old French from Latin meritum ‘due reward’, from mereri ‘earn, deserve’.

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There Are Two Ways Of Life

There are two ways of life:
one is based on materialism and the other is based on wisdom.

The way of materialism is to identify with everything we see as being real, and look no further.
The way of wisdom is not to identify with everything we see as being real, and to look beyond.

“But we have to live in the material world!”
“Yes. And beyond?”

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Turning Pride Into Wisdom

Pride is the wisdom of equality.

In the very first moment of recognition, each negative emotion has a quality of wisdom. This needs to be experienced through practice. Recognition comes from equanimity; a trained, clear mind notices an occurrence before it goes into its old routine. Wisdom returns to inner peace, and then we are able to deal with the situation in a more productive way.

Pride is thinking that we know more than others, and lording it over them; the spiritually and intellectually inclined are more susceptible to this emotion.

The wisdom lies in understanding that, as beings live an infinite number of lives, they will eventually realise what we know. This is why the enlightened left teachings to awaken us.

We should therefore respect all sentient beings’ potential. Empathy is knowing that once, we too did not know. Teachers are not entitled to be teachers: it is the student that gives them the authority because they recognise something within their own experience.

Pride is silly and restrictive as we become stuck within partial knowledge. Using what we know to gain admiration and power over others is an act of evil. To be honest, we do this all the time, trying to appear what we are not. This happens because, as a society, we are not contemplative.

Pride is the wisdom of equality, and entails a profound understanding of compassion. If we call ourselves ‘spiritual’, we should act like it, rather than thinking ourselves superior.

Proverbs 16.18
The highway of the upright leads away from evil;
he who guards his way protects his life.
Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
It is better to be lowly in spirit among the humble
than to divide the spoil with the proud.…”

No one said cutting through our conditioning is easy.

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Why Is Pride A Sin?

‘Sin’ is anything that is detrimental to one’s wellbeing.

Pride is high self-admiration which obscures pure consciousness,
as opposed to humility
which is low self-admiration that allows pure consciousness to see clearly.

Pride is holding an exalted idea of ourself. We have a high opinion of our own importance, and manifest ego, becoming know-it-alls (there is also inverted pride, when ego manifests as exaggerated humility).

As pride is founded on an illusory self-image, it is the opposite of absolute truth which knows that the essence of every sentient being is pure consciousness. Pride is a precursor to narcissism.

Narcissism: Self-centredness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents, craving admiration, There is a failure to distinguish the self from external objects; it is a feature of a mental disorder, lacking empathy for others.

We are all narcissists when we are unaware of others’ true potential. Along our path of distractions to enlightenment, evil will find our weaknesses – our likes and dislikes. This is what divides us, and is how we become victims.

Don’t wander, don’t wander, place mindfulness on guard;
Along the road of distraction, Mara lies in ambush.
Mara is this mind, clinging to like and dislike,
So look into the essence of this magic, free from dualistic fixation.
Realise that your mind is unfabricated primal purity.
There is no buddha elsewhere; look at your own face.
There is nothing else to search for; rest in your own place.
Non-meditation is spontaneous perfection, so capture the royal seat.”
-Tsoknyi Rinpoche 1st

(Mara is demonic mind)

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Meeting Your Maker

You are pure consciousness.
What else, in reality, can you be?

When pure consciousness thinks it is something other than pure consciousness,
consciousness forgets its purity
and forms a contaminated self-image.

That is your maker, your master.

And what about him?

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 09.33.23He’s a figment of someone else’s contaminated self-image 🙂

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Spiritual Mysteries

Mystery: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

Here, we are talking about the possibility of out-of-body beings who influence embodied beings.

As this is a mystery, it is something that we, as intelligent beings, can neither accept nor reject, as much depends on our state of mind. Just because we are told there are angels and demons, doesn’t mean that there are, and it doesn’t mean there aren’t. It’s personal – it comes down to individual experience which is beyond description and words.

We can use logic, and say that ‘mystery’ is merely our hidden true nature of pure consciousness, which is a tremendous mystery for most beings. Some may believe that ‘mystery’ is something else.

The Nazis, like most unstable people, want to discover mysteries for power. Whether such power exists or not, it is the belief that has a unfortunate effect, as beliefs make people do unspeakable things; maybe some think they have the power to captivate others. Knowledge in the wrong hands will have a detrimental karmic effect.

The three poisons of desire, aversion and ignorance that control sentient beings (and which are, in truth, the three wisdoms of emptiness, consciousness and compassion) are not really a mystery – despite being hidden from most people – as we can all see them in action, if we look.

So, now we are talking about other beings.

From personal experience, there have been unwarranted troubles, but also timely inspirations. Maybe we become conduits for both good and evil? In Buddhism, we pray to deities for clarity, but whether that works, I cannot ‘say’ …

The major problem with mysteries is that, when they become a propagated belief for worship, they end up as a deluded curse.

A demon seeks power over others
by creating emotional feedback.
An angel or bodhisattva knows this.

Just have a good intention and a good heart,
and do no harm.
Then you know you’re facing the right way.

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Knowledge Is A Lot To Handle

Knowledge is neutral. What we do with knowledge may become either harmful or enlightening. If we exploit knowledge to gain power over others, we are facing lifetimes of suffering. If it is used to support others’ spiritual potential, knowledge turns into inspirational, empathetic wisdom.

Many have turned to the ancient east to try and discover mysteries that will enhance their position in life. There are no mysteries, just knowledge kept from the general public that maintains their confusion.

Once we truly realise the essence of knowledge – together with genuine empathetic understanding – further realisation unfolds, and further enlightenments manifest. It’s not magic. It’s logical; reasoning assessed according to strict principles of validity.

Genuine compassion is the key to keeping sane and maintaining constancy, otherwise arrogance takes over and we start to feed off others’ adoration. It’s easily done.

Just because we know a few texts off by heart doesn’t mean we care about others. We care more about our scholarship or rituals and, subtly, our heart darkens; it’s called en-darkenment.

The great news is
that anyone just seeing this is enlightened
– more or less.
We are free in the moment of seeing.

To exploit: To make full use of and derive benefit from, or to make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand.

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Are Spiritual People More Troubled … And Happier?

The more we notice, the more sensitive we become.

We notice the cause of suffering.
Being troubled generates empathetic compassion.
Empathetic compassion brings confidence.
It is this confidence that brings happiness.

The result: we become more beneficial to others.

It’s all in a day’s work.

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Evidence Of Spirituality

The evidence of spiritual presence
is genuine kindness,
without any standoffishness.

We may appear to be kind,
but are we actually kind?

The evidence of knowingness
is genuine kindness,
without any standoffishness.

We may appear to know
but what do we actually know?

The evidence of love
is kindness.

Standoffish: cold and unfriendly.

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The More We Realise, The Less Others Can Relate

We live through a glass darkly,
relating only to the scribbles obscuring its clarity,
and attracted to those whose scribbles mirror our own.

The clearer the glass,
the less others can relate to us.

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Happiness Is Solving A Problem

Life is one problem after another to be solved.
Life is therefore our teacher.
Complaining doesn’t teach us anything.

Others may disagree with this
– and they too have their problems to solve.

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Love Does What Is Right

Love is desire-less and fear-less,
and knows the divine nature of all beings.

Human nature is selfish,
and boastful of possessions, abilities and knowledge.

Divine nature knows self to be a preoccupation,
– askew, off balance and wonky.

Love is right as it is straight, and does not deviate.

Right: “from an Indo-European root, denoting movement in a straight line.”

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Being Happy With Our Decisions In Life

All the decisions we make in life come down to the present moment, now. Life may have been unsatisfactory, with all its pointless distractions and misinterpretations; all the while, there was an ‘itch’ at the back of our mind … “this can’t be right”.

That itch is the conscience of pure awareness.

Our doubt about life is our path, which is created by our karma
– the result of our reactions
to pointless distractions and misinterpretations.

Gaining confidence in understanding means that
we made the right decisions.

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We All Know That We Are Never Told The Truth

We all know that we are never told the truth,
and we accept a life of mental poverty.

Once we realise the ultimate truth
– that we are not a powerless being –
we can never again be deceived.

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A Lack Of Empathy Causes Harm

We cause harm
when we lack empathy.

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Dear Illuminati; Karma Never Fails

Dear Illuminati,

The creation of ‘A New World Order’ or ‘The Great Reset’ or ‘Build Back Better’ must be founded on compassion, on doing no harm, and on allowing people freedom to realise their true potential.

If not, this creation will sow the seeds of bad karma for both instigators and enablers for generations. Karma never fails.

Our reactions to plans that limit life are due to inherent divinity within us. That divinity is pure consciousness, and its realisation never fails.

Yours sincerely,

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