Blogs Are Living Books

Just read one or two pages a day.

There is only one truth,
but many approaches and many refinements,
adapting to ever-changing situations.

There is only one answer:
look, see and drop whatever is seen.

That which remains is the one truth to transcend all levels
– pure consciousness.

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Where Is The Middle Way?

We may imagine the middle way
to be the centre between two opposite extremes.

This is an incomplete picture.

The middle way is a perpendicular line,
up from the centre as if to the top of a mountain, or pyramid.

From that vantage point,
both sides can be seen at the same time.

That would be non-duality.

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What Type Of Person Are We?

We all have a social I, one that others identify, and we can only get a glimpse of our persona by the reaction of others.

We could be the type who thinks others are wrong. What if they are right, and we are wrong? But how did they come to the conclusion that they are right? Confusing, isn’t it? 🙂 Are we all degrees of dysfunction until enlightenment?

We are all a “ship of fools”, an allegory about a ship with a dysfunctional crew, originating from Plato’s Republic.

The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself;
to be conquered by yourself is, of all things, most shameful and vile.”
– Plato

Truth is ageless.
It is merely handed down to those who have open minds.

Plato and Socrates lived around the same time as the Buddha, and it’s possible that Jesus knew about the Buddha. All esoteric teachings come to the same point of view. In absolute truth, there is nothing new under any sun. Within us all is the very same wisdom as the Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Vishnu …

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What If Our ‘Normal’ Is Madness?

The state of having a serious mental illness … we don’t know what we are.
Extremely foolish behaviour … we think we know.
A state of wild or chaotic activity … we follow the crowd.

We are brain-washed to function at a very basic level. We may be able to do complex things, but it’s all based on mechanical activity. This shows how our brains are wired and rewired by subliminal influence, undermining each and every one of us, and presenting us with tools to think a certain way.

If we do not recognise our madness, our suffering, then no investigation into our true reality of absolute sanity is possible, and we will be unable to deal with situations from a different point of view. To put it simply, are we free? This is exactly why the Buddha taught that the first step to enlightenment is to acknowledge that we are suffering/mad! 😀

First, ideas are introduced into our mind. Once established, the brain constructs its pathways, and the result is permanent ‘fixtures and fittings’ – all the furniture we need to follow a certain lifestyle. We become predictable, and anything that goes against the current narrative is shunned. Each generation subtly traumatises the next = inbred madness.

Conscious awareness cuts through this conveyor-belt of instructions, which are expressed in our black-and-white attitude, our do’s and don’ts. Direct experience is in the greys – touching, feeling, smelling, tasting, seeing, hearing, and so, adjusting. Digital people cannot adjust; they think in a vertical system of instructions – that’s why people behave in the way that they do.

Lateral thinking is, “What is it?”
That very moment is pure consciousness,
rather than a conscious-mess.

Who’s doing this brain-washing?
We are.
We accept the madness of others.

Still think you’re normal?!

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Don’t Guess. Know.

Don’t assume.
Don’t pretend.
Don’t believe.
Don’t have an opinion.


There are actually people who say we cannot know … crazy 🙂

The nature of our reality is pure consciousness. It’s what we are. The intelligentsia, philosophers and ordinary folk miss this as they find it utterly boring. They think pure consciousness is something mysterious and unknowable. Or it’s just what we use in order to perceive. Ask them what they are, and they come out with some vague pontifications. They merely want to show off the bits of facts they’ve read which actually make their life more complex and more confused.

Don’t guess.
And drop whatever is experienced.

That which remains is the spontaneous presence of non-duality.
Once realised, never doubt again by testing at every moment.

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The Problem With Religion Is …

The problem with religion is stories.

Religion offers a starting point, a way into our inner reality. Science cannot do this. There nothing wrong with religion, except that it becomes a form that is exoteric – for the many, and a generalisation to attract our attention. It’s a comfort – it really is. We become swathed in language and ritual, but it can make us lazy and reliant.

To repeat the famous words, “Don’t take my word for it”! The Buddha said this so that our minds do not become fogged in theories and stories. It is only when we truly realise essence that empathy and compassion can occur.

An example:
A spiritual master sailed to a distant land and introduced the mantra, OM MANI PEME HUM, to a man there. The master started to sail away. The man ran across the water to the master’s boat and shouted, “Hey! I’ve forgotten the mantra! Is it “OM MANI PEME NUM?” The master looked and said, “Go back! You’re doing fine.”

We all felt great at this story – I believed it, just like a four-year-old.
It doesn’t actually happen, does it? It’s a story about maintaining belief.

As long as there is belief,
there is an audience.

As long as there is an audience,
there are believers.

We have to start somewhere. Science can only catch up to what has been known for thousands of years, but has become enmeshed in stories, names and terminologies, and the essence obscured by adherence to the exoteric.

Within the esoteric, there is no difference between religion and science, dark and light, heaven and hell, mirror and reflection.

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Fear Engenderers, Fear Mongers and Fear Believers

In every nuance of life, evil is present, spreading fear among the ignorant, and offering false hope that they will make it better. But it never does get better, does it?

It is the believers or enablers
who allow the engenderers
to engender more of the same.

Stupidity is relying on partial truth,
– hook line and sinker –
without hesitation or reservation.

To put it plainly, people exaggerate.
We exaggerate fear, we exaggerate enlightenment.
And someone down the line receives much remuneration!

Evil knows the human frailty of desire/hope, aversion/fear and ignorance/denial. It’s what runs our lives. As you cannot fool all the people all of the time, evil will fail for those who actually wake up to their own psychology of mind and consciousness. Evil fails because it cannot recognise the wisdom in these extremely negative emotions.

Wisdom is being free of any negative reaction.

It is in the very first instant, just before an emotion arises in the mind and before we go into our habitual response, that pure consciousness is present, and the mind brightens up – “What this!!!?”

The end is nigh?
The end is nigh, all in nature’s own good time.

Phenomena is impermanent.
It is consciousness and the universe that is never born, and never dies.

The proof is in the seeing.

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 I Feel Good – Or It Feels Right

On completion of re-plumbing a toilet, do I feel good, or does it feel right?
Being in a beautiful cathedral/temple*, do I feel good, or does it feel right?

When meditating, do I feel good, or does it feel right?
When pruning a tree, do I feel good, or does it feel right?

It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, we can always feel good, or right.
It’s not about my understanding; it is about understanding.

If we have to be in a certain place to feel good, we are dependent.
Wherever we are mindful, it feels right, and there is no dependence.

When life is all about me and my understanding, this always reveals limitations.
Pure consciousness is understanding: it feels right, and has no limitations.

The ‘I’ is always defensive.
Pure consciousness needs no defence.



.*Religious places are simply a space outside the regular turmoil. Designating places ‘holy’ breeds illusion. Adepts leave all elaborations, and go to live in an ordinary cave to practice; when the adepts leaves the cave, the cave is then designated ‘holy’ 🙂 Seen that, been there, done that, didn’t feel any different! 😀

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Grasping At Straws

A drowning person will grab at any flimsy reed, or idea. If we don’t know what life is about, we will cling to beliefs. Ignorant of our true reality, we hold on to a flimsy idea of self.

The silence on this matter is deafening, and deliberate. A sheep/self-image will spend its entire life fearing the wolf/news, only to be eaten by the shepherd/plutocrats.

Why do we fear?
No clear instruction; only disinformation.

We are pure consciousness, free of all sheepish ideas
– it’s that feeling of embarrassment at a lack of self-confidence.

As long as we ignore this one truth,
we will clutch at straws/others’ facts.

The enlightened last straw*:
the moment before the Buddha became enlightened,
he was attacked by extreme desire and aversion.

Even though we may be having a bad time,
it may be the last!

*The last in a series of unpleasant things that happen to make someone very upset, angry, etc.

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Some Days, I Feel Extremely Angry

If we are not outraged about the response to global dictatorship by unelected plutocrats, then we are merely part of a confused, insecure herd.

Historically, this dictatorship has always been a war on consciousness and, to do that, manipulators have to be subtle, experimenting here and there to see the effect. They think long-term, so that we don’t notice the restrictions happening around us.

Creating stupid humans is quite easy; keep people in gossip-mode by giving them religious / chemical / news / entertainment / digital comforters.

When we realise extremely subtle pure consciousness, we see that this war is based on illusions.
I get angry because news ‘broadcasters’ pump out distractions daily, so that the gossip continues.

Remember, anger is mirror-like wisdom.

In the first moment of seeing something is askew,
there is pure consciousness.
What we do then will depend on our wisdom … or lack thereof 🙂 .

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We Can Laugh When Things Are Obvious

If things aren’t transparent and obvious to us, we don’t laugh because we take things – and ourselves – seriously. The world is being managed by fear, and this should be obvious to everyone. But it isn’t. Why is that?

Some are too tired to bother.
Some jump through hoops due to fear.
Some just want things back to ‘normal’.

Indifference, fear and hope
are the three universal poisons
of desire, aversion and ignorance,
and are constantly at work.

There is no normal but our true reality. When realised, these three universal poisons become the three universal wisdoms of emptiness, cognisance and compassion.

We laugh, but it’s a sad laugh.


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The Collapse In Our Morals

Moral: knowing right from wrong.

Whatever is beneficial to our collective mental & physical well-being, and whatever is harmful to our collective mental & physical well-being.

The Buddha saw suffering, though he was not suffering. That inspired him to look for the cause of suffering, and do something about it. If we do not acknowledge the suffering of others, what type of person are we? We all say we care, but care about what? Me and mine?

Are there stupid people in the world?
Are there people who suffer?
Are there people who create stupidity?
Are there people who create suffering?
Are there people who relieve suffering and stupidity?

The world is full of different types and different morals.


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Gods And Fools

“Might is right”?

Those who want to be regarded as gods are fools; they assume might is right with no understanding of the reality that you cannot fool everyone.

“You can fool all of the people some of time;
you can fool some of the people all of the time,
but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”
– Abraham Lincoln.

In Plato’s Republic (375 BCE), justice is famously defined as  “I say that justice or right is simply what is in the interest of the stronger party”. Socrates asks Thrasymachus in whose interest this is, and Thrasymachus replies that it is in the interests of the ‘ruling classes’.

It is they who make the laws of the city – whether it is a tyranny, aristocracy or democracy – and therefore it is they who say what is right or wrong. In other words, morality is just a screen for power.

Still think there are no conspiracies?
Evil uses the power of illusion to make us believe we are impotent.


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Have You Started Your Journey Yet?

Our journey to realise our enlightened essence starts when we let go of where we are now, mentally speaking. It’s a metaphor for a path to where we actually are, right now. Where we are right now is either head-in-the-sand or head-in-the-clouds.

This path to enlightenment (actually, to happiness) is discovering our true reality as opposed to the one we have adopted, or had imposed on us. We go alone, maybe rubbing shoulders with others of a similar inclination once in a while.

Our path starts when we let go of self-interest, self-importance and self-obsession – and we let go of ‘The Path’, that lifestyle organisation that we are attached to, along with an adopted group-think … group-self.

Our transcendence begins when we kick all supports away, and free fall.
It’s very unnerving, so we watch every step … doubt … okay … doubt … okay … okay … !

When we free fall into what seems like a bottomless pit,
there is nowhere safer.

[ Feel free to leave a comment}

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The Buddha Was An Expert But …

The Buddha was an expert, but
he said, “Don’t take my word for the truth; test it for yourself”.

If he said that, then don’t take any expert’s word for it.
If we are reliant, we are not free.

Each of us has individual experiences, and we have to come at a problem in our own way. That problem is, “What is life about?” Teachings are generalisations. Life isn’t. It’s right here, in our face and there’s no getting away from it. 😀

Gradually, we can learn a language to express these experiences, but we can only talk to those who are on-the-verge of some realisation; rare, open people. These people are precious, and should be supported.

Most people are either vacant or occupied, and are therefore not ready to receive teachings, or ready to give up their ideas about life and why we are here. They do not care. Why should they? They have made up their minds to travel along others’ paths, and haven’t stopped on-the-verge to wonder, “Where am I going?”.

An expert is someone who knows the complete system, is generous, disciplined and patient, knows what is right and is able to concentrate: in other words, they are compassionate, without any sense of competitiveness. An expert has empathy and kindness; it comes with experience!

If we do not know our true reality,
and live by that reality,
then what is the purpose of our life?

Within this mud of confusion is the Buddha.
It has always been there!

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Hackable You

Hacking: the gaining of unauthorised access to data in a system or computer.

Through the media and technologies, humans have been trained to believe anything. Small suggestions first, ‘for your good’, followed by slight variations to develop the idea. And voila! We are in a ‘new normal’. We receive information, and believe it or react against it; either way, we are taught to jump through hoops, and it’s noted. Once this is achieved, digital technology can now predict and guide us to conform and perform.

Our judgements are not our own.
Had any original thoughts lately?
Beware of ‘low hanging fruit’, proclaiming easy answers.

Memories are merely programming. Each generation imposes ideas and trauma onto the next. We should be aware when we think we know something! When an idea is fed into a society, it spreads through gossip. Technologies can now follow everything we do, and read our minds = read and feed!

Reactions in the comments section of digital news items and videos says more about us than the news item or video.

An easy answer is not the same as a simple answer.
Dharma (the teaching on our reality) is simple, but not easy to understand,
as we have to cut through our mind’s programming.

In fact, we – consciousness – have to hack ourself.
This unauthorised access to our mind cuts through
the official approved or authorised version we’ve adopted.

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Life Is Maintenance

Life is either maintenance of pure consciousness – what we are –
or maintenance of ignorance of pure consciousness – what we are not.

One of these paths manifests skilful compassion.

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Generating Complexity To Become Indispensable

When we doubt ourselves, we feel vulnerable, and begin to look for a system to clear that doubt. Unfortunately, systems turn into organised religions with rituals and special terminology. That form can become complex and all-consuming; the system turns out to be indispensable, and we end up dependent. This is a form of addiction to hope and fear.

When we recognise our two feet of realising pure essence and whatever obscures that essence, we can walk freely along our path – unaided.

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Complexity Breeds Confusion

Complexity creates mystery, confusion and addiction.
Once we realise our true essence, we are free from others’ complexities.

Our simple essence is pure consciousness.
Life is now our real teacher, enabling this realisation.

Karma – the result of past actions – brings us our experiences.
By taking responsibility, we simplify life, we simplify karma.

Our reactions tell us much about the state of our mind.
All the while, pure consciousness watches.

Pure consciousness has never changed throughout our life,
and is therefore simple proof that that is what we are.

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Enlightenment Isn’t Unattainable

We might think that enlightenment is something they do over there, or back in the days of yore. 🙂 Something really special, with special powers…

Well, we’ve all heard the stories!
But what if it isn’t that miraculous?

What if we are already enlightened,
but didn’t notice or ignored it?

This is the simple conclusion, unless someone can actually show us something different.

Maintaining the mystery merely makes enlightenment a secret, and collects followers who like a good story. Enlightenment is the realisation of our true reality, which is pure awareness; just cognisant consciousness with absolutely no elaborations.

Living a life, satisfied with knowing what we are within all this befuddlement, is liberating. Whether there is an afterlife or not, we are making the most out of this life, seeing the befuddlement as an empty illusion for the entertainment of others.

Maybe seeking enlightenment is also an illusion.
We should be seeking whatever distracts us,
obscuring the emptiness of enlightenment.

We are all enlightened.
The level of enlightenment
depends on the constant presence of pure awareness as illusions arise.

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Free Speech

The more we communicate, the more we support one another.

We may think slightly differently,
but our hearts, we are all the same pure consciousness.

Bend a twig and it snaps.
Bend bunch of twigs, and they stand firm.

Free speech is a natural asset; don’t waste it on competitiveness.
United – mind and consciousness – we can never be defeated.

Use it or lose it.

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Suffering & Sadness Unite Us”

A commentator on this blog just wrote this phrase.
It’s so true.

Becoming a Buddhist, or becoming anything as part of a middle-class lifestyle, doesn’t do any good for anyone. Paying lots of money to go on retreats doesn’t mean we have any realisation or empathy.

No empathy means no understanding.

We do suffer, but no longer notice it because we have become so used to living this way. The horrendous thing is that there are those who make a fortune out of world misery. And those who merely sit on their specially-named cushions without genuine compassion are part of this historical mess.

Our true teacher is life experiences,
and our reactions to these experiences.

Suffering, sadness, depression are not pill-deficiencies;
they are teachings!

If we are not angry at what is going on in the world,
we are merely bystanders.

Anger is mirror-like wisdom!

A negative emotion, such as anger is, in the very first instant, the presence of pure consciousness. Pure seeing comes first.To the realised, this anger maintains the spontaneous presence of pure consciousness, without acting out the anger and causing harm.

We can only change the world for the better when more people realise what they are, and what they have always been … enlightened.

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Nearly True

Partial truth is an opinion.
When we actually experience something,
that is not an opinion.

Opinion: an assumption, a belief or judgement formed but not based on personal knowledge.

Opinions are merely gossip.
We can only believe what we are told,
but we will not know until we try it.

What we do or say is generally based on others’ opinions.

There is only one piece of information we need, and that is that we are pure consciousness. Realising this, our life then has meaning. Information is dead information until we investigate for ourselves, and then it becomes knowledge.

Using this knowledge for the benefit of others is wisdom – no more fakery.

To a closed mind, openness is a threat.
If someone feels threatened, they are on ‘fakey’ ground.


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Communication Is Everything

Communication is a meeting of minds.
If we do not communicate,
we have little or no empathy.

The point of life
is to understand and communicate.

What else is there?

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Mindfulness isn’t a play-act,
and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Mindfulness is being aware of whatever we do, say and think, rather than going through life mechanically, just reacting to everything. Being mindful is to cause no harm to ourselves or anyone else. This is mind training.

Mindfulness means we are being more precise and complete in every action. But we mustn’t whip ourselves for being a little untidy – speaking as one whose enthusiasm leaves a few tools lying around because of many repairs on the go … 😀

Mindfulness is being methodical with problems that arise, tracing an effect back to its cause. In fact, mindfulness is enlightening, fun and truly satisfying. It mean that we can solve our own problems – and save money.

That’s it … mindfulness saves money!

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Suffering From Glorious, Overwhelming, Common Sense

Common sense is common to all of us,
and is something innate:
it is pure consciousness perceiving through the senses of a body.

What we then do, as an individual, expresses through our individual understanding. The fact is, we have all experienced every thought and emotion possible, and whether we act upon these or not is also an individual choice.

When we see a child fall or an animal suffering, we all have the same immediate response = care. Then comes the thought, “It’s not my child or animal – it’s someone else’s responsibility”. (Many years ago – before mobile phones – I personally witnessed people walking by a man lying against a wall moaning, maybe assuming he was drunk. He wasn’t. I had to pick him up and carry him a hundred yards to an office block to call for an ambulance.)

Inside, we all care, but fear inhibits us from using our common sense and acting upon it.

There is nothing higher than ‘common sense’.

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The Effect Of Laziness

Laziness produces inertia, indifference, ignorance, not knowing – but with much talking. Laziness is created from fear of the realisation that there may be more to us, and that we must make a
real effort.

This is why we veg-out in distractions – and there is so much to entertain us! Lazy people are easily distracted.

Now for the good news.
It is realising what laziness is doing to us that changes our attitude,
shocked that we will be stuck like that forever.

Good news?!
Certainly! We are evolving.

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Fire Pujas Don’t Do Anything

Fire pujas don’t do anything.
They show good intention.

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Spiritual Ineptness

Ineptness: having or showing no skill; clumsy.

Better than doing pujas,
try empathising with and listening to those with whom we disagree.
Show your compassion.

Falling into spiritual materialism is falling into cultural politics to maintain an image. If we do not understand what ‘spiritual’ means, we may fall into the realm of hocus-pocus, a term which was first used around 1630 and which is meaningless talk or activity that conceals the truth.

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Most Of Our Suffering Comes From Thoughts

That says it all.

Thoughts are memories or programming that dictates how we behave. All our hopes/likes, fears/dislikes, and ignorance/indifference comes from the mind. These three principles – also known as desire, aversion and inertia – limit our understanding and realisation of what we are, which is pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is our starting point;
the clear view that knows what happiness is.

Unfortunately, we spend our lives being dictated to by thoughts and facts planted in our mind by an unenlightened world. It’s quite creepy that most of the world does not know its true reality; this external ignorance thinks it knows it all.

We need discipline to train our mind, to stop relying on thoughts. Sitting quietly in silent meditation focuses consciousness to realise that it is being distracted; this is the way to freedom from the bondage of thoughts.

The ability to rest in inner peace to receive inspiration
– rather than being transmitters of facts –
says it all.

Before we can be perfect transmitters,
we have to be perfect receivers.

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Having A Back-Up Plan

When we have a back-up plan
we keep our options open, with an open mind.
There are always two sides to a story.
Maybe the other way is right?

Do I have a back-up plan?
Already implemented!
I stopped following others.

It could be that I should copy others,
but so far, there is no evidence to support that view.

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Walking On Eggshells

Treading carefully.

When we meet someone who has already made up their mind, and is prejudiced for or against another person, group or subject, we have to be overly careful in dealing with them as they might be in denial and become easily upset.

We may be enthusiastic, but talking to someone who has already made up their mind can have unfortunate consequences of backing them into a corner. And of course, they will retaliate. We all go through the same process: perception goes to memory (prejudice) and, from memory, we judge and the reaction occurs … every time … unless we have empathy.

The more we realise, the more eggshells there are. This is the delicate process involved in the levels of realisation. Each level of understanding is right – at that level.

Emotion to one person is suffering.

Emotion to a realised person is wisdom because,
before that moment of memory and reaction occurs,
there is pure, open consciousness.

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Our Minds Are Tampered With

Our minds are tampered with,
and we are fooled into not recognising truth.

The truth of our reality is pure consciousness. When we investigate (rather then being told), this truth cannot be denied. Everything we read and hear merely adds to our confusion, and has nothing to do with our ultimate reality.

All we have to is ask, “Why?”.
Merely relying on others’ say-so,
we will only get an incomplete answer.

In asking why,
we have the ability to investigate,
and are open to all possible answers.

This is exactly why the Buddha said,
“Do not take my word for it; see for yourself.”

Have the courage and clarity to look and see.

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Competitiveness Versus Empathy

When dealing with others, do we try to put them ‘right’ or, through empathy, investigate the background to the situation?

In the ‘media’, it is as if we are being trained just to react, but not to look at the real cause of a situation.
If we allow ourselves to be led to believe one thing, it is easier to then believe further suppositions.
In that case, is the process deliberate?

Empathy is the wisdom of understanding why things come about,
and how they are maintained.

Empathy is our protection-cord.

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Where Is The Centre Of The Infinite Universe?

We might think we are the centre of the universe,
and everything revolves around us.

This is when we may be accused of having an ego;
‘ego’ means ‘I’.
Let they who are without ego cast the first stone.

Interestingly, from an ultimate point of view, where else can the centre of the infinite universe be? Some say there are many dimensions. How do we know this?

We must start from where we are and, if other dimensions present themselves, then being in the present here, we will be in the present there, which is always here.

Pure consciousness starts here and ends here, wherever we are.
It’s where everything is known.

If we start believing or wishing the centre is elsewhere,
we will be forever in hope and confusion.

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Getting To Know Our Mind

Our mind is our playhouse, full of information-toys.

When, in 1 Corinthians 13 it says, “see through a glass darkly”, this means to have an obscured or imperfect vision of reality. It explains that we do not see clearly now but, at the end of time, we will do so, and time is an illusion! Time only relates to material and mental phenomena.

Our mind is full of assumptions about life. We merely have to watch our reactions – the dos and don’ts, the likes and dislikes that hold us down to mundane, limited views.

Once we know our mind, we can play without believing the toys to be real.

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The Myth Of Self

Myth: a misrepresentation of the truth.

When consciousness looks around and just sees, no self is present. There is only pure perception or pure consciousness, free of all ills. Self arises when consciousness reverts to memory to identify with an object, creating a story and so solidifying this arrangement. That solidification hardens an illusory self-image.

There is no self. The illusion of self is an attachment to ideas. Throughout life, we build upon this picture, acquiring a formidable idea of ourselves, and inspiring fear or respect through being impressive.

Merely let this self or ego take a back seat and be less dominant.
Gradually, we can dispense with karmic self altogether.

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Beyond Belief, Beyond Dzogchen

Buddhism is not a belief system. In Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, Dzogchen is a tradition of teachings to awaken pure consciousness. It is what we are – the ultimate beyond, beyond words, thoughts, or systems.

Dzogchen, the great perfection or great completion, is also known as ati yoga (utmost yoga), and is aimed at discovering the ultimate ground of ‘existence’ (it does not exist in any physical or mental sense).

This primordial basis has the qualities of purity (emptiness), spontaneity (luminous clarity) and compassion (empathy). The goal of Dzogchen is realisation of this awakened state, known as rigpa/pure consciousness. Dzogchen is a direct instruction to the nature of reality, and awakens rigpa/pure consciousness.

Dzogchen means utter completeness. From the Dzogchen point of view, we are already complete. Nothing needs to be obtained or rejected in order to realise non-duality. This is the path of immediate self-liberation – liberation from our habitual self-destructive-delusional-image.

Where would we be without pure consciousness?
In a state of confusion.

Rigpa is home.

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Wanting To Be In The Loop

Wanting to be in the loop – the inner circle.

The loop is the system, run by system-people who are the vertical thinkers = conventional logic.

Religions have inner circles or hierarchies of people who need to belong.
We are born into a system/culture and assume that this the only way.
It’s a blanket for rigid minds who want to appear ‘good’.

Rigpa or pure consciousness is beyond all systems.

We can think freely outside the system. This is lateral thinking = solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the problem in a new and unusual light. 😀

Pure consciousness is that unusual light.
Out of the loop.

Common consciousness is our usual light.
In the loop.

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The Illusion Of Conflict

A perpetual state of crisis:
it’s how the unenlightened live.

Have you noticed how we are in a perpetual state of crisis? ‘Crisis management’ seems to create more crisis 🙂 Education never seems to get any better; humanity should have ironed out all the problems by now, but it hasn’t, has it? Why not?

Once managers are chosen for their aptitude and attitude towards a particular placement, they are fed further information that enhances that attitude, along with their career and wealth.

Crisis and confusion keeps the plan going. What plan? The hidden hand of power wants to stay in power, unnoticed. There is no left and right – division is what keeps the game going, while we become involved in the illusion of conflict.

Our happiness relies on freedom from conflict.
Being unhappy makes us victims of organised crisis.

Crisisfrom Greek krisis ‘decision’.
Crisis is a time when a difficult or important decision must be made. It is precisely because a decision has to be made in a time of crisis and confusion, that we actually remain indecisive. Enter the perpetual state of confusion and conflict as predicted in the Mahabharata, the Kali Yuga, the age of strife.

Stop being confused about whatever happens.
It’s someone else’s karmic game
– and this game is the elephant in the room.

(‘Elephant in the room’ refers to a serious problem which people are aware of, but choose to ignore. They think that if they do not talk about it, the problem will somehow go away).

The older we get, the more we recognise the same old eternal pattern of divide and conquer, believers and disbelievers. This is the military strategy of making a group of people disagree and fight with one another, and never join together.

As long as consciousness and mind are kept separate, we will never see the unity within ourselves, and thus bring an end to conflict.

When good and evil,
dark and light,
appearance and recognition,
mirror and its reflection
are seen as a unity,
there will be perfect peace.

It starts with personal realisation of inner peace
– a truce, releasing us from conflict.

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Thoughts and Thinking

Thoughts are memories; they’re products from the past.
Thinking is what we do now.

If our thinking is clouded by thoughts,
our thinking is just repeating memories.

If we rely on memories, we cannot evolve or attain realisation,
as we evolve through constant fresh starts = investigation.

We can ask, “Why isn’t that washer working?”
and sort the problem out for ourselves.

Or we can employ a plumber/teacher who has a good memory
– until the plumber/teacher says, “I’ve never seen this sort of washer before”!

That’s when the plumber/teacher can either wake up and investigate enthusiastically
or, confused, go back to sleeping in memories.

Are you a good plumber?
Plumb: explore or experience fully.

Have you plumbed your depths? 😀

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What Is The Cause Of Unhappiness & Happiness?

Unhappiness is caused by worry, confusion or doubt.
Happiness is knowing we are not this worry, confusion or doubt.

Unhappiness is created.
Happiness is not created.

Unhappiness is only in the mind.
When pure consciousness – the silent, uncontaminated observation of the mind – becomes attached to the mind, it creates a self which worries, is confused and doubts.

Happiness is the very essence of pure consciousness.
When the essence of pure consciousness is understood, happiness remains.

Happiness is release from suffering.

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Fear Of Letting Go Of The Practice

We cling to ‘authentic’ names and sounds, using Sanskrit and Tibetan words to feel safe and protected. This all adds to the illusion of practice, and is very attractive and lucky-charming :-).

But unless we can let go, we will always fear being alone – even those who isolate themselves, along with their fixations.

Letting go means accepting every moment as it arises. There are many adepts who adapted to life: one was a doorman at a brothel, one crushed sesame seeds, another was a shepherd – and yet another was a carpenter’s son …

Ultimately, we do not need temples, caves or wooden huts.
We don’t need anything.
Where we are is karmically precise, in order to bring an end to karma.

If we rely on the past, it’s like saying,
“I don’t want to think; I want to rely on thoughts.”

Resolve to stay with the present,
until something more refined comes along.

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Is Life A Psychological Test?

It’s certainly challenging.

What is life to us?
Is it a play-house of beliefs
is it a system for a deeper understanding of the nature of reality?

Is life all about people mimicking one another? About fitting in, thinking how safe we are? If we need to feel safe, then fear is involved.

It is only when we find this play-life unfulfilling that we may turn to a deeper subject that is more challenging. That deeper subject is consciousness; without consciousness, we wouldn’t be here, but we ignore this fact. The truth is that we are consciousness which either plays in the karmic-play-house or investigates the karmic-play-house. Karma is the result of previous experiences and reactions, and is expressed in our every habitual response – or non-response.

Valuing consciousness is the key to early release
from our addiction to our karmic-play-house.

When we actually realise that we are pure consciousness, all challenges become inspirational, to bring an end to our habitual fixations and reactions which obscure our compassionate pure reality.

The karma-challenge certainly keeps us on our toes!

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An Example Of My Confused Thinking

I had to drop going to teachings, as my reliance was creating doubts.

On 11th January 2014, I wrote the post,“Thoughts ‘R’ Us” (it’s at the bottom of this page).

You can see that I put together of bits of odd ideas; they weren’t wrong per se – it just showed the confused state we can get into. Or was it just me?! It was earnestly written, but with little authentic personal realisation, being based on ideas I’d acquired that didn’t quite add up. I think it was because the teachings are associated with a different culture, which distracted from genuine, ordinary experience. The key to this was when I read the Buddha’s advice: “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself”.

I was squeezing myself into something I was not, which is the very opposite to what the original teachings are about. In other words, the teachings are too dressed-up in another culture, and that becomes a religion that creates strong adherence to this sort of display.

When I started, I wondered how the blog would turn out. Would it be a chronicle of wisdom or of stupidity? It was my attempt to become free from the state I was in at that time.

I’m a bit of a slow learner – it’s embarrassing 🙂

Thoughts ‘R’ Us 2
7th January 2023

We all have thoughts, and assume that they are us. But where do thoughts and ideas come from?
Thoughts are memories in the mind that groove out pathways in the brain. This is our set pattern by which we judge and react, affecting our behaviour. We maintain these memories with great affection, and this is how all sentient beings survive, through a memory bank of programming.

Thoughts ‘r’ not us.

Thinking is the spontaneous presence of consciousness while scanning past thoughts for information that is relevant to the present situation, and translating that experience now.

Then – most importantly of all – dropping the experience, not holding on to it as each situation is unique, and so becomes the path to enlightenment.

We need to realise the principle behind the experience,
rather than just having the experience!

Thoughts ‘R’ Us
11th January 2014

Where do they come from? Is it mind or essence?

We all have thoughts.
Maybe we think we shouldn’t …wrong!
We merely have to distinguish between clinging reactionary thoughts, and thoughts that translate experience without clinging.

One set comes from the mind, and the other from essence. Surprised?

When we habitually react, this comes from the conditioned mind. This is consciousness clinging to concepts stored, judges and reacts. It’s a sort of acquired programming, which we (distracted essence) replay and replay, fixing us as a caricature of conditioned responses. We then join a world full of programmed responses, walking about the planet like emotional robots, some with a low self image and some with an inflated self image. It all depends on into which class you place your self, through pride or inverted pride. It is all the same…this is the lot of a sentient beings.

However. There are thought responses from essence that are not part of this mechanical mindset. Here, when we say ‘thoughts’, we really mean ‘pre-thoughts’. Before a thought fully blossoms into words and images, there is a recognition, a pre-cognition. This is not necessarily extrasensory perception, but just a knowing. When you see someone from a distance, by just the stance or outline we recognise that person but haven’t given a name to them yet. It’s like that.

This is similar to having focused vision or panoramic vision. Usually when we look through our eyes, we see this and that in a 3D manner: everything appears solid, and we are hooked. The attention is constantly distracted.

Here is where we can take a huge leap in meditation. Become aware of your peripheral vision – everything is seen at once. Nothing is identified. Everything is just seen, and the seeing is also seen. That ‘just seeing’, without fabricating or embellishing anything, is essence…pure awareness. Now, if something is needed, we then focus and identify, do what is beneficial and return to panoramic vision.

To fine tune this, we merely recognise essence as emptiness, and are merely aware of awareness. Perception has refined to pure perception. So thoughts arise out of emptiness for the benefit of others …compassion.

It is in meditation that we can perceive the difference between thoughts in the mind which distract us, and thoughts arising out of emptiness expressing itself (essence love). This is where our own mind becomes the teacher: it teaches us to recognise the difference, when we are caught and held. Meditation is fine tuning this. Watching videos, reading books, hearing others cannot do this for you…you have to do it. You have to see.

The mind is for philosophers. Essence is for the Siddhi. Philosophers argue. Siddhis do not.

Incidentally, when essence is recognised as clarity, mind also has clarity, increasing intelligence. We no longer become bound up in the mundane, but released in the supra-mundane.

If this is difficult to understand, that’s okay: we just have to sort the subtle body out. This is where mantra, chanting, puja and yogic breathing exercises come to work as they calm the inner wind, settling the subtle body so that we can rest.

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What Is A Friend?

Is friendship a condition?

A true friend –
accepts you as you are,
during the good and bad times;
will tell you the truth, even if you don’t like it;
makes the time to see you;
encourages you to achieve your goals;
is someone you feel safe with.

The above conditions for friendship
are the qualities of a spiritual friend,
rather than a political friend.

It is only fear that divides us.

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Gain Confidence Or Lose Confidence

When we have a firm foundation, there is no stopping us.
When we have no firm foundation, we dither and doubt.

This doubt comes from dealing with others.
Do we fit in or not? And what are we trying to fit into?
Who are we trying to impress?

There are variations of confidence and lack of confidence.
This could be the reason that we don’t all see eye-to-eye.

Ten years ago, my wife and I stopped going to teachings and retreats.
We found that others were a bit gluey 🙂
and we were losing confidence by becoming reliant.

Confidence can be merely adherence to and reliance on doctrine.
That adherence suggests a lack of confidence.

Since then, we’ve never been happier,
not answering questions, but questioning answers!

Question that which has been hidden by the answers.
That goes for all matters in life. 😉

This why the enlightened one said,
“Don’t take my word for it…”

Just completed today – 10 years on this blog = 3,971 non-stop articles!

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What Is Authentic Teaching?

Authentic: not a copy; genuine.
Something done in the original way.

We are the ultimate authority,
not taking anyone’s word for reality.

It is personal realisation that is authentic.
Beware of copies.

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Deliberately Ridiculous

There is one word missing from all media,
and that word is … ‘deliberate’.
Magicians never want the trick to be recognised.

Earnest people argue about this and that,
but never address the cause behind the effect.

As long as people are confused,
the ‘magicians’ maintain control through deliberate deception.

It’s ridiculous because we know it’s a trick,
but we still want to believe in magic.

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The Danger Of Expectation

Expectation: a strong belief that something will happen.

Ordinary human happiness is based on the expectation of fulfilling a desire. The expectation makes us feel happy, but it’s never completely satisfying because it doesn’t last, and so we seek more of the same, hoping that it will finally give us what we want.

This addiction isn’t based on any reality; expectation is a hinderance to reality.

All esoteric teachings result in the same realisation of the true essence of our being – which is a rare event – but, because we live in expectations, we turn these teachings into the exoteric, which is merely the form or act.

Hearing fantastic stories of miracles, we think this is the ultimate goal: these stories are exoteric teachings meant for the many to inspire us, but they have no reality (otherwise, miracles would be happening right now).

Sitting in front of a thangka painting of Chenrezi, the lord of compassion, will not give us compassion. It merely reminds us to apply compassion through empathy, which comes about through experience, rather than through beliefs and expectations.

There are practices that we can do,  exchanging self for other, but do we actually go that far? No. We just hope, or expect it will work without us actually becoming involved …

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