The Enablers Of Good And Evil

That’s us.

Enabler: a person or thing that makes something possible.

Enabling has a positive aspect of empowering individuals, but it also has a negative aspect of encouraging dysfunctional behaviour which has become our ‘normal’. This isn’t a criticism, however, as the result of dysfunctional behaviour can be the path to enlightenment ūüôā

If we think there is no evil in the world, then we have not taken note of history and how evil uses ‘good’ enablers.

If we think that evil does not exist today, that means evil has learnt from history.

Evil comes to power through the assistance of good people ‚Äď the enablers. Evil knows the power of the collective, so the collective has to be convinced to do evil’s bidding.

If we are not on a path to enlightenment, we will remain unenlightened. It is a shock to realise that we have taken a side and, once a side is taken, an enemy is created and shocking atrocities happen. People against people, each believing they are virtuous, which allows and enables evil to stay in power.

The question is, ‚ÄúIs the world a happy place?‚ÄĚ The Buddha looked out and saw suffering; his motivation was to realise the cause of that suffering. Just because we are ‘happy’ does not mean others are.

Humans are adaptable in their misery, and evil knows that, understanding how far a human can be pushed and accept it. How does evil work? It knows what people like and dislike ‚Äď and technology has made this observation even easier.

Enabler: a person or thing that makes something possible.

Evil knows this, and says, ‚ÄúBelieve me‚ÄĚ.
A Buddha knows this, and says,
‚ÄúDon’t believe a word I’m saying; see for yourself.‚ÄĚ

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Everyone Is Our Precious Spiritual Teacher

A teacher is someone who shows us the way,
but we travel alone.

Our adopted spiritual teacher tells us nice things but,
in truth, those around who annoy us
are our precious teachers.

They show us our reactions, tendencies and understanding
… or lack thereof.

Annoying people are our fastest way to heaven.
Purgatory purifies us.
When we know we are in hell,
the only way is up.

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Sincerity And Boastfulness

Unconditional sincerity or truthfulness is the absence of pretence, deceit, or hypocrisy. If we say we have compassion, this must manifest with the absence of self. To be sincere, we have to be honest and trustworthy.

Smugness is looking pretty.

How to make a Buddha laugh?
Tell them how good you are!

Screen Shot 2021-07-31 at 12.10.08

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Freedom From Tribal Politics

When spirituality becomes a religion, religion becomes political.

Spirituality frees.
Religion binds.
Politics influences.

Result: monkey see, monkey do.

To influence, social manipulation has to take place in order to maintain an idea. It’s what chimpanzees do; they intimidate – from¬†medieval Latin¬†intimidat-¬†‚Äėmake timid‚Äô, to frighten or overawe,¬†especially¬†in order¬†to¬†make¬†people¬†do¬†what¬†we want.

Chimpanzee politics: chimpanzees acknowledge and respect a hierarchy within their group. Dominant relationships are influenced by alliances, and coalitions are formed through social manipulation to secure and maintain influential positions, especially within the inner circle.

How much have we evolved?
Politics binds us to someone else’s freedom.

In reality, we are already free.

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Escaping Chaos And Confusion

People around us are in chaos and confusion because they believe in something or other.

To escape this madness, the answer is simple. That which sees this chaos and confusion is neither in chaos nor confused. Voilà! … there you are! Simple magic. That which just sees is pure consciousness, our original reality.

The real trick is staying free.


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You’re Not Making A Fool Of Yourself

You’re not making a fool of yourself;
your self is making a fool of you.

What is ‘self’, and what is ‘you’?
Self is consciousness, identifying with ideas.
You are silenced consciousness that is aware of these identifications.

We are constantly being fooled into identifying with this or that.
Being fooled more than once
means that we can be fooled again and again.

Until enlightenment, self will fool consciousness.

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Happiness Is Not Wanting More

“Happiness is not wanting more; it’s enjoying less.”
– Socrates 470‚Äď399¬†BC



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It Is The Worst Of Times, It Is The Best of Times

How is this the worst of times?

In diabolical times, people become more divided. The media soothsayers speculate about the future, creating fear, chaos, and confusion, either winding people up or entertaining them so that they ignore their bewilderment.

We are continually being warned of worse to come (fear) and the great rebuild on the horizon (hope). All the while, people are in the dark regarding their true nature that is beyond hope and fear, and which is conscious, compassionate and wise, beyond imagination.

How is this the best of times?

There are two aspects to enlightenment; realising that we are only pure consciousness, and recognising whatever obscures that pure consciousness. Basically, it’s all emptiness. Pure consciousness is empty cognisance, and all seeming obscurations are empty of true existence ‚Äď they come and go. Things only seem real because we fixate on them, not noticing that everything is impermanent.

When we see how ridiculous it’s all become, with people fearing everything and everyone, they are bound to become hostile and out of control.

The more we hear ridiculous nonsense,
the more obvious it is.

Humans are highly adaptable.
This is both our genius and our downfall:
genius in that we can see through the fake,
and downfall in that we can put up with it.

We are the constant mirror of direct, clear consciousness;
the reflections are second-hand news.
Even religions and spiritual groups turn emptiness into a second-hand event.

Sit anywhere in silent clarity, and all is revealed.




There isn’t anything new under the sun ‚Ķ

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,
it was the age of wisdom,
it was the age of foolishness,
it was the epoch of belief,
it was the epoch of incredulity,
it was the season of light,
it was the season of darkness,
it was the spring of hope,
it was the winter of despair.‚ÄĚ

‚Äē¬†Charles Dickens,¬†A Tale of Two Cities, 1859

“Sometimes, you put walls up not to keep people out,
but to see who cares enough to break them down.‚Ä̬†
‚Äē¬†Socrates ‚ÄČ470‚Äď399¬†BC

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There Are Two Sides To Every Story

Depending on our mindset, we lean towards one side or another ‚Äď and even when we have taken a side, we find another side presents itself, and so on.

These are the yanas, the levels we transcend until we reach total satisfaction of enlightenment. Our life starts off with us being indoctrinated with mundane thoughts but, with the right motivation, the supramundane dawns.

At certain moments, conflicts arise, and associations do not fit any more; we can no longer conform to expectations, and find that understanding is incomplete (although it may still satisfy others). Our experience and the required conformity no longer match up, fuelled not only by what is implied, but also by what is omitted.

A separation occurs, but it is important to realise that those who think differently are not now the enemy. This is where empathy must come in. We know what effect believing in one side as opposed to another has on our mind. One is not superior to the other: we just have to look at things in a different light in order to complete the picture. Shiva, Buddha, Jesus were not saying different things – they all had light, but their emphasis was unique, and for that moment.

This isn’t merely about having a different opinion. We have genuinely outgrown what we previously adhered to. Those crutches just dropped away, and we now walk with a fresh confidence, and are happy!

Being independent, communication now relies upon seeing other sides to truly be of benefit to others, rather than being concerned with self-aggrandisement.

When we take sides, we alienate one another and become divided. That provides an opportunity for ego to arise, and evil to manifest. ‘Evil’ is ego, clinging to likes and dislikes. Evil is no big deal, but it does exert a hold on us, making us righteous and creating enemies. The more righteous we become, the more annoying we are ūüôā

We are all good and evil, light and dark, positive and negative, objective and subjective, confused and wise.

The secret:
We are free in the moment of seeing.
– Tulku Urgyen, a Tibetan master.

Darkness is only possible
by the presence of light.
It’s all one.

When we cling to a side, we miss the whole point.
That’s what evil likes.

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A Few Random Thoughts
Random: happening without method or conscious decision.

Be Grateful For Not Being A Perfect Human Being
There is more to us.

We Can Never Find Pure Consciousness
We are that which we seek

Don’t Change Your Mind
Change the way you see.

We Can Never Find A Self
The self is merely make-believe in the mind.

It’s A Relief To Be Happy
Happiness is none other than relief.

Relief: alleviate. From¬†Latin alleviare –¬†‚Äėlightened‚Äô,
from¬†ad-¬†‚Äėto‚Äô¬†+¬†levare¬†‚Äėraise‚Äô, influenced by¬†levis¬†‚Äėlight‚Äô.

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Our Temple Of Worship Is Our Mind

Worship: acknowledgement of worth.

The mind is where we contemplate and meditate, creating the template for our life. Our temple is a place to moderate our temper. If we make too much noise, those sounds reverberate and evoke images, memories and emotions.

Our mind is the holy land watched over by consciousness. Thinking that a holy land is somewhere else is turning the atemporal (independent of time) into the temporal (governed by time).

Mind is a place of confusion and enlightenment.
They are one and the same.

When we realise our true worth of pure consciousness,
any emotion is freed in that moment.

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Meditation Works

Sacred moments.

The mind is a sacred space, and should be treated with respect so that clarity is revealed, and we see and think clearly. It’s that important. Meditation works because, in silence, the mind’s inner temple is focused and ceases to be over active.

Temple: Middle English:¬†from¬†Old French,¬†from¬†an¬†alteration¬†of¬†Latin¬†tempora, plural¬†of¬†tempus ¬†‚Äėtemple of the¬†head‚Äô.

We are sacred beings of pure consciousness. Through meditation, inner magic occurs and space is transformed into an atmosphere of inspirational reality. Meditation is non-dual yoga – without tying ourselves in knots.

Know meditation.
Non-dual: no me, no meditator.

If we do not see consciousness as sacred,
we just run amok in a congenial way.

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Truth Is Before And Beyond Words

Repetition of words rather than direct experience
relies on second hand information,
and trivialises meaning.

Direct experience has no words.

When we let go of all concepts, we see clearly.
Freedom begins when presumptions end
and all associations are dropped.

The words we adopt cast a spell over us,
and a persona is born;
it’s a sort of dressed-up conjuring trick.

Direct experience is naked.

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When The Truth Isn’t Recognised

The truth of our being may not register with everyone. Years ago, my wife and I attended a lecture by the Dalai Lama, and we both fell asleep. It wasn’t that we weren’t interested; it was as if someone was talking about an extra colour in the rainbow which we hadn’t registered before.

So now we can empathise when people don’t ‘get it’, when it seems so obvious.

Bombarded with spurious, fake, false information about life, it can seem truly difficult to see the simple answer to everything – and just saying that can go right over people’s head.

The simple answer is the essence of consciousness that just sees.

When dealing with others, all we can do is stand firm and be kind and patient, able to accept or tolerate delays, problems and suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. This process is incredibly instructive and challenging, and establishes true compassion.

Actually … this is the path to enlightenment.

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Being Something We’re Not

Wanting to be something that we’re not means we don’t have to look at ourselves. We can change our bodies or change our minds, but the spirit of consciousness remains the same. It’s vital to understand that this is our constant reality.

Spirituality isn’t about dropping our self. It is working with the mindset that is controlling our behaviour. Our real practice is seeing this ‘spiritual’ self for what it is – an imitator.

Spiritual psychology is dealing with what we have, rather than what someone else has. The easiest way to tie ourselves in spiritual knots is to copy others, and try to conform to their imitations.

Self is our teacher as it is a product of karma, the accumulations and effects of our past actions that cloak ever-present consciousness. The moment we dissolve self, we dissolve karma and all obscurations, and attain enlightenment … for that moment. What we do in the next moment will depend on our approach to this subject.

Self isn’t our enemy; believing our self to be real is just a misunderstanding. If we make our self into a big deal, our path becomes even more cluttered.

Our self is our perfect teacher. All that happens to us is our perfect teacher. Embodied, we have to deal with our physicality, but we needn’t obsess either about that, or the world in which we live.

In an imperfect world,
we have all that we need
to be perfectly happy with what we are.

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Uncultivated Wakefulness

The hardest thing is dropping our fixations

Through realisation of our innate nature that is the only reality, we notice that we don’t over react or panic as we once did. We stop shouting at the ‘radio’ ūüėÄ Emptiness is standing back so that consciousness sees clearly, and is able to adapt. Then situations can be dealt with in a cool way, rather than getting overheated.

The interesting thing is that the same goes for pleasant situations; we don’t over react. This might sound disconcerting as we may expect to feel elated and happy, but there is just quiet satisfaction in a cool way. The satisfaction drops away as there is always the next moment to deal with.

We may appear to be a cold and unmoving person, but the warmth is there, just not an ostentatious way, not dressed up to impress.

Uncultivated wakefulness isn’t being something that we are not. We are a rich rawness. We have explored our self and let go of any hint of a pretence of being wise.

Result = uncultivated relaxation.
Life can be fruitful;
we just have to arrived at a conclusion sooner rather than later.

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Can Spiritual Teachings Have An Opposite Effect?

Spiritual teachers often talk about love, compassion and carefreeness, but this can manifest as an opposite effect. Reality lies in a pure heart, rather than in ideas and theories in the mind.

We have an idea about love, compassion and carefreeness, but that isn’t the reality.

The reality of love, compassion and carefreeness is what we are, and the way in which that is displayed.

When something evolves into a doctrine – a¬†belief¬†that’s held¬†and¬†taught¬†– people become uptight and neurotic, displaying¬†repressed nervousness, irritability or¬†anger; they are unable¬†to give¬†expression¬†to¬†feelings or to empathise with others who may not see the doctrine in the same way.

When the teaching becomes a doctrine to which we want to belong, we feel vulnerable as that isn’t our complete reality. Lacking in confidence and feeling insecure, we are compelled to return for more teachings, and end up in a vicious cycle of existence, going round in circles hoping that the next retreat will give us the answer ūüėČ

If we become dependent, we lack confidence and remain subtly aggressive. What starts wars? Belief. Love, compassion and carefreeness are in abundance in the presence of true confidence. This is fearlessness and hopelessness, and we can deal with anything.

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The Moment Before We Think That We Are Awake

The moment before we go into our old routine, our behaviour, is the moment of ordinary, original, pure experience of pure consciousness. That is the moment when we are awake, before we start relying on memory to name and judge everything. The more familiar we become with this pure moment, the longer we stay awake, which has an effect on the following moment when our reactions and judgements kick in: recognising the moment of pure consciousness loosens those reactions and we are more measured in our responses.

It’s so simple, but we have become so complex.

When we just go straight into our old routine, we miss this moment of pure experience and, instead, delve into our play-world of projections and comments. We lose our peace as our world is full of woes.

We can give this pure moment fancy Latin or Sanskrit or Tibetan names, but ordinary, pure experience is before all those proclamations.
From¬†Latin¬†proclamatio(n-),¬†from¬†proclamare¬†‚Äėto shout out‚Äô.

Shout out? You mean puff ourselves up! ūüėÄ

Ordinary, original, pure experience is so much more fun. It’s bright, fresh, inspiring, creative when needed, scary ‚Ķ scary? Scary in a sense of not knowing, but knowingness of pure experience is, itself, present. The moment of all possibilities and potential.

I installed a new shower ‚Ķ hoping it would work ‚Ķ turned the water back on ‚Ķ heard a hissing sound ‚Ķ a moment of confusion ‚Ķ emptiness ‚Ķ fear ‚Ķ can I cope? ‚Ķ knowledge ‚Ķ ‚ÄúThat’s water, that is‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ ‚ÄúWater inside the wall!‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ blankness ‚Ķ emptiness ‚Ķ despair ‚Ķ knowledge ‚Ķ ‚ÄúI’ve put a screw through a pipe!‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ resignation ‚Ķ resolve ‚Ķ ‚ÄúDo it again‚ÄĚ!

Result: every time I have a shower, I listen, and wonder! ūüėÄ

Meditation has the same effect; in a moment, we are awake to all possibilities and potential.
Nothing is fixed, and we are ready to repair.

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Compassion Is Compatibility

Compatibility: To be able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict. Able to have a harmonious relationship; well suited. Consistent with another.
From¬†medieval Latin¬†compatibilis, from¬†compati¬†‚Äėsuffer with‚Äô.

In order to be compatible, we have to know how another feels, and be able to adjust to their mind, rather than taking them to be an enemy. Everyone has the same pure heart, but their minds are in conflict with the minds of others.

The only way to realise happiness is to be compatible, without irritation, without an idea of how others should be. Everyone is learning at their own rate; even the Buddha couldn’t speed up this process. It is up to each individual to realise their true heart ‚Ķ with a little support from a compatible heart.

We all have compatible hearts.

There is little progress made
if we follow a spiritual path while remaining indifferent,
shunning others because we see them as an irritation.

Through our karmic response,
others are our teacher.

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Relaxing In A Troubled Mind

Relaxing a troubled mind in a troubled world.

Sitting quietly watching the breath, consciousness doesn’t follow thoughts or impulses to do things; the feeling to be active will be there but just let that go. You can do it later. This is the discipline of concentration and, in that way, the mind comes to silent, still awareness.

The troubles out there are still awaiting us but, for now, we rest in perfect equanimity. We may even notice that thoughts or the impulse to get up and go are stronger, but this isn’t so. We’re noticing more – we’re more aware, and it may even feel uncomfortable, but this is merely breaking our pattern of behaviour, and ego doesn’t like it. Ego is a word for consciousness clinging to ideas, based around a constructed concept of self. The more we notice, the more we are in control, and the more confident we become, the more inner peace is established.

Gradually, throughout our busy troubled day, we will be reminded of this inner peace – our natural state – and relax. This is the holy place of sanity, heaven, nirvana.

The world around wants us to be busy and involved, intent on blaming and complaining. This is all justifiable, but we cannot make the world better; even Krishna, Jesus and Buddha can’t do that. They can only inspire us to realise our inner world of light and delight. If we all did the same, the world will get better. As it is, we just have to play our little part and not take our troubles so seriously. The only thing we can do is note what is happening and, by doing so, be free.

When we know we are facing the right way, that’s all that is needed to progress towards enlightenment. Our mind is only troubled because the world is troubled, and we are picking trouble up from one another.

Worldly troubles are like a virus:
our job is to spread the virus of inner peace.

Realise inner peace first,
and then our world realises peace.

Inner peace is the light of a candle
passed on to other candles.

It is all light, but each candle
has its own unique display.

Be happy.
Little flames torch ūüėÄ others.

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‚ÄúHealth And Safety‚ÄĚ

The slogan ‘health and safety’ saw the beginning of project fear, with people losing their ability to use common sense. An assessment of danger had to written up for practically everything we did.

We were bombarded with this phrase, and jobsworths (those who uphold petty rules even at the expense of humanity or¬†common sense) would go around checking that we were do it ‘right’.

Now health and safety is our jailer, with lockdowns, arrests and lockups. ‚ÄúKeep your distance, cover your face, disinfect your hands, follow the arrows ‚Ķ ‚ÄĚ

The pressure to conform is overshadowing our common sense, and this has created confusion, chaos and suffering, which has consequences for the future.

Our common sense is pure consciousness,
which is common to all.

When we lose sight of this commonality,
we lose empathy and compassion.

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Journey Into Self

The journey to nowhere.
Our self is an illusion, a wannabe ‚Äď an imitator!

Our feeling of self is a projection of acquired ideas with which we identify, and that creates and maintains our behaviour. All the while, consciousness – our actual being of pure consciousness – looks on.

There is an ancient saying:
“Two birds sat in a tree.
One pecked of the fruit
and the other sat and watched.‚ÄĚ

We are like that.
The body needs food.
Consciousness doesn’t.

Our problem is that we are so used to pecking at everything that merely watching sounds boring. We fail to realise that doing nothing is the pure experience of ultimate joy.

Feeling the wind, watching leaves shimmer and rustle, sunsets, sun rises, moon light, bird song … tasting, smelling, realising inner peace, inspiration, insight, love of being, being in love …

we are actually doing nothing, totally open before we are caught up and held by our desires and fears.

Pure consciousness just experience. We cannot be what we see, and this is extremely important to realise. When we look at our self, consciousness is actually looking at our mind’s collection of associations and memories. It is full of trauma, wounds, beliefs, hopes, fears, doubts, fixations, obsessions about creations that have no permanent existence – no reality. This self moves, talks, and interacts in a collective dream state inhabited by fellow believers.

All the while, pure consciousness sits and watches.
Pure consciousness is full of richness, and perfectly unsullied.

Our journey into self is a journey to nowhere.
Just now, here.

The mistake self makes
is that it thinks it’s getting somewhere.

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We Have Bought Into A Model Of Life

To be accepted in this world, we tick the ‘right’ boxes to fit in. We learn to think inside the box, and consider ourselves decent people. If we do not buy into this belief system, we become an outsider.

Industry may say it wants innovators to ‘think outside the box’, but that’s only to sell more products; innovators don’t allow themselves to wonder if those products are actually needed.

Conscience may feel a conflict between right and wrong, but we hold on tightly to what we think we have, squeezing ourselves into a totally mundane world. As things don’t feel right, we lack confidence and might become hostile to any suggestions that there may be more to life. Basically we don’t know what to say because we have only learnt what we are told.

What a relief not to be a part of hostilities!

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Words Are Symbolic

Words are symbols that convey an idea,
but before the idea is experience.

When we realise what is having the experience,
we will understand what the Buddha meant by,
‚ÄúDon’t take my word for it ‚Ķ ‚ÄĚ.

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We Just Make Noise

Animals make noise to communicate – ‚ÄúI exist!‚ÄĚ.
Humans communicate to make noise – ‚ÄúI exist!‚ÄĚ.
This reaffirms the idea that the I exists.

Meaningful communication has many levels, indicating the layers of confusion that obscure enlightenment. If a conversation isn’t about a level of enlightenment, then what is it? Noise.

This world is intent on innovating, and making a noise about it. We feel compelled to echo that noise, adding to the chattering.

Silence is pure consciousness.
Silence is golden.

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If We Think We Are Awake, We’re Not

Here’s why.

Being awake involves the spontaneous present moment of pure consciousness. It is timeless, as there is nothing else going on in that moment. It is observation without observer to comment. It is actual wakefulness rather than, ‚ÄúI am awake!‚ÄĚ When we think that, all we are doing is functioning at a very basic level of existence.

Thinking involves time, going back into the past using memory and then judgement. By the time we have noticed a thought, we have taken many steps away from the moment now.

If we were painting a harbour scene, by the time we had completed a boat, the tide would have gone down or up and the same boat would be in a different position! It is the same with any moment: it cannot be caught but only experienced, and so we have to generalise from memory ūüôā

All thought processes take place in the mind. In noticing this, we are dwelling in the past rather than experiencing what is actually going on now. When talking to a non-practitioner, conversation inevitably turns to the material world, memory and emotions.

Can we have thought, and still be awake?

Yes – but if we hang on to the thought and carry it around proudly, we live in a dream world of illusions; we believe everything that is projected at us to be real, just like Plato’s shadow pictures on the cave wall. Even thinking about the Buddha’s teaching and the thought of enlightenment is a dream state.

Waking up is simple but not easy, because of our habitual way of conforming to the collective entertainment business that excites monkey mind.

How do we know if we are awake?
We know nothing!

We are the raw, pure knowingness before anything is known.
We are data before it is analysed by an analyst.
In that moment now, there is merely observation, without an observer.

Notice breathing. In breathing, we do not have to think; the breath is just there. It is the same with pure knowingness. That is what we are, first and foremost. Unfortunately, we give this no value, becoming too excited about what we are doing – and monkey mind jumps all over the place.

Everything in life is hell bent on distracting us. It’s what evil does best, and humanity has been corrupted for thousands of years. The ancients knew all about this. When did you last meet a free thinker? It is not that being distracted is evil in itself, but the intention to distract does much harm to our state of mind.

The good news:
We are free in the moment of seeing this.

That is being awake.

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Genius: Attending Spirit, Present From Birth

Pure spirit, pure consciousness
is what life is all about.

Acknowledge this attending spirit, present from birth,
with innate abilities, inclinations,
exceptional intellect, creative power
and other natural abilities.

Genius: exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural abilities.
From¬†Latin:¬†attendant¬†spirit¬†present¬†from¬†one’s¬†birth, with¬†innate¬†ability or¬†inclination.

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Power Without Clarity

Power without clarity;
clarity without emptiness;
emptiness without wisdom;
wisdom without kindness.

All this is futile 
(from¬†Latin:¬†futilis – ‘leaky’).

Wisdom-kindness is the real power
(from Latin:¬†posse¬†-‚Äėbe able‚Äô).

Wanting power in the material world is a gross level of existence,
and way, way, way down the line of evolution.


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Confidence Without Clarity

Confidence without clarity is a false confidence
that leads this world into the dark state of ignorance.

Clarity is the insight of pure consciousness
that reveals the light of compassionate wisdom.

Confidence without clarity is merely a belief
that brings false hope and creates fear.

Clarity brings true confidence due to the realisation of absolute reality
that is beyond hope and fear.

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Extremists Create Extremists

Extremists have the power to create a platform for excessive behaviour, and then accuse those who exhibit that behaviour of extremism. There is much in this beautiful world that is contrived to excite our dark side. Once we are in the dark, we cannot see where we’re going or how we’re being led.

Of course, moderation is the answer – but not for the super-rich and super-powerful, who flout their power, day after day. World history shows that extremism creates fanaticism, entitlement and division.

What is the answer?
As like attracts like, look to where the real power and wealth lies.
Is it in the material or the ethereal?

For anything to be known, a quality of consciousness first has to be present.
Pure consciousness is the real power in the universe.

‚ÄúPsychopathy: sometimes considered synonymous with¬†sociopathy, is traditionally a¬†personality disorder characterized by persistent¬†antisocial behaviour, impaired¬†empathy and remorse, and¬† bold, disinhibited and¬†egotistical¬†traits‚ÄĚ – Wikipedia.

In certain professions, such traits are of benefit. Psychopaths enjoy creating chaos and manufacturing negative reactions, and lack empathy. Afterwards, they feign innocence and put the blame on to others for reacting. They are masters of provocation, baiting us into an argument and then pretending to be surprised at the response. There’s a little of that in all of us ‚Ķ

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Life Is A Memory

Life is memory,
except for the present moment
that goes by so quickly that we hardly catch it.
This is how we live; in a dream world.

Because life is a memory,
we are destined to repeat ourselves,
and so we are predictable.

Catching the present moment is a breath of fresh air,
revealing inspirational magic.

Memory is our mechanical backup plan;
it’s the plan we fall back on to recycle existence.
From Latin:¬†exsistere,¬†‚Äėto come into being‚Äô

This present moment is the foundation of the next.
That continuity is reincarnation
– the cycle of birth and death and rebirth.

In life, there are gaps or ‘deaths’.
These moments of empty clarity are where change can occur
as no memory is present.

While resting in emptiness,
there is nothing known other than knowingness itself.

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The Real Great Reset

‘Reset’ means either to adjust,
or take back to an original state.

The ‘Great Reset’
is to adjust humanity’s thinking through social engineering
wanting us to be created in their image.

The real great reset
is realising our natural original reality of pure cognisance
that is in no one’s image.

Our choice … if we know that we have a choice.

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Happiness Is Realising The Problem

When we know what the problem ‚Äď any problem – is, we can then solve it through personal investigation of the causes behind that problem, until we arrive at the ultimate realisation.

The common problem behind it all is a ‘self’ identity that judges others through bias. Consciousness itself has no bias; it just sees. When the problem is known, there is no mystery, no fear.

Information is a belief and, if we continually adhere to information, we will therefore know nothing. When we put the information into practice, however, we know, having experienced the problem for ourselves in order to solve it.

For example:
If we are installing a shower in the bathroom, we read the instructions. There is no knowing taking place at this time. Once we begin to actually install the shower, we then find irregularities, and this is when we start learning and knowing. Having completed the job, we can then help others. If we get an expert to do the job for us, we pay for not knowing.

Likewise, in our spiritual life, there are thoughts and emotions that cause us problems; we may experience anxiety, stress, depression, confusion, worry. Having faced these conditions and realised their source, we may be able, through empathy, to be of benefit ‚Äď and the more problems we encounter and address, the more we can listen to others with confidence and kindness, without judgement.

Spiritual engineers are able to adjust to all conditions.

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Wearing Our Self Out

Our self is like an old coat that we hold on to tightly.
‘We’ is consciousness.

Through meditation, consciousness becomes tired of self
(its habitual pattern of behaviour) and drops this old coat.

Pure consciousness is naked awareness, without ideas or concepts stitched to it.
Until full enlightenment, we will have remnants attached.

Those remnants become our teacher.¬†ūüėÄ

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What Is … Advanced Meditation???

The word ‘meditation’ means to focus the mind, to stop it wandering so that it can come to rest in pure clarity – so that we come to rest in pure clarity. It is a technique to realise the only reality that never changes.

Once realisation takes place, we then drop both the meditation and the realisation. The techniques of meditation are just a reminder that pure clarity is present. The ultimate goal of meditation is non-meditation, where there is no duality of ‘meditator’ and ‘meditation’.

Non-meditation is just empty cognisance. Barely being. We cannot get more advanced than that.

All we can do is become more and more familiar with empty cognisance being ever-present, until we never forget. That is the practice; not forgetting.

We only ‘meditate’ when we forget, and then drop the meditation. It is dropping the meditation that is advanced. If we doubt what we naturally are, we may end up doubting for ever more. Been there, done that.

Meditation is doing nothing.
How hard can that be?

We now realise for how long we have been led astray into elaborations of being. The shock is realising our co-operative of mental displacement that removes contentment from the mind. In other words, our search for happiness displaces the happiness that has always been present.

Happiness is not what we think.
Happiness is the relief of being released from the anxiety of belief.

The result of perfect meditation is realising
that we have always been happy
= positive well being.

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Conscious Awakening And Non-Dual Awakening

In our life, there may be a growing feeling that all is not well; some work hard at making life feel right, while others find that is pointless.

If everything seems right, we just continue on our way. If, however, everything doesn’t seem right, we ask questions, reasoning why everything appears to be wrong.

Being led to believe things ‚Äď clever stories and songs ‚Äď no longer satisfies us. We used to think that was all normal, but now we wonder if there more to life. Is there more to me? All around us is dogma – do’s and don’ts that are for the many but not for the few. Why are we so divided?

We start to awaken to a world of deception, one where we aren’t told the complete truth. Suddenly, this isn’t all right any more, and we recognise that we are being being lulled into a dream state, an illusion of reality. That is the beginning of awakening of consciousness from the collective dream.

Actually, everyone feels uncomfortable but ignores this – ‚ÄúThat’s just life!‚ÄĚ Is it really? If we question this collective dream, we become outsiders or oddballs as others haven’t registered that life is a charade masking our true reality.

Have we been concealing our fear, as there aren’t many people we can talk to about this? We now search for others who (more or less) feel the same. Did we seek out a path, or did it come our way? Karma can work for us ūüôā

This is when we come upon some sort of meditation group. Meditation is not about feeling good about ourselves. It’s about seeing, experiencing, understanding and realising what is, in fact, the truth.

The truth has always been with us.
We are and have always been that which we seek.

The dreamers don’t tell you that
because they want you to stay like them.

As there are many sorts of meditation, there are many levels of experience and realisation, each complete in its own way; as we ascend, both the meaning and the value of the meaning changes. Our world changes, but not the world of others.

This is where empathy and compassion come to the fore. We are not just consciousness having an experience; we are consciousness itself, before the experience – and even before realisation. We awaken to non-duality, and no longer dream or believe.

That is the real conscious awakening.
No one can deny us that
… but they still try …


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It Doesn’t Matter What We Do ‚Ķ

When we personally realise something,
it may not seem as amazing to others
and so remains a mystery to them.

It doesn’t matter what we do, pure being (pure consciousness) is always present as it’s what we are. Like space, there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Even in sleep, consciousness is still present, although unnoticed. When we realise that we are pure consciousness, that understanding in itself is unconditional empathy, compassion, and love. The only problem for pure being is that it can be distracted and thus moves away from non-duality (perfect reality) into a relating duality (a reality of desire and judgement).

It has been said that God is empathy, compassion and love but, like pure consciousness, these are expressions that come after the experience of non-duality. Non-duality does not relate to anything whatsoever. As humans, we only relate to function; our choice is whether to relate all the time or relate only when necessary.

The idea of God is something to which we relate, and relating is a duality rather than the direct oneness of non-duality.

There has to be pure consciousness present first in order to relate to something else. Being at one means there is no other – no graven image. It doesn’t matter what we do, pure consciousness is always present. The more we realise this, the more stable we are. Conversely, the more distracted we are, the more unstable, needy and dependent we become. Just look at our collective karmic history ‚Ķ


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Exaggerating Our Spirituality

When we exaggerate our spirituality by thinking we are doing something special, we are, in fact, exaggerating our self-image, which is the very thing that causes our suffering, and which we want to transcend. It’s our attachment ūüėÄ If we feel a little tetchy (irritated) about this, we’ve lost sight of the path. In acknowledging this irritation, we discover that we are indeed on the right path, but we’re now noticing that our path has more problems and confusion than we thought. ūüėÄ This is part of our progress ‚Äď noticing more.

If we feel that we want to be beyond ‘normal’ and don’t want to be like everyone else, we’ve simply fallen into the common trap of spiritual materialism.

Spirituality isn’t about not being human. It’s concerned with the true state of being human, acknowledging that we are, in fact, pure consciousness embodied in a human form and engaged in human activities. This state is beyond words, rituals and materiality, but not separate from these.

Spirituality is truly being at one with the material world, rather than feeling we have to keep ourselves apart from it. Interacting with others is a catalyst that brings about faster progress, although there will be times when we need to keep ourselves apart to recharge our batteries.

When we exaggerate our spiritual life,
we generate an atmosphere that closes the door to others.

An open door embodies true compassion.

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The Planet Of Fear and Hope

We are governed by fear and hope. Can I go on holiday? Is it safe? Am I safe? Will life get back to normal? What is this new normal? What is the great reset? What is build back better? Is it to do with the new world order?

Fear and hope govern our mind, but the basis of these two negative emotions is ignorance or indifference to our actual reality rather than the one we have adopted.

If, through meditation, we only took the time to look and see, we would experience for ourselves the distractions and, in doing so, let go of them, revealing our true reality of pure consciousness, pure being.

If we are kept in the dark about our true reality, we can be led around in this darkness believing we are going towards the ‘light’ (freedom). All we have to do is realise that our life has never been ‘normal’. When people become anxious because life doesn’t feel right, the media/psychologists will happily lead us back to ‘that state that was never normal’, and round we go again.

You see, this all depends on
what the media/psychologists assume is normal.

Another word for hope and fear is ‘Samsara’,
which is this vicious cycle of existence
chasing after a false security and happiness.

All we have to do is look at our reactions, and we are free in that moment of seeing. Unfortunately, we don’t value that freedom because we are stuck in expectations that life should be a certain way, due to not knowing our true reality of clarity. We prefer to squabble by accepting or rejecting whatever we are told.

How do we deal with this squabbling?
By expanding the space of inner peace.

Sadly, this can be annoying to those with inner angst (fear),
so the inner peace of expansion has to remain in quiet love

In the immediate moment now,
we are alert to both dangers and potentials;
that is merely being aware.

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Never Lose Inner Peace

Maintaining inner peace changes our world.

Inner peace is equanimity; calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.
Calm composure is our basis for sanity, and when we lose inner peace, that sanity is no longer present.

While listening to someone or reading the news, we can easily lose our inner peace, which will affect the subtle body, creating tension through stress and changing the atmosphere. In the practice of meditation, we can just let it go and remain in inner peace.

‘News’ isn’t our experience – it’s someone else’s. Once we adhere to others’ information services, then that news may be modified, and affect both our thinking and inner peace. As long as we maintain inner peace, we can tell (or feel) when that information is disturbing.

We are here in this body to gain confidence and stability in our true reality of pure consciousness; it is only from there that we can genuinely help others. If we become unstable, inner peace of pure consciousness – though still present – is distracted, and both sanity and intelligence are influenced.

As we get older, we realise that ‘news’ is actually ‘olds’. It’s the same old rhetoric – the art¬†of effective¬†or¬†persuasive¬†speaking¬†or¬†writing,¬†with¬†the¬†exploitation¬†of¬†figures of speech¬†and other compositional¬†techniques. In other words, it’s neurolinguistic programming.

Never take anyone’s word for truth. How do we know what is true? That which asks the question and recognises is the arbiter ‚Äď the supreme ruler.

Everything else is creation and speculation ‚Ķ it’s news to gossip about, and we become addicted, obsessed and entertained.

The only thing that is new is ever-present spontaneity, which is pure awareness that is always at peace. It’s like space; anything can happen within it, but it can never be shaken.

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‚ÄúHiding Your Light Under A Bushel‚ÄĚ

A bushel: a measurement of weight ... or ideas!

If our life is only concerned with gain and loss / hope and fear,
the inner light of compassionate, pure consciousness will remain hidden.

Being obsessed, the light is hidden.
Being aware of being obsessed, the light shines.

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Karma Is Our Perfect Teacher

Karma is the residue of our past judgements held in the mind, which are echoed in our behaviour. The path to enlightenment is dealing with this inner echo Рour sticky residue.

Our attitude to life depends on the acknowledgement of this karma, be it pleasant or unpleasant. Our reaction to others tells us everything we need to know about ourselves; rather than condemning others ‚Äď who, incidently, are trying to cope with their karma – we enlist the qualities of the six perfections (generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and transcendent wisdom).

Our reactions are our perfect teacher as they are with us all the time, and are shaped by our background. Until perfect enlightenment, karma will be with us. To be a perfect student in order to ascend the levels, we acknowledge that we have to face our karma as it becomes increasingly subtle ‚Äď and the teacher becomes stricter.

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Information > Experience > Knowledge > Realisation > Wisdom > Insight > Compassion

If we only acquire information and assume that we know and have compassion, we are mistaken.

Many obtain spiritual teachings but have little experience, knowledge, realisation, wisdom, insight and compassion. How do we know this? The ‘informed’ are judgemental, and easily upset. Just because we’ve read a book doesn’t mean we are practical, spiritually.

There is a missing word in the above list, and that word is ’empathy’.

Empathy knows.

Empathy is psychological understanding.

Empathy is the ability to experience and share the feelings of another.

Empathy cannot have the wool pulled over its eyes because it’s been there, and done that.

Empathy is complete compassion.

Lower vehicles deny themselves these emotions, and so are unable to help. We can all empathise as, if we are honest, we have all had these experiences:

  • admiration

  • adoration

  • affection

  • afraid

  • agitation

  • agony

  • aggressive

  • alarm

  • alarmed

  • alienation

  • amazement

  • ambivalence

  • amusement

  • anger

  • anguish

  • annoyed

  • anticipating

  • anxious

  • apathy

  • apprehension

  • arrogant

  • assertive

  • astonished

  • attentiveness

  • attraction

  • aversion

  • awe

  • baffled

  • bewildered

  • bitter

  • bitter sweetness

  • bliss

  • bored

  • brazen

  • brooding

  • calm

  • carefree

  • careless

  • caring

  • charity

  • cheeky

  • cheerfulness

  • claustrophobic

  • coercive

  • comfortable

  • confident

  • confusion

  • contempt

  • content

  • courage

  • cowardly

  • cruelty

  • curiosity

  • cynicism

  • dazed

  • dejection

  • delighted

  • demoralized

  • depressed

  • desire

  • despair

  • determined

  • disappointment

  • disbelief

  • discombobulated

  • discomfort

  • discontentment

  • disgruntled

  • disgust

  • disheartened

  • ‚Äčdislike

  • dismay

  • disoriented

  • dispirited

  • displeasure

  • distraction

  • distress

  • disturbed

  • dominant

  • doubt

  • dread

  • driven

  • dumbstruck

  • eagerness

  • ecstasy

  • elation

  • embarrassment

  • empathy

  • enchanted

  • enjoyment

  • enlightened

  • ennui

  • enthusiasm

  • envy

  • epiphany

  • euphoria

  • exasperated

  • excitement

  • expectancy

  • fascination

  • fear

  • flakey

  • focused

  • fondness

  • friendliness

  • fright

  • frustrated

  • fury

  • glee

  • gloomy

  • glumness

  • gratitude

  • greed

  • grief

  • grouchiness

  • grumpiness

  • guilt

  • happiness

  • hate

  • hatred

  • helpless

  • homesickness

  • hope

  • hopeless

  • horrified

  • hospitable

  • humiliation

  • humility

  • hurt

  • hysteria

  • idleness

  • impatient

  • indifference

  • indignant

  • infatuation

  • infuriated

  • insecurity

  • insightful

  • insulted

  • interest

  • intrigued

  • irritated

  • isolated

  • jealousy

  • joviality

  • joy

  • jubilation

  • kind

  • lazy

  • liking

  • loathing

  • lonely

  • longing

  • loopy

  • ‚Äčlove

  • lust

  • mad

  • melancholy

  • miserable

  • miserliness

  • mixed up

  • modesty

  • moody

  • mortified

  • mystified

  • nasty

  • nauseated

  • negative

  • neglect

  • nervous

  • nostalgic

  • numb

  • obstinate

  • offended

  • optimistic

  • outrage

  • overwhelmed

  • panicked

  • paranoid

  • passion

  • patience

  • pensiveness

  • perplexed

  • persevering

  • pessimism

  • pity

  • pleased

  • pleasure

  • politeness

  • positive

  • possessive

  • powerless

  • pride

  • puzzled

  • rage‚Äč

  • rash

  • rattled

  • regret

  • rejected

  • relaxed

  • relieved

  • reluctant

  • remorse

  • resentment

  • resignation

  • restlessness

  • revulsion

  • ruthless

  • sadness

  • satisfaction

  • scared

  • schadenfreude

  • scorn

  • self-caring

  • self-compassionate

  • self-confident

  • self-conscious

  • self-critical

  • self-loathing

  • self-motivated

  • self-pity

  • self-respecting

  • self-understanding

  • sentimentality

  • serenity

  • shame

  • shameless

  • shocked

  • smug

  • ‚Äčsorrow

  • spite

  • stressed

  • strong

  • stubborn

  • stuck

  • submissive

  • suffering

  • sullenness

  • surprise

  • suspense

  • suspicious

  • sympathy

  • tenderness

  • tension

  • terror

  • thankfulness

  • thrilled

  • tired

  • tolerance

  • ‚Äčtorment

  • triumphant

  • troubled

  • trust

  • uncertainty

  • undermined

  • uneasiness

  • unhappy

  • unnerved

  • unsettled

  • unsure

  • upset

  • vengeful

  • vicious

  • ‚Äčvigilance

  • vulnerable

  • weak

  • woe

  • worried

  • worthy

  • wrath

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There Is Only One Truth, But Many Levels …

There is only one truth,
but there are many levels of misunderstanding about that one, absolute truth
– in which case, there aren’t many truths,
but just misunderstandings.

The one truth is that which sees, knows and is conscious.
What else could it be?

For a forest to be beautiful, there has to be a consciousness to know it.
For there to be a God, there has to be a consciousness to know it.
For there to be Buddha’s teaching, there has to be a consciousness to know it.

This is why, in order to find this one truth,
we have to realise that we are that which we seek.
That is amazing.

For a conventional mind, this is so boggling that it goes off to do something else and, for that reason, absolute truth remains a secret. Because of this, we create things after our own image in our imagination, and we only see what we project.

The infinite universe builds the stage with eternal entrances and exits arising from causes and conditions, attractions and repulsions. All this did not suddenly start; that idea is only due to conventional thinking that cannot cope with infinites, and so manifested many versions of a creator god or self in its own image.

That one truth is the emptiness of pure consciousness.
Of course, there are those who don’t want it to be empty, as they want to do things.

Pure consciousness has never caused a problem,
and is where inner peace and love are realised

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Adepts Adapt

Adapt: to adjust to new conditions.
Adept: one who realises the nature of reality.

In all times and places, adepts arise within complex social and cultural structures, adjusting to each immediate environment.¬†This isn’t a matter of adopting something new: it is addressing Mara’s adaptations which create new opportunities to deceive. Mara – demonic activity of troubled minds – waits in ambush to snare the unconscious.

Our mind is Mara’s playground.
All the while, the guiding light of pure consciousness
adapts to the guiding of darkness.

For particular, disturbing times,
the esoteric offers flexible, ad hoc teachings (an adhocracy)
in place of rigid bureaucracies.

Dzogchen ‚Äď direct seeing – is one such system.
We are all Dzogchen adepts who can adapt.

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We’re Supposed To Be Effulgent

Effulgent: shining brightly, radiant, emanating joy or goodness. 

The opposite of effulgence is darkness, or lowliness.

Spiritual enlightenment is the Great Transformation.
When we see we are in darkness or lowliness, 
that seeing is the presence of effulgence ‚Äď pure consciousness.

It is light that sees it is dark.
Pure consciousness is always present.
In this realisation, the dark never existed.

How amazing!

This has nothing to do with religion.

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Science And Spirituality Are Not Different

What looks down the microscope?
Looking and seeing are inseparable.

If spirit fixates on looking, it will be caught and held.
When spirit realises it is seeing, it has found what it has been looking for.

Science can never bring happiness, only reliance.
Spirituality ‚Äď which is pure consciousness – realises it is already happy,
and does not rely on any thing.

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Have You Chosen Your Destiny?

In every age, there have always been those who want us under their thumb; hopes and fears that are most potent for that era are put forward under the pretence our ‘safety’. In this way, we become victims. It works like magic; it was done through religion, and now it’s science

We may think that we are in charge of our destiny when all that is happening is that we are following others. To really be in charge of our destiny, we have to know what that is. In non-dual meditation, there is no heaven, no hell, no Buddha, no God, no me, no you … just an ever-present, pure, contented knowingness.

Our destiny is right here, right now.
We merely have to play out our karmic game
… until it runs out.

Being under others’ thumbs, we all suffer particular trauma.
In non-dual meditation … there is no trauma.

Gone, gone, gone beyond.
‚ÄúGate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha …‚ÄĚ

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‚ÄúIt Does Not Take Many Words To Tell The Truth.‚ÄĚ

Sitting Bull (1831 ‚Äst1890)

“The love of possessions is a disease in them.
These people have made many rules that the rich may break, but the poor may not!
They have a religion in which the poor worship, but the rich will not!
They even take tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich and those who rule.
They claim this mother of ours, the earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbour away.
If America had been twice the size it is, there still would not have been enough.‚ÄĚ

– Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota holy man.

What ordinary people value and what the power-hungry value
is not the same – and never was.

Be like Sitting Bull, and not a sitting duck.

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Ignorance Has Consequences

Indifference – not caring, being unaware – has consequences. There are two sides to everything, even consciousness. We have to know both sides, as both have consequences.

We are ultimate reality of pure consciousness, and we are also a relating reality of common consciousness that believes itis the reality.

There isn’t anything wrong with this relative reality – once we know our true reality. Taking sides is relative reality ‚Äď known as samsara – which puts us on a collision course with others; the cause and consequence of this is a lack of compassion. Unfortunately, we learn by duplicating what we see around us.

We don’t have to feel guilty about any of this ‚Äď we all do it. Whatever we feel is a product of past karma in our mind, and it’s what we have to work with. It’s our teacher.

The true consequences of realising ignorance are
enlightenment, empathy and compassion.

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