Hiding Your Light Under A Bushel”

A bushel: a measurement of weight ... or ideas!

If our life is only concerned with gain and loss / hope and fear,
the inner light of compassionate, pure consciousness will remain hidden.

Being obsessed, the light is hidden.
Being aware of being obsessed, the light shines.

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Karma Is Our Perfect Teacher

Karma is the residue of our past judgements held in the mind, which are echoed in our behaviour. The path to enlightenment is dealing with this inner echo – our sticky residue.

Our attitude to life depends on the acknowledgement of this karma, be it pleasant or unpleasant. Our reaction to others tells us everything we need to know about ourselves; rather than condemning others – who, incidently, are trying to cope with their karma – we enlist the qualities of the six perfections (generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and transcendent wisdom).

Our reactions are our perfect teacher as they are with us all the time, and are shaped by our background. Until perfect enlightenment, karma will be with us. To be a perfect student in order to ascend the levels, we acknowledge that we have to face our karma as it becomes increasingly subtle – and the teacher becomes stricter.

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Information > Experience > Knowledge > Realisation > Wisdom > Insight > Compassion

If we only acquire information and assume that we know and have compassion, we are mistaken.

Many obtain spiritual teachings but have little experience, knowledge, realisation, wisdom, insight and compassion. How do we know this? The ‘informed’ are judgemental, and easily upset. Just because we’ve read a book doesn’t mean we are practical, spiritually.

There is a missing word in the above list, and that word is ’empathy’.

Empathy knows.

Empathy is psychological understanding.

Empathy is the ability to experience and share the feelings of another.

Empathy cannot have the wool pulled over its eyes because it’s been there, and done that.

Empathy is complete compassion.

Lower vehicles deny themselves these emotions, and so are unable to help. We can all empathise as, if we are honest, we have all had these experiences:

  • admiration

  • adoration

  • affection

  • afraid

  • agitation

  • agony

  • aggressive

  • alarm

  • alarmed

  • alienation

  • amazement

  • ambivalence

  • amusement

  • anger

  • anguish

  • annoyed

  • anticipating

  • anxious

  • apathy

  • apprehension

  • arrogant

  • assertive

  • astonished

  • attentiveness

  • attraction

  • aversion

  • awe

  • baffled

  • bewildered

  • bitter

  • bitter sweetness

  • bliss

  • bored

  • brazen

  • brooding

  • calm

  • carefree

  • careless

  • caring

  • charity

  • cheeky

  • cheerfulness

  • claustrophobic

  • coercive

  • comfortable

  • confident

  • confusion

  • contempt

  • content

  • courage

  • cowardly

  • cruelty

  • curiosity

  • cynicism

  • dazed

  • dejection

  • delighted

  • demoralized

  • depressed

  • desire

  • despair

  • determined

  • disappointment

  • disbelief

  • discombobulated

  • discomfort

  • discontentment

  • disgruntled

  • disgust

  • disheartened

  • ​dislike

  • dismay

  • disoriented

  • dispirited

  • displeasure

  • distraction

  • distress

  • disturbed

  • dominant

  • doubt

  • dread

  • driven

  • dumbstruck

  • eagerness

  • ecstasy

  • elation

  • embarrassment

  • empathy

  • enchanted

  • enjoyment

  • enlightened

  • ennui

  • enthusiasm

  • envy

  • epiphany

  • euphoria

  • exasperated

  • excitement

  • expectancy

  • fascination

  • fear

  • flakey

  • focused

  • fondness

  • friendliness

  • fright

  • frustrated

  • fury

  • glee

  • gloomy

  • glumness

  • gratitude

  • greed

  • grief

  • grouchiness

  • grumpiness

  • guilt

  • happiness

  • hate

  • hatred

  • helpless

  • homesickness

  • hope

  • hopeless

  • horrified

  • hospitable

  • humiliation

  • humility

  • hurt

  • hysteria

  • idleness

  • impatient

  • indifference

  • indignant

  • infatuation

  • infuriated

  • insecurity

  • insightful

  • insulted

  • interest

  • intrigued

  • irritated

  • isolated

  • jealousy

  • joviality

  • joy

  • jubilation

  • kind

  • lazy

  • liking

  • loathing

  • lonely

  • longing

  • loopy

  • ​love

  • lust

  • mad

  • melancholy

  • miserable

  • miserliness

  • mixed up

  • modesty

  • moody

  • mortified

  • mystified

  • nasty

  • nauseated

  • negative

  • neglect

  • nervous

  • nostalgic

  • numb

  • obstinate

  • offended

  • optimistic

  • outrage

  • overwhelmed

  • panicked

  • paranoid

  • passion

  • patience

  • pensiveness

  • perplexed

  • persevering

  • pessimism

  • pity

  • pleased

  • pleasure

  • politeness

  • positive

  • possessive

  • powerless

  • pride

  • puzzled

  • rage​

  • rash

  • rattled

  • regret

  • rejected

  • relaxed

  • relieved

  • reluctant

  • remorse

  • resentment

  • resignation

  • restlessness

  • revulsion

  • ruthless

  • sadness

  • satisfaction

  • scared

  • schadenfreude

  • scorn

  • self-caring

  • self-compassionate

  • self-confident

  • self-conscious

  • self-critical

  • self-loathing

  • self-motivated

  • self-pity

  • self-respecting

  • self-understanding

  • sentimentality

  • serenity

  • shame

  • shameless

  • shocked

  • smug

  • ​sorrow

  • spite

  • stressed

  • strong

  • stubborn

  • stuck

  • submissive

  • suffering

  • sullenness

  • surprise

  • suspense

  • suspicious

  • sympathy

  • tenderness

  • tension

  • terror

  • thankfulness

  • thrilled

  • tired

  • tolerance

  • ​torment

  • triumphant

  • troubled

  • trust

  • uncertainty

  • undermined

  • uneasiness

  • unhappy

  • unnerved

  • unsettled

  • unsure

  • upset

  • vengeful

  • vicious

  • ​vigilance

  • vulnerable

  • weak

  • woe

  • worried

  • worthy

  • wrath

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There Is Only One Truth, But Many Levels …

There is only one truth,
but there are many levels of misunderstanding about that one, absolute truth
– in which case, there aren’t many truths,
but just misunderstandings.

The one truth is that which sees, knows and is conscious.
What else could it be?

For a forest to be beautiful, there has to be a consciousness to know it.
For there to be a God, there has to be a consciousness to know it.
For there to be Buddha’s teaching, there has to be a consciousness to know it.

This is why, in order to find this one truth,
we have to realise that we are that which we seek.
That is amazing.

For a conventional mind, this is so boggling that it goes off to do something else and, for that reason, absolute truth remains a secret. Because of this, we create things after our own image in our imagination, and we only see what we project.

The infinite universe builds the stage with eternal entrances and exits arising from causes and conditions, attractions and repulsions. All this did not suddenly start; that idea is only due to conventional thinking that cannot cope with infinites, and so manifested many versions of a creator god or self in its own image.

That one truth is the emptiness of pure consciousness.
Of course, there are those who don’t want it to be empty, as they want to do things.

Pure consciousness has never caused a problem,
and is where inner peace and love are realised

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Adepts Adapt

Adapt: to adjust to new conditions.
Adept: one who realises the nature of reality.

In all times and places, adepts arise within complex social and cultural structures, adjusting to each immediate environment. This isn’t a matter of adopting something new: it is addressing Mara’s adaptations which create new opportunities to deceive. Mara – demonic activity of troubled minds – waits in ambush to snare the unconscious.

Our mind is Mara’s playground.
All the while, the guiding light of pure consciousness
adapts to the guiding of darkness.

For particular, disturbing times,
the esoteric offers flexible, ad hoc teachings (an adhocracy)
in place of rigid bureaucracies.

Dzogchen – direct seeing – is one such system.
We are all Dzogchen adepts who can adapt.

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We’re Supposed To Be Effulgent

Effulgent: shining brightly, radiant, emanating joy or goodness. 

The opposite of effulgence is darkness, or lowliness.

Spiritual enlightenment is the Great Transformation.
When we see we are in darkness or lowliness, 
that seeing is the presence of effulgence – pure consciousness.

It is light that sees it is dark.
Pure consciousness is always present.
In this realisation, the dark never existed.

How amazing!

This has nothing to do with religion.

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Science And Spirituality Are Not Different

What looks down the microscope?
Looking and seeing are inseparable.

If spirit fixates on looking, it will be caught and held.
When spirit realises it is seeing, it has found what it has been looking for.

Science can never bring happiness, only reliance.
Spirituality – which is pure consciousness – realises it is already happy,
and does not rely on any thing.

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Have You Chosen Your Destiny?

In every age, there have always been those who want us under their thumb; hopes and fears that are most potent for that era are put forward under the pretence our ‘safety’. In this way, we become victims. It works like magic; it was done through religion, and now it’s science

We may think that we are in charge of our destiny when all that is happening is that we are following others. To really be in charge of our destiny, we have to know what that is. In non-dual meditation, there is no heaven, no hell, no Buddha, no God, no me, no you … just an ever-present, pure, contented knowingness.

Our destiny is right here, right now.
We merely have to play out our karmic game
… until it runs out.

Being under others’ thumbs, we all suffer particular trauma.
In non-dual meditation … there is no trauma.

Gone, gone, gone beyond.
“Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha …”

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It Does Not Take Many Words To Tell The Truth.”

Sitting Bull (1831 – 1890)

“The love of possessions is a disease in them.
These people have made many rules that the rich may break, but the poor may not!
They have a religion in which the poor worship, but the rich will not!
They even take tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich and those who rule.
They claim this mother of ours, the earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbour away.
If America had been twice the size it is, there still would not have been enough.”

– Sitting Bull was a Hunkpapa Lakota holy man.

What ordinary people value and what the power-hungry value
is not the same – and never was.

Be like Sitting Bull, and not a sitting duck.

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Ignorance Has Consequences

Indifference – not caring, being unaware – has consequences. There are two sides to everything, even consciousness. We have to know both sides, as both have consequences.

We are ultimate reality of pure consciousness, and we are also a relating reality of common consciousness that believes itis the reality.

There isn’t anything wrong with this relative reality – once we know our true reality. Taking sides is relative reality – known as samsara – which puts us on a collision course with others; the cause and consequence of this is a lack of compassion. Unfortunately, we learn by duplicating what we see around us.

We don’t have to feel guilty about any of this – we all do it. Whatever we feel is a product of past karma in our mind, and it’s what we have to work with. It’s our teacher.

The true consequences of realising ignorance are
enlightenment, empathy and compassion.

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We Live In A Semiconscious Trance

Trance: a half-conscious state.

Generally, we are conscious enough to survive and carry out mundane tasks. It is usually only in times of anxiety that we awaken for a moment, and then return to our trance state. Quite complex tasks can be carried out in this state, but rarely are we fully conscious of our true nature beyond the trance state.

We are screened and trained to do certain types of work. Aldous Huxley wrote about this in the 1930s, in his book “Brave New World”, in which he describes the coming of the New World Order.

The trance-inducing state:
Just do this …
Just two weeks more.
Just flatten the curve.
Just two meters.
Just wear a mask.
Just keep your distance.
Just stay at home.
Just don’t go on holiday.
Just go into quarantine.
Just don’t go to work.
Just don’t go to the park or beach.
Just obey lockdown.
Just stay in your bubble.
Just don’t meet indoors.
Just listen to your leaders.
Just in groups of six.
Just have the vaccinations.
Just show your passport.
Just use track and trace.
Just don’t shake hands
Just wash your hand
Just wear a mask outdoors.
Just squirt this chemical on your hands.
Just stick this up your nose.
Just believe everything you are told.
Just allow politicians to hug and be close.
Just stay in the trance.
Just obey the curfew
Just do this so you do not murder others …

The clarity of meditation cuts through the trance, once … and for all.

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Bubbles Of Karma

We each live in our own bubble of karma. We can join others’ bubbles for ‘safety’ and become a froth, but we risk being washed down the drain with everyone else 😀

Realisation of our true nature – when we wash away the sparkly scum, turning confusion into wisdom – is an individual matter. With the depletion of karma, our bubble becomes more transparent until it finally bursts.

Bubbles are pretty, but delicate;
that is why we fear, and try to protect our world.

Once we acknowledge the personal likes and dislikes that hold our world together, change occurs. Karma (our usual reactions) has less effect, and our bubble wobbles. This is when we need practical support as, at this point, we either reinforce our bubble, or prepare for the great escape!

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Being Poor Doesn’t Mean We Are Stupid

Wealth does not mean we know more;
it just means we work to feel superior.

Wisdom is innate in all sentient beings.
We don’t have to work for it.
We just recognise it.

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Seeing Our Teacher As The Buddha

Being told to see our teacher as the Buddha
puts a distance between us and the teacher,
setting the scene for delaying progress.
We are all both human and Buddhas.

Adapting Means Being Able To Cope

If we cannot adapt to situations, then we cannot cope.
We need a principle whereby we can live happily
in any situation we have to face.

Unable to adapt, we live through set ideas that we carry around;
our cherished load, our karma.
Pure consciousness is highly adaptable, as nothing is fixed.

Simple Dharma

Dharma is leading a happy and fruitful life,
without exaggerations and expectations of the supernatural.

Finding Your Roots Or Your Route

To identify with our roots, our family tree,
is to hope that we are special in some way.

Our roots are in our origin, and our origin is what we truly are now.
To realise this, we need a route –
a path that gives us confidence in what we are now.

What Do We Actually Know?

‘News’ doesn’t mean it is true.
When we react to the ‘news’,
we become the ‘news’ of the future.

Adding sparkle to our life and obsessing
is the path of glitter and dopamine
– and others write about it.

There is a spontaneously present, natural knowingness that is ever new.
It never needs stimulation,
just awakening.

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Can Language Confuse?

Experience is very subtle – extremely subtle – to an extent that is beyond words. Words become second-hand, and are an approximation. ‘Love’ is such a word: there are degrees of feeling, caring, being at peace, having a sense of oneness, being in love with everything.

Using strange words does not convey a better experience or meaning as they still are an interpretation.

People may say, “Dharmakaya”. So what?
“Dharmakaya is Shunyata.” Any the wiser?
“It’s emptiness.” Any the wiser?
“It is the clarity of consciousness.” Hmmm … better.
“It is pure consciousness.” Er … lost me again!
“Okay; you are aware. Yes?” Yes.
“That awareness is without thought, and before thought.”
Still not getting it? This is understandable.

How clear are learned scholars? How isolated are they? How secretive are they? How caring are they? Scholars can still be confused.

Just sit and fall silent. Just be aware. As consciousness becomes more familiar with this silent awareness, thoughts drop away. We are seeing truth, and realising that is all. A smile of realisation arises. That smile is it, and says more than words.

Animals pick up on emotions, and show it. They don’t talk about it! Talk belittles pure experience.

Find that genuine, inner smile.
How else do we express joy?

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 19.53.36

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What is Freedom?

If we think we know, we don’t.

Being free is being free of being occupied either by thoughts, or by mental vacancy. Picture a crowd marching along a road chanting, “Freedom! Freedom!” with others on the pavement staring at them. None of them are free. These are the two states in which people find themselves – occupied (taken over) or vacant (the state of not knowing).

Freedom is just being aware, just observing, where there is no observer.
This is ethereal, subtle being.

It’s surprising how little we are actually free throughout the day, even in meditation. We may get glimpses of freedom, and then we close down. The world in which we live wants it that way in order to keep us occupied or vacant, depending on our predisposition, our particular attitude. Why does the world want it that way? We are being programmed by control freaks to fit into a collective system 😀 Everyone wants to tell us how it is – and yes, I’m doing this now, but we have to identify the problem first, before we can solve it. 😀

The very idea of wanting to be free leads us in the opposite direction. Like enlightenment, we are already free – we are already enlightened – but we don’t notice this as we are usually occupied or vacant.

Freedom is conscious knowingness, without judgements that contaminate our mind. A situation (karma) is showing us something such as, “Sweep the floor.” No thoughts are needed, but we can either fall into vacancy, mindlessly doing the job, or we can be mindful and aware.

In the moment of falling into vacancy, merely be aware of this fact, and be released. When knowingness is present, not-knowing vanishes: that is the unity of the two truths of Buddhism. The same goes for being occupied, which is distinct from being one with a situation.

Freedom costs nothing. We cannot demand freedom – we are already free. If we think others are denying us freedom, we have given our power away. In freedom, we use whatever is present to bring the mind back to good order. Good order is just being kind to the floor, and to others. Conscious resistance is being neither occupied nor vacant.

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Judgement, And Being Judgemental

One is momentary, while the other is a way of life:
Tony is drunk, or Tony is a drunkard.

In the moment now, we need to judge
whether something is beneficial or harmful.

It is when we hold on to that judgement
that ego becomes established,
and is now our path for life.

Judgement is concerned with whatever is ‘out there’.
Being judgemental is inner obsession
that clouds our clear seeing of whatever is ‘out there’.

Due to reincarnation, all sentient beings
are said to have been our mother.
In this way, an enemy could turn out to be a friend.

How do we know if we are being judgemental?
We can’t let it go …

When we can acknowledge being judgemental,
we are free.

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2021: The Year That We All Went Mad

Confusion is rife.

May we realise the source of our confusion.
May we find our way out of confusion.
May confusion dawn as wisdom.

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Living Knowledge

Living knowledge is the opposite to book knowledge, or to being told something. It is empirical experience perceived through the senses, and then reflected upon. Instead of our projecting on to a situation, the situation is telling ussomething and, due to our ability or level of unconditional compassion, we then address whatever is in front of us.

Living knowledge is magical, inspirational, challenging … and alive. There is no ‘we-are-supposed -to-do-or-think-this-or-that’, and we are free to be creative in a harmonious, unifying way.

Living knowledge is living wisdom. Life becomes fruitful, auspicious and less suspicious.
We no longer suspect that someone is mistaken as we know, through empathy, that this is the case – and we know that that will cause them suffering. We cannot change their view until they want to change, and so there are no surprises and no expectations.

The essence of wisdom is pure consciousness. It does nothing but observe. How that deals with the world (people) will depend on an individual’s level of experience, and their ability to rest in an unconditional way, without taking sides. If ‘push comes to shove’, then we’ll make a decision.

We are living knowledge.
Wisdom is reflected in our conduct.
If we are not living knowledge, then what are we?

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Evil Feeds Off Our Negativity

Evil feeds off our negativity,
and when we are negative,
we are drained of energy.

Positivity is constant harmony,
and we feel energised.

Ultimate positivity is Shunyata – emptiness.
Being empty, evil finds nothing to gain,
nothing to chew over.

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 19.10.10

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An Idea Is Like A Virus

An idea is like a virus; going undetected, it duplicates itself and infects others, corrupting and destroying the whole system. Memes are like that. An idea is placed into a society and is taken up and repeated, becoming a fashion, or cult. Media devotees play their part by religiously following and becoming addicted to influencers.

Idea-viruses become more plausible once other idea-viruses have been established. We need a strong immune system for protection.

How do we detect an inner virus?

In the silence of meditation,
we clearly see the mind repeating itself.
We may feel the virus of doubt or fear;
in seeing this doubt or fear, gain confidence in the seeing.

Recognition and liberation are simultaneous.

Our problem is that we can’t help playing with our virus, and infecting others. That’s how a society runs 😦

The seeing is the truth.
Know your virus, and be happy.

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Self-Realisation Isn’t About Religion

To realise our true nature as distinct from our inner chattering mind,
we merely have to become aware of … just being aware.

Within this clarity of awareness, distractions that carry us away are easily observed.
We don’t have to do or be anything special to be aware.

Once the clarity of awareness is realised, empathy and compassion naturally arise
for those who are too preoccupied to notice awareness.

So what about all the religious rituals and texts that create a culture within a culture?
When we arrive at this question, we apply even more compassion 😀

How do we become enlightened?
We merely have to realise that we are already enlightened, and stay there.

Unless you still want something to do 🙂

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Evil Feeds Off Our Negativity

Evil feeds off our negativity,
and when we are negative,
we are drained of energy.

Positivity is constant harmony,
and we feel energised.

Ultimate positivity is Shunyata – emptiness.
Being empty, evil finds nothing to gain,
nothing to chew over.

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Like It Or Not, We Live In A Dharma World

‘Dharma’ means teaching or knowledge, and knowledge may be used for good or evil.
Everything in the universe has opposites. Knowledge is understanding both the dark and the light.

Dharma describes the origin of our reality, which is the three enlightened principles of purity, consciousness andcompassion. This is the knowledge of the wise. Its opposites are the three negative principles of attraction, repulsionand indifference: in common terms – I like, I dislike, and I don’t care. These three negative, universal principles control all physical manifestations. Attracted or repulsed by created things, we lose insight of our reality due to our indifference.

There are elements in this world that want to bring the knowledge of these principles to light – to enlighten – and there are elements in this world that serve to obscure this knowledge – to cast a shadow, to en-darken.

Common people, unaware of Dharma, are subject to the “winds of outrageous fortune”, and we pay for our ignorance.

Where are we in this Dharma picture?
That depends on our level of kindness.

There is an important element in words.
We may use the same words but, due to experience,
the meaning changes.

Knowledge can destroy, or develop into wisdom.
Ignorance cannot destroy wisdom,
but can only obscure it.

It is wisdom that destroys ignorance,
and this is why evil never succeeds.

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Everything Is Complementary

Being complementary is the inseparability of the two truths: relative and ultimate.
The ultimate truth is clear seeing, or pure consciousness.
The relative truth relates to what is seen.

The two truths are like a mirror and its reflections.
We are pure consciousness obscured by the reflections of thoughts.

Once realised, these thoughts become a spontaneous reminder, as appearances and recognition are inseparable.

Everything has its opposite which is complementary; due to one, the other is known – dark/light, hot/cold, smooth/rough, left/right, empty/full, aware/unaware … these may be opposites, but they are inseparable.

If we become separated, we enter into conflict – dark v light, hot v cold, smooth v rough, left v right, empty v full, aware v unaware …

The harmony of relative and ultimate is harmony in diversity. When we humans appreciate this, we arrive at realisation. If we take sides, we remain in contradictions.

Know oneness – no conflict.

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Mind Candy

If we look only for excitement in our minds, we get the ‘sugar rush’ in our brain’s reward network, which is called the mesolimbic dopamine system.

To get high, don’t be a dopamine dope.
We are, in truth, already as high as we can get.
To rest in pure consciousness, we don’t need any sweeteners.

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How To Win Any Argument

Don’t bother trying. Just listen, and then there is no aftertaste; we remain at peace and have nothing to lose 🙂

If we do engage, we have to work at the other’s level, and this is a learning process which is challenging. We give what we think we lack, and that is love. Why? Because love is always superior, and we are done with arguing as it gets us nowhere. People say things due to their understanding, which may be faulty but is their view at that moment.

A modern argument: “I am doing this to save those who are vulnerable!”

Everyone is vulnerable. Everyone has fears, everyone has need of compassion, and everyone has the potential to become a Buddha – but that happens in their good time, and not ours.

Understand what is actually being said here:
“I am doing this to save those who are vulnerable!”

This is meant to be a superior stance when it is, in fact, emotional distancing, a defence mechanism used to cope by justifying an action to avoid dealing with what is in front of us. People have compassion for those afar – the needy ‘over there’ – but they cannot deal with the needs of the person in front of them and so, instead, they create a fantasy to help them. This is non-confrontational, safe and self-comforting.

There is a Tibetan practice called Tonglen; sending out good prayers and taking in others’ suffering. People may believe this actually does something, but it is merely a good intention which has a psychological effect on us only. Do we actually want to take on others’ suffering?

Ultimate compassion is unconditional.

There is no need to win,
as we have already won the battle with our self,
through compassion.

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Hoax Upon Hoax

We live under two ignorances: the ignorance of our reality, and the maintenance of that ignorance.

As long as we look elsewhere for truth, we will never notice that it is, in fact, truth that is looking. We are truth because truth never changes; pure consciousness never changes, while everything else does. Whatever we are led to believe is against truth and contaminates our mind, which is the tool with which we reason.

In this designed world where we are told what to think, we are never taught about our reality of pure consciousness.

Why is that?

Apart from doing what has to be done to survive, we learn to engage in meaningless chatter and activities designed to conceal the truth. We think that if we have more money than others, we know more. There aren’t levels of realisation; there are levels of hocus-pocus to uncover.

Any answer someone gives us – or any answer we come up with ourselves – is an illusion. To maintain this illusion is delusion – and we are back at the two ignorances. An answer about truth is never the truth; it can only be an assimilation of the truth. That which realises the answer is the answer 🙂 Repeating saying such as, “I am”, implies an understanding of what we are, but this phrase is a hoax as it still refers to a pseudo-identity.

Always remember that the Buddha said, “Do not take my word as truth; see for yourself.” He was very precise about this.

By taking the word for truth, we are applying a hoax upon a hoax. All we need to be reminded of is that we are pure consciousness. Resting there, we see what life is truly all about, and this realisation exposes the hoaxes we encounter.

‘Hoax’ comes from ‘hocus-pocus’: meaningless talk or activity, typically designed to trick someone or conceal the truth of a situation .

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Understanding Our Own Psychology

Understanding our own psychology is understanding consciousness before we understand the mind. The brain is merely a neural network that is expanded by experience and creating memories, which is mind. The creation of mind is human/animal consciousness flowing through these conduits, desiring, fearing and being indifferent; fight, flight or freeze are born of memory and judgement.

When consciousness realises that its essential nature is beyond desire, fear and indifference, consciousness becomes one with its true essence – the clarity of emptiness. Psychology isn’t about putting the mind right on a conventional level; it’s about right seeing from the ultimate view of pure clarity, which then opens up our mind.

If we don’t understand our own psychology – that which makes us tick – then we are at the mercy of others. In this way, we can be taken advantage of in this world.

Crafted words are dropped into consciousness without us noticing, and affect our behaviour: we salivate like Pavlov’s dogs, without realising what is happening.

Know thy self in the space of pure consciousness.

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Spirit Guides?

What is conscience? Is conscience personal morality, or is there external guidance? Does our conscience change? Does like attract like?

When everything seems karmically significant, instruction is always at hand.
How do we know the right thing to say at one moment, but not at another?

Whether we feel guided or alone, we attract positive or negative energy, depending on our spirit level 🙂

Maybe we are not alone.
Where there is dark, there is light!


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Priests Of News

News is the new religion that binds us to spreading the ‘word’.
Whose word? And is it the complete truth?

Who is telling us the complete truth?

The complete truth – that which completes the picture – is pure cognisance;
seeing without referring.
Any commentaries that come a moment later are second hand, as truth is indescribable.
Commentaries are the absence of complete truth.

If the Buddha said, “Do not believe me; test it for yourself”,
why should we believe anyone else?
Beliefs imprison us.

When we test and realise the truth for ourselves,
that is the complete truth.

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Still Wanting Something Better?

Pure consciousness is all we need to know
to solve our problems.

Unable to give this its true value,
we are found wanting.

That which is watching this feeling of inadequacy
is pure consciousness itself.

That which we have been looking for
has always been present.


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Consciousness Brings Suffering

Consciousness brings suffering.
Realising the nature of consciousness brings happiness.
We will never find happiness until we realise we are suffering.

Pure consciousness is at peace with everything, as everything is in a state of impermanence. Pure consciousness knows causes and conditions, and therefore nothing is real but only seems real. We have become excitable through everything in life being exaggerated and over-elaborated. Holding these exaggerations to be real, we become confused, we suffer, we argue, we find fault … and we think this is normal.

“But, I’m not suffering.”
Never disturb a sleeping person.

People are like elastic bands;
it doesn’t matter how far you stretch them,
they’ll go back to their normal, until they feel that the band is too tight
– or until it wears out!

The realisation:
We are on our way to nowhere.
We are already here.

Our ascension is due to subtle layers of inner conflict.
We’re not going up; we are going higher in realisation.

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Swimming In A Sea Of Information, And Drowning In Ignorance

Thus is the fog of humanity’s consciousness, drowning in side issues – and our relationship with spiritual teachings can also be like this.

The essence of teaching is very simple,
and if we trulyget it’,
we can then go away and live a fulfilling life.

If we constantly believe that we don’t know enough or aren’t good enough, we become confused and settle for feeling inferior; we’re amazed that others appear to ‘get it’ – but what do they get? The information – but what of the behaviour to go with it?

It’s actually oh-so-simple.
We are pure consciousness and, for that, we do nothing. Anything else is a hindrance to seeing this one truth.

Pure consciousness does not need to have numerous commentaries. It’s what we are. Get used to it, and become familiar with it. Then, see what is subtly destroying this inner peace.

The more times we see that we are distracted,
the less we are distracted.
It’s that simple.

When we can swim, we will never drown in ignorance again,
as ignorance becomes our teacher.

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Can Others Out-Think Us?

They’re the ones who make up the games for us to play.
They’re the ones who make up the news for us to believe.
They’re the ones who make up the laws for us to depend on.
They’re the ones who make up the enemy for us to hate.

We can out-think them by dropping
playing, believing, depending and hating.

What makes sense?
Within pure consciousness, conscience is loud and clear.
Conscience is knowing right from wrong, and is a guide for our behaviour.

Only then are we in our right mind

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How To Feel Good About Our Self

This self is a creation of the mind. When we look at our self, we are looking at our mind – but we are not this mind; we are mind essence of pure consciousness.

‘Self’ is another name for ‘karma’, and ‘karma’ is another name for ‘teacher’.

Love your self with all its faults, as those faults are showing us all we need to know to attain complete enlightenment. When we disguise our faults, we are not loving our self.

It’s like drawing: if we stand back, we see where we are mistaken, and make wonderful progress. So we’re not perfect – how wonderful to realise that. That is the perfection! Appearance and recognition are simultaneous.

However silly we may feel, we are nearer to enlightenment than those who think they are seriously intelligent. To knowwe are silly is preferable to not knowing we are silly.

We can live happily with our ignorance, because we are free in the moment of seeing our ignorance. Only then can we live happily with the ignorance of others, because we know how that feels.

Everyone will attain enlightenment in their own time.
Everyone will realise their true nature, eventually.

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World Domination? Why Do They Bother?

Being ignorant of true human potential
– enlightenment –
the essence of consciousness moves on,
never knowing its true nature.

Those who think that their family power lives on
ignore the fact that it is just a name.

We have all played many parts in the theatres of action;
when we pass on to the next scene,
our ignorance passes on with us.

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We Cannot Say That We Don’t Know

We cannot say that we don’t know.
We all know.

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How To Rule: Keep A Crisis Going

As long as we are in crisis, we will remain divided.
Divided, we build walls that maintain the crisis.

Crisis: the turning point of a disease when an important change takes place,
indicating either recovery or death.

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Nothing Makes Sense … Or Does It?

Is it always a cock-up?

If we apply conventional thinking,
we come up with conventional answers
which are never insightful.

When we apply Dharma,
we know that everything comes about
through causes and conditions.
Affecting conditions affects the result.
That is insight.

As long as we have a cocked-up mind,
all we will see are cock-ups.

Someone who knows the human condition
of hope, fear and indifference,
has control over humanity.

When we know the wisdoms of these three conditions,
we have control over our self.

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Right Time, Right Connection

Connection: the relationship between something, and something else.

First, we have to be in the right place, mentally.

It is through the practice of sitting in stillness that we realise we do not have consciousness; we are consciousness that is immovable, stable and pure.

There is a relationship between this pure consciousness and whatever pure consciousness is conscious of. We discover that we cannot be what we see, and so what we see now serves as a reminder of what it is that is seeing. That is the powerful position we are in; we no longer believe that what we are seeing is the ultimate reality as it is impermanent, whereas that which sees never changes. This means that we are actually free of identifying with phenomena. That is real freedom, rather than being ‘free’ to do as we please.

Now comes the shock … the world in which we live not only ignores this irrefutable truth, but actively discourages it by inventing elaborate distractions. ‘Useful’ ideas are being created constantly – supposedly for our ‘welfare’ – in order to keep us connected to those elaborations.

When absurd things happen, we now know why – it’s to keep us distracted. Consciousness is being frozen into a dormant state of confusion. The basic distractions are fear and hope fuelled by our ignorance of our true nature of pure, compassionate consciousness. This ignorance reduces our ability to love.

We now realise that everyone else is also pure consciousness but does not know it. That is the reason love arises through wisdom. If we hurt someone, we hurt ourselves.

Connect to our ultimate reality,
rather than being connected to elaborations.

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Q. How Do I Confirm My True Existence?

A. Who asks the question?

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We Can Meditate Without Thinking

We do it all the time, without noticing.
All we have to do is notice.

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Have You Been Assimilated?

How do you know you haven’t been assimilated?
Are your thoughts your own,
or are they part of the collective?

The test:
Can you switch off? 

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How To Meditate All Day Long, And Not ‘Meditate’

It’s quite simple.
Don’t wander.

Just be at one with any situation.
Trite, but true – unremarkable in a remarkable way.

We go about our day as usual, and experience everything we see, hear, taste, touch and smell – whatever comes our way. The senses are non-conceptual, ie there is no thinking involved. Don’t assume that if we are seeing etc, we are thinking. We’re not. That is a very important point to understand, before we become attached to sensuality, or mentally wander off.

In the first moment of experiencing, pure consciousness is already present, so it’s unremarkable. What is remarkable? Noticing this.

Within pure consciousness, we can still do what we have to do, but thinking isn’t required unless we are considering something. We are just being mindful, and only judge when it is necessary in order to accomplish anything. When our senses are open and clear, we’re guided by conditions.

If we over-judge or over-think something, we are projecting and adding to it, making life more complicated for ourselves. The opposite of being occupied in this way is vacancy or indifference, where we are unaware.

When we become aware of either being occupied by thoughts or being vacant, there is no need to feel guilty as we all do this. In the moment of recognition, we are actually free. That is being mindful, being aware of our likes and dislikes. If judgement is needed, we review, breaking the habitual chain reaction of commenting and judging everything all day long, as many of those judgements are trivial, but still imprison us.

Over-reaction becomes a way of life – and a waste of a life.
Give yourself a break.
Stop wandering.

If we fixate about meditation, that isn’t meditation. That’s expectation, and far too serious in its desire for the remarkable. When we stop obsessing, life becomes fun. It may not seem perfect, but it is – in its own way. We are undoing our own confusion, rather than the confusion of others.

When we meditate without meditating, life opens up in positive ways as we can read between the lines.

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Happiness Is A Result

Realisation comes first, then happiness.
Solve a problem; happiness dawns.

There will always be social problems.
If there are always problems, there will always be realisation.
Problems are impermanent; realisation is always happiness.

“May my mind turn towards the Teachings.
May the Teachings become the path.
May the path clarify confusion.
May confusion dawn as wisdom.”
– Gampopa
(1079–1153 CE)

If we think that we have to be happy first, we will never realise the problem.
We have some work to do:
examine conscience to determine what is and isn’t beneficial.

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Meditation Takes No Time

Time does not exist in meditation.
Time only exists when we are involved in mind and body.

Until we come to rest in timeless awareness beyond memories, we will always be relating to things. That is time-consuming. Our mind habitually asks, “What about this and that?” and off we go, back into time-relating mode. In this way, we lose our sanity. Sanity isn’t about how we think: it’s about how we see before we think.

The result of this precious meditation practice is that we keep our sanity, and don’t become lost in speculations. The uninitiated will react and claim that we have to ‘do things’, using up time. They see non-duality and meditation merely as vacancy because they haven’t tried it – or tried it properly. They cannot get it into their heads that meditation is no big deal; it is simplicity itself.

It is this simplicity that views everything,
and is never carried away.

Once we experience peace of mind,
that glimpse gradually becomes more familiar,
and is recognised as our home.

That is the ultimate sanity.

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Enlightenment: A Rude Awakening

A rude awakening:
the surprise of discovering that we are mistaken.

A rude awakening:
Reality isn’t what we think, and never has been.

Thinking in words limits experience.
To get what we want,
we think of consciousness as a tool of perception.

The ancients knew that we are that consciousness
– pure and simple.

The surprise and shock is that we never noticed this.
It’s even more shocking to note
that there are some who want us to remain dormant
– just like them.

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Being Aware Of Ego And Egoless-ness

To be absorbed by desires and fears,
or not to be absorbed by desires and fears.

Constant egoless-ness is ultimate enlightenment. This is our natural state. We gain a glimpse of this state in the oneness of non-dual meditation, being one with empty cognisant space where there are no fixations, but just primordial, pure awareness.

As we have bodies to maintain, we need a modicum of ego to survive – a social I – and this makes demands on us, but doesn’t have to require all our effort.

The test of the quality of ego:
How fixated we are about ourselves, and whatever we think about?

Don’t worry if there is a strong feeling of clinging and fixation. The very moment we notice what we’re doing … we are free! If we don’t notice our ego fixations, we merely become more and more upset about everything – and again, not to worry as there is always the possibility of being free in the moment of seeing that this ‘I’ is upset. If we’re not told about this reality, we will just go round in circles.

This brings us to religions.
The word ‘religion’ means to be bound. Being bound creates extreme views, fixations, reactions, dogma, separation and ‘wars’. The point is that even if what we are saying is true, it can become ego-orientated and overwhelming … and fanatical.

Resting in the pure spaciousness of awareness allows others’ emotions to wash over us and fall back to their space, leaving our space untouched. In that moment, our space can become their space, if it is recognised.

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To Know That We Don’t Know Is Knowingness Itself

To know that we don’t know
is proof that we do know –
but we don’t realise that we know.
This is why we feel uncomfortable.

We really do know.
We know now.
We have always known.

But we still ignore this knowingness.

We obsess about facts and, in doing so,
miss the knowingness itself.
This is the great distraction, the deep sleep.

The more that we think we know,
the further we move away from knowingness.

All we have to do is recognise the knowingness
that is ever present;
that knowingness is pure consciousness.

Working within knowingness
keeps everything fresh, simple and relaxed.

People might think, “So what?”
“So what?” is turning over, and going back to sleep.

Knowingness is wakefulness,
seeing the causes of karma.

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