Some Things Are Difficult To Talk About

Some things are difficult to talk about as they have to be timely, but as you’ve found your way here through favourable curiosity, we might as well continue :-). Some things can only be spoken about when the listener has received the pointing-out instruction on the nature of mind, but if you have read this blog, you sort of get it. 😀

In non-dual meditation, we realise that we are pure consciousness – aware, but inactive. This can be upsetting for some people as they want to be up and doing, re-creating themselves and their situation. 🙂 Anyway, pure consciousness does nothing, but be aware.

Now for the tricky part. Depending on the level of enlightenment or realisation – and from this position – action only takes place to be of benefit to a situation, rather than of benefit to us. Having realised our true nature, we don’t need or rely on anything.

Some practitioners withdraw from worldly activities, while others engage.
It’s a personal choice.

We aren’t here to change the world; even a Buddha can’t do that. We are here to realise what we truly are, rather than become attached to everything.

The pull to change the world and other people is great, but that will depend on how many can work together. There is far too much division for that to happen, just yet.

The ‘dividers’ are very clever, and idiotically divided from reality.
They’re all busy trying to re-create themselves and us.Daft creatures!

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Reality Isn’t Cultivated

What we do cultivate, however, is our likes and dislikes, while ignoring our true reality of pure consciousness = a good heart that acts unconditionally, expecting nothing in return.

We cannot truly love if our feelings come first
my family, my talents, my life …
That is love which is conditional.

Reality is uncultivated love,
uncontaminated by any conditions.

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Do You Focus On The Puppets Or The Strings?

Everyone has attachments.

If we attach ourselves to others,
we get tangled up in their strings as well.

How many people are without attachments?

This Blog Isn’t About My View

This blog isn’t about my view;
it’s about your view.

It’s not about what you think of the view;
|it’s about the moment of direct seeing,
which is pure consciousness.

Who’s Telling The Truth?

Not the truth of an effect,
but the truth of the cause.

Puppet Masters

They are the influencers behind the scenes.
We are the puppets who dance to their tunes/news/films/games …

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Giving Up Hope … Hooray!

So, nobody listens: this doesn’t mean we give up.
We just give up hoping.

Rarely do any of us change. Change comes from a deep appreciation, valuing possibilities and loving the freedom of giving up the hope that bound us to the hopes of others. We can only change as individuals. Others may inspire us, but it is we who choose to let go of hope … and fear.

The minds of people are unenlightened and, as such, are biased towards some agenda … so they’re not to be taken too seriously. In fact, the more we know about others’ status, the more we give up hoping that they will change. Change is their job. We can have sympathy for their plight, as we’ve all been there. It’s actually enlightening!

Wanting to help is very human,
but we cannot expect change to suddenly happen.
That’s unreasonable.

Our chickens have lovely, safe, clean nest boxes, but they choose to lay in the hedge instead. This is their habit, and so we know what look for as they are predictable. No point in talking to them about it 🙂

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Alien Terminology Distances Us From Raw Experience

Dukkha, Shunyata, Metta, Dzogchen, Sambhogakaya … all these sound so exotic.

Take ‘dukkha’; it means simply ‘suffering’. If we wonder what what ‘dukkha’ is, this removes us from the direct experience itself. We already have enough problems trying to identify our own suffering, let alone something called ‘dukkha’!

We subtly disassociate when we hear foreign terminology, but people do love to bandy it around. These are stock words that distance us. It is self-aggrandisement in order to sound authentic, but there’s a lack of caring whether others actually understand the words we’re using – it’s all about us and not them.

What am I really saying?
Repeating alien words can make us cold-hearted.

Nobody goes up to someone else and says,
“How are you? Are you dukkha today?” or “Are you full of metta today?”


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Just Seeing Is Our Greatest Problem

Just seeing is our greatest problem:
we don’t just see.

First, we must realise that the senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching – are non-conceptual. When the eyes see, there is no thought process involved; the senses are mechanical. It is very important to understand this; there is a natural gap between the sense perceiving and our interpretation of what is seen, but we miss that and fall into the habitual entertainment of sensuality – our likes and dislikes – as opposed to what is beneficial or harmful.

What happens is that we miss the gap of nowness, and recreate a narrative about whatever we see. It’s our backstory, and it’s what has led us to this moment = karma. We actually carry around a library of memories that we impose on everything, and form judgements. That is our predictable dream world. When we relate a story through the senses, this maintains a self-image.

Just seeing is pure consciousness,
full of possibilities, potential and shocks
that are not to be misused by exaggerations.

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Switch Off Your Ego

If you are easily offended,
you are easily manipulated.

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Our Outer Life Masks Our Inner Life

We are so attached to our lifestyle that we ignore how we truly feel. We pretend. It sounds harsh to say, but we live a lie, an ‘illusion’. This is why we can’t honest; we are all in some sort of closet. Even being a Buddhist can be a lifestyle thing, and nothing to do with wisdom and empathy.

We all go through the motions of being human, but being truly human is to discover what makes us tick and why. If we merely follow others, we become a member of a herd that is no use to anyone, except to create more humans to become part of the herd.

Humans have the potential to realise their enlightened nature, just like a Buddha – an enlightened one. To do this, we merely have to go within and discover the value both of consciousness and our confusion. That is the path to enlightenment.

Enlightened intention is an evolution into a higher consciousness that is pure, and to discover that we were never separated from that higher consciousness. That is the cosmic joke. 😀

Do I have to be Buddhist?
If the ‘I’ is Buddhist, you’ve become an actor in hell.

Don’t be Buddhist.
Don’t be anything.
Just reflect on what the enlightened ones said,
and see if it’s true.

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We Have No Original Ideas

We have no original ideas, and so we cannot say anything original. Try it! All ideas are placed in the mind by education, religion, media … and the rest is hearsay. Even our reactions are pre-prepared. Alas, we re-play our non-original ideas, and are bound to an unchanging life.

Is there anything original?

Yes. Our origin. It is our true nature of pure consciousness, silent and untouched; by it, everything is known. When we know our original nature, life changes because we no longer believe what others believe, and we stop becoming repeaters.

How do we say anything original?
In the realm of ultimate reality,
all speech loses its elaborations,
resolving in the inner silence of pure consciousness.

Nuff said!

Apart from,
“Where’s my spanner?”
“There it is!”
… resolution …

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How Do We Know?

This is not about what we know or have learnt,
but how we know.

When we know how we know,
we realise there is knowingness that is present before a knower is felt.

The knower comes in a moment after knowingness. The knower becomes an identifier, and we’re back in a relative realm, caught up in this and that, when consciousness’s attention is caught, and off we go again in a pointless circle of confusion.

We can see all this for ourself.

A spiritual organisation will imply that we don’t know, and need to come back. In this way, we become needy, returning to our cosy group/church/temple/gompa. That’s what we do, all the time – find our comfort zone.

We do know, and only need to come back when we forget,
in the same way that we return to the meditation when we forget our true nature.

Everybody knows but, in ignoring this knowingness, we feel uncomfortable.
When we know that we know, we are free of neediness.

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The Search Box At The Bottom Of This Page

To date, there are three thousand six hundred articles on this blog (goodness knows how that happened! 😀 ).

Type a word that comes to mind in the search box at the bottom of this page, and see what comes up.

You never know … it might be a spark in the darkness.

PS to get the bottom of the page on a Mac, it’s command + down arrow, and on Windows, it’s End.

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Flawless Consciousness

Consciousness is without imperfections. It is very alive and very sensitive, but is easily distracted by ideas and emotions. It is precisely because of being so readily distracted that it is easier to spot – if we are looking. This is why ‘immoral intent’ constantly plies us with ‘exciting news’. It knows us; it knows our bias, and feeds it.

All the while, flawless consciousness looks on, but it has become an audience wanting to be entertained, instead of refining realisation. Flawless consciousness knows that it has been distracted but ignores this because it’s become so used to following others that it is constantly being “RESET” to ignore its original nature.

Once realised, flawless consciousness is pure consciousness,
unaffected by ‘exciting news’.

We can reset our reality by remembering what we are at any moment.

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Enlightened Speech; Without Fixations

Thoughts are echoes or residues from the past. We acknowledge them, but we don’t obsess about them, so they do not stick. Usually, we maintain and strengthen our fixations, solidifying them for the next resurrection – raised from the dead. 🙂

The opposite of fixation is adaptability, being able to cope with anything, as we have not taken a side. People may appear to be capable, but only because they fixate on ‘their’ thing. Take them out of their comfort zone, and they flounder and bluster.

Even though we may not be ‘enlightened’, we can practise speaking in an enlightened way – while dodging our own fixations. Noticing others’ fixations is much more challenging, and that’s when we have to grow up, and stop using information as a weapon.

Living with fixation is living a lie;
it’s not what we are.

Open mind, open heart, open consciousness.
That’s the real thing,

It results in unstoppable understanding and empathy,
because we know how it feels to be fixated …
it’s bloody uncomfortable and pointless!


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Doubt Creates Uncertainty, Panic & Speediness

In doubt, we never settle, always wanting more.
We’re pumped up, running around for something special – the secret teachings.

There aren’t any; it’s a ploy!

‘Spiritual-type’ people are most susceptible to this way of thinking.
So busy with my practice and my guru, genuine compassion has gone.

Living this way, we miss knowing what we are.
We are the teachings, beyond secret mysteries.

All indigenous people have their ways;
some are practical, and some are based on beliefs and rituals.

Collecting more information than we can digest makes us needy and dissatisfied.
When we slow down, life becomes richer, more fruitful and insightful.

When we have time and space, we can appreciate the simple things,
and see that others’ problems are quite basic.

Make a decision, stick with it, see if it works, drop it if it doesn’t.
Actually, drop it anyway, as clinging to anything or anyone blocks our path.

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What’s Eating You?

Emotions – brought on by strong association with thoughts and feelings of hopes, fears, pride, jealousy – stir up our mental state, and eat away at us. We become distressed, anxious and disappointed, and we suffer. This saps away our energy, and has an effect on our health.

The world will never change as everyone is full of thoughts and emotions. It’s the world in which we all live … well, not everyone. 😀

These very emotions are wisdoms. When we recognise them, they no longer eat us, but we become nourished by them. Sounds ridiculous, right?

Just before the very first instant when an emotion arises, something is noted. The mind brightens – it lights up! We all see this moment, but we ignore it. That is pure consciousness taking the scene in, but not being taken in by the scene.

Recognition and realisation are simultaneous. First, we have to know what we are looking for! It is only due to old habits that we give in to emotions, reacting and becoming eaten up by conflict, and spreading bad breath. 😀

Eat subtleties; it refines digestion.

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Religion: The Beginning Or End Of Our Journey?

Is religion the beginning or the end of our journey?

Religion can be a magical home, where we meet like-minded people who accept the same given answers to happiness.

Conversely, religion can be a stepping stone that brings us to the beginning of our own personal and curious journey, where we are the magic.

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Lost In Space

Consciousness is live space, and the path to enlightenment. If we can acknowledge that we are consciousness – instead of being attracted to the flotsam and jetsam floating around in the mind that is rejected by the wise as worthless – we cannot not become enlightened. 🙂

We have so much potential within this space, but we squander it on trivia and glitter. Evil intent wants exactly that; to feed off our ignorance. Evil encourages us to feel lost, so that we will hold on to anything, anyone and everything. That is the illusion in which we live, and we forget that this illusion is within precious, conscious space.

We are not lost, and never have been.
We are the live space of consciousness
to the extent that it is pure.

Space is pure; nothing can disturb it.
Whatever we may do in space, space does not change.
Consciousness is like that.

There may be theories and mathematical models about space,
but space remains untouched
Consciousness is like that.

If we think we know who we are,
we are lost in the flotsam and jetsam.

Once we know what we are,
we are never lost.

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Right Speech, Wrong Speech

Right speech is skilful,
and brings conversation to a conclusion.

Wrong speech is unskilful,
and prolongs conversation without a conclusion.

The right conclusion is a mutual, uplifting silence.

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I Can’t Meditate”

It isn’t the I that meditates.

We need a little intellectual curiosity to understand this. The I is consciousness associating with thoughts and clinging to them, thus creating an I-illusion. We (consciousness) have thoughts, but we aren’t those thoughts. This is the primary mistake we make, and is the reason why we become upset, anxious and confused, and suffer.

We only argue due to the thoughts we have acquired.

Our reality is consciousness. It is consciousness that meditates by dropping the I-fixation on thoughts. This doesn’t mean the thoughts suddenly disappear, but our grip on them loosens and they dissolve, or take a back seat.

In fact, we (consciousness) don’t have to do anything. When consciousness (we) rests in awareness, that is meditation. No physical or mental gymnastics are needed … no paraphernalia, or bells and whistles.

When we are constantly conscious-aware, meditation is constantly taking place.
However, the essence of meditation is when we drop the meditation (the method).
Realising there is nothing else but consciousness is pure consciousness.

So yes, the I cannot meditate.
If the I is meditating, we have a problem …

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We may wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?”. If we wait for verification from someone else, we become reliant on their judgement, and that isn’t verification. Who are we trying to impress?

There is something in life/the universe/karma which shows us that verification precisely. This can happen in quite an innocuous way; someone may speak to us, and nothing of what they say contains any reality. They talk about past events and, in our stupidity, we enable this by joining in. Noticing this is not a criticism – it’s just an observation.

We may find that we longer enable by being caught up in stories.
This is the verification we seek.

Through insight, understanding and empathy arise.
This is the verification we seek.

The words, “We are free in the moment of seeing”, illuminate.
This is the verification we seek.

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Is There Meaning To Life?

Many cannot ask this question
as they are afraid that there is an answer.

The meaning of life is to realise what we are,
rather than what we have become.

We have become clever prattlers.
We are pure consciousness.

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Blind To Reality

Because we believe that whatever we see or think is reality, we are blind to actual reality. Reality is consciousness that sees everything without comment. That is our starting point.

Why do we ignore this original starting point?
We are too busy repeating ourselves.

The essence of consciousness is wisdom
that cuts through blindness.

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Is Stupidity A Sociological Problem?

Is stupidity a sociological problem?
Is it catching?

Social conformity deprives us of independent thinking. With social conformity, we aren’t dealing with the person; we are dealing with ideas and catch-phrases, and because of this, we cannot reason with a stupid person.

The moment we see this behaviour in ourselves or others,
we are free.

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The Dharma, According To An Idiot

We are just pure consciousness-
no intelligence needed.

Note how an original meaning of a word downgrades, and shapes society.

The word ‘idiot’ comes from the Greek ‘idiōtēs’ – a private person or citizen, an individual (as opposed to the state). A person lacking professional skill; a layman.

In Latin, ‘idiota’ meant ‘uneducated’, ‘ignorant’, ‘common’ and, in Late Latin, came to mean ‘crude’, ‘illiterate’, ‘ignorant’.

In French, it kept the meaning of ‘illiterate’ and ‘ignorant’, and added the meaning ‘stupid’ in the 13th century.
In English, the meaning ‘mentally deficient’ was added in the 14th century.

The above really refers to an unsophisticated person who doesn’t fit into a society. When it comes to the teaching of the Buddha, it’s about the innate nature that is common to everyone, and which is beyond any sophistication and elaboration, and beyond ritual, text and prayer.

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Through Realisation, Negativity Turns Positive

Negativity is inspirational. When we know something is wrong, it’s positive. If we ignore what is wrong, we only create more negativity. The same goes for trying to be positive about everything; it’s a cover-up.

With good karma, we drift.
With bad karma, we look for direction.

Positivity is seeing the negative,
without using it as a weapon.

We recognise when something is negative
because consciousness is already positive and happy.

Once we understand our true nature,
our teacher is our karmic self,
and we see our fixations in every interaction

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Our Path To Perfect Happiness

Our path to perfect happiness does not rely either on others or on conditions. Our path to happiness – and ultimately, enlightenment – is aloneness = oneness = non-duality. Inspiration is everywhere and in abundance because we are open, without distracting influences. Those distracting influences are now an inspiration to help us stay centred. This is our unique individual path of realisation; we do not arrive as a group.

A time comes when we have to drop anything learned, as realisation is direct, raw experience beyond words.

Our path is undoing our karmic constructs
– whether pleasant or unpleasant.

Some paths have flowers.
Some paths have sharp stones.
Some paths embody, “This is it!”
Some paths embody, “This isn’t it!”

Whether pleasant or unpleasant, this is not a group effort.
Groups don’t become enlightened.

Drop believing.
Start knowing.

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Why Use The Word ‘Emptiness’?

The word ’empty’ is the opposite of the word ‘full’.

The mind and consciousness are, by nature, clear.
We recognise this in the very first empty instant of seeing,
before we start judging and filling up.

Our minds are full of opinions, fixations and obsessions that we cling to, and which distract consciousness. This is why we become anxious and confused about our actual reality, being unaware that we are pure, bright consciousness.

When the mind is free of stress, it returns to emptiness, and consciousness finds peace. We find peace. This is where our true intelligence lies – seeing directly, rather than through a cluttered mind.

If we ignore pure consciousness, we become pseudo-intellectuals, always ready to try and impress; by thinking we are right, we use knowledge as a weapon. Constantly judging, we sentence ourselves through misunderstanding the nature of reality.

If we fixate on phenomena, we suffer, as all phenomena cannot be said to truly exist. It is impermanent and only exists in time; being a temporary arrangement of elements, it has a beginning, a middle and an end, and is thus empty of any true existence.

Know emptiness, know perfect peace.

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A Moment Of Realisation

A moment of realisation:

When being awake and dreaming are without difference.
When happiness and suffering are without difference.

When appearances and emptiness are without difference.
How do we recognise this moment of realisation?

We see appearances in emptiness, emptiness in appearances.
When this is stable, realisation is no longer for a moment.

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‘I’ Blindness

The ‘I’ is blind to reality.
What we think of as our selves is blind to reality.
The result: the blind leading the blind.

All of us, like silly sheep, have gone astray from our true reality because we are led by the blind, and we are therefore confused about our reality. Even meditation can maintain this blindness if all we are doing is doing meditation.

Don’t be blind to the purpose of meditation.
Look for the meditator.

Not finding a meditator,
we arrive at total exhaustion,
pure awareness wide open.

We are not a thing; we are a presence.

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Soft, Unconscious Totalitarian Compliance

Unconscious compliance through technocracy –
we all encounter misleading information and accept it as reality.

If we can be lured into the digital world,
we will never be free to realise our true nature.

Totalitarianism makes people dependent by influencing their thoughts,
and sees humanity as a useless class.

Wisdom is knowing our selves inside out,
free of clinging to any ‘information’ that causes confusion.

Get out while you can!

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Whatever Someone Says Doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter what people say;
what matters is what’s happening in our mind – our reactions.

Ideas placed in the mind make us think that we ‘know’, when this information is having opposite effect of actually knowing. “Don’t take my word for it”, said the Buddha.

Ordinary people react;
practitioners note.

We weaponise information that then lies in ambush in the mind as memory. At a given stimulus, we judge and react, causing conflict. Information works like brand awareness, where the brain lights up and the mind responds before a person even knows it. This is how we lack mental control.

Mind training is giving space to our reactions, holding off by being generous, patient and disciplined. Without this, our reaction are just self-preservation.

Look at yourself and gain confidence in the seeing of that self.
That which sees our self in action is pure consciousness.

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Earth: Beautiful But Bonkers

People of Earth are beautiful but bonkers.

Their essence is a pure heart – the beautiful –
but their minds are self-indulgent – the bonkers.

When we know our true nature,
all the bonker-ness makes sense.

We can now cruise through life,
able to skirt around the bonker-ness.

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How We Go Astray

We go astray and fall into ignorance when we fixate on or cling to any idea. Whether this fixation is adoration or dislike, we lose control of our mind.

Mind is a collection of ideas
to which consciousness attaches when it forgets its pure essence.
The essence of mind is pure consciousness.

Consciousness cannot go astray when it realises its true reality, free of the mind’s likes and dislikes. We (consciousness) may momentarily become distracted, but we know what to come back to.

Unfortunately, once we realise that we are pure consciousness, we can’t help but notice that the entire world feeds off likes and dislikes. We become competitive to feel superior; this is demonic forces messing with our minds, with everyone thinking they are winners when, in fact, we’re all losers – illusions trying to outdo other illusions.

Simply don’t play their games.
Smile, nod and leave them alone.

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Are We Awake Or Asleep?

Dream: a state of mind in which someone is unaware of their immediate surroundings.
Awake: to regain consciousness.
Day-dream: thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.

When consciousness loses awareness of its immediate surroundings, we are in a state of sleep. We may be speaking, but if our attention is not directed at this immediate moment, we are talking of the past or projecting into the future; this is sleep-talk, reading imprints off the wall of the mind. Dreams are bits of information floating around in the mind to which we become attached.

We see this process very clearly when we meditate and drift off, and then nod off 😀

Our reality of pure consciousness is always awake, and is always now. We feel uncomfortable because we defend our imprints while consciousness is watching; a duality – consciousness and our projections – is in operation, and this conflict causes us to feel ill-at-ease. Our practice is just noticing this duality forming.

Our problem is knowing the difference between
our reality and an imprint.

Right speech is a reminder of our reality,
and is sometimes done with silence.

Non-duality is being awake to the moment:
we are free in the moment of seeing.

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Life Should Be Frustrating

We can’t change anything.

Life is frustrating because there are different views of the same subject. People cannot even agree on what is truth, or what is important in life. Frustration has many levels, from disheartenment to anger. We have a right to feel frustrated; it’s understandable – or it should be.

Others might say, “Don’t be irritated. Stay calm.” This is a gross misunderstanding of the frustration or dissatisfaction that creates suffering. They’re actually saying, “Don’t admit you’re suffering – I don’t want to hear it”. This view is insubstantial to say the least.

It is dissatisfaction or suffering that leads us onto the path of enlightenment. Staying calm is only one part of the equation of suffering; we have to realise its cause, which can inspire us to keep going.

When talking to others, we could feel that nothing of what they say makes sense. It doesn’t make sense because it’s incomplete – it’s an unenlightened world – and this is the very key to empathy!

We remember how stubborn and arrogant we were (or still are 🙂 ), and that is why we feel uncomfortable and dig our heels in because we know something innately but may not be completely clear about what that is. It is the very goodness within.

This goodness is self-aware, pure essence of consciousness.

If we have no frustration,
we have no path.

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We Don’t Understand Our Own Psychology

If we don’t know our own psychology, we won’t know what is happening to us.

We’re easily bored; that boredom is created by confusion, and sends us to sleep. We may look awake, but we are in an hypnotic state, where we are highly responsive to suggestion or direction. Hypnosis uses continuous droning to induce a state of boredom and sleep = sleep talking 😉

All the world is unconsciously brainwashed by memes – influential ideas placed in our minds that we mimic hypnotically. Mention a name or subject to anyone, and these go straight to memory (programming) and we arrive at sleep talking.

We’ve lost the capacity to see that we can leave, but the problem is, where to go?

There are few who can remind us of our practical, enlightened potential. With history being slowly erased about the suffering we have all been through, nobody will remind us that that suffering is the beginning of our path to enlightenment.

Those who want to put ‘things’ right do so,
so that we don’t consider
putting ourselves right first.

Do you see the art of hypnotic suggestion/deception being played? Our problem is that we don’t know our own psychology, while others do.

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Why We Cannot Relate To One Another

Even though the ‘view’ of pure consciousness is the original essence of all sentient beings, different levels of fixations obscure this ‘view’, causing obstacles when relating or empathising with one another. We are all too busy in our own little worlds, and this is a global problem; it is our fixations/attachments that divide us.

Being at one with anyone is an extremely rare and precious event. People talk to one another, but actually say nothing. All we do is express our confusion about our past, and fantasise about the future.

The moment now has become a cliché, but when we find ourselves in a moment of honest experience – especially when that experience is one of anxiety or depression – we have a chance to recognise the cause of suffering … our illusory self-identity!

Being at one with anything is simply caring, which employs empathy with that situation. It doesn’t matter how we feel about ourselves and others, the pure view of consciousness brings us back to our true reality, our true home.

In the moment now, there is no need to relate:
there is merely shared appreciation of the wind in the trees.

We relate in silence,
without conflict or projection.

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Our Self Is Our Bubble Of Suffering

What we call our self is merely consciousness bound in abstract concepts, existing in thought only and having no physical reality. Consciousness is unchanging, and has merely a temporary body and memory.

Identifying with these abstract thoughts makes consciousness (us) feel vulnerable. Our attempt at protection is merely a thin bubble, a veneer. It is this that makes us defensive because we don’t know the complete picture of our reality. We’d rather live by abstract ideas than actual events, and this is how we misunderstand everything.

Existing in a bubble makes the world a scary place, as we fear that anything can burst it, especially when a different way of seeing is presented.

As a bubble collective,
we froth ourselves up into a sweaty lather,
agitated and excited through fear and hope.

And for good reason. There are Machiavellian, cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous people working in this world, who meet together in the guise of making the world a better place. But for whom? “Build a better bubble” perhaps?

Once our bubble has been burst (the Dharma sees to that), we can fully appreciate all the manipulation going on. All the why’s and how’s.

Free outside our bubble and away from the froth, we deal with the raw experience, day by day, moment by moment and, as such, there is no time to suffer or be scared. In this way, we can cope with real life.

Our bubble is a bauble of babble.
Burst the bubble, and our mind becomes coherent.

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Is It Really A Scary World?

In a genuinely scary situation, we have no time to be scared as we have something to deal with which overrides fear. Fear derives from rumour – every good filmmaker knows how to achieve this. Merely listening to people talk, with their beliefs in this and that, reminds us how scary the world is! The media is full of scaremongering – so much so that it becomes a comic.

If we wrap our self up in a cosy bubble, we will worry that everything can pop our bubble, and so we feel vulnerable. This bubble is our self-image, which is the cause of our suffering as we have to protect it constantly.

If we have pierced our bubble and immersed our self in this scary world, we are dealing with it moment by moment, and it’s no longer scary.

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It Doesn’t Matter What We Know About The World …

It doesn’t matter what we know about the world,
things will happen anyway.
They always have.

Under the guise of a warning is insidious programming.
We see and hear, and we are influenced.

What matters isn’t what we know; it is that which knows which is of absolute importance. Realise that our true nature is pure consciousness, above and beyond all that is happening. Pure consciousness cannot be touched or destroyed.

If, however, we still believe that we are just this body and mind – for example, people who believe they are old will act old – whatever is happening in the world will affect us.

Whatever happens in the world,
it can never affect pure consciousness,
but consciousness can be distracted because it hasn’t realised its purity.

Being distracted is the job of evil intent,
which steers consciousness away from its reality.

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The Dharma Isn’t Hoity-Toity

The Dharma isn’t haughty, snobbish and self-congratulatory.
The Dharma isn’t holy or other-worldly.

The Dharma is right here, right now, in all conditions;
even if we get things wrong, and life is a mess,
consciousness is still present.

If we realise that,
we realise everything.
Dharma is merely showing us that we are consciousness itself,
aware and pure.

Purity isn’t an act.
Purity is unbiased seeing.
We are Dharma – just see.

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Life Is Karma

Some things happen … some thing don’t happen

Yet we ordinary folk are here on the same page,
connected to “the Great Perfection”.

Funny, that.

“The Great Perfection” = Dzogchen = pure consciousness = you.

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A child’s game.

The universe seems complex, but it obeys simple rules. If we know the rules, we can lead our own life, otherwise we follow others who follow others who follow others, and no one knows why.

The rules of the universe are expressed in nature itself.
Every chicken knows these rules 🙂

In nature, the rules are fight, flight and freeze = attraction, repulsion and inertia.
In human terms, this equates to desire, aversion and indifference = hope, fear and ignorance.

Maintaining our likes and dislikes while ignoring this behaviour fuels anger and enmityLikes and dislikes are merely adopted ideas that create our opinions and prejudices.

When we understand how these principles work, we experience the world differently. It’s like having x-ray vision – we see through the pretence.

These three elementary principles of hope, fear and ignorance
are materialistic in nature, and have many followers.

Originally, they were primordial in nature and are the very essence of our being.
They are consciousness that is pure and compassionate.

Here is how we lost the plot:
Purity was contaminated by desire.
Consciousness, forgetting its purity, became judgemental,
and compassion turned into ignorance, due to selfishness.

The Buddha said “Don’t take my word for it …”
we have to see all this in action as it can only be realised in practice,
rather than in theory.

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Dharma Needs No Adornment

Pure consciousness needs no adornments to attract.
Never allow materiality to pull the wool over your eyes.

Dharma isn’t an adornment.
Dharma is our realisation.
Dharma is independent of structure and organisation.

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Some Days Are Light, Some Heavy, Some Flat

The condition is which we find ourselves on any particular day is the karmic display of the absolute truth of the universe uncovering our path for us.

We are the absolute truth of the universe that needs to realise that this path is our undoing 😀
What else can we be?

Believing we are something less,
we create our path, going round in circles.

Whatever condition we find ourselves in,
we will always be Buddha nature.

Liberation is noting our reactions,
thereby letting them go and taking back control.

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Beyond Knowing And Not Knowing Is Knowingness

Thinking we know,
we are in an occupied state.

Thinking we don’t know,
we are in a vacant state.

We cannot deny that knowingness
– which is synonymous with awareness or consciousness –
isn’t present.

While resting in knowingness,
there is nothing known to occupy us,
– and neither is there not knowing, because awareness is present.

When occupied or vacant,
note that there is a recognition of these states.

That is our true being
of pure knowingness, pure awareness, pure consciousness.

We don’t have to ask anyone else if this is so.

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Science And Religion Have The Same Effect

In the early years, we seek the mythical, holy grail of life.

It doesn’t matter whether we follow science or religion, we end up obsessed and fixated. Depending on the type of person we are, we become seekers of either science or religion for a better existence. Science and religion may seem poles apart, but they have something in common; they bind us, and create division.

Pursuing favourable conditions is worthwhile but, like all of our endeavours, we become caught up in status and fortune. Obsessed about our subject, our objective mind loses touch with reality.

Our minds have been hacked through religion, technology and neurolinguistic programming. This is the confused system in which we live and, as long as we are predictable, we conform.

If we know how to return to our original clarity of direct seeing, without referring to memory (programming) and judgement (reactions), we connect to the clarity of innate, pure consciousness.

We are the mythical, kept-a-secret holy grail.

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Family Attachments

‘Family’ is a group of people related either by birth or marriage, the purpose of which is to maintain the well-being of its members and of society. Families offer predictability, structure and safety, as members learn to participate in the community.

Family attachment:
Family attachment is meant in the broadest sense, and includes attachment to friends, career, class, sports, religion, politics, culture, country … We busy our lives into exhaustion that turns into a vacancy of vegging-out; to relax in a lazy and inattentive mental incapacity. This inability to see clearly results in emotional upsets.

Family detachment:
‘Detachment’ doesn’t mean we don’t care; we just don’t become obsessed, which clouds our view. Being detached, we can see consequences and underlying tendencies. Some family members cannot cope, while others have narcissistic leanings; this doesn’t mean we don’t love them, but we are prepared to adapt or give them space.

Our true family is those who have similar questions to us, such as “What’s it all about?” Life isn’t a matter of decorating our prison with trophies, souvenirs or ideologies. It’s about finding meaning.

‘Life’: a well-oiled, digitised machine that we fit into.
Life essence: our original reality of pure consciousness that never was part of any machine.

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Meditation Only Spoils It

Meditation is a method to bring the mind to stillness for the clarity of awareness to be acknowledged though mindfulness.

It is in relating to this experience, however, that we end up in a constant duality – “Is this it, or not?” It doesn’t matter whether the mind thinks, “Is this it, or not?”, ever-present, pure awareness has no conclusions, as that would only spoil it; ‘it’ is non-duality – clear seeing.

Meditation is mind-awareness.
Mindfulness is experience-awareness.
Non-meditation is consciousness-awareness.

The boat is meditation.
The oars are mindfulness.
The destination is non-duality.

Once we reach the shore of non-duality,
remaining in the boat with the oars becomes pointless,
and spoils the realisation
that we never left the destination.

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Life Is Dissatisfaction

We have to find satisfaction within the dissatisfaction.
The expectation that life should be satisfying is the cause of constant unhappiness.
Realising why it can never be satisfying, satisfaction and happiness ensue.

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