Exposure To Reality
This is the Buddha’s teaching.

If we don’t take reality seriously, we remain in a superficial dream of the collective.
Superficial: appearing to be real only until examined more closely.” Very closely!

What is this teaching on reality?
It is awareness of awareness that is purely aware. It just is. Pure consciousness.

The main misunderstanding comes from being caught up in the dualistic concept of “I … am”. This is an idea of reality – a downgrade, because we have put an ‘I’ in front of the ‘am’. The concept of “I am” causes an oscillation by perpetually relating to a reference point: instead of pure “being”, we have “I am being”, and a subtle element of time has been set up, where we lose the present moment of timelessness. Ordinary awareness is constantly relating to something: it’s a feeling of being, rather than just being. “I am” is an ego trip; a holding on to a feeling.

The full effect of the Buddha’s teaching of pure consciousness is only realised through meditation which, in the ultimate experience, is non-meditation. In pure meditation, there are no concepts of meditating because there is no meditator: there’s no ‘me meditating’.

Taking ourselves too seriously is the path of suffering, where we are constantly maintaining a self image. It is hard work, and our ideas don’t like to be exposed.

Taking our spiritual essence seriously is the path to liberation. Exposing and recognising the feeling of “I am”, pure awareness transcends all limitations.

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