A Transmission Means We ‘Get It’ …
…it is experienced, and realised

Telling someone something does not mean they get it, experience it or realise it. They may agree or disagree, or even be indifferent, but getting it means a real change happens. A silent shock.

If someone says something, that something has to clarify what is already present but has gone unnoticed – it’s the “Aha!” moment: “So that’s the secret!” “I always knew that!”… “But why didn’t I get this before?”

Once we understand why we didn’t get it before, empathy arises, and now, confidence and empathy can work together. Empathy comes before compassion; we no longer merely repeat words.

Once we get the transmission, we can pass it on. We become a conduit. That’s all. If we claim the realisation for ourself – “How great am I?!” – then we create a blockage in the conduit. In the moment now, we are just an open channel of spontaneous presence.

(I am 71 years old. About 15 years ago, when I received the pointing-out instruction on the nature of mind (which is pure awareness), two feelings came to me – “Is that all?” … and … “I knew this when I was 4 years old.” My life’s problem has been, “How is this expressed? How does one find the right words in the right moment?” Just give up, and it just comes! Aha!)

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  1. marcel says:

    A Transmission Means We ‘Get It’ …

    Shunyata. Heart.

    There will be an answer,.. Let it be!

  2. marcel says:

    Confidence, without a reference point..
    Confidence “tout court”.., like a 4 year’s old.

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