Too Intense?

Our ‘self’ is a construct,
a programme received from our environmental conveyor belt.

True spiritual teachings dismantle this self-belief.

Without realising, we have had our minds numbed to our true reality.
The shock of realising the confusion in which we live
– and how this muddle is maintained –
is coupled with the shock of seeing teachings
turned into pampering sessions.

The more we reflect and test those teachings,
the more accurately we realise their essence
and the more we see directly.

It needs a true shock to realise our true being
in order to get out of this beautiful mud.
We abide as pure consciousness
that expresses itself in a unique, compassionate way.

There is no magnificent self present.
We just do what is needed, according to our level of realisation.
Our essence is pure awareness.
In that, we are all the same – neither muddy nor beautiful.
The way in which we express is unique.

we decide what gives us confidence,
and tread that path.

When the Buddha said,
“Do not take my word for it; see for yourself”,
he meant do not just follow him.
Look at where you are.

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