When We Lose Our Way

We want to know the truth. We find the truth, and realise that it is simplicity itself. The very essence of consciousness; pure awareness. It has no need for elaborations; just recognition that leads to enlightenment.

So why do we elaborate it?

We become interested and enthusiastic, and genuinely want to share it – but first, we must know what ‘it’ is 😀 Sharing can give rise to problems because we elaborate too much and turn it into something that is beautifully organised. This can hinder personal investigation as we may be following something that has been elaborated, and we become dependent. This can impede personal adjustments, and we become stuck in some else’s expression.

What do we do? What do we follow?

Go back to the simplicity itself. Unadulterated awareness is the inner awareness of clear space.

All we have to do is recognise, experience, realise and remain at peace.

If we make life complicated and find that we’re following others’ enthusiasm for blazing splendour, we will miss that we are the blazing splendour – the luminosity of pure awareness.

Uninterrupted pure awareness is enlightenment, knowing that all sentient beings are enlightened – but that that enlightenment is enchanted by elaborations.

We lose our way
when we become attached to the lights in the darkness.

Our reliance on those lights guides us,
but it is difficult to let go.

When we realise that we are the Light that illumines darkness,
it is the darkness that goes.

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