There Is No Need To Argue

There is no need to be irritated and argue. It’s okay to see things differently as we are all from different cultural backgrounds and at different levels of understanding. Look to see your own mental blockages. What bugs you? If we eternally disagree, we will eternally suffer. We ascend the levels by dropping the one we are stuck in! 😀 Of course, if we want to remain a Samsaric human being, that’s our choice.

Spiritual progress or conscious realisation depends on clearing the confusion in our own mind, not the minds of others. Everyone learns sequentially at their own rate of interest and disappointment.

There are, however, different levels of confusion and obsession
that cloud our mind.

There is only one answer to all questions.

The one answer is:
that which sees.

Whatever is seen is by virtue of pure consciousness.
It is simultaneous – non-dualistic.
Not two.

Words, techniques, methods are merely an antidote – a temporary measure – as doubt and confusion will return. Face the doubt and confusion directly. And what faces that doubt? It is seeing. Pure awareness, pure consciousness.

In this contrived world,
we are encouraged to argue, to take sides, to divide.

We ‘leap over’ by direct seeing.

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