What Is Hell?

Hell is – our inability to drop our reactions.
Heaven is freedom from hell – we are able to drop our reactions.

Note: there is still a reaction!

Hell is the vicious cycle of existence in which we live. It’s our going up and down and round and round, seeking happiness and finding it, holding on to it and losing it, and seeking it again … in other words, it’s addiction.

In practical terms, hell is not letting go.

We will not drop our attitude, obsessions and trauma and, as a result, we suffer, become angry, suffer, become angry … it is this clinging that turns pure consciousness into a fixed state.

The secret teaching is that we are free in the moment of seeing what is happening. Why is this secret? There are those who don’t actually like us being free: those caught in hell cherish conflict and want us to join them. They become angry when we don’t, so we have to be watchful and skilful in order not to fuel their fixations.

Our entire life is one conflict between hell and heaven.
Hell is closed mindedness clinging to likes and dislikes.
Heaven is awareness, before hell sets in.

We are actually in both places at the same time,
being free in the moment of seeing.

How wonderful!

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