Becoming Angry Because We Misunderstand

When we understand something, we know how it came about, and so we are prepared instead of just reacting.

Understand: the ability to understand something; comprehension. A sympathetic awareness  or tolerance.
Misunderstand: is a failure to understand something correctly.

If something doesn’t seem right, there will be a reason.
There will also be a reason why we think something doesn’t seem right.

We either understand through empathy,
or we misunderstand through thinking that we understand. 😀

We don’t want to be angry.
We aren’t born angry.
We become angry.

Here is the twist.
Anger is mirror-like wisdom!

In the very first instant of seeing
that something is wrong/crooked/unbalanced
is the presence of pure perception/pure consciousness
that sees clearly, without judgement.

When this is practised, we can then evaluate,
and empathise without causing harm.

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