Indoctrinate: to teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

Once people accept a belief – which is anything that is unproven – they maintain this mindset themselves.

Indoctrination starts when we’re very young, and infiltrates everything that we later encounter in life. We adopt a self image, known as a social I, created by feedback from those around us, and this develops into a big ego. Ego is consciousness clinging to ideas it has gathered, and can be seen walking around everywhere 🙂

At school, we are presented with hymns, Christmas carols and angels: in later life, there are beautiful stained glass windows, churches, paintings, statues, cathedrals, temples, synagogues, monasteries, rituals, robes, bible translations, stories and miracles, histories of wars, special places, otherworldliness, induced visions, voices of God and interpretations … as humans, we are very clever and skilful at beautiful elaborations.

Philosophers, intellectuals and theorists then take up the cudgel (cudgel: a thick stick to defend or attack strongly-held views) entertaining us with yet more stories, and more indoctrination. Whether we believe in all this or not, it has an effect on our lives. It divides people, whether they are believers or not.

If we do not know our true essence,
we will borrow the self-indoctrination of others;
ego is consciousness identifying with a dressed-up image.

Know thyself,
and cut through all the crap of indoctrination.

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  1. Larry says:

    Such a relief to dump all that Buddhist indoctrination crap 🤣

    • tony says:

      Hello Larry,

      We all need a start and then we are on our own.


      • Larry says:

        That’s kind of where I was going with my tongue in cheek comment.

        Presumably that “start” wouldn’t have to be Buddhist. And could include most of your list of “indoctrinations”.

        I always enjoy your posts 🙂

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