A Lack Of Clarity Creates Demons

A lack of clarity causes distractions and fixations, which are the demons in the mind.
If we think that we know, we become full of ourselves.
That self is the demon.

As long as we are slaves to our likes and dislikes, we will never be free of demonic activity.

We usually think of demons as something other worldly, and nothing to do with us. Not so. If demons were diabolically strange, we’d all see them easily, and be on the look-out, wouldn’t we? Have you ever seen one? No. Why? They work internally, sneaking around the mind just under the radar, charming and manipulating us. At the moment of enlightenment, the Buddha was attacked by such demons. Jesus in the wilderness was tempted by the same demons. In other words, power corrupts … !

When we actually know the truth of our actual reality, that realisation results in wisdom, and those same demons make us feel uncomfortable. This is the catalyst for enlightenment.

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