Most Of Our Suffering Comes From Thoughts

That says it all.

Thoughts are memories or programming that dictates how we behave. All our hopes/likes, fears/dislikes, and ignorance/indifference comes from the mind. These three principles – also known as desire, aversion and inertia – limit our understanding and realisation of what we are, which is pure consciousness.

Pure consciousness is our starting point;
the clear view that knows what happiness is.

Unfortunately, we spend our lives being dictated to by thoughts and facts planted in our mind by an unenlightened world. It’s quite creepy that most of the world does not know its true reality; this external ignorance thinks it knows it all.

We need discipline to train our mind, to stop relying on thoughts. Sitting quietly in silent meditation focuses consciousness to realise that it is being distracted; this is the way to freedom from the bondage of thoughts.

The ability to rest in inner peace to receive inspiration
– rather than being transmitters of facts –
says it all.

Before we can be perfect transmitters,
we have to be perfect receivers.

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