Rejecting The Evidence

Rejecting the evidence of our own inner eye makes us
… misguided? … stupid? … ignorant?

We ignore that which sees. The eyes are only a sense organ, where messages or images enter and connect to the brain. These experiences create our brain network, and that set-up is our mind. These messages are viewed by consciousness, and then interpreted by the mind or memories. Relying on memories, consciousness judges, and that is our habitual cycle of existence. We do not just see. We interpret, interpret, interpret … in the same old manner, never noticing any changes taking place. Experience is not fixed, but we become fixated by rejecting change.

What is looking out of our eyes?
It is consciousness.

This inner eye is not what is seen.
It can witness thoughts and emotions – pride, jealousy, fear, desire …
and the accumulation of these creates an imitation-consciousness
which we call ‘self’.

This self is not what we are.
We do not reject this self, as it is our karmic teacher.
It should be assimilated / understood.

“Resistance is futile”!


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