Frustration Can Turn To Anger

There are two types of frustration that can turn to anger:

Type 1 – Not knowing enough – and not knowing the right words – causes confusion and conflict.
Type 2 – Knowing the truth – and having the right words – but it cannot be heard by people of Type 1.

Skilful empathy means that anger is mirror-like wisdom. An example; something or someone seems wonky (off-centre), and the mind brightens up before identification takes place. That moment is pure consciousness. It is then that we may see the cause, before we engage. Or maybe silence is golden. 🙂

The choice is being frustrated and angry,
or using frustration as wisdom.

When we know, there is no competition.

As we are unenlightened, there will still be a residue of frustration,
but that is the energy to keep going and not give up.

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