Sanitising The World

If the rawness of life is disguised
so that people do not experience emotions,
wisdom will be disguised.

Covering up emotions denies enlightenment.

In the moment before enlightenment,
the Buddha was attacked by desire and aversion.

Spirituality isn’t about feeling nice;
it’s about transcending emotions.

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  1. Mark says:

    Something about this resonated and as I reflected on emotions I find a that for me they have a lot of similarities with thoughts in that like thoughts they seem to come and go like passing clouds. It’s like they are supercharged thoughts. Perhaps like thoughts they are a powerful way of finding our way back to the pure consciousness from which they came if we just follow them back home…I wonder whether emotions are something we have to experience fully so as not to deny the human experience but it to cling to as if we cling we become attached but if we just follow them we can sit where they’re heading…interesting!

    • Mark says:

      I meant to say if we follow our thoughts back home we can ‘see where they are heading’ but my autocorrect changed it to ‘sit where they are heading’ which is actually awesome on reflection albeit I can’t take credit – perhaps the AI powering my iPhone already already reached enlightenment ?! ☺️😂

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,
      Well said. The very first instant that an emotion is recognised IS pure consciousness.

      Then we have a choice to rest there, or react.
      Resting doesn’t mean we do nothing, but we have more clarity to respond.


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