By Definition, Magicians Lie

Magician: from Latin conjurare ‘conspire’.
Conjurefrom Old French conjurer ‘to plot or exorcise’, from Latin conjurare ‘band together by an oath, conspire’ (in medieval Latin ‘invoke’) from con- ‘together’ + jurare ‘swear’.

How do magicians work?
Don’t take words as the truth.

Don’t take words as the truth.
Truth is silent observation.

News, films, all forms of media … words, words, words … is a magic trick that causes us to fall into silent vacancy; a state of not knowing, of not being aware. The right teachings counter the magicians’ effect by knowing it’s a trick, and we remain in silent observation = pure consciousness.

There is a realisation that it’s all a magic trick, an illusion, but we still like to be entertained. Pickpockets do the same thing; don’t get sucked in to what they say. Talk is the accomplice!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Even teachings can be very wordy!:D


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