How Did We Get Here?

Consciousness is imprisoned in a mind/body concept.

Prison: a place where we sentient beings are held as a result of misunderstanding our true reality of pure consciousness. It’s not a punishment; it is a teaching. It’s why we are here – to learn from mistaken views.

Pure consciousness isn’t of the body/mind, but entered a body as a result of karma, which is previous misunderstandings to which we still cling. To have any sense of this, we merely have to acknowledge that the previous moment of habits – if not checked – govern the next moment. It’s a self-replicating programme.

Reincarnation is difficult to prove personally because we feel bound to the body and mind, but it’s easy enough to accept if we don’t have anything more poignant.

The way we approach this subject affects the way in which we live.
Life is either meaningful, or just a pastime.

If enlightenment is an actuality, then it is available to all. Of course, if we doubt this, we will merely pass our time in angst and pleasantries – and this is still a prison that limits our potential.

Once we get to a certain age, we become fixed, and new views are difficult to comprehend.

If we have truly realised something about life, life is fruitful. Thus, if we only learn 1% about enlightenment in this lifetime then, in a 100 lifetimes, we will be enlightened!

Having difficulties in this lifetime could mean it’s our last 🙂 Who knows? The more difficulties we experience, the more we can empathise with others’ suffering, and some may chose to come back to help. It’s what Bodhisattvas do.

Prayer of aspiration:
“May emptiness arise where it has not arisen.
May the conduct of nonviolence arise where it has not arisen.
May altruism arise where it has not arisen.”

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1 Response to HOW DID WE GET HERE?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some of us are mystified,
    and some of us are … “I’ve been through this before.”


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