How To Fool Yourself

I have to be a good meditator.
I have to be Buddhist.
I have to be a Dharma practitioner.
I have to adopt the Tibetan culture.
I have to be in a gompa/temple.
I have to be pure awareness.

You don’t have to be any of the above.

Meditation is simply being aware, and accepting whatever occurs. Whatever occurs now is the result of our previous actions. Being unaware and not accepting whatever occurs, we will be doing something to ‘improve’, and that is never ending: we will never feel good enough.

This is a slightly different approach. Of course, we want to be better than we are, so we try all sorts of practices, and read all sorts of books – and this is very helpful. But – when it comes down to it – we are simply aware, without modifying anything: modification contaminates.

We accept the way we are, warts and all. This doesn’t mean that we create more of the same; the illusion is becoming more transparent and we are seeing through it, rather than making it into a reality. We just play out what we started, letting it exhaust itself. Merely being aware of things coming-to-pass, there is a sense of relief. We are not improving ourselves – or anyone else.

Even though we may have had little education and find it hard to express ourselves effectively, we can still know knowingness. If we obsess about the teacher’s realisation and the teaching, we may never realise what we know – our own knowingness.

Awareness may not know anything, but it is aware of knowingness itself.
That is pure, uncontaminated knowingness.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Look at the priest stealing the purse of the fool, who is fooling himeself ..×640.jpg?x84211

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