If You Become Enlightened …
it’s your own fault!

There are plenty of teachers and teachings in the enlightenment supermarket. As the Buddha said, we have to test these to see what works for us. It all depends on our ‘taste’, which refers to both our temperament and our direct, personal experience.

It’s all very well to say, “What we seek is within”, but it is we who have to not find it! 😀

Awareness looks for a self, and realises that nothing can be found to point to this self, and awareness is simply left ‘hanging there’. That suspended animation is our ultimate nature of pure awareness, and nothing else.

As we practise, experience grows and little enlightenments switch on. It is all our own doing! 😀 The light grows because the veils of obscuration become more and more transparent, and less solid. Why is this happening now? There is a reconnection with previous good karma.

Of course, there will still be ‘flare ups’ in emotions but, as we said, flare ups bring light!

When we understand, we are self-illuminating.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    I read somewhere earlier today ..”Where there are humans, you will find flies and Buddhas” .

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