Order Out Of Chaos”
How we are ruled

The unfailing, ancient teachings on truth have an unlimited light side and a limited dark side – and there is a lot of confused, mischievous behaviour in between.

The symbolic sentiment, ‘Order Out Of Chaos’, has many interpretations, and on the face of it, this sounds magnificent – to put in order things that are out of order. Of course, this applies to people as well as things: it’s what spirituality is all about, moving from the gross to the subtle to the very subtle.

However, what if the ‘chaos’ was created to make a new type of ‘order’ for the world? It’s easily done, because the ancient teachings on truth are unfailing. These ancient teachings explain that we are pure spiritual awareness embodied in a form succumbs to hope and fear. Hope and fear are our weaknesses. When we are ignorant of these facts, we live in confusion = chaos.

People fear the unknown, and thus relinquish their right to govern themselves: this is an infamous sentiment from those who rule. If an unknown is created – in the form of potential disaster or potential enemy (even a jealous god) – we might want to seek salvation.

Manipulating fear to create hope is the way to control others’ minds, and is an abuse of divine teachings. It is a limited view, and therefore not a complete picture; blind men touching a elephant all give different descriptions, and none has the ultimate view. As long as we are blinded, we will never see clearly: the blind lead the blind, and ignorance pervades.

Is it possible that our minds are being manipulated by some who wish for total control? Consider the term “Supranational: having the power or influence that transcends national boundaries or governments.” In popular terminology, this would be ‘the elite’.

Look at every walk of life and see how – through fear – we have less freedom, and are willing to give up our privacy in the hope of being protected. We allow ourselves to be watched, while forgetting about this intrusion. That is the dark side.

The light side is awareness: through meditation, we move from gross to subtle to very subtle consciousness – pure consciousness. Meditation is also order out of chaos. It is freedom from the tyranny of the obsessive ideas currently running through the world, and straight into our minds.

Do we, in fact, fear freedom? Even though we claim to want it? Freedom means that we have to do something about our dissatisfaction and suffering, and stand on our own two feet.


By realising that we are not this body and mind:
we are pure awareness, beyond body and mind.
This is the key to breaking the deception.

Order can be seen as a state in which the laws and rules regulating public behaviour are observed, and authority is obeyed – but that is not freedom. Freedom is putting one’s own mind in order – in order to see clearly. Our true state is pure conscious awareness that sees all!

If we can see for ourselves, then we don’t need others to do it for us!

The idea of the unknown source of the ‘All Seeing Eye’ creates a sense of fear – we are being watched! The idea of a God as being the all seeing eye to control the populace – ‘God fearing’ – has evolved into the internet being the all seeing eye.

The truth is that we are the all seeing eye – limitless conscious awareness, wrapped up in karma. If we are unaware, we smother our true nature in more and more conceptual coverings.

Untruth only succeeds because the majority is oblivious, and once that majority is divided, chaos can rule with impunity because profit and power are more important than compassion.

To the purveyors of dark truth, the spiritual awakening of the public is dangerous, as we wake up twice: once to our own reality, and once again to the unreality of the illusion being forced upon us.

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2 Responses to “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”

  1. crestedduck says:

    This post is a very powerful piece of truth that’s both relative and absolute, very much understandable for me at this point of the journey. I can clearly see now where I have been forced to go against my free will and natural instincts, by way of having my options removed.
    “Removal of our options by a corrupt elite class and their pretend govt structures is truly a weapon of mental mass destruction , that causes me to have legitimate righteous anger and disgust ” !

    • tony says:

      Oh, I try and empathise with other’s confusion and selfishness, but the evil, decadence, narcissistic behaviour of these power grabbing elite is so, so disgusting. Then there are those that take the ‘shilling’ to defend them. These people live by their own selfish set of rules while loading us down with taxes to pay for their pleasures and status.

      Evil takes pleasure is causing harm to others.
      When leaders say, “We do this for the good of the country.” This does not include the people living in it.

      Then there is the perversion of spirituality….

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