Realising You Are Crap!
Crap: something of extremely poor quality, nonsense, rubbish

Realising you are not as good as you first thought is such a joy! 😀 I’ll explain. This realisation means that we have moved on. We have seen and learnt something. It’s so boring seeing things in the same old way, doing and saying the same old things and not investigating any further. Learning or realising is invigorating: it’s like breaking out of a cosy nest that we hadn’t realised was actually our dungeon. Of course, there is a little inner pain involved, but oh, the relief! The first step to enlightenment is realising that we are dissatisfied and suffering, and we want to do something about that.

I pity (have compassion for) those who follow a formula dogmatically: formulae work, but they are set pieces that get us through life, while lacking freshness and vigour.

The whole point to life is moving from the gross to the subtle, counteracting the fact that we have moved from the subtle to the gross.

We are wisdom light, clear light, empty luminosity, pure conscious presence. The ‘not-crap’! Light – although apparently colourless – contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. The white light prisms into visible colours. In Buddhism, pure light ‘prisms’ into the coloured lights of the five Buddha families which are associated with the five wisdom qualities: if these five wisdoms are not recognised, they turn into the five disturbing emotions.

There is much written on this subject, but I’ll try to keep it simple. When we forget our true nature of light – clarity – we enter the mental realm. This is the cause of us taking on a physical form. We then identify with the senses and enter the material, physical realm. This was the move from the subtle to the gross. The ‘crap’! 😀

We also realise that we don’t have to be great at whatever we do. We don’t have to acquire so much wealth or prestige. We no longer need to impress anybody. We need enough to sustain us to allow ourselves to practise the path to realisation of our true nature.

The genuine recognition of the crap is such a joy because we have not only recognised the path, but understand that we are actually on the path to discover our way back! And all the obstacles on that path are merely mental fabrications.

We aren’t merely following formulae:
we realise that we are actually on the path
and that is the most important thing to us.
It is no longer wishful thinking.

What could be more joyous than that?

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