What If Our Suffering Was A Business Model?

The standard technique of privatisation:
defund, make sure things don’t work,
people get angry,
and you hand it over to private capital.”
Noam Chomsky

Today in the UK, Professor Steven Hawking criticised the Government for landing the NHS ‘in a crisis’ by ‘underfunding and cuts, privatising services, the public pay cap, the new contract imposed on junior doctors, and removal of the student nurses’ bursary.

This is happening in every walk of life, where we allow others to run our lives while making money out of us. We are taxed on our earnings, taxed when we spend, taxed when we save, taxed when we die … while constantly obliged (indebted) to ‘upgrade’. We are ‘cash cows’.

We live in debt. We need insurance. If we do not comply, we are fined. It is a prison world, and we are too dumb to see it, as we are too busy being angry and confused. Even religion and spiritual teachings cost us a great deal of money, and put us under pressure.

We suffer because we do not understand how free we actually are. Of course, we have to conform to a certain degree – unless we live in a cave – but we needn’t be so gullible.

From a spiritual point of view, the reason that we suffer is down to our ignorance of the reality of what we actually are – pure consciousness.

This pure consciousness is a governing, autonomous, independent, sovereign, self-ruling, self-determining, self-sufficient being that is and has always been free and liberated. It is enlightened, but we do not realise it because we are busy right now. The line’s engaged!

From a conventional, relative point of view, we suffer because we believe we are just a body and mind, and that’s all. We have ignored the obvious: the actual consciousness that is aware of this body and mind. Because we want to protect this body and mind, we are subject to fears and hopes and so, ignorance, hope and fear are our weakness.

We have to know our own mind, and what’s behind it. Don’t let anyone else take it over.

When we fall into others’ gossip,
we fall into hypnosis – their dream.
True compassion is being aware.

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