What Is Conscious Practice?

Conscious practice is remembering that
consciousness is always present.

Realisation is the experience of practising, rather than the method itself.
Practice is simply the actual experience of the empty clarity of perception, before anything is perceived. Whatever we perceive is perceived through a veil of karmic propensities, and it is this that inhibits our seeing clearly. Seeing these obscurations is therefore our practice, which is clearing away the veil that imposes itself on everything we see.

We can either realise the confidence-wisdom of genuine, enlightened compassion, or we can continue being addicted to the ‘news’.

So practice is realising the perception taking place at this very moment; that perception is pure when we don’t indulge in fixations. Recognising karmic propensities is our teacher. This is how we can practise all the time, anywhere.

“But my teacher says I should meditate four times a day!”
Then upgrade your teacher.

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  1. Mark says:

    Hi Tony so true! And also coming to realise that so called teachers really do need to be ‘upgraded’ and quite often especially when the groups they teach become a bit ‘culty’ and the teacher a bit egoiy (made up words!) Also I increasingly see pupils within these groups become attached to the teacher or the teachers teachings…quite ironic really 🙂 hope all well

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,
      What you say is true. Becoming attached to the teacher or group can also have a detrimental effect on family life.

      The real teacher is karma, which created this life and our attitude. With understanding we gain the ability to recognise that our reactions maintain this not so merry go round. That recognition is a relief, and in fact bliss. We are no longer controlled by our reactions.

      The main point is once we recognise this sticky cycle of existence, we can empathise that humans become addicted easily and that creates frictions.

      Upgrading is about seeing that the teachings are within us all, and this helps us undo our attachments.

      The hallmark of genuine progress is softness and compassion, not being rigid.

      Life is challenging. 😀

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