We Reincarnate At Every Moment

As sentient beings, we become addicted to a programme that we have created and which we relive again and again, unconscious of our true potential. It is the practice of awakening to consciousness that leads us to realise that we are both pure consciousness and enlightened.

We trap ourselves into reincarnating through clinging to thoughts. Instead of judging by using reasoning to think a thing through in the moment now, we rely on thoughts we have acquired – and we become judge-mental.

“There is nothing wrong with thinking:
it is clinging to those thoughts that binds us.”

It is important to note that, when merely perceiving, thoughts are not present. Thoughts come a moment later, creating the continuity of reincarnation, and off we go.

Meditation breaks this patterning of constant rebirth and frees us from being … well, us! We are so much more than money earners and spenders. We are pure consciousness that never changes. It’s amazing that we settle for anything less.

Whether we bodily reincarnate, we will never know as we can’t remember, but we can be aware that we are born with tendencies. The main point is that we can live afresh at every moment, rather than being tied down to a type.

We have to realise what thought is and what thought does. It can be either entrapment or liberation, depending on whether we recognise its reality. Consciousness, if acknowledged, catches demonic activity that obscures pure consciousness. Once pure consciousness is realised, there are three refinements in Dzogchen that offer release from thoughts upon arising:

Like recognising someone we know: appearances and recognition are simultaneous, and consciousness is liberated in that moment.

Like a snake untangling its knots: with consciousness present, a thought or emotion is naturally released.

Like a thief entering an empty house: when empty essence is realised, demons have nothing to gain and therefore do not dwell.

Our practice is recognising how we respond.
That recognition frees us,
and thoughts no longer have power over us.

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