We Do Not Arrive At Enlightenment …
… as we never left!

Enlightenment here means realising or acknowledging our true nature of pure consciousness, and that which obscures it; the ideas that we create about our self. Any other definition of enlightenment will be ‘extraordinary’ enlightenment, beyond ordinary realisation. And this creates a huge problem.

If we don’t accept ordinary enlightenment about our true reality, and instead long for something vague called ‘extraordinary’, omniscient enlightenment, then we are back in the realms of belief, ideas, projections, desires, and relative truth. We’re in the mental world again, and that is the precursor to unhappiness. Life is very short, and we have to be happy and confident with what we can realise now, and stop chasing.

All esoteric teachers and traditions say the same thing (more or less) about realisation; understanding non-duality – the inseparability of experiencing and realising. There is, however, a suggestion of something else, something extraordinary, something beyond. It’s someone else’s claim that someone else has extraordinary enlightenment. This keeps us in poverty, when in reality we are rich enough in ordinary enlightenment, where we can work and enjoy life, and die happy in realising what life is about, surrendering all pretensions.

If we met an ‘extraordinary’, enlightened person, would we recognise it? Being able to say extraordinary things in different ways isn’t difficult. A comedian who understands humour can come up with lots of jokes. A chef can design lots of recipes. A song writer does the same. We can all do this in our own way if we have confidence, and don’t limit ourselves with a feeling of unworthiness.

Once we realise our true nature, we can see and talk about all the nonsense that obscures it. If enlightenment is indeed extraordinary, then it has to be proven for us all to see. We can no longer rely on historical stories. The one truth is that we can all see and realise our true nature; pure consciousness. We don’t have to search for enlightenment: we can realise that it is here right now … we never left!

It’s like this. Do we believe that there are aliens here on earth? 98% of our mind may say no, but we could leave 2% as a possibility. We’ll not actually know until they reveal themselves to us – and the same goes for ‘extraordinary’ omniscient enlightenment. We could spend 98% of our lives believing, waiting and hoping, or we could spend 98% of our lives knowing our true nature – leaving 2% for further possibilities 😀

To an unskilled person,
a skilled person can seem magical.

Once we develop that skill,
we know it isn’t magic,
but just tenacity in letting go of limitations.

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