Thinking And Thoughts

Thinking is the process of reasoning and questioning.
Thoughts are the conclusions.

Thinking is now.
Thoughts are from the past.

To think, we need a clear mind: in this way, we can function properly in the world. If we hold on to the past, this will affect our thinking now, and we won’t think clearly – and therefore, we’ll suffer.

If we ignore the empty quality of clarity, we will merely walk around with a mind full of conclusions, which limits insight into the realisation of our reality.

It is always our choice whether we either walk around within the precision of clarity, or the fixation of conclusions. When we ask, “What is it?” we are aware of now. When we state, “It’s this” or “It’s that”, we deny the present moment.

The present moment tells us everything we need to know, especially about the state of our own mind. The moment of possibilities.

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