There Is No Such Thing As Normal
Normal: conforming to others’ standards.

Conforming means consenting to others’ concepts and, in doing so, we give away our authority to breakout of this mayhem of strife. Unless we recognise and are obeying the eternal laws of the universe, we cannot govern our gross self, as this gross self is governed by gross universal laws of desire, aversion and indifference. The pure laws of the universe are purity, compassion and consciousness.

When we doubt, we become confused about our reality, and then we create and exaggerate in order to justify our confusion. This confusion is a lack of confidence, and so we act out an illusion. That’s okay – we all do it – but recognising this illusion is literally the path to enlightenment.

Together in our diversity of confusion, we generate the collective illusion in which we all live by ignoring our true reality. We could say that this is ‘normal’ for sentient beings, but our confusion is still individual. If we constantly cling to the past, we will never know now. We may look to ancient history for truth when, in fact, truth is within us. We – pure consciousness – are the truth. So what, if someone was enlightened thousands of years ago? What matters is that we unclothe our enlightenment now. Belief is a subtle trick of deception.

No one is normal: we have each exaggerated ourselves into a confusion and the environment in which we live only supports this confusion. Simply recognise this, and we are on our path to enlightenment. The Buddha’s first noble truth is to admit that we are suffering, dissatisfied, unhappy.

We are pure awareness, the pure light of clarity projected into a small mental self image. We have each created our own path – there isn’t a ‘normal’ path.

We do not become enlightened, en masse.

Spiritual teachings are generalisations, and how we use these teachings is up to us. Just going through the rote of chanting mantras and prayers, doing prostrations and circumambulations, meditation, yoga … these are just reminders to let go. It is we who need to see, rather than be bound to elaborate practices. Practice is seeing that seeing is present, and that is pure consciousness.

Recognising our path is the union of relative and absolute truth.
Seeing confusion!
That non-duality is true normality!

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