Once We Realise The Three Kayas

Once we realise the three Kayas,
we understand everything.

These three principles have a positive and negative aspect.
They become negative when we ignore the positive.


Dharmakaya = Emptiness
Sambhogakaya = Consciousness
Nirmanakaya = Compassion


Dharmakaya is emptiness;
when we desire, we fill this emptiness with concepts.

Sambhogakaya is consciousness;
when concepts manifest, we start to judge, creating aversion.

Nirmanakaya is compassionate activity
created through understanding of the other two Kayas;
when the other two Kayas are ignored, indifference arises.

If we don’t wake up to this truth,
others take advantage of us.
It’s how this world is ruled.

Who is telling the truth?
Who is creating alternative narratives?

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