Life After Realisation

It’s okay being you!

This me is the conveyance to enlightenment. That which we call me is certainly an illusion as it is a temporary arrangement of body and mindset, but now we see it and use it.

Are there two me’s? There is a real me – the pure light of consciousness – and a temporary, projected me. There is light that casts a reflection: normally, we just project our reflection, and ignore our light.

People will argue over words, but we know what we experience. We (pure consciousness) watch this me reflection projecting itself. Unfortunately, most of us become stuck to the projection. Awakening is becoming unstuck.

This me is the commentator within the still silence of pure consciousness. That is why retreats are in silence, as we are only there to be, rather than to project. Unfortunately the projection still takes over … we can see it coming a mile away! 😀

It is this spiritual projection that turns simple realisation into a complicated matter, when it’s actually ‘Oh, so simple’. We realise that we no longer have to act it out or fake it and make everything sparkle. That’s just a distraction. We are the sparkle. Trying to be perfect in order to realise the truth merely delays realisation. We don’t polish the mud – we clean it off!

To be free is to realise our self-nature
without obsessing about that self-nature.
It’s just something we live with.

With the right intention,
we gradually move from complicity to simplicity.

We realise that we are already happy
and it doesn’t rely on anything.

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