Inner Happiness And Outer Happiness

Our inner happiness affects our outer happiness.
If we only look for outer happiness,
then we will have to go on looking.

(Don’t be put off by the word ‘happiness’; read it as ‘sanity’.)

Inner happiness is knowing, experiencing and realising the rightness of everything: this may sound strange to those who believe that everything is real, and want everything to be perfect.

Everything comes into existence through causes and conditions and, through cause and conditions, everything then comes to an end. That is perfect reasoning. Understanding this, we see the world and our lives for what they are – a temporary affair. If we do this and this and this, then we will get that. If we think this and this and this, we will become that. It’s a universal law, but it’s still impermanent.

Scientists know how to change DNA.
Psychologists know the frailties of the human mind.
Religions know about longing.

Is our confusion due to mixing up science, psychology and religion?
If we become confused, don’t we lose our happiness and sanity?
Could it be that the status quo – the state of affairs we live under – creates this insanity?

Being told not to think of a donkey, we think of a donkey.
Being told not to obsess about something, we obsess about that very thing.

It’s a kind of hypnosis. Negative ideas have a stronger effect on us than positive ones – just look at the news!

When we are aware and realise the state in which we live, then we are no longer under the control of science, psychology, or religion.

When we realise our true nature of pure consciousness, we know we are neither this body nor mindset and, at death, we will no longer have this human form. Even if death is the end, at least we can continue a legacy of reasonable sanity handed down to us. 😀

The Buddha saw a musician tightening the strings of an instrument, observing that the strings needed to be not too tight and not too loose in order to achieve the right note, a ‘happy’ note. If we live under strings that are too tight (wound up) or too loose (sloppy), we will never be just right, having satisfactory mental health.

Happiness (or sanity) is the clarity of good mental health; it’s our natural state. What made us move away from this? The promise of a better, outer life? ‘Living the Dream’?

Inner happiness is knowing how everything is.
Outer happiness is knowing why everything is.

Our life may not be hunky dory but it serves a purpose,
conveying us to enlightenment.

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