Feel Good About Yourself
You should!

Usually, we talk about the ‘self’ as an illusion, a make believe personification of what we think we are – our karmic neuroses. This self is created by our confusion and, as such, is our precise path to liberation and enlightenment. Feeling good yet?

There are those who are totally caught up in their self image and self importance, and so are more narcissistic: they lack empathy and want to be adored, and are well and truly running around in circles loving themselves and whatever they do. Be kind to them, as we have all been through that stage.

Once we see that this attitude of ‘self first’ has got us nowhere, and we are in fact suffering – or at least dissatisfied – we reach a stage of conflict. It’s a truly uncomfortable but wonderful moment because we are starting to recognise this self image, and how it is holding us back. That is the start of inner discovery, inner happiness and inner wealth – that old self was making us feel unworthy.

Our self is like a doll that we keep with us. It’s precious to us but, gradually, the more we look at it, we find that it’s fading and bits have dropped off. We use what’s left of it to interact with other dolls, but now we see through the doll to that which is holding on to it – an enlightened consciousness that has gone unnoticed.

This self (our karmic load) is our teacher.
Having recognised this feels good,
as the attachment has loosened.

The more we puff up this self with exotic practices,
the more we delay the process.

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