Everything Counts

This is how karma works,
and this is why we must be aware.

Whatever we do, say, and think causes our programming, our behaviour, and we create our programming by consent. The Sanskrit word ‘karma’ means the results of our actions are stored in our minds. This is the glass which we see through darkly!

If we are careless, then that creates an effect.
If we are careful, then that creates an effect.If we ask question, we get answers that help us step out of this programme.
If we don’t ask questions, we don’t get answers; our programme and behaviour remain the same.

Realisation means to resolve, to bring to an end the mind’s programming. The ‘robot’ can now switch its self – its programme – off. When we resolve or realise what has happened to us, we can then see what is left: ultimately, we realise that all we are is pure consciousness. The moment that we realise pure consciousness, our karmic programming starts to fall apart and “We are free in the moment of seeing” (Tulku Urgyen).

Ordinary human consciousness is only concerned with survival, which becomes our programme, the same as all other creatures: flight, fight or freeze. We are blind to subtle cause and effects, and the consequences of our reactions.

As we evolve, however, we realise that everything matters. We pay more attention, and our presence is required all the time. Life itself becomes more and more meaningful – not in an academic sense but in a liberating way, directly showing us our spiritual path to resolve everything.

Karmically, our deeds are counted out, and that dictates our future. It’s not fate – we wrote it – and there is nowhere to hide as the calculator follows us everywhere.

Karma is our teacher to release us from the effects of karma. The realisation that we have been following karmic charisma is a hot potato . . . Follow the teaching, not the charisma.

It is easy to become charismatic with an ostentatious identity
when we have the knowledge
and others do not.
This creates a perpetual separation.

The teacher and the teachings are reminders.
That’s it.

In solitude, we realise the teaching of non-duality.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
All that is required is pure presence.

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