Don’t Try To Wake Up When You’re Already Awake

We hear about people claiming to be ‘awake’, but awake from what?

We are all pure consciousness and, as such, are naturally awake, but we ignore this reality in favour of something illusory and banal. We mistake our acknowledgement of the imprisoning machinations in society as freedom when, in fact, we are still in a mental prison of ideas, dreaming of freedom.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Power corrupts so, if we fight against corruption – and even win – we are now the corruptible. Pure consciousness is the compassionate intelligence above and beyond such things. Pure consciousness does not want power; it is power. It is awake now, and its expression is empathetic compassion.

In this new world order of things, people are claiming to be awake by trying to escape, rebelling against repression and propaganda within this physical world. In try to survive, we ignore our mental prison. We’re all in the same boat of wanting to be free when we are free.

Trying to wake up when we are awake is counter-productive and has the opposite effect, whereby we stay in our dream world. Mara (demonic activity) knows and exploits this. Becoming politically, economically, socially, spiritually involved in human affairs, we lose sight of our actual reality.

We are not going to change the world. Mara has organised repression for decades to come. Through the weapon of technology, propaganda is pumped out, day by day.

When we do wake up, we see that we see – and that is the freedom we seek. No one can pull the wool over our eyes again. Without holding on to this seeing, we just see, and can no longer be exploited.

Why is realisation happiness?
It is a release from misery..






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