Humans Are Enlightened Beings

So why have we become consumers of superficiality?
And why, when seeking out our natural wisdom, is it made so complicated?
Are both superficiality and complexity actually dumbing us down?

The simple truth:
We are enlightened consciousness,
distracted by superficiality and complexity.

How do we realise this?
Look, see and drop any attachment.
We can still engage in superficialities and complexities,
but we don’t have to see them has having any true reality.

Why don’t we realise this?
We are still drawn to superficiality and complexity
which arise when we become consumers of information.

We realise our enlightenment individually.
Don’t take a Buddha’s word for it:
look, see, and drop any attachment.

The Buddha didn’t make the teachings complicated
so that only a few can understand.
The teachings are about what we naturally are.

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