It’s Obvious When Pointed Out

So what is the problem?

Our reality – pure consciousness – has been obscured by distractions for millennia. The ancients knew the truth, and this essential teaching has been handed down to us.

We have, however, also been given or created substitutes for truth, adorning consciousness with a self image which is more important to us. We became clever gods. This deviation gave rise to our ignorance; being obsessed by desires and aversions – the coded software that controls our behaviour – we are indifferent to our true reality.

A situation occurs, our button is pushed, and off we go.
Hint; this won’t stop until enlightenment.

How does it all work? How do we work? Nothing is being said that you do not already know, inwardly.

These three supreme qualities of being are emptiness (uncontaminated), consciousness (the ability to know) and compassion (unconfined understanding of empathy).

Emptiness is our essence.
Consciousness is its nature, and its expression is unconditional compassion.

We care. We can all see this, as we know what’s right.

When we ignore the light of these supreme qualities, they turn into darkness as desire, aversion and ignorance.

These qualities equate like this:

Emptiness, when ignored, fills with desires.
Consciousness, when it forgets emptiness, starts judging these desires and creates aversions.
In judgement, we lose Compassion, and ignore or become indifferent.

On an unconscious level, that’s how we work.

NB Ordinary judgment is holding on to ideas about someone or something which becomes our permanent state. Enlightened judgement is the ability to discriminate between benefit and harm in the present moment.

There is joy of seeing the obvious, and this does not have to be worshipped or become a religion. It is actually common sense. 😀

Special teaching?
It’s obvious when we see it in action.

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