How Can I Become Pure?

We are nothing but purity – pure consciousness – for, without that, we wouldn’t be able to see clearly. We just have to get the picture straight, as it’s a bit wonky at the moment 😀

That which we call ‘I’ is an illusion as it is built up of ideas.
That which sees these ideas is the real you – pure consciousness.

We cannot be what we see, can we?
We are the seeing itself.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re gaming, looking at a financial paper, shopping, being with family, watching football, social media-ing, gardening, chatting away, loving nature … all the while, pure consciousness is present, just there doing nothing but being aware.

It’s like space. It doesn’t matter what happens in space, space does not change. Wave your hands around in front of you. Space doesn’t change. Pure consciousness is like that. Actually, time is like this too; time only exists because things have a beginning, a middle and an end within space. Time itself is timeless. Space is infinite. Pure consciousness is infinite.

Our problem is that we identify with activities so strongly that we lose sight of our original reality of intelligent space. We turn intelligent space into an intellectual space, inventing clever things to play with.

We don’t have to do anything in order to become pure, except drop attachments. We can still do the same activities, but they are no longer our whole world of entertainment.

This does not mean we can do anything we want because we are pure. That’s crazy talk, and often confused with ‘crazy wisdom’, which is actually skilful wisdom. Confusing these two is a huge danger. Power and imagination corrupt.

We need to be very skilful, kind and compassionate in the process of discovering our true nature of pure consciousness, as we do not want to create bad karma, bringing about unfortunate conditions for the future. Equilibrium is vital on the path to enlightenment.

The shock: what have we all been doing for so long? We are so used to crazy talk and crazy actions that they seem normal. ‘Crazy’ here mean to exaggerate; when we exaggerate, we embellish and elaborate our self with opinions.

We are nothing but purity. That is, first and foremost, our original essence, our first nature, but we have mistakenly acquired a second nature, a proud self identity.

We are nothing but purity.
We will always be the wisdom of purity.
We have never been anything else.

It’s folly to believe otherwise.
Freedom is realising
that we do not have to believe crazy people


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