Lobbing The Brick

There is a story/joke: a man visits an asylum, and is shown around by a nurse. He meets one of the inmates who’s gardening, and chats with him. The gardener was eloquent, calm and polite, and knew all about gardening and the natural world.

The visitor turned to the nurse and said, “This man shouldn’t be here!” The gardener interjected, “No, I shouldn’t be here! Thank you.” The nurse smiled and nodded, and the visitor promised to speak to the authorities about the man’s case. The two of them walked away, and a moment later, a brick hit the visitor on the back of the head … and the gardener shouted after him, “You won’t forget, will you?”

Five minutes with anyone is fine, and then we recognise the biased opinions and fixations – and the brick.

The potential of enlightenment is within every sentient being, but realisation of this has to be acknowledged through insight, in order for compassion to express itself. We need to remember this when we are about to lob our brick!

brick 2

“Don’t forget!”

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