They Knew The Truth Thousands Of Years Ago

So what has happened?
Only you can decide.

The truth was – and is – that we are beings of consciousness. We are the very essence of consciousness, pure and simple. Consciousness has no needs but, due to confused understanding, it took on an embodiment which has requirements in order to survive. Some realise this and some do not. For those who do realise their true nature, they understand that they are here to bring an end to negative propensities.

We are more than just human beings trying to compete with one another. Our reality has been downgraded into trivial pursuits, as we are confused about what life is actually about, which is mutual support in humanity’s endeavour to realise our truth.

It isn’t easy finding information about the nature of consciousness. It’s described as just a state of awareness that responds to our surroundings – an organ of perception for us to use. This definition is incomplete, and turns consciousness away from further inner investigation.

Why should we bother?
When we realise that we are free beings,
then no one can control us.
That is what it’s all about.
We are now free thinkers.

How are we controlled?
Through fear and disorientation.
Crimes against humanity limit freedom
using any suitable situation to facilitate power over society.

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