Debt is karma

Our world has become over-excited and over-loaded due to misguided thinking; we buy into beliefs at the drop of a hat and this maintains our reliance, and we become indebted. This neediness builds and maintains our karmic, habitual attitude where we lead a life projected by others.

We borrow fantasies and live them. Debt and karma have to be repaid: until then, we are owned. Our problem is that we have become so reliant that the debt compounds, and it may take our entire life to repay this debt. It’s like trying to lose weight – old habits return. As long as we have to keep paying, we are owned. We get into a relationship, and that relationship owns us. Religion is like that.

If we live beyond our means, we get into debt and pay for it. The donkey’s carrot is the dream job, the dream lifestyle, the dream car, the dream family … the dream money … the dream life. Everything is based on suggestion, and our consent. There is gross advertising and subversive indoctrination – “Better yourself”; “Push yourself”; “Improve your life”; “Increase others’ profits and power”.

Realisation is the way out of the debt of karma, when we stop re-enacting the past as we no longer believe this is all real and this is all that there is. The debt is repaid.

The practice of meditation is seeing through all the crap – even the meditation crap.
Crap: unwanted articles.

Meditation isn’t an adornment to our lifestyle.
Meditation is seeing clearly without attitude, without karma, without self!

Consciousness has no karmic debt;
karmic debt is that which we hold on to in the mind.

Consciousness: where would we be without it?
Gone, gone, gone beyond*!

It’s qIt’s quite a shock to realise that we are living in a dream world.

*from the Heart Sutra

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