Going Into Isolation

(this isn’t about Covid19 🙂 )

Many people have had enough of public life, of social life, and even of so-called ‘spiritual’ life with all the unconscious tendencies that go with these. As a spiritual practitioner, this is especially applicable. 

Attending spiritual retreats, we realise that they all turn out the same – insular, institutionalised and self-obsessed.  Insular: from late Latin insularis, from insula ‘island’.

It’s not a criticism; it’s part of the journey, and journeys naturally come to an end. When we start to learn anything, we go through a wooden mechanical stage of following rules, but once we get the essence of anything, we are free to relax, and discipline is no longer discipline. We get it and live by it.

Choosing to come out of a public life of conformity, we can truly be ourselves, faults and all. Even though we are consciously aware, we are still human and do human things, but we’ve turned the volume down.

To go into isolation, we don’t have to live in a cave; we can just be where we are. This can be done in a crowded room – isolation is a state of being, where we no longer become swallowed up by the atmosphere. We create our own. 

Going into isolation
Going without needs.

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