Are We In Speculative Or Contemplative Mode?

Speculation: the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.
Contemplation: looking deep within for a long time.

Modern societies are more speculative than contemplative. 
One is full of excitement, while the other rests in quietude.
One searches outside, while the other, in finding what it’s looking for, delves deeper within.

At sometime, we have to come to a conclusion about our life. Even if this isn’t totally accurate, we can then contemplate to find evidence and flaws.

This is why all ‘news’ is speculation, and only serves to create more of the same, giving rise to a world in chaos. We depend too much on the ‘experts’ who run on theories, computer models and cultural bias, and claim, “We know what’s best for you!” In this way, we give our power to others.

We can only rely on others so far, and then it’s up to us. Don’t even take the Buddha’s word for it! Find what works for a happy life, and keep it simple. Our spiritual path is undoing years of adopted, cultural and speculative bias.

Speculation is mental turmoil and ends in mental confusion.
Contemplation is analytical meditation and ends in realisation. 

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