Realising God Through Buddhism

There is nothing as satisfying as finding out something personally.
It’s called realisation – and it’s liberating.

Buddhists do not believe in God the creator.
Christians do believe in God the creator.

But is there common ground?

In Tibetan Buddhism, we have loads of deities with different attributes, but all practices culminate in what is called ‘the completion stage’, where consciousness rests in emptiness ie pure consciousness. That pure consciousness is our highest ‘part’. There is nothing more absolute or complete than this, finally arriving at non-duality.

Enlightenment is constantly remaining in emptiness, thus purifying all defilements. The Vedas called this ‘not two’ – non-duality.

Early Christians knew that God (the Kingdom or Buddha realm) is within, and early theistic approaches, at an esoteric level, were probably about resting in or being absorbed into God consciousness or pure consciousness, again in non-duality.

Salvation is deliverance from suffering or sin (ignorance), and an end to inner and outer conflict.

When we adhere to dogma, we become partisan and remain fundamentalists, separating ourselves not only from others, but also from our true nature.

Anything that divides us is a sin, a transgression against divine law. That law is the law of three: Pure Compassionate Consciousness. In Tibetan, these three principles are called the three Kayas – Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya. When we transgress or ignore our absolute natural law of Pure Compassionate Consciousness, these turn into desire, aversion and ignorance, or hope, fear, and indifference that drive us to distraction!

Everything created is materialistic,
and something to which we can become bound.

It is we who, in ignorance, are the creators.
Why would a creator bind us to creation?

In truth we are all just supreme consciousness, carefree and truly loving.
Never separated.

Teachings can separate us,
whereas realising their meaning unites us.

NB This view isn’t for everyone. My wife and I have been kicked out of several ‘spiritual’ groups (including Tibetan Buddhist groups) and shunned by other students for questioning the adherence to form 😀 We’re happier now than we’ve ever been – it’s good to be free.

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