Does Evil Exist To Test Us?

The universe is a place of opposites: dark and light, good and evil, selflessness and selfishness, mirror and reflection, appearances and recognition … when, in fact, none of these are separate. There cannot be one without the other.

We have two sides to us; thoughts and the observation of thoughts, self consciousness and pure consciousness.

There are two aspects to realisation; the negative and the positive.
There are two approaches to realisation; to start either at the beginning or at the end.

Our approach to a path may be through the positive or the negative – the good, or that which obscures the good. Most of us want to consider only pleasant things such as that we are Buddhas, and we do compassionate prayers for all, but we don’t exemplify Buddha nature or actually have compassion. This where the opposite approach comes in: what is it that stops me being a Buddha and actually having compassion?

The two approaches to realisation are either to start at the beginning and do focused meditation to set the scene in order to arrive at pure consciousness, or to start at the end by being introduced to pure consciousness and then using focused meditation when we become distracted.

Although absolute/supreme/God consciousness is what we are, we can pretend and dwell in a belief system, happy as long as nothing disturbs us. If, however, we are fully aware of disturbing forces – the evil in the world going under names such as Mara, Devil, Satan, Lucifer – these can bring light to us. Evil is testing us, seeking out and showing us our weaknesses. The ‘goodness approach’ doesn’t do that.

The first noble truth is to admit that we are dissatisfied/suffering. No one does this better than evil intent, as it lies in constant ambush. How do we recognise this ambush? It’s in our own likes and dislikes.

At a certain level of practice,
the evil in the world wakes us up.

Ultimately, evil can never win,
as it works constantly to feed our emotions.

All we have to do is see this in action
– and we are free.

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