Perpetual Conflict Takes Us To The Edge
… of beyond.

When we realise that the life we are leading just doesn’t work any more, we ask why. The answer always comes from within, as we know our own story and what caused our doubts and fears. That story is the result our past reactions, which is called karma, and we can usually trace this back to childhood.

Facing our fears, we realise that there was nothing there to fear; we have merely been going along with ideas that become far too limited. Don’t blame those ideas, for they know not what they do! 😀 We acquire ideas from others who, in turn, acquired their ideas from others, generation after generation.

If we only believe in this physical and mental existence, life will never feel right because that isn’t our complete story. We all know instinctively that there is something more to us. Unfortunately, when we feel we are on the edge – on the verge of new possibilities – we run back to something familiar through habit, and end up feeling ‘not right’ … and round we go again. That is our karmic rebirth.

Beyond this physical and mental existence is our original reality of pure, astral consciousness. Once we realise and accept this, there is no going back to our old ways, and no more karmic recycling. We just deal with the residue from our past, whether pleasant and unpleasant. This is where life becomes magical, and we laugh an honest laugh – “There I go again!”

Don’t blame yourself, for,
like everyone else,
you knew not what you did, and why.

We may ask,
“Why didn’t I see that before?”

At the right time and place, self-realisations occur.

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