Seeing Our Teacher As The Buddha

Being told to see our teacher as the Buddha
puts a distance between us and the teacher,
setting the scene for delaying progress.
We are all both human and Buddhas.

Adapting Means Being Able To Cope

If we cannot adapt to situations, then we cannot cope.
We need a principle whereby we can live happily
in any situation we have to face.

Unable to adapt, we live through set ideas that we carry around;
our cherished load, our karma.
Pure consciousness is highly adaptable, as nothing is fixed.

Simple Dharma

Dharma is leading a happy and fruitful life,
without exaggerations and expectations of the supernatural.

Finding Your Roots Or Your Route

To identify with our roots, our family tree,
is to hope that we are special in some way.

Our roots are in our origin, and our origin is what we truly are now.
To realise this, we need a route –
a path that gives us confidence in what we are now.

What Do We Actually Know?

‘News’ doesn’t mean it is true.
When we react to the ‘news’,
we become the ‘news’ of the future.

Adding sparkle to our life and obsessing
is the path of glitter and dopamine
– and others write about it.

There is a spontaneously present, natural knowingness that is ever new.
It never needs stimulation,
just awakening.

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