Can Language Confuse?

Experience is very subtle – extremely subtle – to an extent that is beyond words. Words become second-hand, and are an approximation. ‘Love’ is such a word: there are degrees of feeling, caring, being at peace, having a sense of oneness, being in love with everything.

Using strange words does not convey a better experience or meaning as they still are an interpretation.

People may say, “Dharmakaya”. So what?
“Dharmakaya is Shunyata.” Any the wiser?
“It’s emptiness.” Any the wiser?
“It is the clarity of consciousness.” Hmmm … better.
“It is pure consciousness.” Er … lost me again!
“Okay; you are aware. Yes?” Yes.
“That awareness is without thought, and before thought.”
Still not getting it? This is understandable.

How clear are learned scholars? How isolated are they? How secretive are they? How caring are they? Scholars can still be confused.

Just sit and fall silent. Just be aware. As consciousness becomes more familiar with this silent awareness, thoughts drop away. We are seeing truth, and realising that is all. A smile of realisation arises. That smile is it, and says more than words.

Animals pick up on emotions, and show it. They don’t talk about it! Talk belittles pure experience.

Find that genuine, inner smile.
How else do we express joy?

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 19.53.36

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